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2023: The Year of Indictments

House Select Committee (Jabin Botsford/Pool/Reuter)

What a week and it is not even over. Three historic stories broke this week and not in separate and discrete packages. They overlapped and challenged talk show hosts to keep up. The challenge was even greater for writers of op-ed pieces and blogs.

So let me start here with some observations about the still unfolding story of the January 6 House Select Committee.

1.  Contrary to ace prognosticator Lindsay Graham, there were no riots in the street when the Committee announced it was referring Donald J. Trump to the Department of Justice on charges of criminal behavior. Although the exact number of charges may have been a surprise, the fact that he was referred was not. So what is the reason for the lack of riots or even any action:

  • Because MAGAs do not know it happened
  • Because MAGAs are legally savvy and know a Congressional referral has no legal standing
  • Because MAGAs think their Lord and Savior, the Chosen One, Blessed Be his Name will be returned to the White House and all DOJ work against him will cease
  • Because MAGAs do not really care one way or another.


We need to keep in mind that the Congressional referrals were hardly a surprise. People were just waiting for them to happen. There is a lesson here for Jack Smith: no surprise actions. Keep the people informed. Give us time for your actions to percolate in our brains so when the moment comes any anger will have been diffused.

2. Mar-a-Lagogate which is not even part of the House Select Committee’s report should be the first charge against a former President. He admitted state the items were his and that he did it. It is a slam dunk case. There is no MAGA issue. And now there is a simply visual and question to support the charge:


The answer obviously is “No.”  I predict that this charge will not rile up the base beyond the usual denunciations on Foxhub and in Congress.

3. The alternate electors should be the next indictments. All the people who took the Fifth or who did not testify at all will be charged as well. This indictment will include the usual cast of characters known to the American people nationally or in their home state. There will be continual reminders about the MAFIOSO take the Fifth as has started already. Again by the time the indictment are made, they will be no surprise. People are not going to be up in arms over John Eastman, Rudy Giuliani, or Scott Perry (except maybe in his Congressional district). These indictments will be more of “everyone knows they are coming so it’s no big deal when it finally happens.”

There are three spinoffs to these indictments.

First, they mean constant media coverage in the states of the alternate electors about the legal actions directed against them. These alternate electors are from the seven battleground states, the states that are critical to who wins or loses presidential elections. That means continual bad press coverage for the leading Republicans in the state who either directly participated in the fraud or who aided and abetted it there. This constant bad coverage against the local Republicans who did try to steal the elections carrying over into 2024 election cycle will be to the detriment of MAGA Republicans and to the advantage of the Democrats.

Second, the indictments mean all the voter suppression laws passed by the Republicans in response to the fraudulent Stop the Steal claims are bogus and should be reversed. If the Republicans are still in the majority at the state level and take no action  – let the in our gerrymandered suppressed voters decide – then the Democrats will have an excellent rally cry against the Republican criminal liars who perpetrated the actual attempt to steal the election.

Third, the indictments/convictions against the leading MAGAs in the state will provide an opportunity for Real Republicans to take back their Party given all the openings in the Party structure.

4. Witness tampering is hard to prove so let us wait and see what else is in the transcripts or what the DOJ uncovers.

5. Follow the money should be an easier case to make, but let us be real. The victimized people are MAGAs so how much sympathy does anyone have for them? Even they have not complained.

6. The big one will be the violent insurrection on January 6 itself. Here is where there are many more people to interview including all those who took the Fifth, who defied the Congressional subpoena, or who simply ignored it. This group includes members of the House of Representatives including most likely the Speaker. This investigation will take longer. Some of the people knew exactly what the plan was in the War Room (Bannon, Giuliani, Stone, Meadows, Jordan, and Trump among others). Putting together the pieces will take time.

While there will not be public presentation as with the House Select Committee, there probably will be enough in the news to keep the public informed. Plus there is always the possibility of someone having a “Come to Jesus” moment. How much of their life (and money) do they want to spend on Digital Donny especially if they think he will not be the nominee in 2024 yet alone the victor? They still have lives to live. They know he would throw them under the bus without hesitation. Loyalty is a one way street for him. Over time, some of these people would rather not suffer the consequences of Michael Cohen but even more so. The indictments for January 6 where many people have the opportunity to stew about the consequences to them will be the most complex. They will be ridiculed constantly with video displays of having taken the Fifth.

With the transfer of action from the House Select Committee to the DOJ led by Jack Smith the venue changes. Once the holiday season is over the serious wok of legal indictments accelerates. Collectively this will make 2023 the year of indictments at the Federal level plus at the state, county, and city level in Georgia, New York State, New York City, Westchester County, the District of Columbia and who knows where else. Trump has nothing to look forward to for the rest on this year and in 2023, the Year of Indictments. And there is more to come.


Digital Donny Rorschach Test: Prelude to Criminal Referrals

Rorschach test for an immature child

What was he thinking? What was he thinking on January 6?  What was he thinking with his latest con? The question of intent has and is an important one in the ongoing investigations of his criminal activities during the last days of his presidency. Fortunately, we now have expert testimony on the state of mind of the Loser.

Chuck Schumer:

…for her first 35 to 40 years of life she (Nancy Pelosi) raised five children so she knew how to deal with children. And that’s what helped her deal with Trump because he ultimately was a child (CNN interview)

Nancy Pelosi:

I think there is a need for an intervention of something, you know, by his family (CNN interview).

Sorry Nancy, there can be no intervention with an immature child. You correctly diagnose him but then seek to apply an adult solution.

Tom Nichols

Musk’s petty outbursts make you wonder how dangerous it would be if a narcissistic, self-interested, vindictive adolescent ever gained a major political office such as, say, the White House. But I digress. (The Atlantic).

Paul Krugman:

Trump, however, comes across as 76 going on a very bratty 14 (NYT 11/15/22 print).

Alex Wagner:

Trump photo shopped into the scenarios of a 10-year-old boy (MSNBC 12/16/22).

For years, for years and years, I have been referring to Little Donny Waney as an immature child with the emotional maturity of a three-year old per his niece, Mary Trump. It is nice to see more and more people getting on the bandwagon (not that I deserve any credit for it).

He was an immature child when his father put the thirteen-year old in military school in the vain hope that he would man up. He remains an immature child today. He will be one the day he dies. There’s nothing anyone can do about it. He never acts childish, he is a child.

These insights should be brought to mind when seeking to go inside the mind of the Insurrectionist in-chief. It is silly to compare him to adult authoritarian leaders in Russia, China, Turkey and so on. Instead think seventh grade smart-aleck-dumb-aleck seeking to play the game of President and then being told he can’t play anymore.

Let’s examine four famous incidents exposing his immature mind at work.

Professional Wrestling Arena


Back in 2007 before 80,000 screaming professional wrestling fans, THE DONALD against all odds took down WWE’s Vince McMahon. After this battle for the ages, THE DONALD then shaved the head of his vanquished foe. So in-between grabbing women, THE DONALD demonstrated his prowess as a warrior in this battle of the “billionaire” executives.

