Putnam County History Day

The Putnam County Historian’s Office and The Institute of History, Archaeology and Education Announce Partnership to Create the First Annual Putnam County History Day

Remember when Great Britain was our enemy and France, our ally? Return with us 225 years into the past to a time when American independence had been declared but not yet won, when its leaders hovered between hanging and Mount Rushmore destinies, and when for a brief moment the future Putnam County, New York, was home to America’s future. In the fall of 1778, General Washington with eight brigades led by six major generals made their headquarters in Patterson and Pawling, then part of Fredericksburgh.

In honor of the 225th anniversary of Fredericksburgh encampment, Dr. Sallie Sypher, Acting Putnam County Historian, and Dr. Peter Feinman, president of the Institute of History, Archaeology and Education, today announced a partnership to create the first annual Putnam County History Day on Saturday, October 4, at the Putnam County Veterans Memorial Park in Kent. Revolutionary War re-enactors on both sides of the conflict will conduct skirmishes and demonstrate military activities 225 years ago. Their encampment will begin the night before with the arrival of the troops and will continue the next day.

Adults and children are invited to this year’s program celebrating Putnam County’s role in the American Revolution, focussing on Sybil Ludington, the Fredericksburgh encampment, and Chief Daniel Nimham. All the historical organizations in the County have been invited to participate, display interesting items from their collections, and describe their programs. Representatives from the British, French, German, and Polish embassies have been invited to comment on the involvement of their countries in our War for Independence.

The program will consist of:

  • guided bus tour of the route of Sybil Ludington with author Vincent Dacquino (reservations required)
  • re-enactors from both sides of the war
  • a dramatic appearance by Sybil Ludington on horseback
  • Nimham Mountain Singers, honoring Nimham and the Wappingers killed in 1778
  • storytellers and musicians
  • artisans demonstrating 18th century crafts
  • consular presentations
  • Consultations with the “Document Doctor”on taking care of family papers & photos

During and after Putnam County History Day, a special series of events has been scheduled for teachers as part of their professional training development. The day’s events for teachers will conclude with a panel discussion on “How Do We Know What Really Happened in History?: From Sybil Ludington to Jessica Lynch” The teachers will participate in a Putnam County History Tour on Saturday, October 18, with visits planned at Boscobel, West Point Foundry Preserve, the site of a current archaeological excavation by Scenic Hudson, the Foundry School Museum, and a walking tour of Historic Cold Spring.

The Putnam County History Day Steering Committee includes Vincent Dacquino, author of Sybil Ludington, A Call to Arms: Robert LaRoche, director, Northern Westchester/Putnam Teacher Center; Dr. Larry A. Maxwell, Patterson Town Historian and Living History Guild; Gil Tarbox, Nimham Mountain Singers; and Drs. Feinman and Sypher.