Ancient Civilizations: Fall 2003 Lecture Series

Date: September 25, 2003 - January 25, 2004

Thursday, September 25
Cosmos and Chaos in An Egyptian Field of Dreams
For Baseball Fans and Drama Teachers

Dr. Peter Feinman: Horus Rules: The Egyptian New Year

Prof. Peter Piccione: The Victory of Horus: An Egyptian Play
Pharaoh at the Bat: Egyptian Bat and Ball Games and American Baseball.
Natural Science Bldg at Purchase College 4:00-9:00

Sunday, October 26
Mummies by Choice, Mummies by Chance: Mummies from Ancient Egypt to Alaska
Prof. Michael Zimmerman, University of Pennsylvania
at Westchester Community College. 4:00-5:30

Sunday, November 9
Kingdom of the Congo: Continuity and Change from Africa to America
Prof. John Thornton, Boston University at the Chappaqua Library.
The lecture will be followed by an optional Congolese dinner. 4:00-5:30

Sunday, November 16
Metropolitan Museum
Ancient Near East, Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra’s Needle. 10:00-3:00

Sunday, December 7
Holy Night, December 25: An Archaeological Look at Some Jewish and Pagan Influences on Early Christianity
Dr. Mark Phelps, Drury College at Iona College. 4:00-5:30

Sunday, January 25
Seeing Things That Are Not There: The Mystery of Roman Design
Prof. Richard Brilliant, Columbia University, at the Scarsdale Library. 2:00-3:30