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Putin’s COVID War: Facing His Mortality

Putin's strawberries (Reuters / Centers for Disease Control)

Why now? Why invade the Ukraine now? The previous post (Putin’s Last Rodeo: It’s Now or Never) explored his rationale for the invasion, such as there is one. The issue here is why did Putin choose this particular moment to act on that rationale no matter how farfetched and delusional it may appear to be?

Here we may have been misled by the Hollywood image of our Russian adversary. In the movies 007 always confronts a highly rational and disciplined foe with clear-cut objectives. We see the KGB operative as coolly collected. Move and counter move. Three dimensional chess. A battle of wits.

The model seems to be derailed in the current crisis. If one examined the invasion rationally, on paper, Putin could have chosen better.


On paper, the most opportune time for Putin to invade the Ukraine occurred when the American President was a Russian asset. Drawing on the analysis of niece Mary Trump, it is easy to put the Putin-Trump dynamic in family terms that do not reflect well on the immature child president craving alpha-male approval. As I wrote (Putin’s Pence: What Does He Get from the Relationship?):

How long would it have taken a skilled KGB operator like Putin to realize that he didn’t need to put the alpha male wannabee on the Russian payroll? Putin’s Pence would be a Russian asset all on his own, so pathetic was the American President’s need for Putin’s approval. The alpha male dominated the child inside the body of an adult.

On Putin’s side, it is relatively easy to determine what he gets or wants from his relationship with his American asset.

End of the sanctions
Restoration of the G8
Approval for the invasion of the Ukraine
Approval for Russia’s actions abroad including in Afghanistan, Africa, Libya, and Syria
Permission to violate the American elections in 2020 as he did in 2016
Approval for invading the Baltics should he decide to do so.

Historians analyzing this invasion will have easy points of comparison between the previous administration when Putin did not invade and the current one when he did.

The Russian-asset President would have praised the invasion as a work of genius.
The Russian-asset President would not have sanctioned Putin or the oligarchs – They are his customers.
The Russian-asset President would not have sent arms to a country that did not do him a favor – He resisted sending the arms he was legally obligated to send anyway.
The Russian-asset President would not have organized a global alliance against Russia – He spent his administration undermining NATO.

I suspect that the secret closed-door meetings included discussions about invasions.

In short, the ideal time for Putin to have invaded the Ukraine was in the previous administration. Yet he did not do it. That attests that cool calm reasoning by a mastermind was not a factor in this invasion. Other considerations are relevant.


For several years, Foxhub has disseminated a consistent portrayal of Joe Biden. If he was not already dead, then he was on the verge of death. If he was awake then it was only for a few moments before he went back to sleep. If he spoke it was nonsense babble.

Foxhub and the Trumpican-media apparatus was persistent in presenting Joe Biden as too weak for the job … especially in contrast with President Rambo, the most masculine President in American history. And then there was the Afghanistan withdrawal.

We know how popular Foxhub is in Russia. It is quite possible that Putin drank the Kool Aid and sees Biden as a weak figure whom he could dominate. If so he erred.

This mistake in judgement was not Putin’s only error.

He appears to have misjudged the Ukrainian reaction to the prospect of being freed by their Russian brothers. They were supposed to welcome the Russians. He did not anticipate the exponential growth in Ukrainian nationalism as directly result of his invasion.

He appears to have no long term plan for the occupation of the Ukraine once (if?) his military imposes Russian rule on the country. How exactly does he plan to govern the country? If his presumption of a welcome was in error, then his failure to anticipate the challenge of governing compounds that error. He did not think this through in part due to his false assumption that the Ukrainians were supposed to be happy about being liberated. Did he create his own Afghanistan?

He appears to have misjudged the reaction of the Russian people. Why are they attacking and killing their literal brothers and sisters given the intermarriages? Even with his control of the media, Putin’s explanations seem farfetched to many Russians … especially those with access to non-Russian news sources.

He appears to have misjudged how much the Russian people also see themselves as part of the West just as the Ukrainians do. Russian athletes, Russian artists, Russian oligarchs and their children are all used to travelling in the West and buying goods there. Western soft power should not be underestimated in either Russia or the Ukraine. The simple-minded former American President who equated taking over a country with $2 of sanctions missed the mark too. Not only has Putin accelerated the development of Ukrainian nationalism, he is bringing to the surface the Russian desire to part of the West (and not a vassal to China) too. He seems to forget that his hero Peter the Great opened Russia to the West.


