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Is Conning MAGAs a Crime?

They are not the Three Stooges because they know better.

Recent events, like the release of Foxhub emails, raises a question about whether conning MAGAs is a crime? What about if the con is not limited to MAGAs but affects the general public. Let’s examine some case studies to see when if ever there is a legal remedy.


In this example, the loser of the 2020 Presidential election asked his supporters to send him their money. Approximately 2 million people sent around $250 million. That’s a lot of people. That’s a lot of money. Now we know that regardless of what he did with the money once he received it, he already knew that he had lost the election and the Joe Biden was the legitimately elected President.

I consider this to be one of the greatest scams in American history. The con was precisely targeted on MAGAs themselves. No ordinary people were hurt in the perpetration of this con. Imagine if he scammed $250 million every month from MAGAs.

To the best of my knowledge, MAGAs have not cried foul. MAGAs have not sued for false pretenses. MAGAs have not sued for having been deceived. Quite the contrary, MAGAs seem perfectly content with having been swindled. In fact, as far as we know these Foxhub viewers still to this very day o not even know that they were conned. There is no Dominion situation here.

Legally, that is another matter. In this case there is a double fraud. There is the dishonesty is requesting money due to the stolen election when the loser was the one seeking to steal the election. So here we have an ironic case of justice: if the DOJ wins a case against the loser for conning the MAGAs, the people who were swindled will not even cheer that victory. They have no objections to having been conned.

On the second part, what did he do with the fraudulently obtained funds? Did he send Ridiculous Rudy, Séance Sydney, and Pillowhead back out into the legal arena to fight the corrupt fight to steal the election? Did he pay the bills for the lawyers facing disbarment? At least these would be examples of the fraudulently money being used for the ostensible purpose of the con. On the other hand, if he kept the money for himself, then he may be facing additional legal jeopardy.


That was the title of my blog way back on July 14, 2021.






If you listen to Tucker, Laura, and Foxhub and have remained unvaccinated, then you could be entitled to financial compensation possible totaling millions of dollars.

If at any time during this calendar year you heard the talk show hosts on Foxhub warn you about getting a COVID vaccine, you listened to their advice, and became ill from COVID or a loved-one did or both, then you qualify for the Foxhub Financial Relief Settlement Fund. Operators are standing by at 1-800-555-Trump-u to take down your information and to file your complaint.

Due to the high number of people who have been victimized by Foxhub, you may not be able to get through. Please keep trying. It is important that Foxhub be held accountable to for the harm it has caused Americans by instructing them not to be vaccinated and to let nature takes it course and cleanse the herd Act now before all the funds are gone and the network declares bankruptcy….

It learned with Seth Rich that it could not just make up conspiracies willy nilly without their being consequences. Evidently the lesson did not sink in. Now it is time to make Foxhub pay the price.

In this case, Disinfectant Donny cannot be sued for his ineptitude and incompetence contributing to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans. But can Foxhub be sued for its role in spreading the COVID Big Lie the way it is being sued for its role in spreading the Election Big Lie? So far to the best of my knowledge, no has sued Foxhub on this basis. No group of lawyers have moved in for the kill seeking the kinds of emails and evidence for the COVID Big Lie that Dominion has discovered in its lawsuit for the Election Big Lie.

Strangely enough, it is easier for a corporation to sue for damages than an individual. Someone or someones would have to make the effort to gather the people who died as a result of Foxhub to create a class action suit. That would be very expensive undertaking with no guarantee of success. And just as the 2 million people who were conned and have not taken any action, MAGAs cannot be expected to sue their Lord and Savior, the Chosen One, Blessed Be his Name, they cannot be expected to sue the voice of his divine will, the hosts at Foxhub.

The ones who could sue are those who bore the brunt of the false information being disseminated by Foxhub and other rightwing media outlets. I am referring to the hospitals, doctors, and nurses who had to deal with the intensification of the pandemic because of the false information. Presumably, and I am not a lawyer, they have the standing to file such a suit. Think of the people who have burnt out from their work. Why was it so much worse here than in other countries? It may not be as straightforward as Dominion but that is why lawyers reap the big bucks in settlements.