Lafayette Square War Hero Mocks Losers Spartacus and 300 Spartans (September 6, 2020 blog)

Bonespur Boy is the greatest warrior President in American history. Who can forget his triumphalist victory at the Battle of Lafayette Square? There he stood alone amidst thousands of heavily armed terrorists, anarchists, and criminals here illegally. Despite his precarious situation he remained resolute bolstered by his faith in God and in the sanctity of his mission. At last after a long and brutal struggle, he emerged from this predicament triumphant. He then thrust his powerful arms towards the heavens brandishing an upside-down Bible, the fiercest weapon in his arsenal. Another square had been secured in the fight against demonic chaos that threatened the land.

The alpha-male-wannabee was not done. He knew there were more battles to be fought throughout America. He admonished his governors to dominate their cities, not to be weak. He warned them if that if they lacked the requisite strength to dominate, that he would unleash the fearsome forces at his disposal to do what they could not. He would prevail. Victory would be attained. The forces of evil would be defeated.

Maskless Macho Macho Boy

The most heroic action by an American President ever

Perhaps the single most weeny act by the Loser President occurred when he returned from the hospital. The standing before an adoring crowd of worshippers, Little Donny Wanney unveiled himself. When statues are erected to commemorate his weeniest action as President, it well may be this heroic action of ripping of his covid mask. The palpitations in the crowd were intense. I think there were even images of Rambo Trump being carried by people. Truly this was his Iwo Jima moment where instead of raising the flag, he was removing his mask. I still shudder just thinking about this vision of masculinity on display at the White House.

Putting aside his great love for playing with his action toys – my generals – putting aside his crack about not admiring John McCain because he had been caught, a deep-seated lifelong pattern emerges. Yes he is a child but he is a child with a desperate need to be taken seriously as an adult.

Seen in this perspective, Digital Donny makes sense. He needs to project an image not of his submissiveness to Putin but as a figure of towering strength. The Digital Donny cards express his inner self. It is not necessary to ask the child what he feels. He has created multiple avatars to do that for him.

But once again the law of unintended consequences occurred. He did not expect to become a laughing stock. He did not expect to become a laughing stock to people who had remained silent, defied subpoenas, and risked jail for him. Think of Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Time Magazine’s Person of the Year day in and day out fighting on behalf of his people against Putin and contrast those images with those of the immature child faking being an adult leader. The Ukrainian people have rallied behind their leader who they know is in the trenches with them. Zelensky may be the comedian but it is Trump who is the joke. Do you want to put your life on the line on behalf of Digital Donny? Do you want to risk real prison-time and large legal bills of behalf of Digital Donny?

These images of Digital Donny probably will become weapons against him should he seriously pursue the nomination in 2024. They also will make it easier to indict him. Before, there always was the image and aura of the Presidency behind hm. It enveloped him providing a protective shield even as a former President. How could you indict a person with the prestige and status of the Presidency? Now the person who said that he did it on Mar-a-Lago documents and terminate the Constitution on behalf of a President greater than Washington, greater than Lincoln, indicting him has become easier. Digital Donny is not only a joke to comedians, talk show hosts, pundits, and politicians, he is a joke to jurors as well.


His Day of Trumpfamy: His Worst Day So Far – More to Come After

December 6, 2022 A Day in Trumpfamy

December 6, 2022, will be remembered as a Day of Trumpfamy for the once Teflon-person now fading into political obscurity as a Loser. It marks a convenient demarcation point to track his downward slide into criminal oblivion. In the years to come scholars may offer other days especially since there is more to come but in someways December 6, 2022, will mark a bookend to January 6, 2021, from the moment he sought to overthrown the Constitution he later said to should be terminated, to the movement he perhaps started to realize that he has nothing to long forward to except possibly the collapse of his company and the clanging of prison doors behind him.


On the business side, the results on the Day of Infamy are obvious. The Trump Organization was found guilty on 17 counts of fraud and conspiracy. In some ways, this case was a slam dunk – the chief financial officer already had pleaded guilty and testified against the organization. The defense rested on the claim that the head of the organization had no idea what was going to and that Allen Weisselberg was acting solely on his own and for own benefit. The defense could have presented a stronger case to document that Trump was inept and incompetent and didn’t know what was going on if it had referred to his mishandling of the COVID leading to the preventable deaths of thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of Americans but it chose not to take that path.

What are the consequences of this conviction? Besides the fact it took the jury a New York minute to convict, it doesn’t bode well for others cases to come to in New York. The Manhattan District Attorney has just fortified his office with a Trump-Killer so it is only a matter of time now before the next indictment is sought. When it happens the suit will name names including probably everyone in his family much to the joy of Michael Cohen.

The New York State Attorney General needs no push to move ahead with that lawsuit.

All in all, 2023 is shaping up as a banner year for more loses for the Loser due to his business dealings … and maybe for members of his family too. Will he throw any of them under the bus? Will any of them seek to save their own skins? The drama continues.


The House Select Committee is moving forward. Sometime this month, the report will be made public so even Kevin McCarthy and Jim Jordan will have the opportunity to read it. As part of the release, the Committee will make criminal referrals against the planners of the insurrection. It is reasonable to expect that the Hitman will be number one on the list. It is reasonable to expect that those who chose not to cooperate in the investigation will be named also. All in all, the announcement December 6, 2022, Day of Trumpfamy, is like the Ghost of Christmas Future by the House Select Committee bearings tidings of bad days to come.

The same applies to the Department of Justice. We know now the DOJ under the direction of the Jack Smith, the new special counsel, has been busy sending subpoenas to people in multiple states who participated in the effort to overthrow the election from the comforts of home. In some ways the potential case against the alternate electors is another slam dunk. The phonies who thought it was a lark, a goof, or maybe it might even work are now realizing that there are consequences for their actions. A judge has already ruled that John Eastman and Donald Trump were engaged in criminal activities. As the good decent phony electors start to face the music it will be interesting to see who decides to sing first and what names they will name as part of a plea bargaining.

So here is one proposed scenario of indictments.

1. Mar-a-Lagogate – a slam dunk case where the accused on his own recognizance and of his own free will admitted that he did it. Obviously his lawyers will not allow him to take the stand in his own defense. The only questions are who will he take down with him and who will seek a plea deal. Now that the special master has been dispensed with and the Trump judge has been put in her place, it is only a matter of a short period of time before the indictments. Oh wait, there are even more classified documents still in his possession!

2. Fake Electors – another straightforward case. Jack Smith has identified the people the DOJ wants to interview. Once that is done, indictments will follow.

3. January 6 – Insurrection indictments will take longer given the number of people who will be subpoenaed and the greater complexity of the case. Still everyone knows the indictments. In part they will build on the momentum of the other cases. We may get to a point where the accused becomes a figure of sympathy and right-wing media and the Freedom Caucus calls for throwing the flag for piling it on. Of course, by that time, some of them will be under indictment too.

Irony of irony, on the Day of Trumpfamy, the Capitol police were honored by the House.

