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Another reason why George Washington is on Mount Rushmore and Donald Trump never will be. (







If you listen to Tucker, Laura, and Foxhub and have remained unvaccinated, then you could be entitled to financial compensation possible totaling millions of dollars.

If at any time during this calendar year you heard the talk show hosts on Foxhub warn you about getting a COVID vaccine, you listened to their advice, and became ill from COVID or a loved-one did or both, then you qualify for the Foxhub Financial Relief Settlement Fund. Operators are standing by at 1-800-555-Trump-u to take down your information and to file your complaint.

Due to the high number of people who have been victimized by Foxhub, you may not be able to get through. Please keep trying. It is important that Foxhub be held accountable to for the harm it has caused Americans by instructing them not to be vaccinated and to let nature takes it course and cleanse the herd  Act now before all the funds are gone and the network declares bankruptcy.


The crack research team at Foxhub has uncovered a dastardly vaccination policy from the dawn of American history. As it turns out Joe Biden is not the first one to impose slavery on patriotic white people for his own good. Secret files hidden in the Library of Congress tell the story of Washington’s abuse of power.

George Washington’s military genius is undisputed. Yet American independence must be partially attributed to a strategy for which history has given the infamous general little credit: his controversial medical actions. Traditionally, the Battle of Saratoga is credited with tipping the revolutionary scales. Yet the health of the Continental regulars involved in battle was a product of the ambitious initiative Washington began earlier that year at Morristown, close on the heels of the victorious Battle of Princeton. Among the Continental regulars in the American Revolution, 90 percent of deaths were caused by disease, and Variola the small pox virus was the most vicious of them all.

On the 6th of January 1777, George Washington wrote to Dr. William Shippen Jr., ordering him to inoculate all of the forces that came through Philadelphia. He explained that: “Necessity not only authorizes but seems to require the measure, for should the disorder infect the Army . . . we should have more to dread from it, than from the Sword of the Enemy.” The urgency was real. Troops were scarce and encampments had turned into nomadic hospitals of festering disease, deterring further recruitment. Both Benedict Arnold and Benjamin Franklin, after surveying the havoc wreaked by Variola in the Canadian campaign, expressed fears that the virus would be the army’s ultimate downfall.

At the time, the practice of infecting the individual with a less-deadly form of the disease was widespread throughout Europe. Most British troops were immune to Variola, giving them an enormous advantage against the vulnerable colonists. Conversely, the history of inoculation in America (beginning with the efforts of the Reverend Cotton Mather in 1720) was pocked by the fear of the contamination potential of the process. Such fears led the Continental Congress to issue a proclamation in 1776 prohibiting Surgeons of the Army to inoculate.

… Historians estimate that less than a quarter of the Continental Army had ever had the virus; inoculating the remaining three quarters and every new recruit must have seemed daunting…. Weighing the risks, on February 5th of 1777, Washington finally committed to the unpopular policy of mass inoculation by writing to inform Congress of his plan.

Variola raged throughout the war, devastating the Native American population and slaves who had chosen to fight for the British in exchange for freedom. Yet the isolated infections that sprung up among Continental regulars during the southern campaign failed to incapacitate a single regiment. With few surgeons, fewer medical supplies, and no experience, Washington conducted the first mass inoculation of an army at the height of a war that immeasurably transformed the international system. Defeating the British was impressive, but simultaneously taking on Variola was a risky stroke of genius.

Some things never change. What did change is that 250 years ago, the United States had an adult in charge who rose to the occasion. He made a decision in the real world based on the best science available to him. By contrast in 2020, America was governed by a simpleminded immature child with no morals, no ethics, no conscience, no sympathy, and no empathy. When his Mount Rushmore moment of truth arrived, he failed and became the biggest mass murderer of Americans in American history. He is no George Washington.

Would we be preparing to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of this country if Foxhub had existed during the American Revolution? Is there any doubt that Foxhub would have been stoking the flames of resistance against Washington for seeking to impose this vaccination of the troops? Foxhub would have condemned Washington in no uncertain terms. It would have been Tucker’s and Laura’s finest moment.

We should all be bowing our heads in awe at the brilliance of Foxhub in explaining the mystery of evolution in terms anyone could understand…except Trumpicans who reject evolution. The bubonic plague, the Black Death, and all the diseases that kill and maim people are just part of the natural order. Look at Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Did he let polio prevent him from being elected president four times? We should learn from his example and reject the actions of George Washington.

