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Meadows: Science Saved Trump – He Is Furious

Mark Meadows reveals the truth

Mark Meadows is not often compared to Toto. However like the famed dog pulling back the curtain to expose the truth of the smoke-and-mirrors Wizard, Meadows has revealed some of the truth about the Liar in Chief. While not the whole truth, it at least is some of the truth. Plus it is important enough to enrage the exposed former President.


The first truth Meadows exposed actually is the well-known fact that the simple-minded child with the emotional maturity of a three year old lacks the mental necessities to read a book. It should be noted that this is not his own fault, it’s just the way his mind is wired. If he was in elementary school today, he would be considered special and alternate means would be used to try to teach him other than through reading. For example, visual means since he can watch television all day long.

During his administration, periodically books would be published about him by reporters, former White House employees, and even a relative. Almost always he would have a comment, negative of course, about the publication following day. I always wondered how he was able to read the book so quickly until I realized, of course, he had not read it at all.

With the Meadows book, he simply took for granted that it would be favorable. He had no hesitancy in promoting the Meadows book as a holiday gift item. Presumably Meadows knew that his boss would not read the book but how he could be so sure someone else would not read it and spill the truth prior to publication? And why did he include the truth anyway? He had to have known that sooner or later the truth would come out and the proverbial Trump would hit the fan.


The second truth Meadows exposed is about Covid. The Meadows version of the Covid infection is quite different from the “official” version. The patient was sick before he went public and then he tried to blame Hope Hicks. Before the heroic ride around the parking lot and the macho removal of the mask at the White House, there was an extremely sick person on the brink of dying. He was weak, disheveled, and receiving treatment not yet approved for the general public.

Meadows disclosed that the doctors decided to put the sick President on a respirator in the White House and hope for the best.

Meadows disclosed that the decision to transport the sick President to the hospital would be see as an act of capitulation. Could there be a worse example of leadership?

Meadows disclosed that only the image of being taken out on a gurney was sufficient to cause the sick President to go voluntarily while he still could walk.

Meadows disclosed that the sick President was so weak he was unable to carry his briefcase.

Meadows disclosed that he arranged for unauthorized medicine to be secretly delivered for the sick President.

Naturally the sick President erupted in anger at that time when Meadows disclosed the truth to the press on how dire the situation was. That should have been a warning as to how he would react if the truth was published in a book…even one he could not read.

If Trump had not had access to this level of care there is a good chance he would not have survived.


He was not saved by injecting disinfectant.

He was not saved by horse medicine.

He was not saved by mouthwash.

He was not saved by distrusting science.

Instead he was saved by following the science. This scenario is totally unacceptable to Trumpicans and they simply will not believe it…. assuming they even hear about it on Foxhub.


The third truth that Meadows has exposed is that he was a co-conspirator in the attempt to steal the election and overthrow the Constitution. The House Committee has now voted to recommend that Meadows be indicted for contempt. Enough information has been released so far to indict him for sedition as well. Far from being a casual bystander, Meadows was an active participant in the attempt to steal the election and overthrow the Constitution. One wonders what is going through his mind now since surely he is intelligent enough to see his future is a criminal one.

Obviously, the House Committee would be helped if Meadows told the whole truth. It can expect additional documents from both Meadows and the Hitman once the claim of Executive Privilege is disposed of by the Supreme Court at some point early next year. It can expect Meadows will be forced to appear before the committee at some point next year. It also can expect that he will take the Fifth repeatedly. Meadows is still under the impression that he has a place in the Trump administration after the next presidential election….plus he also may realize what may happen to him if he did tell the truth.


Mike Meadows has joined Mike Pence and Kevin McCarthy on the Trump list. Once you are disloyal you are placed on the list and never can be removed from. It doesn’t matter what you do, what you kiss, or how many times you visit him, nothing can change the fact of your betrayal. Meadows betrayed his boss on both Covid and January 6. The fact that he now refuses to cooperate with the House Committee and has filed a silly lawsuit is meaningless. It’s too late. Thousands of documents already have been released.  More will follow as the Courts eviscerate the claim of executive privilege.

How many times can people plead the Fifth without openly admitting that they are guilty?

How many people can plead the Fifth to every question without openly admitting they all are guilty and you know who the Hitman is?    

Mark Meadows has now arrived at his moment of truth. Soon he will have to decide to whether or not to tell the House Committee the whole truth or not. Mike Pence who still hopes to be President and Kevin McCarthy who still hopes to be Speaker of the House will face the same moment of truth. One wonders how long before the three of them realize that they never will be removed from the Trump list and have no future in a Trump-dominated parry. In other words, what do they have to gain by covering up for the Hitman when he is perfectly prepared to throw them under the bus?

So far Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Jeffrey Clark, and John Eastman have yet to realize that they are going to be indicted for sedition in the House report. Is Mark Meadows equally shortsighted and stupid? Will the light bulb ever click in his head? Will he be willing to make a deal in exchange for telling the truth? His book suggests he might be but his actions so far suggest he won’t, at least not yet.