Then in the midst of all this federal activity by the DOE, the Fulton County District Attorney also be issuing indictments.

So on the insurrection front like the New York front, the Loser has nothing to forward to.


Trump’s aura as a loser grows larger with each passing day. On December 6, 2022, the Day of Trumpfamy, another one of his chosen candidates lost. Clearly if a real Republican had run in Georgia the results might have been quite different. Republicans proved quite capable of winning statewide elections in Georgia. Not so for the Trumpican candidate. The historic result is a net pick up one-Senate seat in the midterms for the out-of-power party. In addition, that one vote makes a big difference in the operation of the Senate. The reign of Joe Manchin is over.

Despite Hershel Walker being such a flawed candidate, he ended with some comments that directly rebut the Stop the Steal MAGA nonsense. He did not claim the election was rigged. Georgia is not Arizona. He called up his supporters to keep dreaming, respect the Constitution, and pray for the elected officials, all things MAGA Trump would never do.

Politically, the greater Trump’s aura as a loser becomes, the weaker he becomes politically. His rantings and ravings will become more and more meaningless since they are those of a Loser who will continue to be a loser in 2023. More and more Republicans will not want to kiss the ring or comply with any of his calls to action. The Freedom Caucus will experience some raucous closed-door sessions as it tries to pursue its losing agenda. Really, how many people care about Hunter Biden outside a closed loop of losers?

The combined actions of December 6, 2022, Day of Trumpfamy, mark an acceleration into the demise of Donald Trump as a political factor in American politics. His disappearance won’t happen overnight, but any given day it will become worse. I have used the Wicked Witch of the West in multiple blogs to describe what will happen to him … and the joy of the Munchkins singing when the first witch died. I was pleased hear Governor John Kasich also use the Wicked Witch motif: Donald Trump is melting before our very eyes and at some point even Republicans in Congress will be ready to mop up and discard that puddle.

Happy Holidays.

Is America Ready for a Three Party System?

Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

The unsung 1824 Bicentennial is fast upon us. Soon it will be only a year away. The year has been a personal favorite of mine. It has been the subject of blogs since 2016.

The year marks the transition from the First Party System to the Second Party System. It was the end of the Virginian-dominated American Revolution era and start of the Jacksonian dominated one. The Federalists and the Republicans were out and the Whigs and Democrats would be in. The new system would last until the demise of the Whigs and the emergence of the Republicans under Lincoln. It also was a time of Senate giants like Henry Clay, John C. Calhoun, and Daniel Webster.

Putting aside all the talk about the Civil War today, the squabbling over the Speaker position in the House of Representatives suggests we may be in for a de facto three party system in the next session of Congress.


America is not designed for a three-party system. In Europe and Israel, multiple parties are par for the course. After every election, the jockeying for power begins by the various parties. Which one can form majority? That is not the American way where the two-party system is sacred.

Until now. Right now the House of Representatives beginning in January is divided into three groups:

213 Democrats
182 Republicans
40  Freedom Party.

No one of the groups has the magic 218 votes needed to form a majority and elect a speaker. There has been talk of multiple ballots in an unprecedented situation. Perhaps Kevin McCarthy will deal for the position he has coveted. Perhaps he will drop out when he realizes he cannot win and a host of new candidates will emerge. Perhaps cross-party deals will be made. We are in uncharted waters.


Suppose McCarthy wins, then what? Even if he can cobble together a winning coalition with 4 votes to spare, that will not be the end of his problems in holding together the Republicans and the Freedom Party.

Every subsequent vote will be a battle for him. There already is a 21 member faction that has openly expressed its displeasure with the Freedom Party shenanigans and its extreme agenda. Many Republicans ran on a platform of getting things done including reaching across the aisle. If you were elected in 2022 from a Congressional District that Joe Biden won in 2020, you don’t want to face the voters in 2024 with nothing to show except you shut down the government.

Consider the issues important to the voters as identified in surveys versus the ones propounded by the Freedom Party. Voters are concerned about jobs, inflation, the economy and the threat to democracy. By contrast the Freedom Party agenda consists of:

Relitigating the 2020 election
Investigating Hunter Biden
Investigating the House Select Committee
Impeaching Joe Biden.

None of these issues are on the radar of the Real Republicans. So if McCarthy does win the speaker vote, he is still going to have to deal with the agenda of Freedom Party which has limited support beyond its own Party. On the other hand, there will be plenty of real Republicans ready to deal with the issues Americans actually care about and willing to vote in a bipartisan manner. McCarthy will be walking a land mine field each and every vote.


Simultaneously, McCarthy is going to be forced to deal with the legal challenges to members of the Freedom Party. The House Select Committee may refer ethic charges be filed against the Representatives who did not comply its subpoenas. It may request the current House in its last few days ask the Department of Justice to pursue indictments against the January 6 conspirators who have refused to testify. The various options and scenarios still are to be played out. Suffice it to say some of the most vocal people in the Freedom Party are likely to be questioned by the DOJ at some point in the future about their role in the insurrection.

There is a human element in the insurrection that so far has been overlooked. The President of the United States was supposed to arrive at the Capitol Building and lead his followers both armed and unarmed into the House chambers. When Steve Bannon broadcasted to his listeners to strap in because what was going happen was not what they expected, he knew what had been decided. Roger Stone knew what had been decided in the War Room. Some Congressional Representatives knew what had been decided in the War Room, too. None of them have testified to the DOJ so far.

This means at some point the plan did not go as expected. The Secret Service declined to drive to the Capitol. No matter how vigorously the President objected, they returned to the White House and did not succumb to his wishes.

The question then to be asked is when did the co-conspirators in the House chambers realize the plan had failed and what did they do then? According to the War Room plans, the President of the United States was to lead his people into Chambers and intimidate the Vice President into disqualifying the vote of the states with the fake electors. The President was to force a delay in the certification until all the disputed votes could be resolved.

Instead there was a leaderless mob roaming the halls and offices of Congress seeking to hang Nancy Pelosi. That was not part of the War Room plan. The result of the collapse of the plan due to the failure of the President to lead his people into the House chambers was that the members of Congress had to scramble for their lives. Run Josh Run!

We have yet to hear the testimony what the War Room plan known to Steve Bannon was or how the congressional co-conspirators learned that it had failed and they were on their own now.  So while Jim Jordan may initiate an investigation of the House Select Committee, he and the other congressional co-conspirators (and Mark Meadows among others) will be called to testify about their own role in the January 6 insurrection. This is why Mar-a-Largogate will be prosecuted first. It is a more straightforward case whereas there still are many people to be subpoenaed by the DOJ before the full story is known.


In the meantime, the chief conspirator will be giving his rather astonishing marching orders to the new Speaker.