In the meantime, people should sue Foxhub, Tucker, and Laura, for everything they have. Think of those lawyers being held accountable by the judge in Michigan for attempting to perpetrate a fraud in a court room. For them it was all fun and games while they made up one outlandish charge after another for which there was no basis. They acted as if they could say whatever they want without consequences. Now they are finding out there are consequences. Suddenly it is not quite so much fun after all.

The same will be true in Arizona. After the three-ring circus declares Joe Biden to have lost the state bigtime, they will name names of the people responsible for perpetrating this fraudulent vote. At that point the fun and games will be over. The people named as criminals responsible for voter fraud will be suing everyone connected with the forensic audit travesty.

The same should be true for Foxhub. It learned with Seth Rich that it could not just make up conspiracies willy nilly without their being consequences.  Evidently the lesson did not sink in. Now it is time to make Foxhub pay the price. Call them and ask for compensation. Call Missouri. Call Tennessee too.

How Chris Wallace Can Save America from Chaos before November 3

The Apocalypse is coming. Or so one would think based on the words and actions of the non-believing President who mocks the values of the white evangelicals who accept him as their Lord and Savior, the Chosen One, Blessed be His Name. The election is rigged. The only way he can lose is due to the greatest act of political corruption in American history replacing the 2016 election as the greatest political corruption in American history.

The son who is being compelled to testify under oath in court, apparently the first of many many times to come, has graciously shared with the American people that his father would accept the election results and participate in a peaceful transfer of power if Joe Biden won in a landslide. Since everyone knows that 306 electoral votes constitutes a landslide that means if Biden wins 306 votes or more in the Electoral College, its game over. Don’t hold your breath. However it does permit Biden an easy counterargument to the coming assault: You can’t contest a landslide election. Of course as we know from the statement in the 2016 by the still-Republican Party on fulfilling a Supreme Court vacancy, Republican promises aren’t even worth the used-toilet paper they are written on.


The present plan to divide the United States into two – a house masked and a house unmasked cannot stand – calls for a two prong strategy.

The Initial Assault

The initial attack will be to deny Biden sufficient votes to win in the Electoral College. The exact points of engagement won’t be known until after the votes are tallied. Remember how in 2016, the number of supposed fraudulent votes changes as more were needed to claim victory in the popular vote. Still it is possible to make some predictions even before the actual number of votes needed is determined.

Presumably, some of the same states that pushed him over the top in 2016 will be the ones where the vote totals are challenged. Pennsylvania for sure, probably Michigan, and then Wisconsin, North Carolina, Arizona, Florida and Georgia if needed and if they voted for Biden. This list, of course, is subject to change. The goal of this engagement is to call into doubt as many states as are needed with an overwhelming number of lawsuits.

The Judicial Campaign

The second phase of the campaign is to have “my Court” rule in favor of the loser. Interestingly, the vacancy on the Court needs to be filled for this portion of the campaign to succeed. Supposedly it would be better to have ninth judge to prevent a 4-4 tie. That means the Chief Justice is presumed to support the Democratic-appointed judges so that the Court does not have a 5-3 split. Thus the ninth judge is needed on “my Court” to effect a split 5-4 decision and not a 6-3 one.

Regardless, the intent is to so overwhelm the Supreme Court with so many lawsuits that they cannot be resolved in time for the Electoral College convenes to vote. Therefore the Court will rule that the votes from the contested states cannot be included in that vote. The result is that Joe Biden did not win the majority of votes needed to be voted into office as President.

The Contingent Election

Obviously, someone briefed our ignorant President on the intricacies of Constitutional and electoral law. There is no way he could have known this on his own. For him to mention the 26 Republican state votes he would receive in the present Congress in the Contingent Election shows he was paying attention in this briefing. True, no one knows what the division will be in the new Congress. True, Nancy Pelosi will decline to seat the exact number of supposed Republican winners needed to shift the states to Democratic. True there will be a rash of lawsuits contesting that action. True, it will not be possible to resolve all the disputed Congressional seats in time for the January 20 inauguration. Hello, President Pelosi.


 Lately, there has been some discussion about what Fox News can do on Election Night to prevent the Apocalypse Now scenario where armed-people are rioting in the street throughout the country both for and against the results. The typical response is twofold.