The terms commentators are using to describe Putin’s state of mind are truly frightening. He is unhinged. He is delusional. He is isolated. He is isolated. He is isolated.

By now, Westerners have seen the strange table meeting between Putin and Macron. We are aware of the seven-hour in advance appearance demanded in exchange for a photo-op with Russian doctors and not French doctors administering the required testing. We are aware of Putin’s public putdown of his own spy chief. He sure seems to be behaving more like Donald Trump than Joe Biden!

As to the cause of this aberrant behavior, may I suggest that COVID has caused Putin to confront his own mortality and failure to achieve his life goals? The virus has not been kind to Russia. The vaccination prowess of the country is suspect.

The result has been a leader who has erected a ring of barriers to separate himself from direct human contact. True he is an aging dictator as commentators have pointed, but his behavior suggests special circumstances. He is deathly afraid of catching the disease and succumbing to it. He is taking every precaution he can to minimize the possibility of this premature death. It is as if he is watching the sands of his lifetime continually dripping down leaving with little time left to make his mark in history as he understands it. One commentator compared Putin to Captain Queeg and his strawberries. How do you think he will react if the war drags on and he cannot even claim victory? The longer the war lasts the more his grip on reality will be tested. How will the Russian oligarchs, the Russian military, and the Russian people react then?

The Historical and Political Significance of Trump Acknowledging His Vaccination Shots

The COVID President has acknowledged that he has been vaccinated. Even though he had been infected already he still was vaccinated. According to the science, the vaccination is a more powerful a defense against COVID than any residual antibodies from having had the virus. And if there is any President who believes in following the science it is the former infected-President who lost to Joe Biden.

As has been pointed out by commentators, when the COVID President does acknowledge that he has been vaccinated, his own followers boo him. If he does it on a podcast, then the Candace Owens, the Trumpican host, later twisted into a pretzel. She had to explain to her audience that Trump is too old and too dependent on mainstream news sources to know what he is talking about. She makes him sound like the Foxhub view of the current President!

Alex Jones was even blunter:

This is an emergency Christmas Day warning to President Trump. You are either completely ignorant about the so called ‘vaccine’ gene therapy that you helped ram through with operation warp speed, or you are one of the most evil men who has ever lived…What you told Candace Owens is nothing but a raft of dirty lies.

Trump’s example is unlikely to inspire Trumpicans to convert to followers It should be fun watching the diehard Trumpicans become the ones to challenge him in the way only real Republicans like Liz Chaney have. of science and highlights that they would be ready to cancel him if someone purer came along. It is going to be both brutal and fun watching Trumpicans give the treatment.

Commentators may also note the paucity of the crowd at these “I want your money” shows. He does not appear to be raking in the money that he had anticipated.

What is generally overlooked is the significance of his having been vaccinated. That action has historical and political implications for understanding his tenure as President and for the upcoming elections.

Here is a list of some of the consequences from those comparatively brief and low-ley announcements that he had been vaccinated and his audience should be too.

1. The coronavirus is not a hoax.
2. The 15 cases going down to zero was nonsense.
3. The miracle disappearance was nonsense.
4. The warm weather cure in the summer was nonsense.
5. The hydroxychloroquine preventative was nonsense.
6. The disinfectant cure was nonsense
7. The vaccine is not worse than the disease.
8. Demonizing Fauci was wrong.
9. Weaponizing masks was wrong.
10. He was wrong to fire or transfer government workers who spoke the truth.
11. Following the science was right
12. He does not deserve a “10” for his handling of the pandemic.
13. He does not deserve an “A’ or “A+” for his handling of the pandemic.
14. He is responsible for the deaths of more Americans than Osama bin-Laden.
15. He is responsible for the deaths of more Americans than Adolf Hitler.
16. He is responsible for the deaths of more Americans than the Spanish flu.
17. He had an opportunity to be a Mount Rushmore President if he had provided the United States with the leadership it needed.