So now it comes out, conclusively, that the FBI BURIED THE HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP STORY BEFORE THE ELECTION knowing that, if they didn’t, “Trump would have easily won the 2020 Presidential Election.” This is massive FRAUD & ELECTION INTERFERENCE at a level never seen before in our Country. Remedy: Declare the rightful winner or, this would be the minimal solution, declare the 2020 Election irreparably compromised and have a new Election, immediately! (8/29/22)

Do you throw the Presidential Election Results of 2020 OUT and declare the RIGHTFUL WINNER, or do you have a NEW ELECTION? A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution. Our great ‘Founders’ did not want, and would not condone, False & Fraudulent Elections! (12/3/22)

While McCarthy is trying to bring order to his unruly House, the Loser will be continually fanning flames. Besides his partnering with anti-Semitic racists, he is continuing to up the stakes. The immature child with the emotional maturity of a three-year old has elevated his ranting and ravings to new levels. The person who has shown no loyalty to the Constitution when it prevented him from playing his game of “I am the President. Your loyalty is to me,” has called for the scrapping of the very document he swore to uphold.

Despite all the machinations of Pillow Head and Séance Sidney, he was not restored to the White House in 2021 nor is he going to be in 2022. He may even have doubts about 2024 now. Why he thinks a do-over election would be favorable to him is a mystery given the results of the recent election. Or in lieu of a new election, who is going to throw out the results of the 2020 election as he tried to do January 6 and declare him the winner? Is that what he expected the Vice President to do on January 6? Will he so testify under oath to the DOJ? Does he expect the new Speaker do so now?

Team Normal Republicans did not run on an agenda of overthrowing the Constitution. Even the Freedom Party pledges loyalty to it provided it is interpreted correctly. Meanwhile the Loser will ratchet up the expectations of what he wants his Speaker to do. He will do so secure in the belief that his base will never abandon him and is of sufficient size to prevent anyone else from grabbing the nomination. The more desperate he becomes, the far-fetched his texts will become and the more Speaker McCarthy will have to walk a fine line. As of this writing he remains silent about the head of his Party calling for the overthrow of the Constitution. Democrats are sure to ask him where he stands on this issue. In other words, even if McCarthy wins the battle to become Speaker, his problems are only just beginning.

Witch Hunter Scorecard: A Christmas Necessity

Wicked Witch of the White House Dispatching His Flying Monkeys to Secure the Election on January 6

Can you name all the witch hunts against the Wicked Witch of the West? It is not so easy. Keeping track of all the investigations, indictments, and trials against the Mar-a-Lago President is a challenge. I have watched TV announcers struggle to get through them all in a single session. Sometimes, the network just gives up and moves on to other news items.

There needs to be a better way. There needs to be a better to track the various seemingly ever-mounting number of suits in a constructive way that provides the viewer with a visual of what the talking head is talking about.

Therefore, I propose that a Wicked Witch of West scorecard be created. I am not going to pretend that I know all the investigations in all the areas at all the government levels currently underway. I will leave it to others to gather the information. I do know that when I am watching TV or reading an article about the witch hunts, sometimes my head spins. That is why we need a standard nomenclature. If we can track our World Wars and our Superbowls, we should be able to devise a systematic way of identifying all the legal cases involving the former President. This list then would be available digitally or perhaps on an app. That way people easily could access individual cases based on personal interest or all of them as one sees fit.

One important reason for making this request is that we are now reaching crunch time. The Trump is hitting the fan. With the appointment of a Special Counsel Jack Smith the pace will accelerate, not slow down. That is why it is essential to have a firm control for tracking the status of all the witch hunts being conducted against the Loser ex-President.


Whatever system is used, it needs to be adaptable for new items. For example, sometime in the next few weeks it is likely that his tax returns will be made public. He declined to make them public in 2016 and 2020 because he something to hide.

He is not as wealthy as he claims he is.
He donates no or little money to charity unless it is to himself.
He uses every trick in the book and sometimes one that aren’t to minimize his taxes.
He has financial connections with Russia and Saudi Arabia.

From the moment his taxes are released there will be an army of volunteers pouring through them looking for illegal activity. Undoubtedly their exuberance will get the better of them as we saw in the Steele dossier. Still, all in all, such scrutiny by an unofficial investigatory army is likely pay dividends.


At least one trial is already underway in New York with another on the way. The focus on the tried and true technique of DELAY, DELAY DELAY has a sibling technique – throw someone under the bus. Who is that person? I never saw him before? Oh you have photos!  I take pictures with a lot of people. You can’t expect me to remember everyone who takes a picture with even if I do have the world’s greatest memory.

Alongside the Witch Hunt scorecard, there should be a list of people who are likely to be thrown under the bus.

There should also be a betting pool as to who if anyone will come clean.


Right now he is experiencing death by a thousand cuts, some of them self-inflicted. Perhaps one day there will be an OMG moment. Instead what we are likely to see is the steady drip of bad moments, some anticipated, some not.

Oath Keepers have been found guilty of sedition. How do you feel know if you are a Proud Boy? What about a fake elector? Is this what you signed up for?

There will be a steady stream of witnesses subpoenaed by the DOE. Do you want to defy one?

There will be a jury trial decision for a case in New York City for fraud by the Trump Organization. Perhaps it will go his way.

There will be a vote in Georgia involving one of his special Senate selections. Perhaps it will go his way.

There will a ruling on the Special Master, the review of documents, and the position of the Trump judge on Mar-a-Largogate. These judges and courts have had enough of the Trumpantics. And now that he has admitted that “I did it,” what is he purpose of all this smoke and mirrors anyway? Isn’t it time to cut to the chase and just indict him? Happy Holidays!

The House Select Committee will release its report in December. That should be good for several news cycles. It will remind people that he attempted to overthrow the government just as his acolytes are trying to do the same in Arizona.

Undoubtedly there will be unexpected opportunities for him to put his foot in his mouth and prove the validity of his lawyers never allowing him to take the stand. How exactly did anti-Semitic racists he did not know clear the Secret Service screening to be able to dine with the former President anyway? The drip you hear is his support dripping away. It is not yet a tsunami but there is still time.


“…there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns — the ones we don’t know we don’t know.”      Donald Rumsfeld

By the time Donald Trump is indicted, it will be the single most anticipated event since his announcement that he is running once again for President. It is a known known.  No one will be surprised by it. It is hard to imagine a more telegraphed event than indicting him. Given all that has and will transpire, the prophecy of the Senator from South Carolina is likely to prove false. The nation will not be up in arms. There will not be riots in the street. There will not even be surprise. Instead, everyone will have their Wicked Witch of the West Witch Hunt scorecard and just mark off the appropriate Witch Hunt as having moved to the indictment.

Civil War Update: The Battle of Gettysburg 2022 Elections


In the battle between Donald Trump and the Constitution, the 2022 elections may be considered the Battle of Gettysburg. The current Civil War is being fought differently than the last one. That Civil War was fought at National Park Service sites. This one is being fought through the voting at all levels and the occasional violence on January 6 and with a hammer.

It is easy at this point to be caught up in the details of individual elections and not see the forest for the leaf. The Battle of Gettysburg 2022 Elections is a critical one in the determination of who will win the overall war. This midterm election was an anomaly because, as previously stated, there were two Presidents were on the ballot. Although neither one was actually on the ballot, the vote in part was a referendum on both 45 and 46.