1. don’t call the election prematurely – wait for the votes to be in even if it means not calling the election on Tuesday night

2. call the election for Joe Biden if the votes show he won.

Trumpicans like the Chinese only get their news from one source, the government propaganda outlets. If a tree falls in the woods and it is not on Fox, then nothing happened. They don’t know about the $413 million from Fred Trump that he lost or the $427 million from The Apprentice. So the hope here is that Fox News won’t launch the Apocalypse Now spiral into chaos through an incorrect call.

This analysis overlooks what Chris Wallace and Fox News can do between now and Election Day. How is it we are going through all these doomsday scenarios anyway? Would we be going through them if everybody expected Joe Biden to lose? No. We are going through them because everyone expects Joe Biden to win including his opponent.

Why does everyone expect Joe Biden to win? Because of the polls showing it. They show it nationally as well in the battle states. Even the Fox polls show Joe Biden winning.

Are the polls rigged? Does all the ranting and raving about the rigged elections apply to the polls? Is there any mail-fraud in the calculation of the polls including the Fox polls? Are illegal aliens voting in the polls including the Fox polls? Are people voting twice in the polls including the Fox polls? Is there any fraud at all involved in these polls that show Joe Biden ahead?

Will Chris Wallace and Fox News show their audience the results of the polls? Will Chris Wallace and Fox News show their audience the results of the Fox polls showing Joe Biden is winning? Will Chris Wallace and Fox News show their audience day by day until the Election that Joe Biden is winning?

I don’t know the answer to these questions, but I can speculate on the results if it does. If Chris Wallace and Fox News show their audience day after day in its own unrigged polls that Joe Biden is winning, by Election Day, their audience will know what to expect. They won’t like the results but they will have seen for weeks what is in in-store for them.  The more Chris Wallace and Fox News tell them that the unrigged Fox polls show Joe Biden is the winner, the more likely they are to accept those results on Election Day. At some point, the truth of those numbers may sink in. You will see in the body language. It will go from exultant to defiant to resigned. I am not saying it will happen; I am saying it could happen. The more Chris Wallace and Fox News report on the polls and the real world (coronavirus, taxes, disgusting people, etc.), the more the wind will be taken out of the sails of the Apocalypse Now scenario.

Consider this hypothetical. The current 49-42% popular split [it might even be more for Biden] converts to a 53.8% to 46.2% vote in a two-person race with the total of 100% of the vote. Incidentally, this remarkably means no change on the Republican side despite everything and the Democratic increase is due to the absence of a significant third party vote. It makes me wonder if there really are 9% undecided or not.

Now suppose 140,000,000 people vote, a slight increase from 2016 but who knows what the turnout will be. The 53.8% to 46.2% split means a popular vote roughly of 75.4 million for Joe Biden and 64.6 million for his opponent. Do you think the Supreme Court will overturn a roughly 11 million popular vote spread? Will the House of Representatives? Will the country? The more Chris Wallace and Fox News tell their audience the truth before Election Day, the less likely there will be a Constitutional crisis after Election Day.

What Do Seth Rich and the Ukraine Have in Common? Answer: Sean Hannity

A beautiful mind can connect dots that do not even exist (

Sean Hannity has a beautiful mind. His skill in connecting the dots is unrivaled. If there was a Nobel Prize for connecting the dots, he would be the winner.

Who can forget his performance in the Story of Seth Rich? Night after night, week after week, month after month, duped-by-Russia Hannity would regale his rapt audience with the story of how this murdered individual that no one had ever heard of was the critical lynch-pin to exposing the evil shenanigans of the Democrats and the Deep State to undo the legitimately-elected President.

In his performance, duped-by-Russia Hannity was insistent, consistent, and persistent. In the time Rachel Maddow would have spent on one of her long opening essays before getting to the point, duped-by-Russia Hannity would have delivered his message multiple times. All the pieces fit together. All the dots were connected. Buckle up and hear the truth.

There was only one slight problem with duped-by-Russia Hannity’s performance – there was no truth to it. The unfortunate murder of this individual who happened to have worked for the Democratic Party was one of the chance events that sometimes occur in the big city. It was not part of some Jason-Bourne-007-Jack-Clancy intrigue….unless you wanted it to be.