CASE STUDY #3: MAGA’s Have “A Beautiful Mind:” There Is No Cure

This recent blog is from scarcely two weeks ago. That blog questioned the mental necessities of MAGAs in three specific area:

1. the ability to connect the dots
2. the ability to think things through
3. the ability to cope when confronted with the real world.

Since that time there has been a veritable explosion of evidence released witnessing that Foxhub knew full well the claim of the stolen election was a lie … yet they broadcast the purveyors of that Election Big Lie just as they had the COVID Big Lie. This time they are being sued. Forget the $1.6 billion. If a jury gets to decide the punitive damages then the sky is the limit for what the cost could be to Foxhub. If the jury decides that the punishment should be sufficient so that it would never do that again, we could be looking at serious money. Not from the former President who would pay $0 here but for the media company that sought to make money by exploiting the alternate reality in which its viewers live.

The consequences of this evidence goes beyond the Dominion trial itself.

Think of all the MAGA candidates who ran and will run on the basis that the election was stolen. How will they react when confronted with the evidence:

Tucker Carslon knew the election was not stolen. Do you?
Sean Hannity knew the election was not stolen. Do you?
Laura Ingraham knew the election was not stolen. Do you?
Fox knew the election was not stolen. Do you?

Imagine the MAGA candidate in a debate having to answer these questions. Imagine the MAGA candidate responding to the local press having to answer these questions. For Democrats, the Foxhub revelations (more to come?) have provided a treasure trove of attack points on which to pummel a MAGA candidate. Will “Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! What about Hunter Biden” be a sufficient response?

And what about the vaunted election security slogan bandied about by MAGAS? If there was no stolen election, then there was no election fraud at the local, county, and state level. All the laws passed in the name of election security due to the stolen election now have been exposed as dishonest due to the Foxhub emails. All those laws and recounts were bogus. All the Republicans who were censored by the MAGAs are owed an apology BECAUSE THERE WAS NO STOLEN ELECTION! JUST ASK TUCKER, SEAN, AND LAURA. READ THEIR EMAILS.

Here again, the disclosure of the Foxhub emails have provided the Democrats and real Republicans with which to bludgeon the MAGAs.

So while it is not a crime to con MAGAs, Team Normal has to live with consequences of cons that exploit MAGA’s preference for an alternate reality.

Legitimate Military Discourse: The Power of Russian Foxhub

Tuckyo Rose Carlson at work

You can fool all the people some of the time
and some of the people all the time
and that’s enough

Russian Foxhub is more powerful than American Foxhub, but it may not be powerful enough to save Putin.

The American Foxhub shows there are limits to its power. The United States remains a free country. There are multiple sources of news. Indeed, people have the option of choosing from among a full range of possibilities reflecting a wide assortment of political views. At this point in time, it is unlikely that any news outlet and format is dominating enough to have a single message become the uniform message of the land.

Take the January 6 insurrection to overthrow the government and the rule of law. At the time, no one envisioned that tens of millions of people would come to regard it as legitimate political discourse. Now January 6 is an expression of patriotic Americans exercising their Constitutional right to prevent an election from being stolen by taking the law into their own hands. The point for the Russian-Ukrainian war is that even with multiple media outlets tens of millions Americans believe and will continue to believe to their dying day that the con of the stolen election is true.

This reality bodes ill for the hope that the Russian people will force Putin to face the truth.


By now people in the West are much more aware of the power of the Russian Foxhub than at the onset of the war. The incident of a single person with a handwritten sign denouncing the Putin lie garners a great deal of attention. There must be others who share that perspective. They must not have had the opportunity to express themselves or they are afraid to do so given that it is illegal.

