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Iran Does Not Watch Fox: The Real World and the 2020 Elections

There is a longstanding cartoon routine of someone running off a cliff. The figure may be human or an animal and it is almost always male. The figure runs straight off a cliff and then appears to be running on air. The laws of gravity are suspended and the figure remains aloft, legs churning. Finally […]

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Columbus Day versus Indigenous Peoples’ Day: A Lose-Lose War

Columbus Day is in the news again. Given that it is months away, its appearance may seem surprising. However, in the ongoing culture wars, the battle continues throughout the year. The reason for the recent appearance of Columbus Day is due to its defeat in three states. According to a blog headline dated April 3, […]

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Republican Party versus the Trumpican Party: The 2020 Elections

When did you first know that Individual #1 would not honor the 2020 election results if he lost? DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE WINS POPULAR VOTE Technically, that headline is not really a news item. In the baby-boomer era of the American presidency, the Democratic candidate routinely wins the popular vote. The lone exception is the post-9/11 […]

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