Russia wanted it to be. Give credit where credit is due. The Russian “KGB” quickly seized on this seeming minor event and made it into a political thriller. According to the “real story,” Seth Rich was on his way to talk to the FBI about corruption by the Clintons when he was gunned down by a squad of assassins working for them. It was right there on the web. You could read it for yourself. The alt-right did. So did Fox. What was the source of the story? The Russian “KGB.”  Fox had been duped.

What are the lessons to be learned from this experience?

1. The Russian “KGB” is very good. It responded very quickly and very decisively to concoct a story and to disseminate it on the web. It “proved” that the alleged Russian collusion was really Democratic Party dirty tricks led by Crooked Hillary. These actions demonstrated a familiarity with the American political arena, the willingness to act in it surreptitiously, and the skill to do so successfully.

2. It also demonstrated a technique that the Russians would use again and again to meddle in American politics. It succeeded in duping Hannity because it gave him exactly what he wanted. The Russians knew their audience. They crafted a story that appealed to the conspiracy people eager for a story that confirmed all there predispositions. The Seth Rich story did exactly that.

So why not use that approach again?

The Russians did with the Steele Dossier. That really had originated as a Democratic-funded initiative to get dirt on the Republican opponent. In effect, the Democratic Party had broadcast exactly what it wanted. The effort made clear it was looking for precisely the kind of information that would undermine the political prospects of the Republican candidate.

Guess what the Democrats got in the Steele Dossier?

The Steele Dossier provided the Democrats with exactly the information they wanted. The Steele Dossier was nothing if not dirt on THE DONALD. If the allegations made in the Steele Dossier were true, they would be more than embarrassing, they might even prove fatal. Now the Democrats had been duped.  How much time was spent on the elusive and illusory meeting in Prague? And what about Carter Page?

The Democrats had been played by the Russian “KGB” just as the alt-right, Fox, and duped-by-Russia Hannity had been. Remember how Democrats were practically foaming at the mouth in anticipation of a great victory by destroying THE DONALD thanks to the Steele Dossier. How did that work out? Not so well for the Democrats. As it turns out, they were just as eager to believe what they wanted to believe as duped-by-Russia Hannity was.

The Russians were not done. Why not try offering dirt to THE DONALD on Crooked Hillary? We do not know what “dirt” the Russian “KGB” had manufactured in this effort. It does not seem to have amounted to much. But the words of the son who is not the sharpest knife in the drawer says it all: “I love it!” Although this particular gambit failed, it highlighted the validity of the Russian effort to manipulate the American election: give the people what they want and they will run with it even when there is no truth to it whatsoever.

The Ukraine is the final example of this approach…at least so far. The Ukraine maneuver suits Putin’s needs. It assigns the blame for the intervention into the American Presidential election to his enemy the Ukrainians. Therefore the sanctions levied against Russia should be removed and Russia should be restored to its rightful place in the world just as his American asset has been trying to do. The Ukrainian ploy solves the problems of both leaders. It legitimizes the election of the current present and gets the Russian leader off the hook. All the problems are due to the Ukrainians. Seth Rich lives. The Steele Dossier is accurate. The Americans have been played.

Putin was a former KGB agent. How long do you think it took him size up THE DONALD? How long did it take the alpha male to recognize that the immature-child American President was a submissive, simpleminded, ignoramus? If your answer was more than a nano-nano second, then you are not fit to write about American politics and should never be invited as a talking head on a TV or radio show.  Putin does not watch Fox, he dupes Fox. He quickly realized that the weak, superficial, narcissist was a person he could manipulate. Russia did not intervene in the American election, it was the Ukraine.

There are consequences to being the victim of the Putin’s ploys. For Fox, it is being sued by the Rich family. For the Democrats, it was following a bogus trail and undermining the Mueller report. For THE DONALD it was being impeached and watching his whole stack of lies being undone. The drones used to bomb the Saudi oilfields did not cost much. Neither did Russia have to spend much to totally disrupt the American political process. Who knew it would be that easy?

Critical Thinking: Fox, FISA, and Facebook

“He is an egomaniacal, narcissistic buffoon. The MAGA agenda is but a vehicle for him to continue his years-old self-aggrandizement campaign,” said Michael Rubino, a top Trump advisor in Virginia who is close to Corey Lewandowski, the president’s former campaign manager. (“In Senate Bid, A Provocateur Evokes Trump,” NYT 6/18/18)

Critical thinking is one of those skills we pretend to consider to be desirable for citizens in a democracy. Theoretically, students are educated in this skill as part of the k-12 curriculum. In the beginning, students would be provided a document or primary source and then asked questions about it. Initially, all the questions asked can be answered solely from the data presented. No additional knowledge is required.

