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Legitimate Political Discourse Anniversary

Legitimate Political Discourse in Brazil (Reuters)

Two years ago, a group of patriots engaged in legitimate political discourse in the House chambers of the United States Capitol. They did so as part of an effort on behalf of President Donald Trump to steal the election. Ultimately their quest failed and many of them have been indicted and found guilty for that effort…. excluding the leaders who have not been held accountable.

Both realities recently were on display sometimes in split screen. On one side, the supporters of the legitimate political discourse were conducting their own anniversary commemoration by engaging in an historic Circus series of votes; on the other side, the people who put their lives on the line to defend the Capitol at the first legitimate political discourse were being honored with Presidential medals for their efforts. It is easy to imagine that split screen image as teaching tool in American history, politics, or civics classes.

Most of the public attention until now has been directed towards the criminal activity of the people engaged in legitimate political discourse on January 6, 2021. Less attention has been paid to the Representatives who subsequently returned to the House chambers and continued with the certification of the vote for Joe Biden for President. Now Republican Representatives decided to remind American people that January 6 is not only about the insurrectionists who stormed the Capital and were engaged in legitimate political discourse. It is also about the members of the House who planned, organized, and abetted those insurrectionists. They chose to do so through the mechanism of the election of the Speaker of the House. It turned out to be an historic 15-round match with Captain Chaos before order was achieved.

The actions of the Republicans in the thrilla in the Capitol Circus has now concluded. It is a part of American history, a part that is likely to make the history books for all the wrong reasons. All that was missing was actual fisticuffs although that came close to happening … and within the Republican Party itself!

What are the lessons to be learned from the legitimate political discourse by the Republican Representatives on the second anniversary of legitimate political discourse by the insurrections two years ago?


 The people involved in this unusual gift to We the People on legitimate political discourse are an unusual group themselves. Below is a survey of some of them.

Matt Gaetz House frat boy – First the frat boy had been a Florida Bushite. Then he became a Trumpican. Then he went on tour with a more flamboyant and well-known Trumpican. Finally with the election of the Speaker of the House, he became the center of attention, exactly where he wants to be. He was able to get everything he wanted by dragging the process out for 15 rounds, everything except for a pardon.

His actions infuriated other Republicans, one of whom had to be restrained live on TV from physically punching him. That escapade, too, is likely to become another teaching tool for the generation raised in video games. These other Republicans who endured the 15-round event including being forced to return to the Capitol when personal and medical reasons drew them away are not likely to forget the antics of the House frat boy. It is too early to say what the ramifications of those antics will be.

Dueling Morons – Two of the dumbest Republicans in the House were on opposite sides of the Speaker vote. Apparently one thought if there was no Speaker then therefore was no House in session therefore the Federal Government had been shut down therefore she was reducing spending. This is the mindset that will be on full display when negotiations over the budget spending limits commence.

By contrast, the previously outcast moron was front and center in the effort to elect Kevin McCarthy speaker. She knows it is better to have a speaker she can dominate than to have no speaker at all. As proof of her bonafides she waived around her cell phone with the initials “DT” on it. She is no longer in the doghouse. Instead she will have a seat at the table and help call the shots.

Insurrection Organizers – At least two of the organizers of the January 6 insurrection in 2021 and who have declined to respond to House subpoenas also figured in the vote in 2023. Don’t you love hearing about accountability and transparency from them? Imagine what happens when the DOJ finally gets around to investigating the ring-leaders of the insurrection instead of just the low-hanging foot-soldiers.

In fact, dozens of people who voted on January 6, 2021, in support of the effort by Donald Trump to steal the election, participated in the very same room on January 6, 2023, to elect a Speaker. The very moment they were fleeing the legitimate political discourse two years ago, now was the time they were voting for a new Speaker so they could be sworn into office. What did they intend to do once in office? Launch an investigation into the very people who had investigated that event on the House Select Committee.

All America has watched the Clown Caucus in action. Even Foxhub has had difficulty containing itself. If first impressions are the ones that are imprinted on the voting public, then what are the ones that the American voting public will remember from this Republican Circus? And to top it off, the Republicans went through all this to immediately launch a witch hunt against Hunter Biden, obviously the number one issue for Americans today.


Officially, the Circus in now in town for two years. One can’t help but be impressed by the sustained and calm unity maintained by the Democrats during this fiasco while the Republicans made fools of themselves. As the minority Party it is easy to imagine it maintaining such unity throughout this Congressional session. The Democrats will be able to present themselves as Team Normal while the Republicans continue to engage in legitimate political discourse as the laughing-stock party.

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  1. These Republicans have a right to oppose Kevin because he wants to fund the Ukraine War and these opposition Republicans know that this is a sure way to WWar 3 and the demise of the USA

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