Under normal circumstances, one would expect 46’s party not to fare well. In the past there have been tidal wave shifts against the incumbent President. Everytime a voter saw a gas price while driving or food prices while shopping, the voter was reminded that a change was needed.

On the other hand, when an 82-year old grandfather was struck with a hammer, the voter was reminded what was disgusting and repulsive about 45 and his followers. To watch Tumpicans take joy in and make fun of the hammer attack was a bridge too far for many Americans. Are these the type of people you want in charge of the country?

Fortunately for Trumpicans, many voters still vote local, the price of gas or my party. But others worry about the threat to democracy.


The time immediately prior to the Battle of Gettysburg 2022 Elections represents the high water mark for the Trumpican forces. Just as Napoleon and Hitler were going great guns for a while, eventually they reached their limits and it was all downhill from there. Similarly, for the Confederacy, Robert E. Lee’s campaign into Pennsylvania marked his deepest penetration into the North. Once the Union prevailed at Gettysburg, it was back to the South. Similarly, Trump’s sally into Pennsylvania led to a double defeat of his two-handpicked candidates. Republicans already debate the squandered opportunity of the nomination of two Trumpicans.

Up until Election Day, it was full speed ahead for Trumpicans. Republicans were purged from the Party either through retiring or by being primaried. Occasionally, some would win, but in general all those who favored impeachment were gone. Instead, people who supported the claim that the election had been stolen were the nominees.

Laws had been passed to suppress the votes of Democrats.

Candidates had been selected to ensure the vote count be favorable in 2024.

Supreme Court cases had been filed so only gerrymandered state legislatures could decide who had won.

An army of vote suppressors had been recruited and trained.

The only thing left was the actually vote.


The same person who predicted a red wave in 2018, predicted one in 2022. He was so sure of the results, that a week after the election on November 15 he was prepared to announce his candidacy for2024. Apparently, he is becoming more and more ballistic about his not being in the White House now and more and more difficult to be handled. Perhaps old age is beginning to affect his mental necessities where he increasingly obsesses over his lost past. The White House has become his Rosebud except it never was his to own in the first place.

The Battle of Gettysburg 2022 Elections expose him as a loser. Sure he can influence who wins a Republican primary. Sure he can “endorse” who wins in a Republican district. But once a candidate has to venture out into the state electorate, the results are not as favorable.


45 the Loser has direct significance for the 2024 elections.

Previously I had suggested that DeSantis would wait until 2023, before issuing a challenge. That timetable needs to be speeded up. 45 already was fuming about DeSantis long before the 2022 Election Day. Then he decided to fire the first formal shot by giving DeSantis one of those clever junior high school nicknames. He further sought to undermine any potential presidential bid by DeSantis by threatening to smear him and his family. Now DeSantis is a big winner with a huge financial stockpile and 45 is again a loser.

The future does not bode well for 45. Two trials already are underway in New York related to the Trump organization that no one will defend because they are too busy taking the Fifth. It is only a matter of time before he is indicted for Mar-a-Lagogate and vote tampering in Georgia. The House Select Committee will issue its report further documenting 45’s effort to overthrow Constitutional rule in the United States leading to further legal complications. As people lose their fear of retribution, even more of them may be willing to come forth. In short, he has nothing good to look forward to legally in the next two years. His legal woes will be like those gas signs, a constant reminder to the voters why it is time to move on.

How many people are going to run in 2024 with a call to relitigate 2020? Just some old guy puttering around in his luxurious nursing home surrounded by his souvenirs… and he won’t even have them anymore either.

Then what happens when Russia loses in Ukraine. On Election Day, the Russians announced a major pullback. More to come. This smart savvy invasion of no cost is leading to the defeat of Russia. What are the implications of an Ukrainian victory? What are the ripple effects of a Putin defeat in Russia, in Iran, in China, in Syria, and elsewhere? What are the kudos that will be extended to the supposedly near-death Biden when it turns out Brandon prevailed over Putin?


Election Day 2022 burst the bubble of the 45 Loser. He reached the limits of power the day before the election. Even if Republicans take control of the House and Senate, they are well aware that the red wave did not materialize. They are well are of who should be held responsible –  the same person who was responsible for January 6. Republicans in the House and Senate know that if they came out of box in 2023 with guns blazing to relitigate, investigate, and impeach the past, that the American voting public has no interest in it.

Americans looking at those gas prices aren’t interested in a retribution agenda. If the only goals of the Trumpican Party are to help rich people get richer and squeeze the benefits of the little people that they are not a winning formula.

In the meantime Donald Trump will be fuming constantly on Twitter or some other social media platform. Even Foxhub is ready to move on. As of right now he may the leading candidate for the 2024 Republican Party presidential nomination. By the time the actual campaign comes around he will just be an immature child with emotional maturity of a three-year old fighting to stay out prison. It will even be safe to be a real Republican then and he may be an afterthought will no role to play.

Give credit where credit is due. He completely disrupted the American political system and put democracy at risk. Now what is at risk is his own freedom. His November 15 announcement, if it happens, is likely to be pitiable compared to the escalator ride a mere seven years ago.                   

Can Trump Succeed Where Hitler, the Soviet Union, and Bin Laden Failed?


Adolph Hitler could not destroy America.

The Soviet Union could not destroy America.

Osama Bin-Laden could not destroy America.

Donald Trump can but he needs help.

On January 3, 2021, I posted a political action thriller blog. It was about the books and movies from the 1960s, where people were trying to take over the country and/or destroy the world. The blog was written prior to January 6. It also was written prior to all that we know today about the events surrounding the failed insurrection attempt by a defeated President. Just when you think you know all that there is to know about the event, you realize that you do not.

Sometimes actions are funny like throw a plate a ketchup on the wall and see what sticks.

Sometimes they are revealing like the lunge for control of the car to turn it around and take the Loser to the Capitol so he could appear as the valiant hero leading his forces to victory in the House chamber.

Sometimes they are scary when you realize the forces sworn to defend the Constitution took the advice to stand down. After all the insurrectionists were “my [armed] people” who had been marshalled to storm the Capitol and not Black Lives Matter or Antifa.

The question We the People now have to ask is could it happen again? Could the insurrection be successful in 2024 whereas it failed in 2020?

The second question is do the American people realize that the insurrection of 2024 is on the ballot in 2022?


2024 will not be a repeat of 2020.

The Insurrectionist in Chief will not be in the White House and Commander in Chief.

The Vice President would not do what the 2020 Loser wanted the 2020 Vice President to do and the laws will have changed.

If armed forces were gathering at the Capitol, the government forces would shut them down even before the event occurred.

Many of the people who led/participated in the insurrection have been arrested, found guilty, or even pleaded guilty to sedition.

There will be no Gettysburg (January 6, 2025: Suppose Biden Loses?).

The battleground will have shifted elsewhere.


The situation for the leader of the insurrection also will have drastically changed. The immature child with the emotional maturity of a three-year old will be in a vastly altered terrain than he inhabited in 2020. No matter how much he still wants to play President, no matter how much Team Wackadoodle tells him he is the President, and no matter hard he clings to his souvenirs about when he was President, the landscape will be very different.