This list is quite extensive. It shows how one simple little utterance can have a Krakatoa-East-of-Java impact. By acknowledging that he was vaccinated and his followers should be too, he gives credence to the House Select subcommittee report on the coronavirus crisis released on December 17, 2021. Undoubtedly this report will be a featured item in the COVID in the Unpresidential Library to be located in Manhattan (Presidential Shrine versus Presidential Library for the Former Guy). The 46-page report documents the culpability of the COVID president for his mismanagement of the crisis. Rather than rehash what already had been reported in the news, I will present the section titles of the report:

Part I: The Trump Administration Was Responsible for a Series of Critical Failures that Undermined the Nation’s Ability to Respond Effectively to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Part II: Companies Profited during the Pandemic while Endangering the Public’s Health

Part III: The Trump’s Administration’s Questionable Management of Pandemic Relief Programs Left the Federal Government Vulnerable to Fraud and Profiteering, while Failing to Effectively and Equitably Deliver Relief.

A subtitle under Part I is quite explicit:

5. The Trump’s Administration’s Persistent Political Interference in the Pandemic Response Contributed to One of the Worst Failures of Leadership in American History.

How much more damming a criticism of a President could there be? The criticisms levied about 9/11 and 12/7, the Day of Infamy are about what a President might have done beforehand. In this case, the accusations are about the President did and did not do afterwards.

I predict that in the Unpresidential Library there will be a picture of Nero fiddling while Rome burned and of Trump touting disinfectant.

But this report and the reporting on it fail to tell the whole story. The COVID President is rightfully criticized for his political interference. He also is routinely criticized for always putting himself first, for his narcissism. But it is not evitable that a narcissist playing politics would mismanage the crisis. More is involved.

Reporters and politicians should keep in mind that he was a serial failure in business before he came one in the pandemic. He was and is quite capable of being inept and incompetent even in non-political settings. One should go back and read some of the criticisms of him and predictions about him if he were to become President. Up until COVID, all his failures were self-generated (excluding Charlottesville, perhaps, which was reactive). When he faced his first command decision in a crisis situation, the simple-minded immature child with the emotional maturity of a three-year old was out of his league. He did not have the mental necessities and emotional maturity to succeed in handling the crisis.

Imagine if you will a narcissist with no morals, no conscience, and no ethics as President but who was an adult. Such a person might well realize that the COVID crisis also was an opportunity to provide leadership that would make the President a hero worthy of being on Mount Rushmore. The smart political move was to follow the science and end the pandemic by explaining to We the People what the problem is, the stakes involved, and how we were going to solve the problem. The problem was not that the COVID President acted politically but that he acted stupidly. Remember if the Senate had voted to remove Trump from office then Mike Pence would have become the COVID President, hundreds of thousands of Americans would be alive today and the medical profession would not be exhausted, burned out, an decimated (If Mike Pence Were President, How Many More Americans Would Be Alive Today?: Over 80,000 and Counting, May 22, 2020).

By revealing that he has been vaccinated, DONALD TRUMP has validated the Congressional report and all the criticisms of him as failure.

His admission also has implicitly called out others to desist with the anti-vaxx rhetoric.

1. Foxhub was and is wrong to demonize Fauci
2. Trumpican Congressional performers are wrong to demonize Fauci.

Now we see another reason why it be would a disaster for the country if Jim Jordan and/or Marjorie Taylor Greene attain leadership positions in the House of Representatives at the beginning of 2023.

Perhaps that election result can be prevented. Somehow all the consequences of the admission that he has been vaccinated have been ignored so far. Everything he said about the coronavirus now can be weaponized against him. The opportunities to use his own words against him in upcoming campaigns are endless.

There should be giant billboards of him saying:


followed by the words from the examples listed above… or commercials by The Lincoln Project.

There should be giant billboards of him calling out all the hosts on Foxhub, Congressional legislators, and others who demonized Fauci and refused to follow the science. Trumpicans should be reminded every moment of the truth rather than the bulltrump they are used to hearing.

Naturally, he has no idea of the consequences of saying he was vaccinated and his followers should be vaccinated too. It may start to sink in through the Trumpican reaction. The reaction by Trumpicans to their Lord and Savior, the Chosen One, Blessed Be his Name, Say Hallelujah, saying to be vaccinated will become a classic case of cognitive dissonance that psychology teachers and others will use in the classroom.

Because he is a simpleminded immature child he can only understand his comment for the moment. He is not capable of seeing the ripple effect of his being vaccination on the judgement in history of his management of the crisis when he was President.

The question is not is he too simpleminded to understand the consequences, but are the Democrats too incompetent to exploit this admission to the hilt in the upcoming elections in 2022 and 2024. We will have to wait and see.

