Archaeology Enrichment Program Grades 3-6


Goal: To provide students with an introduction to the science of archaeology

Format: Two period presentation

Class One: 45 minutes

Students are introduced to key archaeological vocabulary and concepts. They participate in a reading exercise which explains the discipline. During the reading exercise, there is an extensive question-and-answer component to ensure that the material being read is understood by the students. The reading is supplemented by a series of activities using the classroom and props (a hamper) to relate the archaeological concepts to the immediate environment of the students.

This program should be repeated for each class in that grade in the school. The reading and interactions require a classroom setting rather than an auditorium. No special equipment is required other than a blackboard.

Class Two: 45-60 minutes

A slide presentation in an auditorium to the entire grade to illustrate the archaeological concepts and ideas discussed in the individual classes. The images provide an opportunity for the students to see what archaeologists do and how archaeology works. Some question-and-answers are possible as well despite the large group. The number of images shown can vary depending on the time permitted.