Egypt, Metropolitan Museum, New York

Date: November 7, 2010


Date: November 7, 2010
Location: Metropolitan Museum, New York
Time: 9:00-5:30
Contact Hours: 7.5
Cost: $55 (includes lunch)
Cutoff Date: October 31, 2010
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Teachers who take the November 6th program at Yale can register for part of the program on November 7 if they need to leave early for travel purposes to be ready to return to school on Monday.

Experience Egypt first hand without having to go there. Meet with the people who excavate in Egypt and learn about their work particularly during the Amarna Age of Akhnaton and Nefertiti and the Ramessside Age of Ramses II. Tour the museums with Egyptologists who can talk about own work in preparing exhibits. Receive primary source documents and education materials and share your classroom activities with your fellow teachers.

Sunday, November 7, 9:30-5:30
Egypt at the Met

9:30 Teaching Egypt – Peter Feinman
10:30 Teaching Egypt – Metropolitan Museum Educator
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Egyptian Gallery Tour, Catharine Roerhig, Curator, Egyptian Department, Metropolitan Museum
2:00 Teaching Egypt – Metropolitan Museum Resources
3:00 Amarna: Recent Research in the Time of Akhnaton – Barry Kemp, Cambridge University Director, Amarna Project, Egypt, Bonnie J. Sacerdote Lecture Hall
4:00 Preserving the Egyptian Legacy: American Research Center in Egypt
5:00 Teaching Egypt Wrap up – Peter Feinman

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