It would seem that the people who are most aware of the Putin lie are the ones who have left the country. By contrast, the polls would suggest that Putin’s popularity has increased as the war continues. The anti-Russian actions perpetrated by the West have only verified the claim that America is behind the Nazis in the Ukraine and intends to establish an anti-Russian base there. In other words, for the Russians this is World War II all over again. The anti-American narrative provides an opportunity for Russians to relive the Russian greatness from the Great Patriotic War against the Nazis. It is questionable whether Russian relatives in the Ukraine, the Russian soldiers who do not return, and the wounded Russian soldiers who do return are likely to change sufficient number of minds to end the war. So far, the Russian people are prepared to rise to the occasion and stand firm against America and the Nazis.


Unfortunately, this does not bode well for ending the war. The world may be outraged by the horrific sight of the slain Ukrainians by the Russians, but the Russian know better. They know that Russians did not commit these atrocities. They are familiar with Fake News. They are familiar with Jewish George Soros. They know that there are no limits to what the Nazi Ukrainians would do. They know that good Russian boys would not do such things. And they know this because Russian Foxhub has a news monopoly and is delivering this message continually. China knows it too and the two countries reinforced their collective anti-American message.

There is the hope that with drones and satellites, the truth can pierce the new Iron Curtain.

There is the hope that the returning conscripts alive or in body bags will communicate the truth to the Russian people.

There is the hope that call for new conscripts will expose the lie that Putin’s special military operation is going according to plan.

However, in the meantime, Putin continues to set the rules of the engagement and we continue to let him do so. Therefore his war will end only when he has decided it should end.


As a result we need to wake up and smell the coffee.

The oligarchs are not going to end the war.

The Russian people are not going to end the war.

The generals are not going to end the war.

The only way the fighting ends is the way it has ended in some parts of the country now – by the Ukrainian defeat of the Russian army. Such a victory seems less likely in the portions of the country that have been at war since 2014. Those areas may even include people who really do prefer Russian to Ukrainian rule. We won’t know until a plebiscite is held, not that we even have proposed one.

Consider the American example for illustrative purposes.

What would it take to get Trumpicans to stop believing in the big lie?

What would it take in a free society to convince true believers that they have been conned?

Donald Trump could tell the truth. That’s not possible.

His conspirators might tell the truth. That hardly seems likely. They don’t even have any reason to since there are no consequences for having helped organized the attempted takeover.

Now apply these lessons to Russia.

Putin could tell the truth. That’s not possible. He seems to be a permanent resident of his alternate reality.

His conspirators, the Russian generals, could tell the truth. That hardly seems likely. What reason do they have to do so? They are no more afraid of being tried as war criminals as Steve Bannon, Jim Jordan, John Eastman, et. al., are afraid of being tried for sedition.

The question to be asked is how long the Ukraine can hold out? Zelensky like the House Select Committee faces a deadline. If the Trumpicans seize control of the House of Representatives, its primary action will be to impeach Joe Biden using Hunter Biden to do so. The leader of the party already has signified what is important to him. The Trumpican votes in the House already are shifting to Putin’s favor. His fiercest supporters do not even want the United States to collect data on the Russian war crimes. By the time of the election, who knows how many will have fully embraced Putin’s legitimate military discourse.

Foxhub Fears Patriotic Tourists: Suppose John Kelly Had Been Chief of Staff

Tsunami Mark Randall Meadows Strikes America (

The Mark Randall Meadows tsunami has struck the American political arena in overwhelming force. It rates high on the political Richter scale and is the tip of the iceberg of what is to come. It hints at the crimes to be revealed in the documents he did not release to the House Committee. And if this is what Meadows has, imagine the treasure trove of criminality contained in the archival material just waiting for the Supreme Court ruling for it to be released. In this regard, the current hullabaloo over contempt charges pales in scope and significance before the crimes to be charged in the House report as the election season gets underway.

Let’s survey the damage wreaked by the text tornado.


The House of Representatives consists of multiple subgroups which will react differently to the Meadows Massacre.

