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Impeach, Indict, Investigate or Ignore?: This Is Not a Gerry Ford Situation

"I will be the hero!" (The Atlantic interview 9/26/19)

President Gerry Ford is back in the news… and not in a Chevy Chase way. He is in the news because of an act he did to heal the nation: he pardoned a President who had resigned in disgrace. That action is hailed as a way of moving forward from our current impeached president and sore loser today. Biden is asked not to inflict any more emotional turmoil and angst on an exhausted country that wants the nightmare to end and life to get back to normal.

Unfortunately we are not living in a Gerry-Ford moment.

This time the President was impeached.
This time the President has not admitted guilt or even conceded that he lost the election.
This time the President is planning to be politically active after he leaves office.
This time the President is planning to run again.
This time the President has a cult following who will continue to accept him as their Lord and Savior, the Chosen One, Blessed Be his Name for the indefinite future.
This time the President has $421 million in debts to pay.
This time the President is facing multiple lawsuits and indictments.
This time the President is an immature child and sore loser.
This time the President is creating the “Stop the Steal” myth as the new “Lost Cause.”

As a country we don’t have the option of putting our heads in sand and pretending the most corrupt President in the history of United States is part of our past. Who knows what parting gifts he will give the alpha-male who dominates him as part of the effort to Make Russia Great Again.

What then should We the People do? Last July, I wrote (Who Will Be Biden’s Attorney General?):

If Joe Biden is sworn in as the new President, where will the former President be at that moment? He will not be there to watch the sleepy-creepy-corrupt person who has lost his mental faculties take office. It will be difficult enough for the current President to accept the concept that THE DONALD is a loser. Especially if he is a loser to someone who received more than 306 Electoral College votes… He will not have the image of him as a loser become a defining one for him.

Well, Biden didn’t receive more Electoral votes than THE DONALD had in 2016 but he did receive 6 million votes than THE LOSER did in 2020. As gratifying as it might be to handcuff the Sore Loser on the golf course on January 20, 2021, or before he announces his candidacy for 2024, that action probably is not the best way to go. It is better to take it one step at a time and build a public case rather than to abruptly dive into the depths of his depravity the moment he leaves the White House for good. Ironically, 2021 may be remembered as the year the American people gained their immunity and the year the Sore Loser lost his.


During the various hearings and investigations, Congress requested documents be released. For the most part, the Criminal in-chief declined to do so and instructed all employees in the Executive branch of the government not to comply with the duly authorized subpoenas or requests. President Biden should publicly release all such documents except when there are national security concerns. Those security documents should only be released to the Congressional committees or Department of Justice. Considering how narrow the Democratic majority is, the House may not be the best venue for discovering the truth.


During the various hearings and investigations, Congress subpoenaed people to testify. For the most part, the Criminal in-chief declined to allow them to do so and instructed all employees in the Executive branch of the government not to comply with the duly authorized requests. The people who were willing to cooperate and were prevented from doing so should be interviewed in this step. This also includes people such as Inspectors General who have lost their jobs. The people here will not need to be subpoenaed because they are willing and eager to talk. They may even have written books about their experiences in the White House. The testimony of these people in conjunction with the documents released in Step 1 will help build a public case in the effort to determine what really happened.


In that same July 2019 blog, I wrote:

If he resigns an hour before so his Vice President who is now President can pardon him, he is still subject to state law. He also still can be subpoenaed for investigations at the federal level. That means he will subject to contempt charges if he is a no-show and be confronted with a perjury trap if he does.

Now with the Flynn pardon and more to come, we are moving beyond the theoretical to the actual. This admonition applies to any and all pardoned people including himself if he deploys the Pence maneuver. The information gathered in Steps I and 2 mean the people who don’t want to tell the truth have lost the option of pleading the Fifth Amendment. Some of them still won’t tell the truth in the hope that they never will be indicted, convicted, sentenced, and jailed. Still they all should be required to testify.


Theoretically, this category could include the former Vice President, the former Attorney General, the former Secretary of State, the former Postal Inspector, former multiple people from Homeland Security, the still-current son-in-law, the Fox triplets, and who knows how many others. These people may take the Fifth. That is why it is essential to go through Steps 1-3 first to lay the groundwork for the testimony of these people.

There should be a standing invitation to the Sore Loser to testify under oath at any time he wants.

The purposes of the investigations are twofold:

1. To determine for the record what actually happened.
2. To determine what regulatory and legal changes are needed so they can’t happened again.

The purpose is not to indict people except when they lie under oath.

The areas to be covered are:

1. Russian collusion and submission to Putin.
2. The cover-up including related obstruction and abuse of power in the previous investigations.
3. Ukrainian extortion.
4. The cover-up including related obstruction and abuse of power in the impeachment.
5. The assault on the election process both before and after the election.
6. The incompetence and ineptitude in the management of the coronavirus pandemic.

The actions identified under #1 may be considered treasonous. That will be determined when the investigation is complete. Technically the assault on the democratic process, the rule of law, and freedom of the press are not acts of treason done on behalf of foreign adversaries even if those actions aid his once-hoped-for business partners Russia and China. Still We the People need to know what happened. I will leave it to others to determine what to call these actions to undermine the United States of America.

This investigation will provide an opportunity for Rudy Giuliani to rise to the occasion. He said in an interview with The Atlantic in September 2019:

“It is impossible that the whistle-blower is a hero and I’m not. And I will be the hero! These morons—when this is over, I will be the hero. “I’m not acting as a lawyer. I’m acting as someone who has devoted most of his life to straightening out government,” he continued, sounding out of breath. “Anything I did should be praised …. You should be happy for your country that I uncovered this.”

Once upon a time nearly 20 years ago, Giuliani was an American hero. Like those high-school athletes remembering their glory days, he has been trying desperately to regain that status to the point where he has become a joke. He has one last chance to be the hero. I doubt he will take it even when subpoenaed to testify.

$421 Million Go Fund Me Donald Trump Bailout Account

His last words upon leaving the White House

The only way to effectively communicate is in a language the other person understands. This simple truism often is obscured, neglected, or rejected in political (lack of) dialog today. “We have a failure to communicate” because we are not speaking the same language even if the discourse is in English and all the words are known to both parties.

Consider an example from the recent election. One of the reasons Trumpicans give for their voting is for the business skills the non-politician candidate brings to the office that politicians lack. This claim is repeated over and over again. As a counterargument, one might claim:

1. He is the biggest individual financial loser in American history.
2. He received $413 million from his father and lost it.
3. He earned over $400 million from a TV show and lost it.
4. His businesses go bankrupt.
5. His organizations are shut down by the government as fraudulent.
6. He owes $421 million and doesn’t have the money to pay it.
7. He never managed anything bigger than a small family business.
8. You can’t manage a successful organization by tweets yet alone impulsive tweets that are based on emotions and not evidence.

Do you think these points would have any impact on a true Trumpican? Do you think if they are reported on a Fake News outlet that suddenly a Trumpican will see the light and exclaim “How could I have accepted such a LOSER as My Lord and Savior, the Chosen One, Blessed Be his Name”?

Of course not. One of the reasons in the previous blog for issuing the “Steal the Election Challenge,” is precisely because if you attempt to devise a way to steal an election, you learn rather quickly that it is easier simply to chant “Fraud” and “Rigged” than to actually figure out how to do it. Think of the one deceased person who voted when it turned out to be a woman who uses the name of her deceased husband for voting registration. It is hard to find one example of deceased voting yet alone thousands that really happened and in the right states in the right amounts to make a difference. How about the rigged voting machines that exist solely as a figment of imagination in the minds of the desperate? Even the lawyers know better and now the rigged vote team is being led by Ridiculous Rudy, Attack Mutt. How much more pathetic could a legal strategy be?

