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Barbados, American Slavery and Racism

4 thoughts on “Barbados, American Slavery and Racism

  1. Peter – another intriguing column – so who bears ultimate responsibility? I found the following online:

    Who was responsible for bringing slaves from Africa? The first 130 years the Portuguese dominated the transatlantic slave trade. After 1651 they fell into second position behind the British who became the primary carriers of Africans to the New World, a position they continued to maintain until the end of the trade in the early 19th century. The Africans who came to Virginia in 1619 had been taken from Angola in West Central Africa. They were captured in a series of wars that was part of much broader Portuguese hostilities against the Kongo and Ndongo kingdoms, and other states.

    1. If you are referring to what became the United States, then the answer is Spain. The time between Columbus and Jamestown tends to be overlooked in American history. In the 17th century as Britain was creating its colonial empire in the Caribbean and the mainland then it rose to the fore.

      The famous 1619 twenty odd Negroes were pirate booty from the modern country of Angola. Of course, they didn’t necessarily maintain roosters they way we would have liked. But the fact the Africans had the name “Congo” and “Angola” here and in Virginia is a pretty good sign of the point of origin. Portugal actually had very good relationships with the Kongo ever since the first contact in 1481 and the baptism of the king in 1491. By contrast Ndongo was not always an independent entity during this period and relations with the Portuguese colony at Luanda in their Angola colony fluctuated. True both kingdoms tended to sell other people first. The Imbangala made a living rounding up people from the interior and bringing them to the coastal kingdoms to sell to the Europeans.

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