1. Fellow Conspirators

It is no secret that members of the House of Representatives conspired with the Hitman to steal the election and overthrow the Constitution. Now their names are known. Not yet to the general public as the members of the House Committee refrained from disclosing those names. It also means that the co-conspirators do not know if their names were included in the particular batch of texts which Meadows turned over so far.

Imagine the situation in the chambers. It was not good before. There already were tensions over masks, guns, and social media postings. Now some of the members have the mark of Meadows emblazoned on their foreheads. They know they are going to be indicted. They know they put their colleagues at risk. They know that they only regret the failure of the effort and being caught but not the attempt to steal the election and overthrow the Constitution.

2. TRINOs (Trumpicans in Name Only)

For TRINOs the final moment of truth is in sight. Even though they are not true believers in Little Donney Wanee as their Lord and Savior, the Chosen One, Blessed Be his Name, Say Hallelujah, they have acted as though they are. They voted not to impeach him twice. They voted not to investigate the assault on the Capitol. They voted not to hold in contempt the co-conspirator who defied the House Committee.

Now they are facing a series of votes that represent their last chance to regain their integrity. They are being asked to hold co-conspirators in contempt when the evidence of their crimes is overwhelming. They will be asked to approve a House Committee report recommending criminal indictments of the participants in the effort to steal the election. They will be asked to indict their own colleagues who have expressed no remorse over jeopardizing their lives.

It is easy to assume that TRINOs will remained submissive and in fear of the infamous “base.” It also will be true that these votes will come at a time when it is too late to be primaried. True there is the physical threat to themselves and their families. In this regard the TRINOs are like the election board workers who have voted with their feet to abandon their post. While some may retire, it also is possible that TRINOs may finally have reached their breaking point. Not all of them and not all at once, but little by little as the Big Lie can no longer be lived and they face how close the Hitman came to succeeding, how hard he worked at it, and the help that he had.

3. Elections

It is taken for granted that the Trumpicans will regain power in the House of Representatives in the 2022 elections. The Meadows Massacre may alter those algorithms. Never before will so many named criminals who sought to steal the election be running for Congress. At this point we do not know all the names. We do not know how widespread the conspiracy was. We do not know if the TRINOs will attempt to regain their integrity.

What all this means is that there is a new element to be factored in to political calculations. As this point we can only anticipate that the news will be worse for the co-conspirators as more is released and more people testify even if only to admit with every question that they are guilty by taking the Fifth.


Contempt of Congress is the least of the problems facing the co-conspirators. People like Steve Bannon, Jeffrey Clark, John Eastman, Mark Meadows and others (or their lawyers) must realize what is in store for them down the road. Once the documents from the archives and Meadows are released, the House Committee will not need testimony from them to incriminate them. The documents will render the pleas to take the Fifth absurd.


The Foxhub hosts have all shown that they are capable of distinguishing between truth and Trump. Their messages from January 6 are now part of the permanent record of the House Committee investigation into the Hitman’s assault on America. For a brief moment like Kevin McCarthy in the House chambers on the phone during the attack, the Foxhub hosts understood that it was Trumpicans ransacking the Capitol and that only one person could call them off. The Foxhub hosts had no illusions about what was transpiring.

I am sure many people cannot wait to the Foxhub hosts are subpoenaed and forced to testify live on national TV. Imagine the ratings. The only network that will not cover it is Foxhub itself.

The Foxhub hosts subsequent dishonesty in covering or rather not covering the investigation is likely to be a campaign theme in the 2022 elections. They are all on record now as being liars. They are all on record as being con artists duping their viewers for ratings and money. This is not to say that they are not true believers in the culture wars only that they cannot be trusted on the facts in what they say. Expect to see billboards with the words of the Foxhub hosts on them. Democrats now have the option of running not only against the Hitman, not only against the co-conspirators running for re-election but against the Foxhub hosts themselves.

Remember the motto: If it’s Foxhub, its bull-Trump.


The stupidest way to analyze the actions of Donald Trump on January 6, 2021, are to treat him as an adult. Such nonsense guarantees the failure to understand him. He lacks the mental necessities to mastermind an attack. In this regard we are fortunate that a simpleminded charge was the Hitman rather than an adult criminal.

