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7 thoughts on “History’s a Joke! Laugh! We Need It!

  1. The follow up comment re: battles being fought in National Parks: “Gee, why aren’t there any bullet holes in the monuments.”

    I have actually been asked:
    “Is that a real fire?”
    “is that real food?”
    “are you hot [the uniform is wool]?”
    in 2013,(July 3rd, around 2-3 p.m. 150 years to the hour) I was asked to explain what was going on during a commemorative march replicating “Picketts Charge”…while standing on the Union position near the copse of trees…

    1. Maybe the tourist thought it was a credit card charge for the holiday discounts. I bet the NPS could create a whole book of “You’ll never believe what tourists say.” Thanks for writing.

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