Meadows: Science Saved Trump – He Is Furious

Mark Meadows reveals the truth

Mark Meadows is not often compared to Toto. However like the famed dog pulling back the curtain to expose the truth of the smoke-and-mirrors Wizard, Meadows has revealed some of the truth about the Liar in Chief. While not the whole truth, it at least is some of the truth. Plus it is important enough to enrage the exposed former President.


The first truth Meadows exposed actually is the well-known fact that the simple-minded child with the emotional maturity of a three year old lacks the mental necessities to read a book. It should be noted that this is not his own fault, it’s just the way his mind is wired. If he was in elementary school today, he would be considered special and alternate means would be used to try to teach him other than through reading. For example, visual means since he can watch television all day long.

During his administration, periodically books would be published about him by reporters, former White House employees, and even a relative. Almost always he would have a comment, negative of course, about the publication following day. I always wondered how he was able to read the book so quickly until I realized, of course, he had not read it at all.

With the Meadows book, he simply took for granted that it would be favorable. He had no hesitancy in promoting the Meadows book as a holiday gift item. Presumably Meadows knew that his boss would not read the book but how he could be so sure someone else would not read it and spill the truth prior to publication? And why did he include the truth anyway? He had to have known that sooner or later the truth would come out and the proverbial Trump would hit the fan.


The second truth Meadows exposed is about Covid. The Meadows version of the Covid infection is quite different from the “official” version. The patient was sick before he went public and then he tried to blame Hope Hicks. Before the heroic ride around the parking lot and the macho removal of the mask at the White House, there was an extremely sick person on the brink of dying. He was weak, disheveled, and receiving treatment not yet approved for the general public.

Meadows disclosed that the doctors decided to put the sick President on a respirator in the White House and hope for the best.

Meadows disclosed that the decision to transport the sick President to the hospital would be see as an act of capitulation. Could there be a worse example of leadership?

Meadows disclosed that only the image of being taken out on a gurney was sufficient to cause the sick President to go voluntarily while he still could walk.

Meadows disclosed that the sick President was so weak he was unable to carry his briefcase.

Meadows disclosed that he arranged for unauthorized medicine to be secretly delivered for the sick President.

Naturally the sick President erupted in anger at that time when Meadows disclosed the truth to the press on how dire the situation was. That should have been a warning as to how he would react if the truth was published in a book…even one he could not read.

If Trump had not had access to this level of care there is a good chance he would not have survived.


He was not saved by injecting disinfectant.

He was not saved by horse medicine.

He was not saved by mouthwash.

He was not saved by distrusting science.

Instead he was saved by following the science. This scenario is totally unacceptable to Trumpicans and they simply will not believe it…. assuming they even hear about it on Foxhub.


The third truth that Meadows has exposed is that he was a co-conspirator in the attempt to steal the election and overthrow the Constitution. The House Committee has now voted to recommend that Meadows be indicted for contempt. Enough information has been released so far to indict him for sedition as well. Far from being a casual bystander, Meadows was an active participant in the attempt to steal the election and overthrow the Constitution. One wonders what is going through his mind now since surely he is intelligent enough to see his future is a criminal one.

Obviously, the House Committee would be helped if Meadows told the whole truth. It can expect additional documents from both Meadows and the Hitman once the claim of Executive Privilege is disposed of by the Supreme Court at some point early next year. It can expect Meadows will be forced to appear before the committee at some point next year. It also can expect that he will take the Fifth repeatedly. Meadows is still under the impression that he has a place in the Trump administration after the next presidential election….plus he also may realize what may happen to him if he did tell the truth.


Mike Meadows has joined Mike Pence and Kevin McCarthy on the Trump list. Once you are disloyal you are placed on the list and never can be removed from. It doesn’t matter what you do, what you kiss, or how many times you visit him, nothing can change the fact of your betrayal. Meadows betrayed his boss on both Covid and January 6. The fact that he now refuses to cooperate with the House Committee and has filed a silly lawsuit is meaningless. It’s too late. Thousands of documents already have been released.  More will follow as the Courts eviscerate the claim of executive privilege.

How many times can people plead the Fifth without openly admitting that they are guilty?

How many people can plead the Fifth to every question without openly admitting they all are guilty and you know who the Hitman is?    

