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The Historical and Political Significance of Trump Acknowledging His Vaccination Shots

The COVID President has acknowledged that he has been vaccinated. Even though he had been infected already he still was vaccinated. According to the science, the vaccination is a more powerful a defense against COVID than any residual antibodies from having had the virus. And if there is any President who believes in following the science it is the former infected-President who lost to Joe Biden.

As has been pointed out by commentators, when the COVID President does acknowledge that he has been vaccinated, his own followers boo him. If he does it on a podcast, then the Candace Owens, the Trumpican host, later twisted into a pretzel. She had to explain to her audience that Trump is too old and too dependent on mainstream news sources to know what he is talking about. She makes him sound like the Foxhub view of the current President!

Alex Jones was even blunter:

This is an emergency Christmas Day warning to President Trump. You are either completely ignorant about the so called ‘vaccine’ gene therapy that you helped ram through with operation warp speed, or you are one of the most evil men who has ever lived…What you told Candace Owens is nothing but a raft of dirty lies.

Trump’s example is unlikely to inspire Trumpicans to convert to followers It should be fun watching the diehard Trumpicans become the ones to challenge him in the way only real Republicans like Liz Chaney have. of science and highlights that they would be ready to cancel him if someone purer came along. It is going to be both brutal and fun watching Trumpicans give the treatment.

Commentators may also note the paucity of the crowd at these “I want your money” shows. He does not appear to be raking in the money that he had anticipated.

What is generally overlooked is the significance of his having been vaccinated. That action has historical and political implications for understanding his tenure as President and for the upcoming elections.

Here is a list of some of the consequences from those comparatively brief and low-ley announcements that he had been vaccinated and his audience should be too.

1. The coronavirus is not a hoax.
2. The 15 cases going down to zero was nonsense.
3. The miracle disappearance was nonsense.
4. The warm weather cure in the summer was nonsense.
5. The hydroxychloroquine preventative was nonsense.
6. The disinfectant cure was nonsense
7. The vaccine is not worse than the disease.
8. Demonizing Fauci was wrong.
9. Weaponizing masks was wrong.
10. He was wrong to fire or transfer government workers who spoke the truth.
11. Following the science was right
12. He does not deserve a “10” for his handling of the pandemic.
13. He does not deserve an “A’ or “A+” for his handling of the pandemic.
14. He is responsible for the deaths of more Americans than Osama bin-Laden.
15. He is responsible for the deaths of more Americans than Adolf Hitler.
16. He is responsible for the deaths of more Americans than the Spanish flu.
17. He had an opportunity to be a Mount Rushmore President if he had provided the United States with the leadership it needed.

This list is quite extensive. It shows how one simple little utterance can have a Krakatoa-East-of-Java impact. By acknowledging that he was vaccinated and his followers should be too, he gives credence to the House Select subcommittee report on the coronavirus crisis released on December 17, 2021. Undoubtedly this report will be a featured item in the COVID in the Unpresidential Library to be located in Manhattan (Presidential Shrine versus Presidential Library for the Former Guy). The 46-page report documents the culpability of the COVID president for his mismanagement of the crisis. Rather than rehash what already had been reported in the news, I will present the section titles of the report:

Part I: The Trump Administration Was Responsible for a Series of Critical Failures that Undermined the Nation’s Ability to Respond Effectively to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Part II: Companies Profited during the Pandemic while Endangering the Public’s Health

Part III: The Trump’s Administration’s Questionable Management of Pandemic Relief Programs Left the Federal Government Vulnerable to Fraud and Profiteering, while Failing to Effectively and Equitably Deliver Relief.

A subtitle under Part I is quite explicit:

5. The Trump’s Administration’s Persistent Political Interference in the Pandemic Response Contributed to One of the Worst Failures of Leadership in American History.

How much more damming a criticism of a President could there be? The criticisms levied about 9/11 and 12/7, the Day of Infamy are about what a President might have done beforehand. In this case, the accusations are about the President did and did not do afterwards.

I predict that in the Unpresidential Library there will be a picture of Nero fiddling while Rome burned and of Trump touting disinfectant.

But this report and the reporting on it fail to tell the whole story. The COVID President is rightfully criticized for his political interference. He also is routinely criticized for always putting himself first, for his narcissism. But it is not evitable that a narcissist playing politics would mismanage the crisis. More is involved.

Reporters and politicians should keep in mind that he was a serial failure in business before he came one in the pandemic. He was and is quite capable of being inept and incompetent even in non-political settings. One should go back and read some of the criticisms of him and predictions about him if he were to become President. Up until COVID, all his failures were self-generated (excluding Charlottesville, perhaps, which was reactive). When he faced his first command decision in a crisis situation, the simple-minded immature child with the emotional maturity of a three-year old was out of his league. He did not have the mental necessities and emotional maturity to succeed in handling the crisis.

Imagine if you will a narcissist with no morals, no conscience, and no ethics as President but who was an adult. Such a person might well realize that the COVID crisis also was an opportunity to provide leadership that would make the President a hero worthy of being on Mount Rushmore. The smart political move was to follow the science and end the pandemic by explaining to We the People what the problem is, the stakes involved, and how we were going to solve the problem. The problem was not that the COVID President acted politically but that he acted stupidly. Remember if the Senate had voted to remove Trump from office then Mike Pence would have become the COVID President, hundreds of thousands of Americans would be alive today and the medical profession would not be exhausted, burned out, an decimated (If Mike Pence Were President, How Many More Americans Would Be Alive Today?: Over 80,000 and Counting, May 22, 2020).

By revealing that he has been vaccinated, DONALD TRUMP has validated the Congressional report and all the criticisms of him as failure.

His admission also has implicitly called out others to desist with the anti-vaxx rhetoric.

1. Foxhub was and is wrong to demonize Fauci
2. Trumpican Congressional performers are wrong to demonize Fauci.

Now we see another reason why it be would a disaster for the country if Jim Jordan and/or Marjorie Taylor Greene attain leadership positions in the House of Representatives at the beginning of 2023.

Perhaps that election result can be prevented. Somehow all the consequences of the admission that he has been vaccinated have been ignored so far. Everything he said about the coronavirus now can be weaponized against him. The opportunities to use his own words against him in upcoming campaigns are endless.

There should be giant billboards of him saying:


followed by the words from the examples listed above… or commercials by The Lincoln Project.

There should be giant billboards of him calling out all the hosts on Foxhub, Congressional legislators, and others who demonized Fauci and refused to follow the science. Trumpicans should be reminded every moment of the truth rather than the bulltrump they are used to hearing.

Naturally, he has no idea of the consequences of saying he was vaccinated and his followers should be vaccinated too. It may start to sink in through the Trumpican reaction. The reaction by Trumpicans to their Lord and Savior, the Chosen One, Blessed Be his Name, Say Hallelujah, saying to be vaccinated will become a classic case of cognitive dissonance that psychology teachers and others will use in the classroom.

Because he is a simpleminded immature child he can only understand his comment for the moment. He is not capable of seeing the ripple effect of his being vaccination on the judgement in history of his management of the crisis when he was President.

The question is not is he too simpleminded to understand the consequences, but are the Democrats too incompetent to exploit this admission to the hilt in the upcoming elections in 2022 and 2024. We will have to wait and see.