Over time, the process becomes more challenging. There may be multiple related documents such as the speeches of one individual. There may be multiple and contradictory documents such as opposing speeches. Students may have the option to draw on knowledge not presented in the class. There may be open-ended questions. Of course, there may be open questions about the War of Northern Aggression or should presidents be able to say they can kill someone in broad daylight on 5th Avenue and get away with it?

Situations requiring critical thinking occur frequently in the real world without always being designated by that term. For example, jurors are expected to be able to weigh often contradictory and incomplete data and arrive at a verdict. Voters also are asked to think but we know loyalty to one’s team often takes precedence over anything else.

I started thinking more about this issue on May 24 based on the front page of the New York Times, the newspaper that is home-delivered to me and read with two hands the way newspapers are supposed to be read. Three articles on the front page in particular caught my attention as examples of the way critical thinking does and does not occur.

Deep in Desert, Iran Quietly Works on Missiles: Researchers See Sign That an Old Program Has Been Revived

This article was good old-fashioned research and digging in the tradition of Sherlock Holmes to discover the truth. In fact, the article states some American weapon researchers watching Iranian TV “stumbled on a series of clues that led them to a startling conclusion.” It turns out that a second and secret facility in the remote Iranian desert had been constructed for the purpose of extending the range of Iranian missiles beyond the Middle East. The construction of this site was contrary to the public announcements of Iranian officials. The purpose here is not to detail the investigatory work which went into piecing the discovered data together, but to acknowledge the process. The situation was not a jury case where people are presented with a problem to resolve. Instead, it reflects an accidental initiative due to the chance of well-trained and knowledgeable people being alert to what was going on around them (in contrast, for example, to clueless wrestling coach Jim Jordan, who asserts he had no idea what was going on around him, an apparently chronic condition – added information not in the article).

Sandy Hook Suits Fabulist and Online ‘Post Truth’ Culture

This article from the same front page is about Alex Jones labeled “an online conspiracy theorist.” Alex Jones employs a method of investigation the exact opposite of Sherlock Holmes. In this instance, the question was his claim that the so-called Sandy Hook massacre was really an elaborate government-invented hoax supported by “gun-grabbers.” In other words, in the battle over the Second Amendment a staged event was perpetrated on the American people at this elementary school (just as it would be years later at a Florida high school – added information not in the article). The reporter notes that this fabulist has been praised as having an “amazing” reputation by the president of the United States (who has trumped over 3000-and-counting times since he became president –added information not in the article). Now the parents of the murdered children are seeking to hold accountable this individual in our “post-truth” world.” Subsequently (July 3 in my hard copy), the same reporter wrote an article “Lawyers of Neo-Nazi to Defend Fabulist.” More recently, CNNMoney reported on July 26: , Facebook suspended the personal profile of controversial InfoWars founder Alex Jones on Thursday, and removed four videos associated with his namesake page and that of InfoWars, a spokesperson for the social media company said.

The classroom activity in this example is to determine whether or not Alec Jones is telling the truth. As part of critical thinking skills, a student here might draw on an almost identical scenario involving a suit against Fox News and America First Media Group. These suits derive from the concoction of the Seth Rich conspiracy hypothesis: he leaked Democratic emails during the 2016 American presidential election. One is in awe on how Sean Hannity was able to piece together this story that none of the U.S. intelligence organizations were able to discover. Truly he has a beautiful mind. For students and voters seeking the truth, there is an excellent example to observe how the conspiratorial mind works in contrast to the weapons researchers in the previous example.

All Must Rise for Anthem, NFL Insists: Players Can Stand or Stay in Locker Room

With this type of issue, one moves from the more factual ones to the more open-ended one. The task here is not to determine whether or not Iran built a secret facility to improve missile range or whether Alex Jones (and Sean Hannity) should be held accountable for their concoctions, but what decision should be made on a cultural/social issue. The United States was born in debate. Our founders debated whether or not we should declare our independence. When we succeeded, they debated how we should govern ourselves. The writings from those debates as well as they documents they produced are part of American history studied not just at the k-12 level but into adulthood. In this issue, adult citizens have the opportunity to avail themselves of the great debates of American history. It could be considered a teachable moment for an intelligent discussion. I am sure our President is eager to lead such a discussion if only Fox and Friends would present the information to him. That way it wouldn’t just be a professional wrestling arena scrum as it is at present.