Mark Meadows has now arrived at his moment of truth. Soon he will have to decide to whether or not to tell the House Committee the whole truth or not. Mike Pence who still hopes to be President and Kevin McCarthy who still hopes to be Speaker of the House will face the same moment of truth. One wonders how long before the three of them realize that they never will be removed from the Trump list and have no future in a Trump-dominated parry. In other words, what do they have to gain by covering up for the Hitman when he is perfectly prepared to throw them under the bus?

So far Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Jeffrey Clark, and John Eastman have yet to realize that they are going to be indicted for sedition in the House report. Is Mark Meadows equally shortsighted and stupid? Will the light bulb ever click in his head? Will he be willing to make a deal in exchange for telling the truth? His book suggests he might be but his actions so far suggest he won’t, at least not yet.

Mr. Ed versus Dr. Fauci: Lessons from Covid

The true source of the inside scoop on Covid

Covid has shed a light deep into the American society and continues to do so. Unfortunately the American Covid show is playing not only for American audiences but a world one. Perhaps more than with any other country, what happens here is showcased to a global audience. So as we and the world look at America and Covid, what do we see?


Beyond a shadow of a doubt, one of the shining lights of America’s response to Covid has been the quick development of not just one but multiple vaccines. This development was a long time in the making. It built on years of scientific research that had no immediate payback. If ever there was a case study in the benefit of pure research it is in the disease that continues to infect America. Without all that behind-the-scene and below-the-radar work by research scientists we would not have been able to develop the vaccines as quickly as we did. Whether or not the American public realizes this development history is problematic meaning “No, it does not.” One only has to listen to people declare that the vaccine was developed too quickly with shortcuts to realize what has occurred. At least with the Moon Landing, people could physically observe the steps being taken along the way. By contrast, the America people do not know the Mercury and Gemini stages existed in the development of the vaccines; they just see the Apollo moon landing as if it happened out of nothing.


Just as America’s technological prowess makes us the envy of the world, so our stupidity makes us a laughingstock of the world. Unfortunately these displays extend from the highest level in society to a surprisingly wide swath of the general population.

This is not the place to recount all the absurdities uttered by Little Donnee Disinfectant. He will be a case study all by himself in future crisis management classes. He will join the ranks of Nero fiddling while Rome burns (which is not fair to Nero!) as exemplifying ineptitude and incompetence during a crisis.

But the critical point is that he has paid little price for his shortcomings. True, he did lose the election but still received around 75 million votes. His continued support shows that true believers do not hold him accountable and they are eager to return to the office which he had stolen from him.

The bigger example of American stupidity is in response to the vaccine itself. Remember how you once thought the development of the vaccine would mean the end of the pandemic? Now here we are going from being on the brink of normalcy to having infection rates that are off the charts compared to what we once thought was the worst.

The only tracing that is occurring at present is from the anti-vaxx adherents who threaten “we know where you live. We will find you.” You would think the school boards were election poll workers who reported the results honestly the way they and others are being vilified today. All around the world even in trump-hole countries people are clamoring for the vaccine…except here.

Meanwhile governors and parents are eager to sacrifice children in the quest to be the 2024 presidential nominee, to spite Joe Biden, or because of their Constitutional right to play Russian roulette with the lives of other people. However just to show they are not anti-science, they will take a horse cure, go to a hospital when infected, and expect everyone else to pay the bill for their stupidity. How long did it take Trumpican Governors to heroically boast that they will not allow Joe Biden to end the pandemic in their state no matter how many people it infects and kills? Remember how the world looked at us when the vaccine first exploded throughout the country especially in New York? Now Americans from across the country are indelibly stamping the USA as a place of idiots.


One must keep in mind that the race to the bottom by Trumpican wannabees is futile (Abbott, DeSantis, Johnson, and Scott: The Race to the Bottom). That position is already occupied. He is running in 2024 and will put the wannabees in their place. There is nothing to be gained by selling your soul unless you think it will benefit you in 2028.

One also must keep in mind there is a difference between being a leader and being a con artist (Do Tucker/Trump Oppose the Socialist Chlorination of Water?). An effective con artist has to tailor the con to the gullibility and fears of the target. For example, in 2008, Barack Obama as a foreign-born Moslem was very effective. In 2016, “lock her up” and “build a wall” similarly were effective. The con artist follows the crowd and then amplifies the fear to make a killing.