With these thoughts in mind, I wish to propose some ideas that potentially would have some traction with Trumpicans and expose the fraud that their hero is a successful businessman.


How is he going to pay his debts? Here is a solution. Over 70 million people voted for the successful businessman. If each and every one of them contributes $6 to the bailout fund, the debt will be paid off. Is $6 so much to ask? Think of how much he has sacrificed financially by being President. Now he needs your help. Won’t you contribute $6 so he won’t have to go to debtor’s prison?

Guess what has happened in the time since last week when I first had this idea and now when I am writing it? He did set up a Go Fund Me account to pay for the expenses to fight this rigged election. Based on precedence, of course, one has to wonder exactly where the money will end up. Plus given that his own lawyers are bailing out, his expenses are much reduced. Who wants to defend a LOSER with a LOSER case? This isn’t Florida, the OJ murder trial or even Monica Lewinsky. There is no there there. The lawyers have nothing to work with because there is nothing to work with. They don’t want to stand before judges and make fools of themselves because the immature child President can’t accept that he is a LOSER. So what will happen with that money?

The $421 Million GO Fund Me Donald Trump Bailout account aims much bigger and is based on real debts. He can pass the plate at his rallies. He feels a kinship with the TV evangelical preachers who rake in the money anyway. Now it is his turn to cash in.


Once upon a time, the con artist had a university scam. The hook was he would share his time-tested and proven business techniques with the little people who coughed up the “tuition.” Whereas a Madoff targeted the wealthy, THE DONALD aimed at the gullible wannabees who were ripe for the taking.

The scam was shut down but we now know what one of his time-tested and proven business techniques was – don’t pay your debts, just walk away. The release of his various tax returns shows that better than paying off your loans is simply ignoring them. This action is based on the well-known principle that if you can’t pay back a $1 million loan it is your problem, but if you can’t pay back a $270 million loan it is the bank’s problem. The bank should have known better than to lend that kind of money to you in the first place.

Under the $270 Million Just Walk Away Donald Trump Debt Relief Act, every adult American would have the same right to walk away from a loan up to $270 million without paying it as THE DONALD has.

Do you have student debt? Is it under $270 million? Are you an adult American citizen registered with the $270 Million Just Walk Away Donald Trump Debt Relief Act? Then JUST WALK AWAY!

Do you have a mortgage? Is it under $270 million? Are you an adult American citizen registered with the $270 Million Just Walk Away Donald Trump Debt Relief Act? Then JUST WALK AWAY!

Do you have credit card debt? Is it under $270 million? Are you an adult American citizen registered with the $270 Million Just Walk Away Donald Trump Debt Relief Act? Then JUST WALK AWAY!

The $270 Million Just Walk Away Donald Trump Debt Relief Act can remove a crushing burden from every adult American with loans to pay. Just do THE DONALD and you will be freed from debt as the very successful businessman was (until he screwed up again and now owes $421 million!). Won’t Trumpicans welcome the opportunity to just walk away from loans just as he did? How could Mitch McConnell not champion a bill that is based on exactly what THE DONALD did?


Nobody likes paying taxes. We do it because we are part of We the People at the local, state, and federal level. Imagine if fire and police were paid on a transactional basis. Oh, you want a road paved to your home? Pay up.

However, some people think the world, or at least the country, would be a better place, if no one paid taxes starting with themselves. In honor of that attitude and based on the tax payments disclosed by his financial records, every adult American citizen who registers for the Donald Trump $750 Tax Cap program will have their taxes limited to a maximum of $750 for the next five years. By that end of that time, the government won’t be able afford to do anything and the government footprint will have been removed from enslaved Americans. We will be free at last. NO TAXES. NO GOVERNMENT. JUST SIGN HERE!













If Trumpicans can be shown the money that can be available to them by following the example of the successful businessman then his being defeated in a landslide of 306 Electoral College votes by the worst presidential candidate in the history of the United States will be easier to accept. But you have to SHOW THEM THE MONEY if you want them to face the truth.

Alternate Realities: Science Fiction and the 2020 Election

Pirate Spock in an Alternate Reality

We are a storytelling species. Sometimes the stories we tell take place in the future. Those stories are really about the present. Our actual ability to accurately predict the future (no one predicts the past!) isn’t very good. Remember 2001 A Space Odyssey? Now that year is known for 9/11 and there is no Pan Am yet alone flights to the moon. We are approaching the time when Arnold will return back to the past to terminate us. So it goes.
But as it turns out, science fiction can be very good at telling stories about us without the science. I am always amazed about how well the stories of Rod Serling and Gene Roddenberry work in our present decades after they were written, told, and filmed. Consider the current presidential election.


Stargate (1994) and Stargate SG-1 (1997-2007) were a movie and TV series about intergalactic travel through a device called a Stargate. It was discovered about a century ago in Egypt and then transferred to Colorado (I don’t recall seeing how that happened.). By dialing this device, we created connections to destinations throughout the galaxy and could be whisked there in an instance.

Many adventures followed. There were aliens, war, and technology running the gamut from superbeings to the primitive. Fortunately everyone in the galaxy spoke American English without the need for a universal translation device and all computers were compatible.

But by far the most incredible thing of all was that the Stargate was kept secret. Here we have the most incredible device ever used by human beings and no one new about it. That is no one except for the hundreds of people who worked at the very secret military installation and the politicians who voted on the appropriations to fund the operations. It wasn’t the multiple saving-the-earth-from-doom scenarios that were the most fantastic part of the show; it was the idea that so many people could keep such a massive secret for so long.

How about stealing an election? What would it take in the real world to actually steal an election? How many people would be needed? How would you determine in advance exactly from where the votes should be stolen and how many you would need to steal? How would you fund the effort? For that matter, how exactly would you organize the theft?

The truth of the mater is, people are not good at keeping secrets. True we still don’t know why a President of the United States made an emergency visit to the hospital last year. One day we will. But a Deep State conspiracy to steal an election requires a great deal of planning to say nothing of secrecy.

That is why I think Joe Biden should issue the Steal the Election Challenge. He should challenge Trumpicans to show how they would steal the election. He should ask Trumpicans to present their ideas on how they would secretly steal votes in their own polling place, in their own municipality, in their own county, and in their own state. The winners in each category for devising the best way to steal the maximum number of votes in secrecy would be awarded a prize and be given vacation time in the soon to-be-empty Trump hotel in Washington, DC. Fox talk show hosts are not eligible to participate but, of course, they could advise their minions how to succeed.

Remember secrecy is the key. No one must know that you stole the votes. You can’t just run out the back door of a polling place, circle back to the front, change your shirt and cap, re-enter the polling place, and then vote again. Some intelligence is needed to devise a secret method. Each contestant has the option of stealing the election by adding illegal votes or removing legal votes. OK, Trumpicans, this is your moment to put your money where your mouth is and show America what you’ve got.


Parallel universes are a tried a true technique much beloved of science fiction writers. Both Stargate SG-1 and Star Trek partook of this device. Perhaps the most famous of the alternate universe shows is the beloved episode of “Pirate Spock” with a beard. Sometimes a show has only one alternate universe, sometimes there are an infinite number although not all can be shown at one time. Part of the fun of these episodes is in the writing. These alternate realities provide abundant opportunities to show slight differences that are of great fun for the viewers who are well-versed in the way the world is supposed to be. Sometimes even the world you think is the real world turns out to be the alternate one enabling a character to die in the real world and then be replaced by a counterpart from the alternate reality before that world is destroyed. As I said, parallel universes stories can be great fun when done well.
Unfortunately, in our world, alternate realities don’t work so well. Consider our present situation.

