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Find Me 624,120 Votes: The 11,780 Georgia Vote Sequel

Trumpicans search for the illusive 11,780 votes (Deliverance)

Who can forget the blockbuster thriller from 2020 when the arch villain memorably said: FIND ME 11,780 VOTES! That thrilling assertion quickly became part of American folklore. The embattled loser struggling to remain in power reached out telephonically to the supposed little people in Georgia eager and willing to do his bidding. Instead he discovered not only did that Secretary of State refuse but he recorded the call! Now he has testified under oath to a jury about the call. A criminal indictment is expected.


While all this is going on, the press has overlooked the fact the missing 11,780 votes have been found. An intrepid group of Trumpican adventurers went deep into the hills of Georgia passed where civilized people live. There they found partially floating in the river, a mysterious out-of-place car. When the trunk of the vehicle was pried open, LO AND BEHOLD, there were the missing votes. [What were you expecting to find? Janet Leigh?]


Meanwhile, the attempt to relitigate the 2020 Presidential election continues. True, it does not have the excitement and urgency of when Pillowhead was specifying the actual date when the current occupant of the White House would be removed be replaced by the rightful winner. True, Séance Sydney seems to have lost her ability to communicate with the dead. True, more and more people are turning to the upcoming elections in 2022 and 2024. Still the 2020 effort proceeds in support to maintain the perfect record of the Loser and Hitman never having lost.

Kudos in particular to John Eastman. It was just a short time ago when nobody knew who he was. Then we learned that he was one of the masterminds behind the effort to have the Vice President undo the election results and declare the Loser the winner….or, at least, give the House of Representatives the opportunity to do so. While that initiative failed, Eastman is still at it. He is trying, with less attention and the same lack of success, to have states “decertify” the election results of 2020. Then somehow through some magical process not in the Constitution, the current President and Vice President would be removed from office and the Loser would be inaugurated.

Clearly Eastman has not thought this through. If Biden and Harris step down, the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi would become President, not the Loser. She would then select Joe Biden to her Vice President. She would resign and he would become President again. However if the unconstitutional scenario proposed by Eastman worked, once the Loser was installed as President for his second term he would lose the right to run for a third term in 2024. Perhaps Eastman then would propose that the second term begin only with the inauguration of the Loser in 2022 and the 2024 election should be suspended until 2026. I confess it can be fun exploring the different possibilities in the alternate Eastman world even though none of them are even plausible in the real world.

Still the Eastman cabal carries on with some support in various insurrection states.


Suddenly while no one was looking, the stolen election gambit has reared its ugly head in the 2022 primaries. So even before Republicans square off against Democrats in November, the cry of “stolen election” is being heard in Republican primaries. Trumpican candidates have been defeated in Nebraska, Idaho, and North Carolina. Even in Ohio, two-thirds of Republicans rejected the Trumpican Senate candidate. The same is true in the Pennsylvania Republican Senate race where a flurry of law suits had been filed to prevent the Trumpican candidate from having the election stolen from him bfore the Republican candidate conceded. Lawsuits! For a Republic primary! What is the world coming to when Republicans cannot even rely on the integrity of Republican primaries?!

Only in the Georgia Senate primary did things work well as the supremely unqualified Trumpican candidate prevailed because he was a great football player who knows how to take care of women.

On the other hand, in the two big Georgia Republican races that mattered most to the Loser, he did not fare so well. He even got a Congressional Representative to abandon his seat to go down with the ship for him. What dedication.

It seems that the sequel was even a bigger blockbuster in vote fraud than the original. As ace reporter Emerald Robinson for the Pillowhead Network wrote:

President Trump’s endorsement is the single most powerful force in the universe of American politics. There’s never been anything quite like it. Trump-endorsed candidates overwhelmingly prevailed in the latest GOP primaries by a margin of 24-4. In fact, President Trump is running the table on the GOP establishment in the 2022 races. His record stands at 92-7 at the moment. …

That’s what makes the primary results in Georgia last night so curious and so suspect. Georgia is the only state where President Trump’s endorsements did not count….

Something stinks in Georgia. The numbers are funny because many of these races were rigged.

Endorsing incumbent Republican candidates in Republican primaries is a great way to rack up wins. But it did not work in the two races that meant the most. So who does the loser call now to find the missing 624,120 votes? He cannot call the Governor or the Secretary of State. He’s stuck. However these results do not mean he will not carry Georgia in 2024.

2024 Elections

For 2024, it is necessary to put aside the antics of the 2020 decertification and 2022 Republican primary steals.

First, there is an established Trumpican base in the insurrection legislatures that believes the election was stolen in 2020. According to a survey taken by The New York Times (Trump ’20 Election Lies Take Root in Statehouses,” May 22, 2022, print), a significant number of Trumpican legislators who hold office in states won by Joe Biden subscribe to this fraudulent belief:

81% Arizona
78% Pennsylvania
73% Wisconsin.

These people know how the game is played and will be ready to act to ensure their candidate wins in 2024.

Second, the success of the legislatures is dependent of the Governor and/or the Secretary of State depending on how a state is configured. It already is taken for granted that if the Pennsylvanian Trumpican who participated in the January insurrection wins the election for Governor and appoints the Secretary of State that either Biden will not be allowed to win on Election Day or if he does, the results will be challenged. This time the alternate slate of electors will be the state-approved slate.

Similar stories could be told in other states where Trumpicans are challenging for the positions of Governor or Secretary of State. The America First slate of 2020 deniers has multiple candidates. Not surprisingly, it is focusing on the key insurrectionist states. Here the effort is not so much to relitigate 2020 but to control 2024. We will have to wait until after the dust settles in the 2022 elections to know what it means for 2024. 2022 will serve as a test for 2024.

Third, the Trumpicans are actively working to establish the ground forces to suppress the Democratic vote. Last year, the focus was on the laws being passed to suppress the vote. This year we can see Cleta Mitchell, one of the insurrectionists, working to establish a national ground force of both poll workers and poll watchers to monitor the vote. Besides the laws on paper, these people will provide an in-your-face presence at the local precinct level. They will be a rapid deployment force ready to nip Democratic votes in the bud.

In the last election, Democrats mounted their own national legal forces to combat the “stolen election” claim. Next time around that will not be enough. The Civil War will be fought in the election district trenches. Given the levers of power likely to be held by Trumpicans, they may not need the courts anyway. Like the Russians in eastern Ukraine (and Syria before), they may just use the brute force at their disposal to control the outcome.

Putting aside extraneous factors like the House Select Committee and the normal election issues, there may be a new wrinkle to the challenges. Last time Trumpicans were able to get away with the claim that only the presidential vote was stolen. Somehow, all other votes on the ballot were accurate. This time Democrats may not let Trumpicans get away with such nonsense. This year, if the Georgia vote is contested, it is for the Governor, Senator, Secretary of State, Representatives, and state legislators as well. Who knows who will govern there on January 1, 2023? That is just a preview for January 1, 2025, nationwide. The 67 Senators not up for election will be in office then, but who else will be? The resulting chaos will extend not just from Congress but to the states. It is too early to tell what might happen, but it is worth starting to think about scenarios that never have been considered before.