That approach may not work in 2024. We have already seen what happened in Alabama when the 2024 nominee admonished his followers to get the vaccine. It backfired on him just as it had when Hannity did the same on his cable show. This reality puts the con artist in a strange position. How can he take credit for the development of something his supporters do not want to use? The people with the loudest voices at the rallies will be the ones who have not taken the vaccine, not the ones who have.

So what do you do in the 2022 Congressional elections? Every Trumpican candidate is going to be asked on the position on the vaccine. The new mantra by the vocal Tea-Party-Trumpicans will be for parental choice and NO VACCINE!!! Think about it. One political party that wants to govern the supposedly most powerful country in the world will be intimated by its base into vilifying Dr. Fauci, praising screwball cures, and championing the needless exposure of children … and it thinks that is a winning message.

As a result, one of the Democratic posters for the 2022 and 2024 elections will be a surprising one. It will show a revision of the famous “Uncle Sam Wants You recruiting posters. Only now it will be a picture of the Joe Biden and the former-President-now-challenger both saying “We want you to get the vaccine!”


Our enemies are watching our public displays of stupidity. This scenario will happen in the movies before it does in real life but think of the opportunity we are displaying to our adversaries. China, Russia, and ISIS know or will realize that a virus attack against the United States will work. They know that even if the United States has a vaccine and/or cure for the virus, tens of millions of people will not take it. They would rather die first.

So let us just say that an adversary has some smallpox virus. Suppose years from now the anti-vaxx people have eliminated the requirement to be vaccinated against anything and everything. What would happen if China released the smallpox in the United States? It would claim to have a vaccine which it would distribute for free throughout the world. Meanwhile millions of Americans would decline to protect themselves against smallpox unless instructed to do so by Mr. Ed. I am not saying this will happen; I am saying that Covid exposes how willing too many Americans are not to defend themselves against viruses.

The lessons of Covid will continue to unfold to both an American and world audience. Joe Biden will try to be the President the United States needs to end the pandemic. His 2024-challenger and his supporters will fight him every step of the way. As befitting his immaturity, the sore loser has challenged the President to enter the arena against him on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11. He really believes that is a true test of leadership. If he was the only one who believed it, he could be institutionalized so he could get the care and help he needs. Unfortunately since Trumpicans think that challenge proves their Lord and Savior has the right to be commander in chief, we could be in for an even bigger assault in 2024 on America than either from 1/6 or Covid.

Florida Covid Governor Bans Halloween Masks as Child Abuse

No Vaccination Now. No Vaccination Tomorrow. No Vaccination Ever! (Courtesy of The University of Alabama)

In a stunning move, the Florida Covid Governor threw his hat into the ring as a candidate for president in 2024 on the Republican line. He did so with his heroic channeling of another southern governor by blocking his state from a federal invasion. His words update those of the 1968 presidential candidate:

If you are coming after the rights in Florida, I am standing in your way.

And I can tell you: Florida, we’re a free state. People are going to be free to choose to make their own decisions.

Times have changed. This time the southern governor defying the federal government will not have to run as an independent. Instead he can run as a Republican.


The Florida Covid Governor is campaigning on the standard southern message of ending slavery. He has identified multiple ways in which the socialist slave government deprives individuals of their freedom of choice. And if there is one thing that southern Republicans champion above all else including their right to be packing any weapon anywhere, then it is freedom of choice for each and every individual. The idea of the government making the choice for you is abhorrent. Florida Covid intends to leverage the freedom of choice mantra right straight to the White House in the 2024 election.

The following items have been, are being, or should be removed from the mandatory compulsion list by the government. Henceforth, they are to be considered optional at the discretion of adult individuals who are free to make their own decisions.

Covid masks
Catcher masks
Goalie masks
Football helmets
Surgeon masks
Motorcycle helmets.

People are free to wear such items if they so choose but are under no obligation to do so. The socialist slave state does not rule in Florida.

Other items where freedom to choose trumps all other considerations include:

Seat belts in cars
Child torture contraptions in car backseats which could be considered child abuse
Seat belts in planes over Florida air space
Obtaining a driver’s license
Having automobile insurance
Having automobile inspections
Obeying stop signs, traffic lights, or any other traffic sign
Obeying speed limits
Obeying speed limits by schools
Obeying school bus signs to stop
No drinking and driving
No texting and driving
No left turn on red
No driving through red lights.

As one can see, many of the infringements on our right to be free relate to driving.  People should be free to drive wherever they want at whatever speed they want based on any rules and regulations they want without consideration for anyone else.

