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Witch Hunter Scorecard: A Christmas Necessity

Will the wings of Trump's minions be clipped?

Can you name all the witch hunts against the Wicked Witch of the West? It is not so easy. Keeping track of all the investigations, indictments, and trials against the Mar-a-Lago President is a challenge. I have watched TV announcers struggle to get through them all in a single session. Sometimes, the network just gives up and moves on to other news items.

There needs to be a better way. There needs to be a better to track the various seemingly ever-mounting number of suits in a constructive way that provides the viewer with a visual of what the talking head is talking about.

Therefore, I propose that a Wicked Witch of West scorecard be created. I am not going to pretend that I know all the investigations in all the areas at all the government levels currently underway. I will leave it to others to gather the information. I do know that when I am watching TV or reading an article about the witch hunts, sometimes my head spins. That is why we need a standard nomenclature. If we can track our World Wars and our Superbowls, we should be able to devise a systematic way of identifying all the legal cases involving the former President. This list then would be available digitally or perhaps on an app. That way people easily could access individual cases based on personal interest or all of them as one sees fit.

One important reason for making this request is that we are now reaching crunch time. The Trump is hitting the fan. With the appointment of a Special Counsel Jack Smith the pace will accelerate, not slow down. That is why it is essential to have a firm control for tracking the status of all the witch hunts being conducted against the Loser ex-President.


Whatever system is used, it needs to be adaptable for new items. For example, sometime in the next few weeks it is likely that his tax returns will be made public. He declined to make them public in 2016 and 2020 because he something to hide.

He is not as wealthy as he claims he is.
He donates no or little money to charity unless it is to himself.
He uses every trick in the book and sometimes one that aren’t to minimize his taxes.
He has financial connections with Russia and Saudi Arabia.

From the moment his taxes are released there will be an army of volunteers pouring through them looking for illegal activity. Undoubtedly their exuberance will get the better of them as we saw in the Steele dossier. Still, all in all, such scrutiny by an unofficial investigatory army is likely pay dividends.


At least one trial is already underway in New York with another on the way. The focus on the tried and true technique of DELAY, DELAY DELAY has a sibling technique – throw someone under the bus. Who is that person? I never saw him before? Oh you have photos!  I take pictures with a lot of people. You can’t expect me to remember everyone who takes a picture with even if I do have the world’s greatest memory.

Alongside the Witch Hunt scorecard, there should be a list of people who are likely to be thrown under the bus.

There should also be a betting pool as to who if anyone will come clean.


Right now he is experiencing death by a thousand cuts, some of them self-inflicted. Perhaps one day there will be an OMG moment. Instead what we are likely to see is the steady drip of bad moments, some anticipated, some not.

Oath Keepers have been found guilty of sedition. How do you feel know if you are a Proud Boy? What about a fake elector? Is this what you signed up for?

There will be a steady stream of witnesses subpoenaed by the DOE. Do you want to defy one?

There will be a jury trial decision for a case in New York City for fraud by the Trump Organization. Perhaps it will go his way.

There will be a vote in Georgia involving one of his special Senate selections. Perhaps it will go his way.

There will a ruling on the Special Master, the review of documents, and the position of the Trump judge on Mar-a-Largogate. These judges and courts have had enough of the Trumpantics. And now that he has admitted that “I did it,” what is he purpose of all this smoke and mirrors anyway? Isn’t it time to cut to the chase and just indict him? Happy Holidays!

The House Select Committee will release its report in December. That should be good for several news cycles. It will remind people that he attempted to overthrow the government just as his acolytes are trying to do the same in Arizona.

Undoubtedly there will be unexpected opportunities for him to put his foot in his mouth and prove the validity of his lawyers never allowing him to take the stand. How exactly did anti-Semitic racists he did not know clear the Secret Service screening to be able to dine with the former President anyway? The drip you hear is his support dripping away. It is not yet a tsunami but there is still time.


“…there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns — the ones we don’t know we don’t know.”      Donald Rumsfeld

By the time Donald Trump is indicted, it will be the single most anticipated event since his announcement that he is running once again for President. It is a known known.  No one will be surprised by it. It is hard to imagine a more telegraphed event than indicting him. Given all that has and will transpire, the prophecy of the Senator from South Carolina is likely to prove false. The nation will not be up in arms. There will not be riots in the street. There will not even be surprise. Instead, everyone will have their Wicked Witch of the West Witch Hunt scorecard and just mark off the appropriate Witch Hunt as having moved to the indictment.