Reporters are not the only ones to make this error in judgement. Even the people at Foxhub clamoring for him to act reveal that they believe their own propaganda about him. If they understood who he was and is as a person, they never would have sent those texts.

On January 6, the immature child President was having the time of his life. He loved watching his people storming the Capitol. He genuinely believed that their physical forceful presence would intimidate Pence and the Republicans to undermine the peaceful transfer of power to the duly elected Joe Biden.

It did not occur to him that the members of the House would vacate the chambers for their own safety before the vote could be taken. He expected them to remain in their place.

It did not occur to him that his followers really would kill Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence and who knows who else if they had the chance.

It did not occur to him that if his people had successfully intimidated the Vice President that the results would not be accepted as valid by the country.

What the immature child did do was what he always does – he watched the show on TV. He did not walk down the street with his people as he said he would. Bonespur boy is an alpha male wannabee who never goes into the arena in the real world. Instead he watched the show on TV.

What caused him to act was not the texts he may have been receiving. What caused him to act was not anything someone in the White House said to him, assuming anyone in the White House had the temerity to challenge him to his face. What caused him to act was not the thought that anyone had done anything wrong.

What caused him to act was his realization that the show was over. His people had not caused the election results to be reversed, they had only delayed the inevitable. The fleeing Representatives would return, the vote would be held, and Biden would be certified as the winner. Only with this realization was he willing to say anything to his people. It was a good show. He loves his people. But the time had come to return home.

He may not have realized how widespread the belief in the Big Lie would become.

He may not have realized how quickly Trumpicans would coverup the truth and resist uncovering it.

And he may not have realized that a House Committee would be formed that would uncover the truth and recommend criminal indictments against him.

Up until that time, the President of the United States who openly acknowledges that he prefers dictators and authoritarian leaders to democratically-elected ones, was having the best day of his presidency. To see his people storm the Capital to win him the election brought joy to his heart as he watched it on TV. He was like a child at the circus not wanting the show to end.

Now We Know Why Fred Trump Put His Son in Military School: It Didn’t Work

Now we know why Fred Trump put his son in military school. Everybody knows his son is immature child. He has been one for decades and will be until the day he dies. For whatever reason certain portions of his brain never developed during the maturation process. As a result through no fault of his own, he is trapped at the level of a seventh-grade smart-aleck-dumb-aleck, frozen in time, unable to change. Now the world has had the opportunity to witness him being his true self.


The public displays of his immaturity as President are well documented. They can be seen in

1. his tweets
2. his press conferences
3. his rallies.

In each case, he is able to operate freely, unencumbered by adult supervision or even the pretense of it. He can tweet impulsively at any time of the day or night with no checks and balances on his thinking or, more appropriately, lack of thinking. If it feels good to his gut then it is worth tweeting or retweeting, no questions asked, no research required.

When Trumpicans say, as they do, they wish he would tweet less, they are saying they are aware he acts like a teenager and wish he would grow up. Still, he appoints the judges, builds the wall, and leaves the treaties they don’t like. Trumpicans overlook everything even when he calls them suckers, losers, and disgusting people.

Sometimes at press conferences, he will try to be adult. That can last for a while. Then he is asked some questions. The next thing you know, it is “Fake News” and “Nasty Cutie-Pie.” There are limits as to how long he can fake being an adult.

At his rallies, there is no control. He is in his element as a seventh-grade-smart-aleck-dumb aleck. He can carry on for as long as he likes. You can’t send him to the principal’s office. He is the superintendent.

All these examples mean, he has limited experience in a discussion between equals. And if the press gets uppity, he simply walks of the stage. Show over. He can’t do that in a debate.


As to what he is like in private meetings, we have to rely on the reports of others. Many people have described a damming picture of the immature child with limited attention span who is focused only on himself. The reports from former people in the intelligence services, the military, and the White House are fairly consistent. They paint of picture of a person out of his league who lacks the mental necessities and cognitive skills to do his job. They only task he seems to good besides promoting himself is being subordinate to Putin.

Thanks to the debate, we now have a glimpse of what those meetings must have been like…and still are. It is one thing to read about them in a book or hear someone describe them on a talk show; it is quite another to see such behavior first hand in the presidential debate. There were supposed to be rules. We saw how meaningless that idea was. Now imagine what it must be like in a meeting run by the person the country and the world just saw live on television. What a frightening thought. It is easy to understand how people who went to military school as adults and then made the military their career would have problems functioning in a meeting led by the person on display in the debate. How long do you think you would last in such a setting?


Presumably Trumpicans watched the presidential debate for themselves. Presumably they did so on Fox. Presumably they know the moderator was from Fox as well. In other words, when it comes to the debate there is no Fake News, no rigged format, no terrorist/anarchist/socialist participant. They saw with their own eyes how their Lord Savior, the Chosen One, Blessed Be his Name, acts. They are quite capable of drawing their own conclusions about what they witnessed without having the Fox Triplets tell them what to think.

Just in case they do need some help in understanding what “really” happened regardless of what they think they saw, the Fox Triplets are ready to show them the truth. After all, he “turned in the greatest debate performance in presidential history,” he said so himself.

In my last blog, I suggested there was one way the pending Constitutional crisis could be avoided. The more Fox News reports that unrigged non-fraud Fox polls (and other ones) decisively show a Biden victory, the more Trumpicans will become resigned to the uncomfortable truth that Joe Biden is going to win. That process may have started already.

The debate exposed some false stories the Fox Triplets have been peddling for months. I was going to write a blog entitled “How Long Can One Person Be on a Deathbed and Not Die?’ I refrained from doing so because that blog would have been posted the day Ruth Bader Ginsburg died after months of McConnell patiently waiting for her to do so. Still, the issue of the fraudulent claims about Joe Biden may finally have come back to undermine the validity of the Fox Triplets.

For months now, the pre-teens and friends have been having rank out contests: who could demean and insult Joe Biden the most. He wasn’t just hiding in his basement, he was in his nursing home. He wasn’t just in a nursing home, he was moments from death. He wasn’t just moments from death, he had died but no one could tell. The childish glee of the supposed adults was fascinating to watch not simply for its foolishness but for its shortsightedness. What did they really think would happen at the debate? Did they expect Joe Biden to keel over and die on national television? What did they think their credibility would be if it turned out that Joe Biden was quite capable of standing and surviving a 90-minute assault?

At some level, some Trumpicans must realize that the Fox Triplets’ description of Joe Biden was in error. Even the triplets know it. Hannity has abandoned that tact just as he once abandoned his attacks on Seth Rich. When the focus had switched to the tax returns prior to the election, the triplets were busy anticipating the Lindsay Graham its-almost-October bombshell on the Russia investigation. Meanwhile Durham’s investigation won’t be completed by Election Day. He knows what he has to deliver or be fired. Instead he is waiting until after the vote. That way when he announces there is no “there” there, just mistakes, omissions, and sloppy work but no Deep State conspiracy, he won’t pay the price for telling the truth.

So what Breaking News is left between now and Election Day? Just today, Pennsylvania and Texas announced they are going all out to suppress the Biden vote. They know the truth. The pandemic is not over. Ask Hope Hicks. There will be more disclosures from the Muller Report by November 2. What will be in them as to why the President wasn’t charged? And there are more polls. More polls delivering the same message: Joe Biden will win.


Given the performance in the first debate, what can we expect in the second one? Suppose ordinary Americans ask questions that can be ignored when asked by the press? Will he just walk off the stage? Here are some possible questions real people might ask.

1. All the polls show that Joe Biden is going to win. Are they rigged?

2. I (or a loved one) served in the military (and was wounded or my loved one was killed). You avoided military service by pretending to have bone spurs. Am I (or my loved one) a sucker and loser while you are the smart one?