In the real world, our immature child president in the body of man and with the emotional maturity of a three-year old conned people into thinking he was a successful businessman who would fight for them even though they were disgusting to him and he didn’t care about them. After living his life as pond-scum slime and becoming the biggest individual financial loser in the history of the United States, he assumed an adult job and completely failed in his management of a viral epidemic that is now raging stronger than ever. Then We the People told this narcissist that playtime was over and it was time for an adult to take the position of President: MAKE AMERICAN ADULT AGAIN. Now the toddler would have to face the music in court case after court case, investigation after investigation, and have to answer the questions of Adam Schiff. It’s no wonder the immature child being told he can no longer play adult would have a hissy fit and threaten everyone around him.

Meanwhile, in the alternate reality, the Deep State stole the election from our Lord and Savior, the Chosen One, Blessed Be his Name. The Joe Biden family crime syndicate led by a senile demented person with one foot at death’s door and the rest of his body in a nursing home, masterminded the greatest fraud in American history. I think this makes the fourth or fifth greatest fraud and corruption in American history all of which have just occurred and have been exposed by Hannity. He is fighting for us and for America to keep us safe from anarchists and terrorists and the only way he could lose the election if it was rigged..

This two realities can not coexist. There is no come-let-us-reason-together possibility. Instead we are watching the birth a new “Lost Cause” myth that will reverberate in American history for years to come. Certainly until the 2024 election when THE LOSER runs from prison to regain what is rightfully his: recognition as the greatest president in American history. There still is no Howard Baker and watching all these wannabees who sold their soul so they would become the chosen one in 2024 is sad (Which Trump Will Run in 2024? [August 26, 2019]). They should think about 2028 instead.


A Star Trek episode, The Squire of Gothos, predicted January 20, 2021 back in 1967. In that episode the adult alien quire figure really is an immature child in the body of an adult. Here are some lines from an earlier blog (May 24, 2019) that still resonate today.

1. Spock slaps the face of the immature child who has enormous power

Mr. Spock: I object to you. I object to intellect without discipline; I object to power without constructive purpose.

Trelane: Oh, Mr. Spock, you do have one saving grace after all: you’re ill-mannered [nasty cutie-pie]! The human half of you, no doubt?

2. The parents of the immature child who has enormous power return to restore order and take the child home.

Trelane’s Father: Trelane! Stop that nonsense at once!

3. Kirk classifies the immature child for the Starfleet record.

Mr. Spock: Captain.

Captain James T. Kirk: Mr. Spock. Still thinking about Trelane, is that it?

Mr. Spock: For the record, Captain, how do we describe him? Pure mentality? A force of intellect? Embodied energy? Super-being? He must be classified, sir.

Captain James T. Kirk: [thinks a moment] God of War, Mr. Spock.

Mr. Spock: Well, I hardly find that fitting.

Captain James T. Kirk: Then a small boy. And a very naughty one at that.

Mr. Spock: It WILL make a strange entry in the library banks.

Captain James T. Kirk: But then he was a very strange small boy.

Keep in mind that the description below from a Star Trek fan site was not written about our immature child president.

The Squire of Gothos when mommy and daddy show up [Fan site caption]
[T]he pivotal moment comes when Trelane’s parents show up and put a stop to all of his “games”… Immediately, Trelane’s speech patterns change, going from superior and jovial scoundrel to a cranky little boy whose mommy and daddy are telling him it’s time to put his toys away and take a nap. Despite all of his blusterings and exhilaration of the hunt, Trelane protests that he’s just playing around, makes excuses, and even whines that he never gets to have any fun….[T]his call[s] to mind images of a young child being told it’s bedtime right in the middle of playing with its toys.

Exactly our present situation. Now the adults have shown up. It’s bedtime at Rikers for THE LOSER.


Murderers’ Row: The Trump Hall of Fame

He touched Mark Meadows (and the Republican Party)

Murderers’ Row was the name for the New York Yankees in the 1920s. It was the decade dominated by the baseball team even more than the way THE DONALD dominated Lafayette Square. It was the time when Babe Ruth was at his prime and transforming the game. He led a team of all stars, some of whom, like Lou Gehrig, joined him in the baseball Hall of Fame at Cooperstown.

A decade later, Murder, Inc. came to the fore. It was an organized crime group in the 1930s and into the 1940s. Murder, Inc. was centered in New York but was not limited to it. The members were acted as an enforcement arm of the mainly Italian and Jewish mobs.

The Memorial Wall at the Central Intelligence Agency headquarters is dedicated to the CIA agents who died in the line of service, meaning they often were murdered in a targeted kill by others. We know now thanks to our Commander in-chief that these people were losers. They were suckers. We should never admire someone who was captured by others from Nathan Hale to John McCain to Jesus Christ. When Bonespur Boy made his comment, we had the opportunity to see in his flippancy the simplemindedness of the seventh-grade-smart-aleck-dumb-aleck. He lacks the mental necessities and cognitive skills to think through what he impulsively blurts out. This comment is one of the ones that will define his presidency as “Four score and seven years ago” defines another one.


When Marked Down was appointed Chief of Staff, I was very happy. “Why?” you might wonder. In the House of Representatives, Marked Down was one of the fiercest Trumpicans. He was loyal to core. For him, Russia and the Ukraine were hoaxes. He attacked Fake News. He was one of the chief Flying Monkeys defending the Wicked Witch of the White House from any and all witch hunters in any and all witch hunts.

So why was I happy when he became Chief of Staff? Because I knew what would happen to him. Remember what happens in Murder, She Wrote with Angela Lansbury? Everywhere she went someone died. She went on a cruise. Someone died. She went to a wedding. Someone died. She went to a reunion or anniversary. Someone died. Truly Angela Lansbury was the kiss of death long before Rick Wilson declared that “everything Trump touches dies.”

I knew that sooner or later Marked Down would be touched and die. I didn’t know when. I didn’t know how. But I did know it would happen. And there was nothing anyone could do about it. When he dared to speak the truth about the hospitalization due to the coronavirus, I knew the handwriting was on the wall. Time was running out for Marked Down.


Then it happened. “We are not going to control the pandemic.” Live on national TV and on a Fake News show, Marked Down uttered the words that will appear on his tombstone. Regardless of the biological cause of his physical death, we now know the words of his political death. It was only a matter of time before Marked Down was on the Trump List and now that moment had arrived. The countdown to his departure has begun. It may not happen the day after the election as it did for Jeff Sessions because it may take a few days for the results to become official. Still it is only a matter of time now.


The Unpresidential Library is the library We the People will build in honor of the worst President in American history (see The Unpresidential Library: The Adolescent Room and Fox & Friends and the Unpresidential Library). It will be separate from the official library built as part of the National Archives and Records Administration. The library should be built in New York. It will have The Adolescent Room displaying the remarks of the seventh-grade-smart-aleck-dumb-aleck in his finest juvenile moments. It will have the statues of him ripping off his mask, standing tall with an upside down Bible at Lafayette Square, holding a bottle of disinfectant, and being swatted with a Forbes magazine by an immortalized porn star.

Naturally, the Unpresidential Library will have an entire wing dedicated to the complete mismanagement, incompetence, and dishonesty of America’s wartime president during the coronavirus crisis. However, he alone is not responsible for the deaths to Americans due to it. He had help in becoming the greatest killer of Americans in American history. He could not have succeeded in this effort all by himself.

