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Now We Know Why Fred Trump Put His Son in Military School: It Didn’t Work

Now we know why Fred Trump put his son in military school. Everybody knows his son is immature child. He has been one for decades and will be until the day he dies. For whatever reason certain portions of his brain never developed during the maturation process. As a result through no fault of his own, he is trapped at the level of a seventh-grade smart-aleck-dumb-aleck, frozen in time, unable to change. Now the world has had the opportunity to witness him being his true self.


The public displays of his immaturity as President are well documented. They can be seen in

1. his tweets
2. his press conferences
3. his rallies.

In each case, he is able to operate freely, unencumbered by adult supervision or even the pretense of it. He can tweet impulsively at any time of the day or night with no checks and balances on his thinking or, more appropriately, lack of thinking. If it feels good to his gut then it is worth tweeting or retweeting, no questions asked, no research required.

When Trumpicans say, as they do, they wish he would tweet less, they are saying they are aware he acts like a teenager and wish he would grow up. Still, he appoints the judges, builds the wall, and leaves the treaties they don’t like. Trumpicans overlook everything even when he calls them suckers, losers, and disgusting people.

Sometimes at press conferences, he will try to be adult. That can last for a while. Then he is asked some questions. The next thing you know, it is “Fake News” and “Nasty Cutie-Pie.” There are limits as to how long he can fake being an adult.

At his rallies, there is no control. He is in his element as a seventh-grade-smart-aleck-dumb aleck. He can carry on for as long as he likes. You can’t send him to the principal’s office. He is the superintendent.

All these examples mean, he has limited experience in a discussion between equals. And if the press gets uppity, he simply walks of the stage. Show over. He can’t do that in a debate.


As to what he is like in private meetings, we have to rely on the reports of others. Many people have described a damming picture of the immature child with limited attention span who is focused only on himself. The reports from former people in the intelligence services, the military, and the White House are fairly consistent. They paint of picture of a person out of his league who lacks the mental necessities and cognitive skills to do his job. They only task he seems to good besides promoting himself is being subordinate to Putin.

Thanks to the debate, we now have a glimpse of what those meetings must have been like…and still are. It is one thing to read about them in a book or hear someone describe them on a talk show; it is quite another to see such behavior first hand in the presidential debate. There were supposed to be rules. We saw how meaningless that idea was. Now imagine what it must be like in a meeting run by the person the country and the world just saw live on television. What a frightening thought. It is easy to understand how people who went to military school as adults and then made the military their career would have problems functioning in a meeting led by the person on display in the debate. How long do you think you would last in such a setting?


Presumably Trumpicans watched the presidential debate for themselves. Presumably they did so on Fox. Presumably they know the moderator was from Fox as well. In other words, when it comes to the debate there is no Fake News, no rigged format, no terrorist/anarchist/socialist participant. They saw with their own eyes how their Lord Savior, the Chosen One, Blessed Be his Name, acts. They are quite capable of drawing their own conclusions about what they witnessed without having the Fox Triplets tell them what to think.

Just in case they do need some help in understanding what “really” happened regardless of what they think they saw, the Fox Triplets are ready to show them the truth. After all, he “turned in the greatest debate performance in presidential history,” he said so himself.

In my last blog, I suggested there was one way the pending Constitutional crisis could be avoided. The more Fox News reports that unrigged non-fraud Fox polls (and other ones) decisively show a Biden victory, the more Trumpicans will become resigned to the uncomfortable truth that Joe Biden is going to win. That process may have started already.

The debate exposed some false stories the Fox Triplets have been peddling for months. I was going to write a blog entitled “How Long Can One Person Be on a Deathbed and Not Die?’ I refrained from doing so because that blog would have been posted the day Ruth Bader Ginsburg died after months of McConnell patiently waiting for her to do so. Still, the issue of the fraudulent claims about Joe Biden may finally have come back to undermine the validity of the Fox Triplets.

For months now, the pre-teens and friends have been having rank out contests: who could demean and insult Joe Biden the most. He wasn’t just hiding in his basement, he was in his nursing home. He wasn’t just in a nursing home, he was moments from death. He wasn’t just moments from death, he had died but no one could tell. The childish glee of the supposed adults was fascinating to watch not simply for its foolishness but for its shortsightedness. What did they really think would happen at the debate? Did they expect Joe Biden to keel over and die on national television? What did they think their credibility would be if it turned out that Joe Biden was quite capable of standing and surviving a 90-minute assault?

At some level, some Trumpicans must realize that the Fox Triplets’ description of Joe Biden was in error. Even the triplets know it. Hannity has abandoned that tact just as he once abandoned his attacks on Seth Rich. When the focus had switched to the tax returns prior to the election, the triplets were busy anticipating the Lindsay Graham its-almost-October bombshell on the Russia investigation. Meanwhile Durham’s investigation won’t be completed by Election Day. He knows what he has to deliver or be fired. Instead he is waiting until after the vote. That way when he announces there is no “there” there, just mistakes, omissions, and sloppy work but no Deep State conspiracy, he won’t pay the price for telling the truth.

So what Breaking News is left between now and Election Day? Just today, Pennsylvania and Texas announced they are going all out to suppress the Biden vote. They know the truth. The pandemic is not over. Ask Hope Hicks. There will be more disclosures from the Muller Report by November 2. What will be in them as to why the President wasn’t charged? And there are more polls. More polls delivering the same message: Joe Biden will win.


Given the performance in the first debate, what can we expect in the second one? Suppose ordinary Americans ask questions that can be ignored when asked by the press? Will he just walk off the stage? Here are some possible questions real people might ask.

1. All the polls show that Joe Biden is going to win. Are they rigged?

2. I (or a loved one) served in the military (and was wounded or my loved one was killed). You avoided military service by pretending to have bone spurs. Am I (or my loved one) a sucker and loser while you are the smart one?

3. I paid $7500 in taxes last year, ten times more than you paid when you did pay taxes. Am I stupid?

4. Why are you subordinate to Putin? Does he have something on you? Is it because you want to build Trump Moscow? Is it because the alpha male is a father-figure to you?

How insulting will he be to the people who ask him questions? The town-hall format provides another opportunity for Trumpicans to witness the seventh-grade-smart-aleck-dumb-aleck in his element unless he has developed for extremely strong self-control between now and then. As the stakes get higher and time dwindles, the greater the pressure becomes.

The big mysteries are

1. Is there a straw that will break the camel’s back?
2. Are we reaching that point in these debates?

After all, what does he have to look forward to on the night of January 20, 2021? He will be a loser politically as he has been in business. His future is in court, jail, or prison and testifying to the FBI, the Senate, the House, and Adam Schiff. The closer that date comes, the more likely he is to self-destruct after having nightmares about polls and the loss of immunity. We may look back on the first debate as his calm one.

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  1. Biden kept Iying about Trump ….anyone would have reacted to that and Biden’s rudeness too.

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