Egypt, Nubia, and Israel in Ancient Times

Date: May 1, 2004 - May 2, 2004

Dates: May 1-2, 2004
Location: Museum of Fine Arts (Boston)
Harvard Semitic Museum (Cambridge)
Contact Hours: 15
Cost: $125 (Lodging available)
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Spend two days immersed in the splendors of ancient times as presented by the Education Departments and curators of two of the leading institutions of ancient studies in the world.


Saturday: May 1 Museum of Fine Arts

  • Slide Lecture: “History of the Egyptian Collection” by Dr. Rita Freed, Norma Jean Calderwood Curator of Ancient Egyptian, Nubian, and Near Eastern Art
  • Guided Tour of the Egyptian Collection
  • Lunch
  • Slide Lecture: “Nubia” by Dr. Rita Freed
  • Guided Tour of the Nubian Collection
  • Museum Education Program/Curriculum presentation

Sunday: May 2 Harvard Semitic Museum

  • Slide Lecture: “When Israel and the Arabs Were Allies”
    by Dr. Peter Feinman, IHARE
  • Slide Lecture: “Using Archaeology to Understand the History of Israel and the Philistines:Two Case Studies” by Adam Aja, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University
  • Lunch
  • Guided Tour of the Museum
  • Pottery Workshop
  • “Archaeology Activities for Teaching Ancient Civilizations”
    by Dr. Peter Feinman, IHARE

For further information contact Dr. Peter Feinman at the Institute of History, Archaeology, and Education at 914-939-9071 or email us at: