The Golden Age of Baseball: The New York Experience

Date: October 23, 2005

Lecture: October 23, Sunday, at 2:00 PM
Place: Chappaqua Public Library, 195 South Greeley Ave., Chappaqua, NY 10514
(914) 238-3597

Contact Hours: 3
Fee: $15

Spend an afternoon dipping yourself in the magic waters when baseball represented the good of America, when memories were innocent although people were not.

“The Greatest Ballpark Ever: Ebbets Field and the Story of the Brooklyn Dodgers” Bob McGee

The Greatest Ballpark Ever explores the individual struggle of Charley Ebbets to build Ebbets Field, the days of Wilbert Robinson’s early pennant winners, the era of the Daffiness Boys, Larry MacPhail and the tumultuous field leadership of Leo the Lip, Branch Rickey and the fiery triumph of Jackie Robinson, the golden days of the Boys of Summer, and Walter O’Malley’s ignominious departure. Memorable personalities including Casey Stengel, Zach Wheat, Dazzy Vance, Babe Herman, Van Lingle Mungo, Frenchy Bordargaray, Dolf Camilli, Pistol Pete Reiser, Pee Wee Reese, Mickey Owen, Hugh Casey, and Cookie Lavagetto are all here, as well as Oisk, Skoon, Gil, Campy, Newk, the Duke, and many more.

“Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio, Jackie Robinson, and Hank Greenberg: Ethnic Heroes in Baseball’s Melting Pot” William Simons, SUNY Oneonta

Racial and ethnic pluralism are central to the American experience. Prior to its travail of recent years, baseball long reigned as the undisputed National Pastime. During that time, the microcosm of baseball reflected the main currents of American life and culture. Even in its current state, baseball, with the ascent of Latin and Asian stars, provides minority America with symbolic heroes.