The critical thinking skills noted above have real-world implications. The three events in the articles all involve actions to be taken or not taken. What should the United States do about the secret facility Iran built to develop missile range? Should people be held accountable when they make up stories? What will happen in the NFL this season?

I raise these point because there are some serious political questions to be asked and answered on a legal basis in the national arena. We are witnessing the birth and development of source documents that will become lesson plans, essay questions, and term papers in the future perhaps even in law schools as well as in history and government classes. We have the opportunity to examine a series of documents and observe how different people responded and interpreted the exact same material.

The leading examples in question so far are:

1. The Nunes 4-page memorandum
2. The Senate testimony of Don, Jr.
3. The FISA applications

The Nunes and FISA documents provide excellent examples for a critical thinking exercise. In both cases, the existence and contents of the documents are not in question … although full disclosure of the latter has not occurred as of the time of this writing. In both cases, the interpretations of these documents are available and not in question. The blogs, op-ed pieces, media interviews, late-night comedian rants all exist for future students in a critical thinking class to examine.

Those students will discover that people today have responded to the exact same documents with diametrically contrary interpretations.

1. According to one view, these documents reveal one of the greatest corruption scandals in the history of the United States. They provide proof positive of the Deep State. For some of the fiercest advocates of this conspiracy theory, these documents vindicate the months of investigation into the workings of the Deep State. The entire witch hunt is based on unverified Russian lies fed to a Democrat-paid for spy. Ironically, Sean Hannity has admitted that he no more has proof of this hypothesis than Alec Jones has for any of his hypotheses. In fact, Hannity has urged Robert Mueller, witch hunter supreme, to do his patriotic duty, and prove that the real collusion was between the Russians and the Democrats just as the President claims. Hannity can’t prove that the Russians provided Steele with any information – he wants Mueller to do that. Hannity can’t prove that the information is lies – he wants Mueller to do that. Hannity doesn’t know that the information is unverified – he wants Mueller to do that…without realizing that Mueller may already have proven whether much of it is verifiable or not. On the Bulltrump network, this passes for the application of critical thinking skills. It has been exceedingly successful with one segment of the American population.

2.According to the second view, these documents are nothingburgers. They demonstrate two things: professional government officials at work performing their jobs in a responsible matter and the willingness of Flying Monkeys to see what they need to see and do what they need to do to prevent Robert Mueller, witch hunter supreme, from being successful.

Over time, as additional information becomes available and additional people are indicted, the material for this classroom exercise examining the interpretations of the exact same documents will increase.

A similar development transpired with the testimony of Don Jr. On one hand, his masterful testimony confirmed that there was no collusion or obstruction and obviously he had not perjured himself. On the other hand, the testimony seemed useless he was setting himself for a perjury charge.

The performance of Scott Jennings on CNN is instructive. He is a Republican but not a Flying Monkey. He took pains to repeatedly assert that people under oath should be given the benefit of the doubt and the testimony should be accepted as true. Here is where I fault Don Lemon for the inadequate job he did as a moderator. In response to Jennings protestations about a person being under oath, he should have asked Jennings to think like a juror where every witness is under oath. He should have asked Jennings to do some critical thinking where he can draw on additional information to render a verdict.

As a juror, what should Jennings have noticed about the testimony had he decided to think about it?

1. The witness had been counseled to say he didn’t remember again and again so he wouldn’t fall into the perjury trap.
2. The witness had been counseled to affirm that the only thing he did remember were the “facts” that revealed this was all a witch hunt: he never spoke to his father about it and the meeting was a nothingburger.
3. The odds are Mueller knows to whom Don Jr. made the phone call after the meeting.
4. The odds are Mueller has testimony from Hope Hicks who definitely does not want to go to jail ever.
5. The odds are Mueller has additional and alternate testimony from the other attendees at the meeting.
6. And everybody knows, Don Jr. ‘s father always knows what is going on in his building. The idea that he didn’t is prima facie absurd.

And all this is even before the Fixer decided to tell the truth.

Facebook has offered some “Tips to Spot False News.”  The last one is:

Some stories are intentionally false. Think critically about the stories you read, and only share news that you know to be credible.

Imagine if this rule applied in the White House.