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Hannity versus Mueller: Who Is the Better Dot Connector?

Two Down, One to Go (

We humans need to bring order to chaos. We need to make sense of the universe we perceive. The challenge to do so is a never ending one as the universe changes. It has grown bigger in space, longer in time, more different in peoples, and more complicated in technology. Those who can connect the dots that make sense of the chaos have a revered place in human culture from Sherlock Holmes to Albert Einstein.

Now we are facing a political challenge to connect the dots. The Mueller investigation revolves around the ability to tell a believable story that connects the most dots. In this post, I present the examples of three different people with three very different abilities to connect the dots. At some point, We the People may be asked to decide who did it best and what the truth is.

The Two Dot President

About a year ago during an international conference, the President of the United States wandered off to chat with the Premier of Russia. It was an unscripted unplanned exchange with no aides participating. What did the leaders of these two nuclear powers talk about? According to the American leader the subject of their discussion was adoptions. The Russians had restricted the ability of Americans to adopt Russian babies and the American President sought to discuss that issue with his Russian counterpart. It certainly sounded innocent enough.

As it turns out like father, like son. The son also had had a meeting with the Russians and guess what? The topic he addressed also was adoptions. Here we had two meetings and both involved not collusion, not the removal of sanctions, and not the refusal to enforce sanctions, but a sincere effort to help unfortunate (white) Americans who can’t have children to adopt (white) children from Russia. What could be more noble and inspiring than to have the father and son team pleading for the Russians to help these Americans?

Two dots had been connected. When the President of the United States concocted this coverup story he did so by connecting two dots, his meeting with a Russian and his son’s meeting with a Russian. We would be remiss if we ignored how proud he was to make this connection, to have connected these two meetings into a single story. The Very Stable Genius was practically beaming with joy at this display of his mental prowess. All by himself, he had fabricated a story that linked two dots.

For our Two Dot President, this story represents the limit of his mental skills. He can’t go beyond the two-dot limit. It is the maximum of which he is capable. Think of his transactional foreign policy. It’s not just that he is incapable of a policy of win-win, two plus two equals five, and synergy, it is that he is limited by his mental capacities to only being able to think in binary terms. He genuinely is incapable of exceeding his two-dot limit. For higher order thinking to make sense of a large world, the Very Stable Genius needs to outsource his thinking to someone capable of connecting more dots, to Sean Hannity.

Sean Hannity, Multiple Dot Connector

Sean Hannity is highly skilled in the art of connecting dots. In his opening monologues, he exults in the number of dots he has connected. He invites the viewer or listener to come along with and as he connects the dots. What might appear to be a set of random or isolated points of data become part of a single chain or tapestry that he links and weaves together for those stay tuned to his show. His ability to connect the dots is truly remarkable. Perhaps not since future Nobel-Prize winner John Nash employed his mathematical genius to connect the dots for the U.S. intelligence service has any one individual been able to connect as many dots as Sean Hannity has done in revealing the mother of all conspiracies.

He is so good he was able to transform the unfortunate murder of a Democratic staffer into the key to unraveling the true conspiracy which has and is occurring. His ability to connect the dots makes the DaVinci Code seem simplistic by comparison. Is it any wonder that our Two-Dot President has outsourced higher order thinking to one so gifted as multiple-dot Sean? He must watch the show in breathtaking awe as Hannity explains what is really going on. Think of John Kelly informing the uniformed President who didn’t know that Lincoln had been a Republican that there is a river separating much of the United States and Mexico. Now magnify that impact a thousand fold. Naturally he suspected Crooked Hillary somehow was behind it all and with the aid of Sean Hannity, multiple dot connector, he can see clearly now.

Robert Mueller, Dot Collector Tsunami

With Robert Mueller, the situation is different. Now we are dealing not just with an individual but with a team of dot collectors. This team is gathering data on a scale that would make the head of the Two-Dot President spin. He has financial records. He has the testimony of those who have pleaded guilty. He has the testimony of those who haven’t but still may. He has the testimony of decent people who decided telling the truth was the best course of action to prevent being indicted. And he has the documents. He has mountains of evidence that roll like a tsunami (to mix my metaphors) over the Two-Dot President.

If there ever is an exchange whether as an interview or under subpoena, it will be one for the ages. It will rank with Daniel Webster and the Devil, with Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan, with Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson, with José Ferrer and Captain Queeg, and with Atticus Finch in to Kill a Mockingbird.

If there ever is an exchange between the Very Stable Genius and the Dot Collector Tsunami,




Has the betting line been established yet? Why not?

I wrote “if there is an exchange” because it is quite possible there will never be one. While Mueller has been collecting his tsunami of data mainly in secret, Hannity has been openly proclaiming his conspiracy with great gusto and vehemence. So far in the public arena, Sean Hannity is winning the battle of connecting the dots. His conspiracy theory is working. Now he has his first casualty in F.B.I. Deputy Director Andrew G. McCabe.  He promises more to come. The countdown on Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has begun. Members of Mueller’s team may follow. Republicans are running for the hills into retirement, voting with their feet to save themselves.  Soon the Republican Party will be completely dominated by Rhinos.

Hannity is in his glory now. His advice trumps that of the lawyers. Why should the President of the United States play ball with the Special Counsel?

The President of the United States will defy a Congressional order to apply sanctions against Russia.

The President of the United States will defy a subpoena to testify since there is no there there and the hoaxed witch hunt is bogus and of no validity.

The President of the United States will reopen the whitewashed investigation of Crooked Hillary with the intention to lock her up.

The Republican Party will support the President of the United States in whatever he chooses to do and whatever he chooses not to do.

The President of the United States could stand in the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue and shoot somebody and he wouldn’t lose any Republicans.

It’s no longer a reality show, now it’s real.