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Is Conning MAGAs a Crime?

They are not the Three Stooges because they know better.

Recent events, like the release of Foxhub emails, raises a question about whether conning MAGAs is a crime? What about if the con is not limited to MAGAs but affects the general public. Let’s examine some case studies to see when if ever there is a legal remedy.


In this example, the loser of the 2020 Presidential election asked his supporters to send him their money. Approximately 2 million people sent around $250 million. That’s a lot of people. That’s a lot of money. Now we know that regardless of what he did with the money once he received it, he already knew that he had lost the election and the Joe Biden was the legitimately elected President.

I consider this to be one of the greatest scams in American history. The con was precisely targeted on MAGAs themselves. No ordinary people were hurt in the perpetration of this con. Imagine if he scammed $250 million every month from MAGAs.

To the best of my knowledge, MAGAs have not cried foul. MAGAs have not sued for false pretenses. MAGAs have not sued for having been deceived. Quite the contrary, MAGAs seem perfectly content with having been swindled. In fact, as far as we know these Foxhub viewers still to this very day o not even know that they were conned. There is no Dominion situation here.

Legally, that is another matter. In this case there is a double fraud. There is the dishonesty is requesting money due to the stolen election when the loser was the one seeking to steal the election. So here we have an ironic case of justice: if the DOJ wins a case against the loser for conning the MAGAs, the people who were swindled will not even cheer that victory. They have no objections to having been conned.

On the second part, what did he do with the fraudulently obtained funds? Did he send Ridiculous Rudy, Séance Sydney, and Pillowhead back out into the legal arena to fight the corrupt fight to steal the election? Did he pay the bills for the lawyers facing disbarment? At least these would be examples of the fraudulently money being used for the ostensible purpose of the con. On the other hand, if he kept the money for himself, then he may be facing additional legal jeopardy.


That was the title of my blog way back on July 14, 2021.






If you listen to Tucker, Laura, and Foxhub and have remained unvaccinated, then you could be entitled to financial compensation possible totaling millions of dollars.

If at any time during this calendar year you heard the talk show hosts on Foxhub warn you about getting a COVID vaccine, you listened to their advice, and became ill from COVID or a loved-one did or both, then you qualify for the Foxhub Financial Relief Settlement Fund. Operators are standing by at 1-800-555-Trump-u to take down your information and to file your complaint.

Due to the high number of people who have been victimized by Foxhub, you may not be able to get through. Please keep trying. It is important that Foxhub be held accountable to for the harm it has caused Americans by instructing them not to be vaccinated and to let nature takes it course and cleanse the herd Act now before all the funds are gone and the network declares bankruptcy….

It learned with Seth Rich that it could not just make up conspiracies willy nilly without their being consequences. Evidently the lesson did not sink in. Now it is time to make Foxhub pay the price.

In this case, Disinfectant Donny cannot be sued for his ineptitude and incompetence contributing to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans. But can Foxhub be sued for its role in spreading the COVID Big Lie the way it is being sued for its role in spreading the Election Big Lie? So far to the best of my knowledge, no has sued Foxhub on this basis. No group of lawyers have moved in for the kill seeking the kinds of emails and evidence for the COVID Big Lie that Dominion has discovered in its lawsuit for the Election Big Lie.

Strangely enough, it is easier for a corporation to sue for damages than an individual. Someone or someones would have to make the effort to gather the people who died as a result of Foxhub to create a class action suit. That would be very expensive undertaking with no guarantee of success. And just as the 2 million people who were conned and have not taken any action, MAGAs cannot be expected to sue their Lord and Savior, the Chosen One, Blessed Be his Name, they cannot be expected to sue the voice of his divine will, the hosts at Foxhub.

The ones who could sue are those who bore the brunt of the false information being disseminated by Foxhub and other rightwing media outlets. I am referring to the hospitals, doctors, and nurses who had to deal with the intensification of the pandemic because of the false information. Presumably, and I am not a lawyer, they have the standing to file such a suit. Think of the people who have burnt out from their work. Why was it so much worse here than in other countries? It may not be as straightforward as Dominion but that is why lawyers reap the big bucks in settlements.

CASE STUDY #3: MAGA’s Have “A Beautiful Mind:” There Is No Cure

This recent blog is from scarcely two weeks ago. That blog questioned the mental necessities of MAGAs in three specific area:

1. the ability to connect the dots
2. the ability to think things through
3. the ability to cope when confronted with the real world.

Since that time there has been a veritable explosion of evidence released witnessing that Foxhub knew full well the claim of the stolen election was a lie … yet they broadcast the purveyors of that Election Big Lie just as they had the COVID Big Lie. This time they are being sued. Forget the $1.6 billion. If a jury gets to decide the punitive damages then the sky is the limit for what the cost could be to Foxhub. If the jury decides that the punishment should be sufficient so that it would never do that again, we could be looking at serious money. Not from the former President who would pay $0 here but for the media company that sought to make money by exploiting the alternate reality in which its viewers live.

The consequences of this evidence goes beyond the Dominion trial itself.

Think of all the MAGA candidates who ran and will run on the basis that the election was stolen. How will they react when confronted with the evidence:

Tucker Carslon knew the election was not stolen. Do you?
Sean Hannity knew the election was not stolen. Do you?
Laura Ingraham knew the election was not stolen. Do you?
Fox knew the election was not stolen. Do you?

Imagine the MAGA candidate in a debate having to answer these questions. Imagine the MAGA candidate responding to the local press having to answer these questions. For Democrats, the Foxhub revelations (more to come?) have provided a treasure trove of attack points on which to pummel a MAGA candidate. Will “Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! What about Hunter Biden” be a sufficient response?

And what about the vaunted election security slogan bandied about by MAGAS? If there was no stolen election, then there was no election fraud at the local, county, and state level. All the laws passed in the name of election security due to the stolen election now have been exposed as dishonest due to the Foxhub emails. All those laws and recounts were bogus. All the Republicans who were censored by the MAGAs are owed an apology BECAUSE THERE WAS NO STOLEN ELECTION! JUST ASK TUCKER, SEAN, AND LAURA. READ THEIR EMAILS.

Here again, the disclosure of the Foxhub emails have provided the Democrats and real Republicans with which to bludgeon the MAGAs.

So while it is not a crime to con MAGAs, Team Normal has to live with consequences of cons that exploit MAGA’s preference for an alternate reality.