3. I paid $7500 in taxes last year, ten times more than you paid when you did pay taxes. Am I stupid?

4. Why are you subordinate to Putin? Does he have something on you? Is it because you want to build Trump Moscow? Is it because the alpha male is a father-figure to you?

How insulting will he be to the people who ask him questions? The town-hall format provides another opportunity for Trumpicans to witness the seventh-grade-smart-aleck-dumb-aleck in his element unless he has developed for extremely strong self-control between now and then. As the stakes get higher and time dwindles, the greater the pressure becomes.

The big mysteries are

1. Is there a straw that will break the camel’s back?
2. Are we reaching that point in these debates?

After all, what does he have to look forward to on the night of January 20, 2021? He will be a loser politically as he has been in business. His future is in court, jail, or prison and testifying to the FBI, the Senate, the House, and Adam Schiff. The closer that date comes, the more likely he is to self-destruct after having nightmares about polls and the loss of immunity. We may look back on the first debate as his calm one.

Trumpican Senators Expose Fox Fraud: So What!

You Can Fool Some of the People All of the Time...and That's Enough

The vote to exonerate the Impeached One will reverberate throughout the election period and beyond in ways too big to address in a single post.

What will the effect be when a President of the United States who thinks Article II gives him permission to do whatever he wants is unleashed with no adult supervision and no checks and balances?

What will be the effect as additional information is revealed documenting the abuse of power?

What impact will those actions have on the voting public?

If you work in the White House and observe additional violations of the law and abuses of power would you become a whistle blower?

When will John Bolton be arrested and muzzled?

How will America celebrate the American Revolution 250th when half the country is Loyalist and welcomes having a king as President? (See “You’ll Be Back”: Hamilton’s King George III Got It Right.)

Pity the poor people in history museums who attempt to explain to the audience that impeaching King George III and removing him from office to rule over us was a good thing.

Compared to the caucus chaos, a coronation has a strong appeal.

In this blog, I wish to focus on one small slice of the story: the exposure of Fox as a fraud y the Trumpican Senators combined with the recognition that it doesn’t make any difference.

Consider the following.

So-Called Whistle Blower

If I had a dollar for every time the whistle blower was called the “so-called whistle blower” by the Fox Frauds and Friends, I could retire a wealthy person. Over and over again, they referred to him with this pejorative coupled with the insistent demand that he testify. The fact that everything he asserted had been substantiated by witnesses was irrelevant. It was deemed absolutely critical that the so-called whistle blower appear in public. Why?

The answer is straightforward. The Fox Frauds and Friends wanted to assault the whistle blower as a Deep State operative. This person was out to betray our Lord and Savior, the Chosen one, Blessed Be his Name, right from the start. Now finally this person had acted on those beliefs and concocted a story about an abuse of power involving the Ukraine and an attempt to cover it up.

In the end, the Trumpican Senators accepted the description of events by the whistle blower as accurate. There was no truth to the accusations by the Fox Frauds and Friends. They didn’t necessarily agree with the actions of the Impeached One and would not have done it themselves. But such deplorable and despicable actions did not rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors warranting removal from office. How did they know that? The OJ lawyer said so.

Read the Transcript

Who can forget the mantra of “read the transcript”? Again and again the Fox Frauds and Friends recited these words. Sometimes they even held up to the camera a copy of the “perfect call.” These words were printed on T-shirts. It was a perfect call. Even to this very day, the Impeached One declares it to be a “perfect call.” The Fox Frauds and Friends echoed that description. It was a perfect call. The whole impeachment thing is a hoax. There is no “there” there because it was a perfect call.

Although…in the end, the Trumpican Senators accepted the perception that the call was not a perfect call. There was no truth to the accusations by the Fox Frauds and Friends. Instead it was a call whereby the President of the United States sought to extort a foreign government to assist in his re-election by launching an investigation of his leading opponent. The Trumpican Senators didn’t necessarily agree with the actions of the Impeached One and would not have done it themselves. But such deplorable and despicable actions did not rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors warranting removal from office. How did they know that? The OJ lawyer said so.