Again as a reminder, Florida Covid Governor is not saying that you do not have the freedom to obey these rules and regulations. He simply is saying you have the right not to follow the rules imposed by a socialist slave state. Informed adults can make intelligent decisions about what rules to obey and which ones to ignore. And even if the decision is not an intelligent one, it still is up to each individual to make that decision and not for a socialist slave to make it for you for the supposed “common good.” The “common good” is for free individual choice. The Florida Covid Governor will be asking people to take the pledge to say “No to Socialist Slavery.”

A complete list of removal of socialist slavery rules and actions is not available at this time.  Other actions contemplated at this point are

Elimination the chlorination of water
Elimination of the fluoridation of water
Elimination of the certificate of occupancy.

And where Florida Covid Governor goes, Texas Covid Governor goes too.


 Times have changed. It is not that long ago when people expected another Clinton-Bush presidential showdown. Think of how different the world would be today if low-energy Bush with his Mexican-American wife had been the standard bearer for the Republican Party. Their son would not have sold his soul and for nothing for one thing.

For another, House frat-boy Matt Gaetz would still be a Bush loyalist. His has no values beyond playing the game of power. In a sense he is like the proverbial canary in the mine. He recognized that Bush was going nowhere and switched to the winning side. Now that he faces his own legal trouble, he aligned with the popular Marjorie Taylor-Airhead (MTA). He knows that MTA has a national audience whom she can rally to his cause in the event he needs help against the justice system.

Florida today is not the Florida of only a few years ago. Times have changed. Instead of a governor leading the charge for vaccination, the Covid Governor is an obstacle to safety.


 Florda Covid Governor is not a stupid person. He is not a simpleminded immature person with the emotional maturity of a three-year old. He fully recognizes that Trumpicans are the key to his political success at the national level. He knows that Woke Democrats will continue to alienate white people and there is little Joe Biden can do to stop them. He knows that Trumpicans prefer image to substance and have limited reasoning skills. One only has to observe MTA’s performance in Alabama or Pillow Head’s analysis of how the election was stolen to know that there is no limit to what Trumpicans will believe in support of their view of the real world and to oppose Woke Socialism. For the Covid Governor being denounced on CNN pales in importance before being praised on Foxhub.

One should note that Florida Covid is aiming for 2024 and not 2028. No matter what, he will not be the vice-presidential candidate in 2024.  Whoever is that vice-presidential candidate in 2024 will have the inside track to the presidential candidacy in 2028. This analysis is based on the presumption that Republicans will not take back their party no matter what happens in the 2022 and 2024 elections. America’s third civil war will only intensify. Trumpicans will be seeking a candidate who defies and challenges the Woke socialist state.

To be the candidate in 2024, Florida Covid needs to be able to push his former mentor aside. He needs the January 6 Committee and the Department of Justice to bring criminal charges of sedition against all those who participated in the attempt to steal the election and overthrow constitutional government in the United States. Only then can Florida Covid step into the opening created in the Trumpican Party with the decapitation of its criminal layer. Only then can he push the criminals aside and stand tall as the true practitioner of Trumpism without the legal baggage. Only then can he be the candidate of revenge.

Florida Covid is fighting the good fight with a goal in mind. If people die as result, then that is the price he is willing to have them pay. They are collateral damage on his hopeful path to the presidency in 2024.


Another reason why George Washington is on Mount Rushmore and Donald Trump never will be. (







If you listen to Tucker, Laura, and Foxhub and have remained unvaccinated, then you could be entitled to financial compensation possible totaling millions of dollars.

If at any time during this calendar year you heard the talk show hosts on Foxhub warn you about getting a COVID vaccine, you listened to their advice, and became ill from COVID or a loved-one did or both, then you qualify for the Foxhub Financial Relief Settlement Fund. Operators are standing by at 1-800-555-Trump-u to take down your information and to file your complaint.

Due to the high number of people who have been victimized by Foxhub, you may not be able to get through. Please keep trying. It is important that Foxhub be held accountable to for the harm it has caused Americans by instructing them not to be vaccinated and to let nature takes it course and cleanse the herd  Act now before all the funds are gone and the network declares bankruptcy.


The crack research team at Foxhub has uncovered a dastardly vaccination policy from the dawn of American history. As it turns out Joe Biden is not the first one to impose slavery on patriotic white people for his own good. Secret files hidden in the Library of Congress tell the story of Washington’s abuse of power.

