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How Chris Wallace Can Save America from Chaos before November 3

The Apocalypse is coming. Or so one would think based on the words and actions of the non-believing President who mocks the values of the white evangelicals who accept him as their Lord and Savior, the Chosen One, Blessed be His Name. The election is rigged. The only way he can lose is due to the greatest act of political corruption in American history replacing the 2016 election as the greatest political corruption in American history.

The son who is being compelled to testify under oath in court, apparently the first of many many times to come, has graciously shared with the American people that his father would accept the election results and participate in a peaceful transfer of power if Joe Biden won in a landslide. Since everyone knows that 306 electoral votes constitutes a landslide that means if Biden wins 306 votes or more in the Electoral College, its game over. Don’t hold your breath. However it does permit Biden an easy counterargument to the coming assault: You can’t contest a landslide election. Of course as we know from the statement in the 2016 by the still-Republican Party on fulfilling a Supreme Court vacancy, Republican promises aren’t even worth the used-toilet paper they are written on.


The present plan to divide the United States into two – a house masked and a house unmasked cannot stand – calls for a two prong strategy.

The Initial Assault

The initial attack will be to deny Biden sufficient votes to win in the Electoral College. The exact points of engagement won’t be known until after the votes are tallied. Remember how in 2016, the number of supposed fraudulent votes changes as more were needed to claim victory in the popular vote. Still it is possible to make some predictions even before the actual number of votes needed is determined.

Presumably, some of the same states that pushed him over the top in 2016 will be the ones where the vote totals are challenged. Pennsylvania for sure, probably Michigan, and then Wisconsin, North Carolina, Arizona, Florida and Georgia if needed and if they voted for Biden. This list, of course, is subject to change. The goal of this engagement is to call into doubt as many states as are needed with an overwhelming number of lawsuits.

The Judicial Campaign

The second phase of the campaign is to have “my Court” rule in favor of the loser. Interestingly, the vacancy on the Court needs to be filled for this portion of the campaign to succeed. Supposedly it would be better to have ninth judge to prevent a 4-4 tie. That means the Chief Justice is presumed to support the Democratic-appointed judges so that the Court does not have a 5-3 split. Thus the ninth judge is needed on “my Court” to effect a split 5-4 decision and not a 6-3 one.

Regardless, the intent is to so overwhelm the Supreme Court with so many lawsuits that they cannot be resolved in time for the Electoral College convenes to vote. Therefore the Court will rule that the votes from the contested states cannot be included in that vote. The result is that Joe Biden did not win the majority of votes needed to be voted into office as President.

The Contingent Election

Obviously, someone briefed our ignorant President on the intricacies of Constitutional and electoral law. There is no way he could have known this on his own. For him to mention the 26 Republican state votes he would receive in the present Congress in the Contingent Election shows he was paying attention in this briefing. True, no one knows what the division will be in the new Congress. True, Nancy Pelosi will decline to seat the exact number of supposed Republican winners needed to shift the states to Democratic. True there will be a rash of lawsuits contesting that action. True, it will not be possible to resolve all the disputed Congressional seats in time for the January 20 inauguration. Hello, President Pelosi.


 Lately, there has been some discussion about what Fox News can do on Election Night to prevent the Apocalypse Now scenario where armed-people are rioting in the street throughout the country both for and against the results. The typical response is twofold.

1. don’t call the election prematurely – wait for the votes to be in even if it means not calling the election on Tuesday night

2. call the election for Joe Biden if the votes show he won.

Trumpicans like the Chinese only get their news from one source, the government propaganda outlets. If a tree falls in the woods and it is not on Fox, then nothing happened. They don’t know about the $413 million from Fred Trump that he lost or the $427 million from The Apprentice. So the hope here is that Fox News won’t launch the Apocalypse Now spiral into chaos through an incorrect call.

This analysis overlooks what Chris Wallace and Fox News can do between now and Election Day. How is it we are going through all these doomsday scenarios anyway? Would we be going through them if everybody expected Joe Biden to lose? No. We are going through them because everyone expects Joe Biden to win including his opponent.

Why does everyone expect Joe Biden to win? Because of the polls showing it. They show it nationally as well in the battle states. Even the Fox polls show Joe Biden winning.

Are the polls rigged? Does all the ranting and raving about the rigged elections apply to the polls? Is there any mail-fraud in the calculation of the polls including the Fox polls? Are illegal aliens voting in the polls including the Fox polls? Are people voting twice in the polls including the Fox polls? Is there any fraud at all involved in these polls that show Joe Biden ahead?

Will Chris Wallace and Fox News show their audience the results of the polls? Will Chris Wallace and Fox News show their audience the results of the Fox polls showing Joe Biden is winning? Will Chris Wallace and Fox News show their audience day by day until the Election that Joe Biden is winning?

I don’t know the answer to these questions, but I can speculate on the results if it does. If Chris Wallace and Fox News show their audience day after day in its own unrigged polls that Joe Biden is winning, by Election Day, their audience will know what to expect. They won’t like the results but they will have seen for weeks what is in in-store for them.  The more Chris Wallace and Fox News tell them that the unrigged Fox polls show Joe Biden is the winner, the more likely they are to accept those results on Election Day. At some point, the truth of those numbers may sink in. You will see in the body language. It will go from exultant to defiant to resigned. I am not saying it will happen; I am saying it could happen. The more Chris Wallace and Fox News report on the polls and the real world (coronavirus, taxes, disgusting people, etc.), the more the wind will be taken out of the sails of the Apocalypse Now scenario.

Consider this hypothetical. The current 49-42% popular split [it might even be more for Biden] converts to a 53.8% to 46.2% vote in a two-person race with the total of 100% of the vote. Incidentally, this remarkably means no change on the Republican side despite everything and the Democratic increase is due to the absence of a significant third party vote. It makes me wonder if there really are 9% undecided or not.

Now suppose 140,000,000 people vote, a slight increase from 2016 but who knows what the turnout will be. The 53.8% to 46.2% split means a popular vote roughly of 75.4 million for Joe Biden and 64.6 million for his opponent. Do you think the Supreme Court will overturn a roughly 11 million popular vote spread? Will the House of Representatives? Will the country? The more Chris Wallace and Fox News tell their audience the truth before Election Day, the less likely there will be a Constitutional crisis after Election Day.