The Murderers’ Hall of Fame at the Unpresidential Library will consist of all the people who assisted in the quest to let Americans die so the economy could be reopened and the incumbent could be re-elected. As with the baseball Hall of Fame and similar facilities, there will be a nomination, election, and inauguration for all the individuals who are directly responsible for the deaths of Americans due to the coronavirus.

There are many people who contributed to the greatest loss of life under any wartime President save for Lincoln himself…but the current total is still rising. As America capitulates and throws in the towel, herd immunity is the official policy. The adoption of this policy is easy and requires no skill or intelligent thought: just let everyone do what they want just as they used to do. Bugaloo for everyone. With this policy, the total of deaths from the Civil War, which often was due to disease as well as bullets, can be surpassed. Even the original prediction of 2.2 million deaths over time if nothing is done is in sight.

These numbers mean many have been called to the battle and few have risen to the occasion. There will have be guidelines developed to control the nomination and election process to Murderers’ Hall of Fame in the Unpresidential Library. Candidates may be drawn from:

1. the White House including all cabinet positions
2. the Congressional enablers and supporters of the virus hoax
3. Fox and related media outlets
4. Governors
5. Municipal officials.

A lot of people had to work very hard to maximize the number of Americans who died and who will die as a result of the coronavirus. They all deserve to be recognized for their efforts in killing Americans at an unprecedented levels.

Time is urgent. Remember come November 4, the Fake News hoax of the socialist anarchist Democrats will cease.

“By the way, on November 4 you won’t hear about it anymore,” THE DONALD in North Carolina.

“You watch, they’ll milk it every single day between now and November 3. And guess what, after November 3, coronavirus will magically all of a sudden go away and disappear and everybody will be able to reopen,” a son of THE DONALD last May on Fox.

No masks will be worn at the Inauguration ceremony for the Murderers’ Hall of Fame.

Marco! Trumpo! Marco! Trumpo! Where Will He Go?

Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home (AP Photo)

The 2020 Presidential campaign may be remembered as the one where one candidate said he would leave the country if he lost and one candidate said he would arrest the other. Oh. Wait.  Both of them were the same candidate.

Was the comment to leave the country a serious one?

In the past, he has abruptly and impulsively ordered the U.S. military to withdraw troops NOW. Then the assertion was walked back by the remaining adults in the White House.

He has just called for the release of all documents related to the Russia hoax to be disclosed without redaction. Then some people decided to take him seriously and obtain all the documents that he had previously kept hidden. Now the Chief of Staff of the President of the United States had to file legal papers testifying to the fact that what the President says especially on Twitter is bull-trump and should not be taken seriously.

He also has renewed his call for the Attorney General to indict his Democratic opponent now. This is the same Attorney General who previously said he did not plan to indict either Obama or Biden: “Not every abuse of power, no matter how outrageous, is necessarily a federal crime.”

Now Meadows and Barr know they are on the Jeff Sessions list.

So what about the statement that he would leave the country if he lost? Was that just more impulsive nonsense from the immature child in the body of an adult with the emotional stability of a three-year old or did he really mean it? And what about all the millions of people he would leave behind to face the ruin of the suburbs and the takeover by the socialists and anarchists who would take over without their Lord and Savior, the Chosen One, Blessed Be his Name, to fight for them? But then again, it always is about him.

Let’s look at the situation he will face on January 20, 2021.


The worst presidential candidate in the history of the United States will be sworn in as President while the outgoing President stands by with nothing to say or do accept to accept this peaceful transfer of power.

The Loser will be standing there silently with the worst presidential candidate in the history of the United States who won by 15 million votes.

The Loser will be standing there silently with the worst presidential candidate in the history of the United States who won in a landslide with more than 306 Electoral College votes. In fact, earlier this week, Hannity referred to the 306 vote landslide. Does he know it was not a landslide or does he think his audience is too stupid to know it?


Then the new President will face the crowd and the nation and say:




Do you really think the Loser will subject himself to this humiliation? And in silence?


Who then will be the outgoing president who participates in the peaceful transfer of power?

It will be the person who thinks it is part of God’s plan that he should be President. Now that plan will be fulfilled. For a few hours on the morning before the new President takes the oath of office, Mike Pence will be the President of the United. During his short stint in the Oval Office, he will perform one and only one task – to pardon his predecessor. He will save the Loser from having to silently experience with a fake smile the peaceful transfer of power to the worst presidential candidate in the history of the United States who trounced him.

The pardon will not be without controversy. If the new President pardons the former President after having taking the oath of office, then it will be valid. However, can the outgoing President rely on the new President to do it? When Mike Pence sold his soul to become President of the United States, this is not what he had it mind. From his point forward, he is politically dead. He will forever be tainted as Vice President Brownnose who sold his soul. He will be called upon to testify with no immunity by various House and Senate committees seeking to investigate what happened during the past four years. Maybe he will have a little fun and refuse to sign the pardon.

To prevent that situation, maybe the pardon will be signed in advance before Pence takes the oath office. In that case the pardon will not be valid, hence the investigation.

Of course, even if he pardons himself or is pardoned by President Pence, he still can be subpoenaed at the federal level as part of investigations. He will not be able to plead the Fifth Amendment since he has been pardoned. But he still won’t tell the truth because he is incapable of doing so. That means perjury which is a crime and not covered by the pardon for past actions. The result is he needs to be removed from the reach of the law at the federal and state level even if there is a pardon.

But where will the outgoing President be since the moment the Vice President becomes President, the former President loses all immunity and is subject to arrest? Will Bill Barr of all people since he will still be the Attorney General for a few more hours arrest him? That won’t happen, but it is fun to speculate.


So where will the Loser be? He won’t be at ceremony. He won’t be in the White House where he can be arrested. So where?

MARCO! TRUMPO! MARCO! TRUMPO! –   While President, he has opportunities to travel abroad on official business. True many countries have quarantined the United States due to the horrendous job he did mismanaging the coronavirus, but there may be some countries he can visit as part of an official farewell tour. Of course, he won’t be able to return on Air Force One since he will no longer be President while he is saying goodbye. So where will be on January 20, 2021?

MARCO! TRUMPO! MARCO! TRUMPO! – How about North Korea? Wouldn’t it be happy to provide him asylum? But would anyone follow him there? Think of what the First Lady negotiated just to relocate from New York to Washington. North Korea seems unlikely.

MARCO! TRUMPO! MARCO! TRUMPO!  – How about Russia? He has been a willing and obedient servant to the alpha-male father figure. Perhaps he could obtain sanctuary there. Unfortunately as a Loser, his value as a Russian asset is nil. Everything is transactional and he has nothing to offer anymore. Putin’s last gasp has been the October surprise with Hunter Biden. It worked with Hannity. It worked with Senator Hawley who now has comprised himself. It doesn’t seem to have any traction elsewhere. Russia seems unlikely.

MARCO! TRUMPO! MARCO! TRUMPO!  – How about Israel? He certainly has been very supportive of Israel. There have been definite changes he can point to as his successes. Wouldn’t Israel be only too happy to welcome him? However, there is nothing in it for Israel. It would antagonize the new American government, alienate the American Jewish community, and create unnecessary security challenges. So although it has beaches and resorts, can easily be visited, and can provide the hair care he needs. Israel seems unlikely as a place of refuge and sanctuary for the Loser.

MARCO! TRUMPO! MARCO! TRUMPO! – How about Saudi Arabia? This country has possibilities. He looked the other way when they murdered a journalist in the embassy and they buy his apartments. As long as Saudi Arabia doesn’t care what the new administration thinks, Saudi Arabia is a longshot possibility as a place of refuge and sanctuary for the Loser.

