Hatshepsut: From Queen To Pharaoh

Date: June 3, 2006

Time: 10:00-5:00
Place: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Contact Hours: 6
Fee: $50
Cutoff Date: May 19
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Experience Hatshepsut. Participants will learn about the female Pharaoh who ruled Egypt in the 15th century BCE amidst a special exhibition that will close in July. The workshop examines Hatshepsut’s relationship with family and court officials, the luxury arts created during her reign, and the contacts with the surrounding world in the Aegean, western Asia, and Punt. Suggestions for classroom art and writing projects are included along with materials.

10:00 Hatshepsut Workshop (Hatshepsut Gallery)

2:00 Egypt Workshop (Grace Rainey Rogers Auditorium)

2:30 Pharaoh’s Obelisk: Documentary film of an attempt to raise a monolith similar to those erected at Hatshepsut’s mortuary temple using ancient Egyptian technology

4:00 Egypt beyond the Pyramids: Mansions of the Spirits: Documentary film about recent archaeological research in the sanctuaries of ancient Egypt including Hatshepsut’s Red Chapel and Deir el-Bahri

For further information contact Dr. Peter Feinman at the Institute of History, Archaeology, and Education at 914-939-9071 or email us at: contact@ihare.org