Just think of upcoming events this months:

1. His upcoming deposition about a rape case
2. The sentencing of Stephen Bannon and his tentative efforts now to avoid prison contrary to his early bluster
3. The start of the trial against the Trump Organization with his very own CFO testifying against him.

Even his own lawyer knows that Mar-a-Lago indictments will follow shortly after the election.

And there is more to come. In other words, there will be a constant stream of legal activities surrounding the Loser and his associates. For months if not years to come, he will be busy defending himself and throwing other people under the bus.

One should keep in mind that he is not an authoritarian leader as in China and Russia. People still make the mistake of analyzing his actions as if they were those of an adult. He lacks the cognitive skills to plan and organize anything remotely resembling a fascist authoritarian state. He is an immature child of the moment responding in CAPS to any attempts to hold him accountable in the adult world and force him to stop playing. That does not mean that there are not people working for him or on his behalf who are not seeking an authoritarian order as long as it is the right person in charge.

One may anticipate, as is already happening, that as the legal world closes in on him, so his performances in the political wrestling arena will ramp up. He will be more openly bigoted and more fervently embracing of QAnon. He constantly will be stoking his people to rise up the likes of which has never been seen before in this country the more the law moves to catch up with him and hold him accountable.


Remember Stacey Abrams? It was not that long ago – one governor cycle – when she was the “It” girl. She was the one getting widespread media attention about the changes she was about to spring on the State of Georgia and American politics write large. Now she is running again but with hardly any notice. And even the Democratic Senate wins in Georgia in 2020 are largely attributable to the actions of the meddling President as well as to her.

The same can happen to Ron DeSantis. Right now he is receiving a great deal of attention. Can he maintain that level of public interest and standing until 2028? The same applies to any of the wannabees. It is very difficult to sustain a level of enthusiastic support for years upon years if you are not named Kardashian. Just as Abrams had her moment in 2018, the wannabees will have their moment in 2024. If they do not act then, except perhaps for the one who is selected to be the Vice President candidate, the others will be relegated to the sidelines.

This means that Trump is going to be double-squeezed. On the one hand, the legal entanglements will continue to mount. They will become more and more serious. The attempt to reorganize out of New York State demonstrates the recognition that he has a lot to lose financially. Other cases suggest he could be facing not only civil penalties but criminal ones. I am struck by the comment by the judge in the rape slander case that the defendant and plaintiff are in their late seventies so the constant delay tactic will no longer suffice. Legally, Trump will become a wounded crybaby constantly lashing out in CAPS and reminding people how unfit he is for the job of President.

Sometime in 2023, a DeSantis or another wannabee will have to strike. Sometime in 2023, a DeSantis will have to proclaim there is an alternative to the wounded crybaby and he, Ron DeSantis is the one. We can see glimmers of the canaries in the coal mine already. We can see Trump-endorsed candidates pulling back from the Trump platform. In one case, we can even watch a candidate do a 180 degree turn. So there are signs that if one wants to win a state or national basis as opposed to a gerrymandered-House district, relitigating 2020 might not be a proven winner.

If a wannabee does push the wounded crybaby offstage, how much of the MAGA enthusiasm is transferable? Right now he is their Lord and Savior, the Chose One, Blessed Be his Name. The wannabees do not possess his charisma, energy, and skill in exploiting the MAGAs. QAnon cannot so easily switch to a new savior. The racist anti-Semitic militias cannot so easily switch their allegiance to anyone else now in the national arena. So if the wounded crybaby drops out for legal reasons, all bets are off in the chaos that follows to attempt to fill his shoes.


In the meantime, the effort to seize control of the election infrastructure continues. Think of 2020 as a beta test to determine the election weaknesses which can be exploited in 2024. It isn’t as if 2020 started out that way but now with hindsight it exposed the people, positions, and laws which needed to be changed to ensure a Democratic defeat in 2024.

The upcoming elections represent a test drive of the Steal the Election 22.01 for 2024.

Laws have been changed to enhance voter suppression and rig the counting.

People have been installed in the trenches to intimidate voters.

Trumpicans have cleared the decks of Republicans in elections throughout the land.

The last part of the testing for 2024 will occur in three weeks.

Given the low ratings of Joe Biden and the immediate concern over inflation, food, and rent, people are more likely to vote locally than based on the national need to save democracy in 2024. At this point, no one anticipates a blowout like 2010 or 2018, still in the civil war currently underway, it is reasonable to expect gains that will translate into success in 2024. So while the political action thriller movie is not yet over, we are getting closer and closer to the moment of truth. The war is being fought on so many battlefronts and on so many political levels that it is hard to follow all the action and unlikely that either side will achieve a decisive blow in this election.

The countdown to January 6, 2025, continues.

Judge Aileen Cannon Boldly Goes Where Vice President Mike Pence Feared to Go

John Madden's explanations versus Aileen Cannon's (

Female Latinx immigrant Aileen Cannon had the strength to go where home-grown Mike Pence feared to go. For weeks leading up to January 6 and in the time since then we have been hearing about the lack of strength of weak Mike Pence. Some of the accusations and appropriate repercussions voiced on January 6 were quite blunt and even frightening. When the moment of truth came, the so-called RINO let 45 down … and he still thinks he can be the nominee in 2024!

This time around, there was an opportunity to choose wisely. There is only vice president of the United States, so the presidential options were limited. By contrast there are multiple judges so why not shop around for the best deal? Why not bring the case before a Trump judge instead. The advantages in so doing are obvious.

I will not recount the legal issues raised by the case. I am not a lawyer and it has been done already by people who know what they are talking about. What I can say is that any time Bill Barr and Andrew Weissman are in agreement then truly legal hell has frozen over.

Another lesson to be learned is that is not just the Trump Supreme Court which is the issue. The focus so far has been on voter suppression and the election of Secretaries of State and Governors. Judges have been overlooked. Many judges were appointed by the former president. In the initial go around of stop-the-steal court cases led by the comedy act of Giuliani and Powell, the judges held firm. The Constitution prevailed against the rule of Trump. That may still happen in Mar-a-Largogate as it winds it ways up the judicial system. It is still too early to tell as this unfolding story.


There is a precedent, actually more than one, for the actions of Judge Cannon.  It was only a short time ago when Elise Stefanik was part of Republican Team Normal. In fact she seemed to be a breath of fresh air to rejuvenate the Republican Party. For a while she seemed to be such a person, one who would help the Party reach out to white women. Suddenly, it all went South both literally and metaphorically in her case as she joined Confederates who pledged their loyalty to Donald Trump and not to the Constitution.

Since her transformation from Republican to Trumpican RINO, she has been quite adamant and vocal in her positions. She is always ready with a tweet or press release in the most outrageous language possible as if Marjorie Taylor Greene was looking over her shoulder. Her decision has paid off for her in the House of Representatives. If Trumpicans take control after the 2022 election, her power may grow even more.