As this review shows, even if the Loser is serious about fleeing the country, his options are limited. He has spent four years alienating and antagonizing countries. On a transactional basis, there is no advantage to any country to take him. Seriously, how stupid would a country have to be offer asylum to the Loser? The more you look at it, the more you realize, he has nowhere to go, nowhere to hide.

Can he make a deal? In part, that depends on the vote. If there is a clearcut winner for all the world to see, then his leverage is minimal. The bigger the margin of victory the less people in the government will do his bidding. Even Trumpicans might be demoralized. Unfortunately, if it is close and there are riots in the street and despair in the air, his bargaining power increases. Since he only cares about himself, it might be possible for New York City, New York State, the House of Representatives, the Senate and his $421 million creditors to reach a deal of some kind. Time would be of the essence.

There is one country which might accept him, one country where he is revered and worshiped, where the feeling is mutual. I am referring of course to the Confederacy, home of his hero Robert E. Lee. The Confederacy is the best fit for him. He can rule, I mean preside, forever there. He already is a resident. So maybe what he should concentrate on in November, December, and January is not trying to be President of the United States of American, but of being President of the Confederate States of America. The South shall rise again. Liberate the Confederacy.


P.S. When China comes up in the debate, so should Trump’s accounts and taxes there. Biden should declare a new law: Presidents should pay at least as much to the IRS as to foreign governments.

Covid: How CNN, MSNBC, and Fauci Failed America


CNN, MSNBC, and Time Magazine’s Person of the Year have failed America on the coronavirus. Since Fauci is a government employee he gets a pass since he is more limited in what he can do. CNN and MSNBC aren’t so limited.

Your first reaction might be that’s crazy talk. How can CNN, MSNBC, and Fauci be responsible for the failure? Shouldn’t the self-designated “wartime president” be held accountable? Obviously the immature child lacks the mental necessities and cognitive skills to understand the severity and impact of the virus. Obviously the inept and incompetent failed businessman lacks the management skill to effectively handle the crisis if he had the ability to realize it existed in the first place. Obviously the person incapable of sympathy or empathy lacks the ability to care especially when weak people in Democrat-governed states are the ones dying from it. If anyone should pay the price for the 220,000+ and climbing deaths in the United States, shouldn’t the buck stop with the wartime president?

Now let’s consider the situation from a Trumpican point to view.


So far after nine months of this pandemic, the number of infected people in the country is just over 8 million. As commentators note, that is almost the population of New York City. True, but all 8 million people aren’t located in one city. They are scattered across a country of   approximately 330 million people. That means the number of cases from this horrendous virus is less than 3% of the population of the country.

There is about 97.5% chance as of now that you have not been effected. When Trumpicans look around at their family, friends, and co-workers, there is an excellent chance that they do not know anyone who has been infected. In terms of the lives they are living, Corvid-19 doesn’t exist as a medical emergency. Indeed, it scarcely even exists.

The fatality rate simply magnifies that awareness. Even if you get the virus, you may have no symptoms and not even know you have it except from a test. Even if you get the virus and have symptoms, you probably will not be hospitalized. So if you are one of the 2.5% of the people who are infected, it is still less than 3% of that already small number that you would die, less than 1% of the total population. At this point, the odds for Trumpicans is overwhelmingly that they will not have become infected, will not die from it, and don’t know anyone who did.

In the real world of the Trumpicans, it is a reasonable gamble that you will not get the virus yet alone die from it. Of course, in the real world it also is a reasonable gamble that if you don’t buckle up when driving you won’t die but you buckle up anyway.


One year ago, who knew what a superspreader event was. The word doesn’t even appear in my spell-check vocabulary list. Now everyone has heard of it. Again, let’s examine superspreader events as brought to your attention by CNN and MSNBC.

The first major one I recall was the Memorial Day Weekend pool party in Arkansas. How many people died from it?

Then there was the multiple-day bigtime motorcycle rally in South Dakota. How many people died from it?

Who can forget the Tulsa rally? One person did die from it. How many others died?

Finally there were/are all the campaign events including where the wartime President himself was infected with the virus that was under control, had gone away like a miracle, and was behind us. How many people died from them?

How many of the professional and college athletes who were infected have died of it?

How many Secret Service agents who were infected have died of it?

How many people do you know personally who died of a stroke last year?

How many people do you known personally who died of the flu last year?

From a Trumpican perspective for their actual experiences these past nine months for the coronavirus, they have nothing to fear but fear itself so let’s open the economy.


How many times can you cry wolf before people stop listening to you? Trumpicans have tuned out CNN, MSNBC, and Fauci. All these medical experts on show after show, day after day, warning people of the dangers to them and their loved ones from the coronavirus fall on deaf ears. In their own lives, Trumpicans don’t see it.

“People are tired of Covid. I have these huge rallies. People are saying whatever. Just leave us alone. They’re tired of it. People are tired of hearing Fauci and all these idiots … Fauci is a nice guy. He’s been here for 500 years.”

 Once again, our immature child president has demonstrated a gut-instinct connection with exactly what Trumpicans are thinking, not the rest of Americans. He understands his audience even if CNN, MSNBC, and Fauci don’t. The only way to effectively communicate with someone is in the language the person understands. He speaks the language of Trumpicans, CNN and MSNBC mock and belittle it.

How many town halls have CNN and MSNBC held just with Trumpicans?

When CNN and MSNBC interview Trumpicans at the political rallies is it to understand them or to document their stupidity?

Look at the dumb Trumpicans, they think it’s a hoax. What can you do with such morons?

Look at the dumb Trumpicans, they think it’s like the flu. What can you do with such morons?

Look at the dumb Trumpicans, they think the total numbers of deceased are Fake News [and the CNN and MSNBC numbers never agree anyway]. What can you do with such morons?

CNN, MSNBC, and Fauci think they are providing the public with the information it needs to successfully deal with the crisis. Trumpicans don’t even listen to them. They know better based on what they have experienced in their own lives.


We are living through a repeat of the 2016 presidential election. Trumpicans, people in the flyover states, non-college educated white people, complain that condescending arrogant self-righteous elitists don’t listen to them, take them seriously, or really care about them. The mentally-and-morally superior people look down these inferiors as deplorable and disgusting. Now we are seeing a variation of that dynamic play out in the dismissal of Trumpicans for their ideas about the coronavirus.

Thomas Friedman suggested that Joe Biden spend some time campaigning among the Trumpicans. Biden didn’t follow that advice. It is probably too late now. Based on the polls Biden could win the popular vote by over 15 million people so he doesn’t need to meet with Trumpicans to win. He does however need to meet with them to govern successfully. His predecessor as President these past four years only spoke before crowds that adored him, who would provide him the adulation he craves and needs. He never tried to be President of the entire United States, just the people who were loyal to him, who accepted him as their Lord and Savior, the Chosen One, Blessed Be his Name, who would believe anything he said. That won’t work for Biden. He is not that type of person. Still to be President of the United States, We the People need him to reach out to all the people. That includes people who think the coronavirus is a hoax, not worse the flu, and has scarcely killed anyone so far. The grim reality is that we are not rounding a corner but are in danger of falling off a cliff. As President, Joe Biden needs to talk to Trumpicans in their own communities and in their own language about what is happening in the real world and not the alternate world on Fox.

Are You Suffering from TFS (Trump Fatigue Syndrome)?

Nowhere to Run. Nowhere to Hide. Got Nowhere to Run. Got Nowhere to Hide.

Are you suffering from Trump Fatigue Syndrome (TFS)? I first asked this question back on August 28, 2019. TFS is different from Post-Trumpatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). That will happen after the election when Trumpicans have to decide whether to live in the real world or not. PTSD will be he subject of a future blog. In the meantime there is TFS.


