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March 5, 1720: Reliving the Boston Massacre

Boston Massacre, March 5, 1720 (

The American Revolution is upon us. While at the Federal level, the commemoration is likely to be limited to July 4, 2026, in Philadelphia, the actual 250th anniversaries have already started and will continue until November 25, 2033, when the British finally evacuated New York City and the United States.

This commemoration will be different from others. Not only will we be remembering what happened at the birth of the country, we will be reliving it. How hard is it to identify our King George III and his Loyalists? We already have witnessed the purging of Patriots, of people who placed duty to the law over loyalty to the king. These efforts to cleanse the government of Patriots until only Loyalists remain will continue.

As previously mentioned, the Declaration of Independence is the functional equivalent of an impeachment while the war to remove King George III from office was fought in the Senate (The Gospel According to Rick Perry and the Rule of Law).

Events like the Boston massacre itself contributed to the ultimate break with the crown for abuses of power.  An example of the American Revolution in current terms was expressed recently in an article published on February 15. I clipped it and saved it for March 5 little knowing that the Biden Comeback and Coronavirus would dominate the news cycle. Portions of the article are posted below. Some of the words have been changed but unfortunately not as many as should have been necessary.

The King George administration is deploying law enforcement tactical units from the southern border as part of a supercharged arrest operation in sanctuary cities across the country, an escalation in the king’s battle against localities that refuse to participate in immigration enforcement. Tactical units will be quartered in the disloyal cities that do not comply with the edicts issued by the king.

The move reflects King George III’s persistence in cracking down on so-called sanctuary cities, Patriot localities like Boston and New York, which have placed rights under the law over obedience to the king.

The deployment of the tactical units to be quartered in the disloyal cities will run from February through May, according to messages sent to the British soldiers.

Among the agents being deployed to the sanctuary cities are members of the elite tactical unit known as TRUMPTAC, which acts essentially as the SWAT team of the Royal forces. With additional gear such as stun grenades and enhanced Special Forces type training, including sniper certification, the tactical units will be able to mow down any gathering of Patriots that seeks to hinder the actions of the forces of their Lord and Savior, the chosen one, blessed be his name.

Their presence could spark fear. A former commissioner of these Royal forces said sending the officers to conduct immigration enforcement within cities where they are not trained to work, cold escalate situations that are already volatile. He called the move a significant mistake.

The operation reflects an increasingly hawkish approach by King George III against disloyal Patriots following the firing and resignations of leaders who have been viewed in the White House as unwilling to take the harsh steps King George III and his advisers view as necessary to crush the Patriot movement.

The Royal forces will not be busting down doors or engaging in shootouts, said one official with direct knowledge of the operations. “We are not looking for a repeat of the Boston Massacre.”

A Patriotic spokesman said, “This s about further militarizing our streets. It could actually have deadly effects. We could see Royal officers who are aren’t trained for interior enforcement using aggressive force.”

So far the physical violence and death in the historic Boston Massacre have not yet been repeated in the current reliving of the war between the Patriots and the Loyalists. So far the war has been fought mainly through the courts and in actions not taken. Our King George III will resist doing anything on behalf of New York just as the original King George III focused on Massachusetts. California has replaced Virginia as the biggest state/colony and similarly draws the ire of the King.

Instead of Congresses meeting in Philadelphia, we have states banding together through judicial action to resist the decrees of the King. These efforts often have proved fruitful but such actions only encourage the king to unleash his Attorney General against disloyal states and to seek to appoint more Loyalist judges. It is reasonable to anticipate that at some point, these actions may lead to civil disobedience. Will the Loyalist forces shoot their own neighbors, friends, and family? Will the Loyalist forces consider the targets to be their own neighbors, friends, and family or will they view them as scum and traitors as they repeatedly have been told by the king and his propaganda network? There is a lot riding on this presidential election.

As an example of how overheated the current conflict will become, look at what happened the very day Joe Biden became the likely opponent of Little Donnee Waney. Immediately upon the results becoming clear, the Flying Monkeys, the Senators and Fox sworn to defend the Wicked Witch of the White House at all costs, went into overdrive.

Flying Monkey Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Chairman Ron Johnson convened Trumpican members of his committee for a closed-door meeting to discuss issuing subpoenas against the disloyal traitors. Interestingly, the current breakdown of the committee is 7 Trumpicans, 6 Democrats, and 1 Republican, Mitt Romney. In a previous blog (Where Will Mitt Romney Caucus in 2021?), I raised the question of how would Romney caucus in 2021 as the lone Republican left in the Senate: with the Trumpicans or the Democrats? We may have an early preview here of what to expect in the next session. Too early to tell.

Flying Monkeys Johnson and Senate Finance Chairman Chuck Grassley are requesting records that can be used to attack Biden.

Flying Monkey Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham is ramping up his committee’s probe into the FBI’s targeting former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

And then there is the Trumpican propaganda network. Recently it had been foaming at the mouth against the dreaded socialist takeover the Democratic Party and the existential threat socialists pose to the American way of life. Now as the threatened socialist red wave subsides at least for this election, Fox now has to shift gears back to the Bidens. Are you ready for seven months of relentless over-the-top assaults by Duped-again-by-Russia Hannity of the Bidens? Do you have a choice?

Speaking of Duped-again-by-Russia Hannity, let’s not ignore Putin’s effort to re-elect his asset. Putin already has had a bigger effect on the 2020 elections than he had on the 2016 elections. First there was the Seth Rich sting. Then there was the Steele Dossier sting. Now there is the double sting of Ukrainian involvement in the 2016 elections and the Bidens. Trumpicans will believe anything Putin tells them. It is not just King George III choosing Russia over his own intelligence departments, it is the Trumpican Senators and Fox swallowing hook, line, and sinker every single story the KGB concocts. Talk about Bernie honeymooning in the USSR, what about Hannity believing everything Putin spoon feeds America through Ridiculous Ruddy, attack mutt?

So as we commemorate the 250th anniversary of the Boston Massacre, let us recognize that there is a new King George III ruling the country and he will do everything in his power legal or not to ensure that he remains in power. The one saving grace is that Bonespur Boy probably will not pull the trigger even against traitors but if the polls start to show next fall that his reign is in jeopardy, who knows what he might do if he thinks he is going to lose his presidential immunity.