And then there is 2024. His Vice-Presidential selection is going to be a woman. The 2024 Vice-Presidential nominee will have the inside track for the 2028 Trumpican Party presidential election so while it remains a gamble it is not an unreasonable one for Stefanik. And the beauty is she did not even have to sell her soul to align herself for the possible rewards.

I am not saying Lawrence O’Donnell is right when he claims that Judge Cannon has put herself on the short list for Supreme Court nominations in the event of a Republican presidency. But clearly she is no longer an obscure rural district judge no one has ever heard on before. She has made a name for herself.


Unfortunately for Cannon, she has made a name for herself in a way from being taken seriously as a judge outside the Trumpican orbit. While one may or may not applaud her blatant efforts to support 45 in Mar-a-Lagogate she may have done so in too egregious a manner even for a Trumpican Senate. In this regard her ruling more resembles the submissions of Giuliani and Powell to the various courts than a serious legal ruling. However there is one big difference – she is the Judge. Therefore she has set in motion various trajectories which may simultaneously highlight the absurdity of the ruling while still forcing the action.

For example, as many commentators have noted, given the decision to have a “special master” vet for executive and legal privilege issues the material taken, how exactly would that work? Given the classification issues involved who would even be qualified? Some suggestions that come to mind are former Vice President Mike Pence and former President Barrack Obama who just visited the legitimately elected President. I am eager to learn the names of the actual candidates proposed by the two sides. Once again it will be a news cycle that Donald Trump owns at the expense of the Republicans. Only the death of the longest ruling Queen of England can displace him from his rightful place at the center of the news media circus.

Secondly, how does the examination work? This is not a Michael Cohen situation where the documents in his residence were clearly his documents and some of them were subject to attorney-client privilege (but interestingly not executive privilege). In this case, the documents are not even owned by the plaintiff save for some personal items accidentally thrown into the mix.

In other words, in her desire to help the former President, she did not think through what the implementation of her ruling actually means. The result is people scrambling to figure out what to do.


Why do people make the decisions they do? I do not have an answer for that. What I can say is that scholars of this period will ask that question and investigate these four individuals. I picked these four women to create a definable group. One could do the same for Mike Pence, Matt Gaetz, Kevin McCarthy, and Jim Jordan among others. How come Rusty Bowers made the decision he did while the Arizona Trump triplets made diametrically different decisions?

As we approach the 250th anniversary of the birth of the country, these questions of motivations and politics have and will be raised again and again. For historians, there are the written records of the past. While the figures named in this paragraph might not compare to those from our birth, they will be part of the attempt to understand the history of this time period. Aileen Cannon thus has leapt from obscurity to historical personage in a single ruling that no one anticipated.

Nazi Germany Was a Marxist Third-World Banana Republic … and So Are We

Who Can He Trust Now?

Please answer the following questions.

1. The documents at the home of the rightful President were
__ planted by the FBI which should be defunded
__ declassified and of no value
__ legitimately there since the election was stolen and he is the rightful President
__ all of the above

2. The United States under the illegitimate Joe Biden presidency is
__ Nazi
__ Marxist
__ third world banana republic
__ all of the above

3. The people on January 6 were
__ Antifa
__ BLM
__ FBI plants
__ tourists
__ patriots engaged in legitimate political discourse

If you are having problems answering some of these questions, imagine the challenge to the people of the future. There will be graduate seminar papers, dissertations, journal articles, and books written about the thinking of the people who defended their Lord and Savior, the Chosen One, Blessed Be his Name (the only time he did not plead the 5th was in answer to his name!). Think of the recent example of Trumpican thinking such as on Foxhub when the anticipated poor job numbers reflected the ineptitude of barely alive President and then the actual good numbers were released also meant we have a problem when “properly” interpreted. There is no winning an argument with them because the only acceptable argument is that no matter what, Trump is right and everyone who opposes him is not only wrong but evil.

I am writing this portion of the blog prior to the 3:00 deadline Friday for the decision on whether or not to release the warrant to the public. This is written subsequent to the target of the warrant exclaiming that of course it can be released even though he has not done so himself for five days.


This part of the blog was written on Sunday following the release of the warrant and with some time to digest the reaction. What have we learned?

1. There is always more – just when you think all the criminal actions of the Loser President have been exposed, there is more. Remember the Rudy clown show to have the courts disqualify the votes. Remember then learning about the phone call to Georgia to find the necessary votes to reverse the result (indictment expected). Remember then finding out about the insurrectionist electors. Who knew or anticipated that one? In the end, Liz Cheney detailed a seven-pronged illegal assault on democracy and the rule of law perpetrated by the President of the United States.

2. The DOJ under Merrick Garland is asleep at the wheel – How many times did talking heads bemoan the lack of the action by the DOJ under its lackluster leadership? Then you would see them piously recite that the DOJ operates in secret and we do not necessarily know what it is doing. The body language and tone signified the despair of the speakers that anything at all was being done. Then suddenly we see DOJ is a freight train hurtling towards indictments on multiple fronts including one we had never even heard about.

3. Record retention – just last Monday, just before 7:00 PM EDT, who had heard about record retention? There was some news about records flushed, shredded, burned, digested, and disposed of. But all these illegal actions for which the President and his assistants could be prosecuted occurred within the confines of the White House. Suddenly, out of nowhere, there were first 15 and then another 12 boxes of records at Mar-a-Lago including classified material that might be nuclear related.

a.There was perjury by a Trumpican election-is-stolen lawyer about when all the boxes of records had been turned over to the DOJ
b.There were extraordinarily silly explanations about how a President can declassify documents with the wave of a magic wand or just by thinking it
c.There were extraordinarily silly explanations about how a person who lacks the mental necessities to the read the Constitution yet alone a briefing report somehow needed to take these files with him when he traveled to his southern office
d.There were extraordinarily silly explanations about how documents could be declassified and reclassified as a President shuttled back and forth between his two offices
e. There was an apparently misguided perception that these documents accumulated over the entire term of the President.

On a more serious note, a gap in the record-keeping system was exposed. If I take out a book from my local library and fail to return it, the library notifies me of the past due status and asks for its return. Apparently when super-duper top-secret documents are checked out to the President who is no longer President, no alarms sounded, no whistles were blown, no sirens blared. Where were the red lights flashing that super-duper top-secret documents had not been returned and the person who had them was not entitled to them? How come in nearly 18 months, no one noticed that super-duper top-secret files were missing?

4. The Loser President thought his harebrained schemes would work – our immature child president thought he was going to continue to be able to play President for a second term. It was somewhat funny when the Secretary of State promised a smooth transition to a second Trump term. It is not so funny when the Loser did not realize until January 7 that he would have to vacate the premise on January 20.

a. Who are the people who helped him pack during that frantic period?
b. Which one is the informant who knew what was being shipped and where it was being stored?

The House Select Committee still has work to do.

5. Will Trumpicans and Republicans part ways on Documentgate? – Trumpicans are calling for defunding the FBI. Trumpicans are declaring war on the FBI which already has led to violence. Trumpicans are vowing revenge on everyone involved in this attack of the former and future President.