The catalyst for this blog as an article on the CNN website about Wisconsin voters. The article does not mention TFS but it is all about Trump Fatigue Syndrome anyway.

The 79-year-old resident of nearby Grant County voted for Trump in 2016 but regrets it now, turned off by “his lies.” “It just makes you tired,” Seeley said of Trump the day after the first debate. “He’s like a kid in a candy store. If he can’t have a piece, he breaks everything in the store.”

 “Most people don’t want the ugliness of the political world to be front and center in their news every day and in their conversations and in their drive to work,” he said. “A lot of people are just fed up with the constant barrage of whatever the scandal of the day is.”

 “It makes you feel like doomsday is coming,” Murphy-Lopez said of the tenor Trump has struck in recent weeks. “And the top thing I hear from independents or people who are on the fence is they want politicians who are going to work for the people, not the party. They are tired of elected officials going after each other, they are tired of people making each other look bad.”

This people are exhausted. They are eager for the time when they can put TFS behind them. Cable talk show hosts often comment about how time is measured now in dog years. A month seems like a year, a week like a month, a day like a week. Part of the reason why nothing sticks is before it can it is on to the next scandal. You don’t have time to catch your breath. You can’t even keep up with all the issues. Now imagine how the voters feel. When will it end?


We really are getting close to the end. We are under 20 days to go!

What does TFS mean for both the election and the post-election?

Consider Election Day voting. If you are a good Trumpican you have obeyed your Lord and Savior, the Chosen One, Blessed Be his Name. You don’t wear a mask. You don’t social distance. You don’t vote early because that voting is rigged.

So now comes Election Day and it is time to vote. How eager are you to do so? You have seen all the polls showing Joe Biden with a lead of 10% or more…even on Fox with Fox polls. You don’t want to wait in line to vote. You are suffering from TFS. You don’t like the result but what can you do? Why not just stay home? Even the down-ballot Trumpican candidates will pay a price for TFS.

What does TFS mean for the army of 50,000 poll watchers? First of all, the world’s worst manager doesn’t have the mental necessities or cognitive skills to organize a national army of 50,000 people. Perhaps he has delegated the task to someone who has the ability. Perhaps it is just campaign talk designed to intimidate but without actually doing anything. And if Trumpicans are suffering from TFS, do they really want not only to vote but to hang out at foreign voting places and look mean and tough to scare people away. Remember, you will be the minority there. You will stand out like a sore thumb. You will be filmed constantly by people with cell phones. Is that how you really want to spend your day? One diagnostic will be see how big this vote-suppressor army actually is.


Immediately after the election, TFS will be at its maximum.

A 10% spread in a vote of 140 million people means a 14 million vote spread. You’re not going to make up the difference. HIS SUPREME COURT is not going to hand him the election. The maneuverings to get a state vote in the House in January instead of an Electoral College vote in December isn’t going to work.

The military is not going to rescue you.

The DOJ is not going to rescue you. Bill Barr is suffering from TFS, too. H forfeited his credibility for what? To be demeaned, disparaged, and denied a second term position because he couldn’t make up a case on Obamagate, unmasking, and the Russia hoax. After all he did practically guaranteeing that he will be censured by the new Congress because it is too late to impeach him…and this is the thanks he gets! To be treated like Jeff Sessions! Exactly how much enthusiasm will Barr bring to the post-election apocalyptic showdown? Probably none.

And even if he tried, he would have to go it alone. Who among the professionals in the DOJ is going to rally behind the effort to steal the election for the most corrupt President in American history? More likely they along with the few remaining actual republicans in the White House will be eager to come forth and tell the truth. Instead of a ferocious assault to steal the election you may witness a sigh of relief, the time of TFS is over. It’s time to get back to a normal life in the real world.


 He will never stop being the seventh-grade smart-aleck-dumb-aleck that he is because that’s how his brain is wire.

He will never stop being an alpha-male wannabe even if he did liberate Lafayette Square and survive the coronavirus.

He will never stop demeaning women as nasty cutie-pies because that’s who he is.

He will never stop making up facts and seeing conspiracies hiding under the bed because that’s who the immature child is.

He will be remembered as the $400 million boy – he received $413 million from his father and lost it; he received over $400 from  The Apprentice and lost it; he owes $421 million now and doesn’t have the money to pay it.

He is giving it all he’s got in these waning days but nothing is working. Not even the latest attempt by Putin to undermine Biden. Even Ridiculous Rudy attack mutt’s daughter has come out against her father and for Biden.

Bonespur Boy had to face his worst nightmare tonight. He wasn’t on a stage with ten candidates where he could wreak havoc. He wasn’t even on a stage with two candidates where he could ride roughshod over the proceedings. He didn’t even have the opportunity to stalk his female foe as he had in the 2016 presidential debate. Instead he was trapped, unable to leave and unable to avoid the questions. It is the same situation he will face day-after-day after January 20, 2021, when he is questioned UNDER OATH by the New York Civil Court, the New York Criminal Court, the New York Federal Court, the Washington DC Federal Court, the FBI, and various committees in the House and Senate. He had a preview of life to come when he no longer is in office.

His moment of truth is soon upon us.

It hasn’t happened yet, but my prediction is that he will continue flailing, tweeting, ranting and raving in the immediate aftermath of the election and then it will sink in that there is nobody to help him fight anymore. Everybody else had TFS and now are cured. It’s over. Finally there may be some calm as he whimpers curled up in ball alone during his last few weeks in office when everyone ignores or disobeys him while the rest of the country is ready to move on.

Epstein and The Donald: What Will He Do?

The Ghosts of Christmas Past and Christmas Future

On August 10, 2019, Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in his prison cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in downtown Manhattan. When I heard about it, I immediately thought of THE DONALD. What would he do when it was his turn?

Think of the life Epstein had been living excluding the criminal actions that landed him in jail in the first place. Think of the places he had visited. Think of the places where he had stayed. Think of the people he had met. Truly he had lived the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

And then he wasn’t. Rather abruptly. Everything changed. Now he was confined to one small sparse space. His menu selection was limited and the quality of food was to die for. The less said about his new wardrobe the better. And no more girls. What did he have to look forward to? Nothing so he took the only way out he could.


How does THE DONALD handle being restricted to small spaces? When he was confined to the White House during the lockdown, he commandeered the coronavirus press conferences. When he was in the hospital he was chomping at the bit to get out. When he was restricted to the White House living area, he was chomping at the bit to get out. When he was alone in the White House, he invited crowds to join him. Now he has launched a non-stop last-ditch effort to salvage his campaign by returning to states he won in 2016. He needs the big crowds. His needs that energy. He needs that adulation. He needs them as much as Epstein needed young girls. Take that away from him and he would go bonkers.

As a loser, he will face different circumstances after January 20, 2021, than he does now. If the fading reality-TV star goes on a nostalgia tour, who will pay for it? Who will give him free media time? Who will push him off the stage so Trumpicans can begin planning for losing in 2022 and 2024?  And, of course, if he lacks the mobility he has now because he is confined to his residence in New York and his hotel in Washington, DC and is wearing an ankle monitor, he won’t be able to go on tour anyway.

The more the real world closes in on him, the more erratic his behavior becomes. As Mary Trump just suggested, he has nowhere to turn. There is no one to bail him out this time of the mess he created for himself. The pressure is mounting as V-DT Day approaches and the world gets ready to celebrate.

