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Star Trek Anticipated the Trump Meltdown

Gorgan (Courtesy

Everything you need to know you can learn from Star Trek.

In my post “Empire State Presidential Elections (2016): A Day in Infamy” on August 6, 2016, I examined the New York State presidential candidates in the history of the United States. The survey focused on the governors. The list included those who became president like Martin Van Buren and the Roosevelts, one who sought and thought he had become president, Thomas Dewey, one who tried repeatedly and was never nominated, Nelson Rockefeller, and one who never made up his mind, Mario Cuomo.

What these figures all had in common was elected executive political experience. By contrast the two liars today collectively have none. They have never been a mayor, a town supervisor, a county executive, or a governor. As for their crisis management skills from emails to pneumonia to Miss Universe to Access Hollywood, the less said the better about this deplorable pair of the unprepared and the unready.

That being said, my description of the Republican candidate in the August 6 post has been showcased to the world now in ways I did not anticipate. In that post I wrote the following:

Since everything you need to know you can learn from Star Trek, it is appropriate to turn there for insight. In the episode, the Children Shall Lead, the children on an outpost are rendered orphans but display no trauma over the horror of losing their parents. The cause is a beast called “Angel” by them and named Gorgan. The richly-costumed sleekly-haired human-looking monster is skilled in exploiting their pain to service his gain. He dominates them and in the ways of science fiction takes control of the Starship Enterprise.

Not to worry. Kirk’s dedication to the spirit of Star Trek prevails. His hero and role model is, after all, Abraham Lincoln. He takes back his ship. He takes back his crew. He returns the Enterprise to its rightful path. He defeats the monstrosity that has temporarily commandeered them. In the final showdown between the forces of light and the forces of darkness, Kirk calls on the deceived children to see the ugliness of the monster who led them astray. He tells them:

Without you children he’s nothing.
The evil remains within him.
Look how ugly he really is.
Look at him and don’t be afraid.

With each phrase, the children see more and more of the truth and the image of the monster becomes uglier and uglier. In the end, Gorgan is revealed as the grotesque monster he always was underneath his superficial exterior. As befitting his debased nature, when exposed for the disgusting ugly incarnation of evil that he is, his parting words to his former admirers who now spurn him are:

Death to you all!
Death to you all!
Death to you all!

Who knew this story set in the 23rd century really was about 21st? What happens if the party of Lincoln seeks to take back its party from ugliness? What happens if non-elite heterosexual white males who love their country and are in pain catch on that they are being slicked, conned, hustled, flim-flammed, bamboozled and lied to by a staggeringly ignorant narcissist who just as easily would rip them off at his phony university for their desire to live the American Dream as he would for their vote?

Back on March 12, 2016, I wrote R.I.P. Party of Lincoln (1856-2016). The post focused primarily on the differences on immigration and vision between the Republican Party of Lincoln and the party today. As the title suggested, the party of Lincoln is dead. The death is evident by the lack of references to him in the political vocabulary of the current presidential candidate and by the party in general. While it is theoretically possible that Lincoln will be exhumed and restored to his once-great position of exaltation among Republicans, the odds on a Confederate-based party that scarcely wins any Union states in the presidential elections make such a development unlikely to say the least. Only in the world of science fiction or the supernatural is such a transformation possible.

We are watching history in the making. The degeneration of the campaign to the level of professional political mud wrestling provides the last opportunity for the once Grand Old Party to save itself from becoming as irrelevant in the national arena as it already is in California. It’s now or never.  And the winner is…..

The 2016 Presidential Election
The 2016 Presidential Election (Courtesy of

4 thoughts on “Star Trek Anticipated the Trump Meltdown

  1. Ha, “MeTV” is showing this episode of Star Trek tonight, and as I was watching it I kept thinking of how much it reminded me of the monstrous Trump campaign. I googled “And the Children Shall Lead” Star Trek Trump to see if anyone else had the same thought.

    1. Wow! I am impressed that you access my 2016 blog on Star Trek. Unfortunately I have a slight disagreement with you. That blog was predicated on the Trumpicans facing the truth about “And the Children Shall Lead” episode. But that moment never arrived. They are still talking about a stolen election. The rest of the country has seen the truth but I have my doubts about Trumpicans. That’s why I eventually stopped referring to that episode. It seemed like a “Lost Cause.”
      Thanks for writing.

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