Who We Are

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”
– George Orwell

Mission Statement

The Institute of History, Archaeology, and Education, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding the knowledge and appreciation of human cultures from ancient times to the present through an array of student, teacher, and public programs and activities. IHARE is a 501(c)3 company.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To increase the public awareness of the benefits of history and archaeology through public programs.
  2. To promote the inclusion and development of history and archaeology in the k-12 curriculum.
  3. To provide history and archaeology enrichment programs at the k-12 level.
  4. To develop, implement, and teach history and archaeology programs for teachers by working with the schools and teacher centers.
  5. To work with educational institutions of higher learning, government organizations, cultural institutions, and professional archaeological and historical organizations to develop, promote, and implement archaeological and historical programs.

New York History

The Institute of History, Archaeology, and Education supports programs that enhance the cultural well-being, education, and economy of New York State. To accomplish these ends IHARE promotes:

  • County history conferences to foster a stronger historical community.
  • Community heritage days to develop a sense of place and a sense of belonging among the residents of a community.
  • Teacherhostels and Historyhostels to bring teachers and the interested public to the historic sites for professional development training and cultural heritage tourism.
  • An educational curriculum that teaches American history through local and state history.

Together these program are intended to assist in creating a healthy and prosperous community proud of its New York State identity.