Shifty Schiff Congenital Liar

Here is another pet phrase of the Fox Frauds and Friends. They loved to call Adam Schiff a “congenital liar.” They loved to mock him for his height. They loved to mock him for his deranged psychological mental state. They loved to mock him for being incapable of telling the truth. In fact sometimes the virulent attacks by our seventh-grade-smart-aleck-dumb-aleck president sounded as if he were describing himself. In any event, the nightly vilification of Adam Schiff was a source of great fun for the supremely mean and nasty Fox Frauds and Friends.

Meanwhile in the real world, the Trumpican Senators exposed this train of attack as bogus. They accepted that the Impeached One had done all that he was accused of doing. They accepted that the witnesses had accurately testified to what the Impeached One had done. And they did so because they acknowledged that Schiff had done a masterful job in laying out the case against the Impeached One.

Suppose instead of voting up-or-down on the two counts, the Senators had been asked to vote on the specific actions taken by the Impeached One. Suppose they had been asked on this date did this person do this? Or did he say that? Suppose they had been asked to vote on the facts of the case instead of their interpretation of the seriousness of those facts. In that case, the Trumpican Senators would have voted that, yes, the events transpired exactly as Adam Schiff had presented them. The Trumpican Senators would have voted that Schiff was neither deranged nor shifty but had nailed it [with a few exceptions for those believing Senators who drank the Kool Aid].

In the end, the Trumpican Senators accepted that Adam Schiff had done his job. There was no truth to the accusations by the Fox Frauds and Friends.  The President of the United States had sought to extort a foreign government to assist in his re-election by launching an investigation of his leading opponent. The Trumpican Senators didn’t necessarily agree with the actions of the Impeached One and would not have done it themselves. But such deplorable and despicable actions did not rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors warranting removal from office. How did they know that? The OJ lawyer said so.

Traitor Alexander Vindman

And then there was the traitor Alexander Vindman. This symbol of the American Dream who had escaped the Soviet Union to build a life in the United States when it was still a beacon of light to huddled masses yearning to be free was in fact loyal to another country. He was not submissive to Vladimir Putin on a personal level; instead he was working in service of a foreign government. The attacks by the Fox Frauds and Friends escalated to the extent that it was necessary for the Department of Defense to vouch for his safety. The change from Bob Corker to Marsha Blackburn as the Senator from Tennessee reveals the degeneration of the Republican Party and its replacement by the Trumpican Party.

However, in the end the Trumpican Senators accepted that Alexander Vindman was a patriotic American who had done his job. There was no truth to the accusations by Fox Frauds and Friends. The President of the United States had sought to extort a foreign government to assist in his re-election by launching an investigation of his leading opponent. The Trumpican Senators didn’t necessarily agree with the actions of the Impeached One and would not have done it themselves. But such deplorable and despicable actions did not rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors warranting removal from office. How did they know that? The OJ lawyer said so.

In effect, the Trumpican Senators declared every show by Fox Frauds and Friends over the past few months to have been completely bogus. Every charge they levied, every insult they made, every person they demeaned and insulted all were bogus. The Trumpican Senators said contrary to the Fox Frauds and Friends everything the whistle blower said was true, the phone call was attempted extortion, Adam Schiff did his job well, and Alexander Vindman was a loyal, patriotic, and honest American. The Fox Frauds and Friends were wrong about everything.

So what? Does the Fox Frauds and Friends even realize that the Trumpican Senators have exposed them as frauds? Do their viewers? Does their One Viewer of Importance even realize what the Trumpican Senators have acknowledged he did since he still thinks it was a perfect call? As additional emails, documents, and testimony, and possible indictments in New York come to light during the election cycle, the attempted extortion and cover up by the President of the United States will remain in the news.

And what happens if some non-Trumpican IRS clerks think they are above the law too?

This time, the inaugural attendance at the coronation of the Impeached One really is likely to be bigger.