His ability to cope in an adult manner is nonexistent. He has become the proverbial teenager who is invulnerable and immortal, throwing caution to the wind. His only options are to lash out, to have a hissy fit, to yell and to scream. His managerial incompetence makes herd immunity the best fit for his shortcomings. His enemies must be prosecuted now. The miracle vaccine must be released now. The polls are fake news. But nothing is working.


Barr knows what he has to do and is not delivering. He is going down in history “as very sad, sad, situation” if he does not indict Biden and Obama for the greatest political crime in the history of our country.

He’s got all the information he needs. They want to get more, more, more, they keep getting more. I said, “You don’t need any more.”

Consider the past ventures into the absurd. Remember Seth Rich? Nothing. Remember how the Fox triplets salivated over the Horowitz report? Nothing. Remember how the Fox triplets salivated even more over the Unmasking as the “biggest abuse of power, corruption scandal” in American history?

“The unmasking is a massive — it’s a massive thing. It’s — I just got a list. It’s — who can believe a thing like this?”

Nothing. No Obamagate. No spying. No nothing. No report even issued. Good thing Trumpicans have no memory or awareness of Hannity’s perfect .000 batting average!

There will be no indictments of Biden, Obama, or “Crooked Hillary” either. No matter how much the embattled President demands it of the Attorney General, no matter how many emails Pompeo (“I’m not happy about him.”) releases and no matter how much Hannity demands it, it’s not going to happen in the real world. There will be no indictments of the Deep State either. Apparently Durham knows what he was tasked to do, knows that there is no “there” there, and decided it is in his best interest to wait until after Biden wins the election to announce the results. What can anyone do against him then?


Back on June 19, 2019, I wrote about some early polls:

The results are worth noting. The polls show a slew of Democratic candidates who would win a national election based on the popular vote. The polls range from a high of 57% for Joe Biden to in the 40s% for a variety of figures. One key to interpreting the meaning the polls is the relative constancy of the vote for the incumbent. He consistently polled at 41-42% of the vote.  These numbers put him 5-6% below the 2016 vote and suggest that no matter who the Democratic candidate is, that is the best he will do. The range for the Democratic candidates probably reflects how well known these candidates are. My prediction would be that as they become better known, the undecided in the polls will swing Democratic and the 50s to 41/42% will become the norm…unless more revelations from the investigations drive them even lower or events in the real world expose him as a con artist even to Trumpicans.

Now here we are two weeks from Election Day and the polls consistently show a double-digit lead with Biden in the 50+% range.

I also suggested back on June 8, 2020, that Mitch McConnell had a decision to make (Mitch McConnell: Howard Baker (Time to Go) vs Stay the Course [Go Down with the Ship]). It turns out he did make a decision in August, just not the one the country needed him to make. He hasn’t been to the White House since August 6 due to its mismanagement of the pandemic. WEAR A MASK! However, he made no decision to preserve the majority status in the Senate. Now it may be too late. The red you see on the political maps is not the vaunted red wave that has been predicted. It is the Trumpican Senate seats that are burning up. When you have to fight for your life to hold South Carolina, you know you are in trouble.


Back on September 17, 2018, I wrote:

Suppose the very stable genius is wrong about 2020 (assuming he is still in office and chooses to run again)? Will the President honor the election results? Will the President leave the White House voluntarily? Will he demand a full investigation into the rigged results? Will he remain in the White House until the investigation by his Attorney General (not a stupid Southerner) is completed? (Can he go without playing golf for that long?)

While there is a lot of effort to scope post-Election Day scenarios, the post-Inauguration Day actions remain undefined.

Who Will Be Biden’s Attorney General? (7/29/20): If Joe Biden is sworn in as the new President, where will the former President be at that moment? He will not be there to watch the sleepy-creepy-corrupt person who has lost his mental faculties take office. It will be difficult enough for the current President to accept the concept that THE DONALD is a loser. Especially if he is a loser to someone who received more than 306 Electoral College votes. The loser will not participate in a public ceremony before a crowd bigger than his own inaugural crowd in 2016. He will not have the image of him as a loser become a defining one for him.

What will he do if white suburban women don’t save him or like him even though he saved their neighborhoods?
What will he do if he loses to the worst presidential candidate in the history of the United States?
Why did he set himself up with words that will come back to mock him?

Coping with reality is not his strong point. There is no Plan B if he has to give up his fake world for the real one. Just ask Epstein.

Biden Debates Empty Chair: Make My Day!

“I'm not even going to swat that fly. I hope they are watching. They’ll see. They’ll see and they’ll know. They'll say ‘why she wouldn't even hurt a fly.”

It’s Back to the Future in presidential politics. Who can forget the famous debate in 2012 between Clint Eastwood and the empty chair? Still to this very day people talk about that debate as one of the greatest ones in human history. There was nothing anyone could do to top that spectacle.

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Yes, it can be topped. Eastwood’s performance was at a party convention. This time the debate will be at the presidential level itself. At least it will be more civil than the first one.

It is common practice to note that the future convict doesn’t live in the real world. It is impressive how many people he has been able to con to joined him in Trumpietown. But despite that there are some connections to the real world that even he can’t deny.

Election Day is only a few weeks away. His preference to delay the election until it was safe again to vote went nowhere. He knows the election is going to be held on November 3 and has already started.

He also knows that the polls show that he will lose the election. It is even possible that a demented person trapped in a basement and only one step from a nursing home could win more votes than the 306 Electoral College votes in the 2016 landslide. A vote total more than a landslide will be difficult to even contest yet alone overcome.

He knows the ghost of Christmas Future has visited him. A son is being forced to testify under oath. His taxes have been disclosed revealing he deducts more in hair care than most Americans earn. The courts continue to rule against him on his taxes. The rape charge slander case continues.

Plus he is drugged on steroids.

Until these circumstances, it is only natural that the prospect of being forced to live in the real world would drive him to more and more extreme actions.

“I think this was a blessing from God that I caught it. It was a blessing in disguise.”

“I’m back because I am a perfect physical specimen and I’m extremely young. And so I’m lucky in that way. I could’ve been out of the hospital in one day.” It’s a miracle.

If only all Americans would allow this miracle to occur in their own lives, the coronavirus would be banished once and for all.

At this point, it is useful to update the calendar of target dates that I began last May and to see how things are going.

April 2011: Birtherism – reveal Hawaii findings on Obama soon: STILL WAITING

October 2016: sue all his women accusers after the campaign: STILL WAITING

July 16, 2019: Healthcare – “You’ll see that in a month when we introduce it. We’re going to have a plan. That’s subject to winning the House, Senate, and presidency, which hopefully we’ll win all three. We’ll have phenomenal health care.” STILL WAITING but at least he is asked about it.

May 5 2020: “There is tremendous hope as we look forward and we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.” DO YOU SEE THE LIGHT YET?

May 8 2020: “Those jobs will all be back, and they’ll be back very soon.” WHEN IS SOON?

May 15 2020: Coronavirus deaths drop to zero: WE HAVE PREVAILED!!!

May 25 2020: Celebrate the victory over the coronavirus again after only 6 days of prevailing!!!!!!!

June 2020: Back to Normal economy: STILL WAITING

July 2020: We’re rockin’ now: “We will transition into greatness. That’s a phrase you’re going to hear a lot, because that’s what’s going to happen.” STILL WAITING – how often do you hear about this rockin transition to greatness?

Fall 2020: Deep State Indicted: RUNNING OUT OF TIME – Hannity called on him earlier this week to handcuff and lock the perpetrators of the greatest political crimes in American history. There is no excuse for delaying now that more documents have been released about Crooked Hillary and her collusion with the Russians to undermine the legitimately elected President with the knowledge of Obama and Biden. No sooner had Hannity issued that clarion call then his puppet ramped up the pressure on his Attorney General as time is dwindling down until the election. It is time for Bill Barr to act or he will go down in history as “a sad situation” for not prosecuting these criminals. “Bill has got to move.” Time is running out.