George Washington’s military genius is undisputed. Yet American independence must be partially attributed to a strategy for which history has given the infamous general little credit: his controversial medical actions. Traditionally, the Battle of Saratoga is credited with tipping the revolutionary scales. Yet the health of the Continental regulars involved in battle was a product of the ambitious initiative Washington began earlier that year at Morristown, close on the heels of the victorious Battle of Princeton. Among the Continental regulars in the American Revolution, 90 percent of deaths were caused by disease, and Variola the small pox virus was the most vicious of them all.

On the 6th of January 1777, George Washington wrote to Dr. William Shippen Jr., ordering him to inoculate all of the forces that came through Philadelphia. He explained that: “Necessity not only authorizes but seems to require the measure, for should the disorder infect the Army . . . we should have more to dread from it, than from the Sword of the Enemy.” The urgency was real. Troops were scarce and encampments had turned into nomadic hospitals of festering disease, deterring further recruitment. Both Benedict Arnold and Benjamin Franklin, after surveying the havoc wreaked by Variola in the Canadian campaign, expressed fears that the virus would be the army’s ultimate downfall.

At the time, the practice of infecting the individual with a less-deadly form of the disease was widespread throughout Europe. Most British troops were immune to Variola, giving them an enormous advantage against the vulnerable colonists. Conversely, the history of inoculation in America (beginning with the efforts of the Reverend Cotton Mather in 1720) was pocked by the fear of the contamination potential of the process. Such fears led the Continental Congress to issue a proclamation in 1776 prohibiting Surgeons of the Army to inoculate.

… Historians estimate that less than a quarter of the Continental Army had ever had the virus; inoculating the remaining three quarters and every new recruit must have seemed daunting…. Weighing the risks, on February 5th of 1777, Washington finally committed to the unpopular policy of mass inoculation by writing to inform Congress of his plan.

Variola raged throughout the war, devastating the Native American population and slaves who had chosen to fight for the British in exchange for freedom. Yet the isolated infections that sprung up among Continental regulars during the southern campaign failed to incapacitate a single regiment. With few surgeons, fewer medical supplies, and no experience, Washington conducted the first mass inoculation of an army at the height of a war that immeasurably transformed the international system. Defeating the British was impressive, but simultaneously taking on Variola was a risky stroke of genius.

Some things never change. What did change is that 250 years ago, the United States had an adult in charge who rose to the occasion. He made a decision in the real world based on the best science available to him. By contrast in 2020, America was governed by a simpleminded immature child with no morals, no ethics, no conscience, no sympathy, and no empathy. When his Mount Rushmore moment of truth arrived, he failed and became the biggest mass murderer of Americans in American history. He is no George Washington.

Would we be preparing to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of this country if Foxhub had existed during the American Revolution? Is there any doubt that Foxhub would have been stoking the flames of resistance against Washington for seeking to impose this vaccination of the troops? Foxhub would have condemned Washington in no uncertain terms. It would have been Tucker’s and Laura’s finest moment.

We should all be bowing our heads in awe at the brilliance of Foxhub in explaining the mystery of evolution in terms anyone could understand…except Trumpicans who reject evolution. The bubonic plague, the Black Death, and all the diseases that kill and maim people are just part of the natural order. Look at Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Did he let polio prevent him from being elected president four times? We should learn from his example and reject the actions of George Washington.

In the meantime, people should sue Foxhub, Tucker, and Laura, for everything they have. Think of those lawyers being held accountable by the judge in Michigan for attempting to perpetrate a fraud in a court room. For them it was all fun and games while they made up one outlandish charge after another for which there was no basis. They acted as if they could say whatever they want without consequences. Now they are finding out there are consequences. Suddenly it is not quite so much fun after all.

The same will be true in Arizona. After the three-ring circus declares Joe Biden to have lost the state bigtime, they will name names of the people responsible for perpetrating this fraudulent vote. At that point the fun and games will be over. The people named as criminals responsible for voter fraud will be suing everyone connected with the forensic audit travesty.

The same should be true for Foxhub. It learned with Seth Rich that it could not just make up conspiracies willy nilly without their being consequences.  Evidently the lesson did not sink in. Now it is time to make Foxhub pay the price. Call them and ask for compensation. Call Missouri. Call Tennessee too.