For the Republicans the matter is not so air-headed. There is no MAGA reason why an outgoing President should take these files whether classified or not. So far the only I reason I have heard offered is because he thought these records were his personally. There is no legal basis for such a claim but since when has he had knowledge of the law. While Trumpicans will support him no matter what, for Republicans, I suspect they will need a better explanation than they ae his records and he can do with what he wants just as he could with his DOJ, his military, his Secret Service, and his government employees. This time, that might not be enough.


After the Wisconsin Senate leader Robin Voss narrowly survived an unknown and poorly-funded Trumpican opponent who ran on a single issue, he fired the Wisconsin judge leading the stop-the-steal-decertify-the-election effort in the state. Elected Republican officials have the same opportunity now. The primary season is just about over. There is nothing the Trump base can do now except stay home and not vote for a Democrat in the general election. The elected Republican officials are free at last, free at last, free at last to denounce the Insurrectionist leader. Will any of them do so? This is their last chance until the House Select Committee releases its report shortly before the general election and possibly after DOJ has indicted Donald Trump for espionage. Will Ron DeSantis seize the moment?

The Trump Hit the Fan: Capone and Income Tax Fraud

You take what you can get.

On Monday, I was minding my own business thinking about what blog to write:

Will Ukraine Be Rebuilt?
End Confederate Welfare
Indict Everyone but Trump First
Did Tom Cruise Try to Kill Hitler?

Suddenly out of nowhere the Rubicon was crossed to use a popular metaphor.

[Forthcoming history blog – Do Audiences Understand Your Metaphors and References?]

The execution of a search warrant at the home of a former and loser President already under multiple investigations is a game changer. But to what?


When I was growing up, I read an article in the local paper about a New Jersey Mafioso who had received a speeding ticket for going 7 miles an hour over the speeding limit. I do not recall if I even had a drivers’ license yet, but it seemed to me that ticketing a Mafioso for that infraction was not standard police work. Something else was involved.

My favorite criminal action by the current Mafioso Don was Sharpiegate. Who can forget the image of the doofus-looking Donald the Menace sitting in front of the map he had just altered? As I wrote in July 2020:

In addition, tampering with National Weather maps is a civil (criminal?) offense. While it is not an impeachable offense, it still is illegal. There will be a special exhibit in the Unpresidential Library about Sharpiegate.

Unfortunately, the significance of Sharpiegate is worse than that. If someone cannot admit error on a hurricane path, what are the chances of admitting error on coronavirus? If a person rates a 10 and wouldn’t change anything he did, what is his explanation for why there are over 135000 Americans dead now? Why did Europe quarantine us? There’s really nothing that could have been done differently? Ask him.

Now we learn that he saved that map as a memento of his presidency perhaps for future sale on eBay. While Mafioso Donny should be held accountable for Sharpiegate, like the ticket for going 7 miles per hour over the speed limit, there is more to the warrant than that given the stakes involved.


On one hand, the Democrats now have received a gift which they can leverage into an ongoing campaign refrain.

If he had only swallowed government documents, it would have been enough.

If he had only shredded government documents, it would have been enough.

If he had only flushed government documents, it would have been enough.

If he had only burned government documents, it would have been enough.

If he had only removed government documents, it would have been enough.

Democrats now have the opportunity to constantly serenade Mafioso Donny as he prepares for his next presidential try. Perhaps Michael Flynn can lead the chant.


Victimhood can be a very powerful political tool. Look how it helped his 2016 opponent get to that position. After Monica Lewinsky, the co-president who had failed with Rodhamcare became “Our Lady of Perpetual Victimhood.” Remember people exclaiming “Why don’t they leave poor Hillary alone?” Nita Lowey, my own Representative, sacrificed her chance to become Senator, as she gladly stepped aside to allow someone greater than her have the honor of running. Lowey ridiculed the divided Republicans for not being united in the candidacy as the Democrats were.

For the Trumpican wannabees, the executed search warrant has been devastating. They have been obligated to rally round victimized Mafioso Donny and kiss his ring. Each one now tries to outdo the other in expressing their fealty. No one will challenge the Victim in Chief just as Lowey did not.

Unfortunately for the wannabees, there are consequences to sacrificing yourself. Once Lowey fell on her sword, never again would she have that moment when she could have become Senator. The consolation prize of putting in her charge of the Democratic House elections was a dismal mismatch. Similarly for Ron DeSantis. 2024 is his moment. Unless he is the Vice Presidential candidate, which is unlikely, he will never be better positioned to make a run for the Republican nomination than now. Assuming the United States is still a single country in 2028, the Republican presidential nominee then is more likely to be either the incumbent Trumpican Vice President or a non-Trumpican Republican.

If I may mix my metaphors, the crossing of the Rubicon is the sinking of the wannabee presidential ship. Now they are all forced to play Trump musical chairs or Trump Russian roulette to be the Vice Presidential candidate. Perhaps that is why Elise Stefanik sent a thank-you note to the Attorney General.


The calculus for the 2022 midterm elections has been upended. The standard out-of-power party losses still may apply but then again, they may not. The normal political winds have been shifting in the Democratic favor lately and may continue to do so for months ahead – the price of gas is down, inflation is moderating, the stock market is up, jobs are increasing, legislation is being passed, Americans are not dyeing abroad in never ending wars … and who knows what else might happen.

Then there is abortion and Krakatoa Kansas (Krakatoa Kansas versus the Red Wave, August 7, 2022).

Now there is the Rubicon crossing. This means that practically every day there will be a Trump-related news item. It could be about the civil case in New York. It could be about January 6 cases in Fulton County, the House Select Committee, or DOJ. It could be about Documentgate. Or it could be any one of a number of associates who have been indicted, subpoena, searched, or who request immunity. And every time something happens, there will be a message as if he were still on Twitter. Given his personality and modus operandi, he will become a regular feature in the news. There will be no escaping his media presence – just what the Republican political professionals wanted to avoid.

And since Monday, Mafioso Donny has easily surpassed Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, and John Eastman in the number of times he has admitted he is guilty. Only son Eric with 500 surpassed him. I know it is very difficult to actually sing all the verses of “100 Bottles of Ketchup on the Wall, 100 Bottles of Ketchup” but don’t be surprised if some enterprising young Democrats try for 440 verses of the Mafioso anthem.

The story continues to unfold. We are learning that there was an informant. There had been an earlier subpoena issued. The response was the same as by Bannon to his subpoena. Then there was a warrant. It was authorized by the Attorney General himself. Even as this blog is being typed efforts are underway to unseal the warrant. The American public will get to peak behind the curtain, something Mafioso Donny could have allowed if he did not have something to hide. Maybe he will still try to hide it.

My guess is that Macho-macho Boy thinks of Garland as some wimpy professorial type whom he can dominate the way he dominated Lafayette Square [this was written before I learned about the DOJ announcements]. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! He failed. Not only was his home violated from his perspective, his own safe was broken into. That is a physical reminder that he is not President anymore … and guarantees that he will try to be again.