October 2020: announce vaccine cure in election day surprise – DONE but the CDC is not cooperating. Had to make announcement of a miracle cure on his own which he will distribute freely to everyone who has a bad case of the flu.

November 3 2020
: Deploy army of real Americans to suppress vote of…you know…those people – Vote Suppressors to become a TV reality show: STILL ON TARGET


November 3 2020: Democratic coronavirus hoax magically disappears and all lockdowns and restrictions end [I don’t recall who made this prediction on Fox.]

Fourth Quarter 2020: economy will be tremendous: won’t know until 2021 when it will be too late.

January 1, 2021: begin distribution of miracle vaccine

January 20 2021: Nancy Pelosi becomes President

January 20 2021: Arrested by New York, spends night at Rikers

March 20, 2021: Death of a President and the takeover by a monster Communist: “Biden won’t be president for two months. He’s not mentally capable.”

November 2024: Death of the suburbs
November 2024: Defunding of police departments
November 2024: Takeover by anarchists, terrorist, and criminals – Already underway in October 2020 with the attempt by some fine people in Michigan who stood ready to liberate Michigan. If it weren’t for the disloyal FBI Director they might have succeeded with the attempt.

Time is running out. The real world is closing in. Only one thing he can do before they take him away.


“Trump’s Corona – False Claims and expectations”: Palestinian Authority editorial:

What if the claim that US President Donald Trump was infected with the corona virus is fabricated? Some say President Trump fabricated this news to win sympathy, and to avoid future debates with his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden…

The Washington Post counted 3,000 lies by Trump, a thousand of them on Corona virus… so the fabrication of infection remains possible. Perhaps the thing that most reinforces this is the fact that Trump’s infection with the Coronavirus was published a few days after his first debate with his Democratic opponent Joe Biden, which Trump turned into the worst debate in history!
Of course there remains [the possibility] that the Corona virus has indeed managed to reach the American president, and that there is no fabrication in that regard. If this is the case, and without malicious joy, perhaps we can aspire that the suffering caused by this disease will cause the American president to re-examine the erroneous and aggressive policies towards humanity and its just causes, which he represents while he fuels racist extremist ideas, and sides with falsehood against truth, and with occupation against liberation and freedom…

Whether or not the U.S. president has caught Coronavirus, we will not analyze this news based on wishful thinking. Coronavirus is a disease that we do not wish for the creatures of Allah wherever they are, and we pray for the speedy recovery of all those infected.
[Al-Hayat al-Jadida, Oct. 4, 2020]

In stunning development Donald Trump openly admitted that he was not a very stable genius, he is not the smartest person in the room. This extraordinary admission occurred when he was hospitalized for the coronavirus. At that time, he announced that now he “gets” it.” And it only took eight months! What a remarkable example of mental acuity. He very well may receive a Nobel Prize in medicine for his discovery to go with his Peace prizes.

This learning experience has a pedagogical significance.

“I learned a lot about Covid. I learned it by really going to school. This is the real school. This isn’t the let’s read-the-books school. And I get it. And I understand it. And it’s a very interesting thing and I’m going to be letting you know about it.”

Now we now why he doesn’t read the briefing books. He doesn’t learn from writing. He doesn’t learn from reading. He doesn’t learn from adult presentations. He learns from real world experience. Sure, he could say to Bob Woodward that he realize how dangerous he was but he didn’t really. He didn’t learn until he had the disease itself.

Some people took the Susan Collins approach like the Palestinian Authority. Remember how being impeached and then tried was a learning experience too. Maybe this time, he would now realize the seriousness of the virus and be the leader the country we need.

Ben Rhodes said, “They are acting like they can defy gravity. The reality has finally come home.”

On the CNN website, the view was expressed:

For much of this year, Trump has spun an alternate reality about the dangers of coronavirus — disputing science and the efficacy of masks, downplaying the risks to the American people, and making false statements about how 99% of coronavirus cases in America are “totally harmless” or that the virus “affects virtually nobody.
He encouraged his aides and advisers to live in that dangerous fantasy land, pushing his luck to the limits as late as this past week when he again recklessly gathered thousands of unmasked Americans at his political rallies and packed the top officials in government into a Rose Garden ceremony for his Supreme Court nominee. All the while, White House officials embraced the fallacy that administering rapid coronavirus tests frequently at the White House could provide a shield of immunity.
The President’s construct crumbled Friday when he was airlifted to Walter Reed after contracting the virus, while many aides, advisers and allies were testing positive for Covid-19 after interacting with him over the past week.

WHAT! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? He already is the leader the country needs. He rates himself a 10, an A, and A+, he would change a thing that he did. His construct didn’t crumble. He is more sure than ever that he is on the right course.

Nothing has changed. He said he was going to let us know what he learned and he has.

“Don’t be afraid of it. You’re going to beat it. We have the best medical equipment, we have the best medicines.”

“Many people every year, sometimes over 100,000, and despite the Vaccine, die from the Flu. Are we going to close down our Country? No, we have learned to live with it, just like we are learning to live with Covid, in most populations far less lethal!!!”


Remember that word “dominate”? Remember how he dominated Lafayette Square as no President in American history ever has dominated a battleground? Remember how he told the governors to “dominate” their cities or else he would do it for them. Remember how he dominated the first debate scarcely allowing the basement-dweller an opportunity to speak, the greatest Presidential debate in American history. Now he has dominated the virus.

What has he learned?

Real men don’t get Covid-19. Only weak people get sick.
Real men don’t go to hospitals. Only weak people do.
Real men don’t get oxygen. Only weak people do.
Real men don’t wear masks. Only weak people do.
Real men don’t have doctors who tell the truth.
Real men don’t have a chief of staff who tells the truth.

He’s back, stronger than ever, stronger than he has been in 20 years. He is raring to go full-steam ahead to put the virus behind us where it belongs. Let’s get America moving again.

Is followers are ready. Over at Fox, Clueless Jim Jordan mocked Joe Biden about when he learned about the positive test result:

He wakes up, has a cup of coffee, and calls it a day.
He closes his campaign at 9:30 in the morning.

Hannity was gracious enough to give Biden a 10:00 AM end of the day. Business as usual.

In fact, Hannity tonight launched an all-out assault on the perpetrators of the greatest political crime in American history, the Russia hoax. It’s time for the Deep State to be hauled off in handcuffs and be locked up. Soon the cry will heard again at Trump rallies: “LOCK HER UP!” and the rest of them, too

There will be no change in policies and procedures on the virus.

There will be no stimulus package until after the election, if then. The stimulus package is not as important as a Supreme Court judge anyway. And since he is going to win, there isn’t going to be a relief package.

This infection has been a learning experience for America too. We now know how important it is for him not to appear weak. Yes, his base wants a warrior leader and he is pretending to be one with his rip-the-mask-off production. But we should keep in mind that it is always about him. He had the opportunity to exhibit sympathy and empathy and he didn’t take it. He had the chance to reach out to the female voters whom he has lost in droves and he didn’t take it. He could have tried to get back into the game as his polls plummeted. But he didn’t even try. Why not? It is more important to him that he not appear weak. He would risk his health and his reelection rather than appear weak. Let that realization sink in: he would jeopardize his reelection, his stay of jail for four years card, rather than appear weak. He dominated the first debate and was not weak when infected. And he trails by 14-16%. What a deal.