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Foxhub Fears Patriotic Tourists: Suppose John Kelly Had Been Chief of Staff

Tsunami Mark Randall Meadows Strikes America (

The Mark Randall Meadows tsunami has struck the American political arena in overwhelming force. It rates high on the political Richter scale and is the tip of the iceberg of what is to come. It hints at the crimes to be revealed in the documents he did not release to the House Committee. And if this is what Meadows has, imagine the treasure trove of criminality contained in the archival material just waiting for the Supreme Court ruling for it to be released. In this regard, the current hullabaloo over contempt charges pales in scope and significance before the crimes to be charged in the House report as the election season gets underway.

Let’s survey the damage wreaked by the text tornado.


The House of Representatives consists of multiple subgroups which will react differently to the Meadows Massacre.

1. Fellow Conspirators

It is no secret that members of the House of Representatives conspired with the Hitman to steal the election and overthrow the Constitution. Now their names are known. Not yet to the general public as the members of the House Committee refrained from disclosing those names. It also means that the co-conspirators do not know if their names were included in the particular batch of texts which Meadows turned over so far.

Imagine the situation in the chambers. It was not good before. There already were tensions over masks, guns, and social media postings. Now some of the members have the mark of Meadows emblazoned on their foreheads. They know they are going to be indicted. They know they put their colleagues at risk. They know that they only regret the failure of the effort and being caught but not the attempt to steal the election and overthrow the Constitution.

2. TRINOs (Trumpicans in Name Only)

For TRINOs the final moment of truth is in sight. Even though they are not true believers in Little Donney Wanee as their Lord and Savior, the Chosen One, Blessed Be his Name, Say Hallelujah, they have acted as though they are. They voted not to impeach him twice. They voted not to investigate the assault on the Capitol. They voted not to hold in contempt the co-conspirator who defied the House Committee.

Now they are facing a series of votes that represent their last chance to regain their integrity. They are being asked to hold co-conspirators in contempt when the evidence of their crimes is overwhelming. They will be asked to approve a House Committee report recommending criminal indictments of the participants in the effort to steal the election. They will be asked to indict their own colleagues who have expressed no remorse over jeopardizing their lives.

It is easy to assume that TRINOs will remained submissive and in fear of the infamous “base.” It also will be true that these votes will come at a time when it is too late to be primaried. True there is the physical threat to themselves and their families. In this regard the TRINOs are like the election board workers who have voted with their feet to abandon their post. While some may retire, it also is possible that TRINOs may finally have reached their breaking point. Not all of them and not all at once, but little by little as the Big Lie can no longer be lived and they face how close the Hitman came to succeeding, how hard he worked at it, and the help that he had.

3. Elections

It is taken for granted that the Trumpicans will regain power in the House of Representatives in the 2022 elections. The Meadows Massacre may alter those algorithms. Never before will so many named criminals who sought to steal the election be running for Congress. At this point we do not know all the names. We do not know how widespread the conspiracy was. We do not know if the TRINOs will attempt to regain their integrity.

What all this means is that there is a new element to be factored in to political calculations. As this point we can only anticipate that the news will be worse for the co-conspirators as more is released and more people testify even if only to admit with every question that they are guilty by taking the Fifth.


Contempt of Congress is the least of the problems facing the co-conspirators. People like Steve Bannon, Jeffrey Clark, John Eastman, Mark Meadows and others (or their lawyers) must realize what is in store for them down the road. Once the documents from the archives and Meadows are released, the House Committee will not need testimony from them to incriminate them. The documents will render the pleas to take the Fifth absurd.


The Foxhub hosts have all shown that they are capable of distinguishing between truth and Trump. Their messages from January 6 are now part of the permanent record of the House Committee investigation into the Hitman’s assault on America. For a brief moment like Kevin McCarthy in the House chambers on the phone during the attack, the Foxhub hosts understood that it was Trumpicans ransacking the Capitol and that only one person could call them off. The Foxhub hosts had no illusions about what was transpiring.

I am sure many people cannot wait to the Foxhub hosts are subpoenaed and forced to testify live on national TV. Imagine the ratings. The only network that will not cover it is Foxhub itself.

The Foxhub hosts subsequent dishonesty in covering or rather not covering the investigation is likely to be a campaign theme in the 2022 elections. They are all on record now as being liars. They are all on record as being con artists duping their viewers for ratings and money. This is not to say that they are not true believers in the culture wars only that they cannot be trusted on the facts in what they say. Expect to see billboards with the words of the Foxhub hosts on them. Democrats now have the option of running not only against the Hitman, not only against the co-conspirators running for re-election but against the Foxhub hosts themselves.

Remember the motto: If it’s Foxhub, its bull-Trump.


The stupidest way to analyze the actions of Donald Trump on January 6, 2021, are to treat him as an adult. Such nonsense guarantees the failure to understand him. He lacks the mental necessities to mastermind an attack. In this regard we are fortunate that a simpleminded charge was the Hitman rather than an adult criminal.

Reporters are not the only ones to make this error in judgement. Even the people at Foxhub clamoring for him to act reveal that they believe their own propaganda about him. If they understood who he was and is as a person, they never would have sent those texts.

On January 6, the immature child President was having the time of his life. He loved watching his people storming the Capitol. He genuinely believed that their physical forceful presence would intimidate Pence and the Republicans to undermine the peaceful transfer of power to the duly elected Joe Biden.

It did not occur to him that the members of the House would vacate the chambers for their own safety before the vote could be taken. He expected them to remain in their place.

It did not occur to him that his followers really would kill Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence and who knows who else if they had the chance.

It did not occur to him that if his people had successfully intimidated the Vice President that the results would not be accepted as valid by the country.

What the immature child did do was what he always does – he watched the show on TV. He did not walk down the street with his people as he said he would. Bonespur boy is an alpha male wannabee who never goes into the arena in the real world. Instead he watched the show on TV.

What caused him to act was not the texts he may have been receiving. What caused him to act was not anything someone in the White House said to him, assuming anyone in the White House had the temerity to challenge him to his face. What caused him to act was not the thought that anyone had done anything wrong.

What caused him to act was his realization that the show was over. His people had not caused the election results to be reversed, they had only delayed the inevitable. The fleeing Representatives would return, the vote would be held, and Biden would be certified as the winner. Only with this realization was he willing to say anything to his people. It was a good show. He loves his people. But the time had come to return home.

He may not have realized how widespread the belief in the Big Lie would become.

He may not have realized how quickly Trumpicans would coverup the truth and resist uncovering it.

And he may not have realized that a House Committee would be formed that would uncover the truth and recommend criminal indictments against him.

Up until that time, the President of the United States who openly acknowledges that he prefers dictators and authoritarian leaders to democratically-elected ones, was having the best day of his presidency. To see his people storm the Capital to win him the election brought joy to his heart as he watched it on TV. He was like a child at the circus not wanting the show to end.