The Battle of Fort Montgomery

Date: September 30, 2010 - October 2, 2010

Location: Fort Montgomery State Historic Site
690 Route 9W [just north of the Bear Mountain Bridge]
845 446-2134
Time: 9:00-5:00
Contact Hours: 7.5
Cost: $20
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On October 6, 1777 a force of British regulars, Loyalists and Germans assaulted Forts Montgomery and Clinton while Royal Navy warships on the Hudson River bombarded the forts as well as American warships defending the Great Chain. Outnumbered 3 to 1, the Continental Regulars and Militia fought a brave and bloody action until at last their forts were overrun, the Continental boats were burned by their own crews and the Great Chain removed. Over half of the garrison was captured or killed.

Join us at Fort Montgomery State Historic Site in the beautiful Hudson Highlands on October 2 as we commemorate this bloody battle. Watch British and German troops as they establish guard posts and put their prisoners to work, while the Loyalist forces try to recruit wavering Continentals. Be prepared to be immersed in the action!

This program is presented by the Fort Montgomery State Historic Site and is being offered to teachers for professional development credit in partnership with it. Participants should bring their own lunch.

9:00 Welcome: What do You Teach Now?
9:30 Troop (formation) – Visitor Center Lawn
10:00 Memorial Ceremony at Fort Clinton’s Redoubt
11:00 People of the Twin Forts – Visitor Center Terrace
1:00 Artillery Firing – Grand Battery
1:30 Military Music Demo – Grand Battery
1:30 Ladies Program – Visitor Center Terrace
2:00 British Formation & Drill – Visitor Center Lawn
2:30 Fort Montgomery: The Battle Story (a video)
2:45 Fort Montgomery Visitor Center Tour
3:00 Fort Montgomery Site Tour
4:00 Battle Reenactment – Fort Interior
4:30 Wrap Up: What Will You Teach Now?

Participants may also with to attend an explanatory lecture prior to the program for an
additional one-hour contact time.

7:00 PM – Todd Braisted “The Hudson Valley’s Provincial Corps: Loyalist Troops in Sir Henry Clinton’s 1777 Highlands Expedition.” – Fort Montgomery Visitor Center

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