Forts of the Empire State Teacherhostel™ Fort Edward, Fort Ticonderoga, Fort William Henry and Whitehall

Date: August 4, 2008 - August 8, 2008

Locations: Fort Edward, Fort William Henry, Fort Ticonderoga
Contact Hours: 40
Cost: $345
Cutoff Date: June 26
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Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the French and Indian War in upstate New York. This important American war helped create the tensions that led to the American Revolution a generation later and contributed to the disintegration of the British Empire in North America. Hear about the British and American perspectives. Tour the forts, stand on the highground, cruise the lakes, and walk the shores of the war that became part of American history, literature, and movies. Hear from a range of speakers, receive curriculum materials, leave with a better understanding of the global war that preceded the American Revolution, and bring that excitement and experience back to the classroom.

8/4 Monday: Fort Edward and Whitehall
9:00 Welcome to Rogers Island Visitor Center
9:05 Archaeology in Fort Edward and Rogers Rangers: Learning Channel video
9:30 Guided tour of Rogers Island Visitor Center
10:00 “Who won the French and Indian War? A British Perspective,” Ray Raymond, SUNY and United States Military Academy
11:00 Walking tour of Rogers Island/Major Robert Rogers Memorial State Park
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Archaeological Field School lunchtime lecture
1:00 “Fort Edward Archaeology,” David Starbuck, Plymouth State College
2:00 Archaeological Site Tour, David Starbuck
3:15 Old Fort House Museum: Tour
Jane McCrea: Facts, Myths and Legends
History of Fort Edward
6:30 Dinner Whitehall
7:30 Skenesborough Museum and Heritage Area Visitors Center

8/5 Tuesday: Fort Ticonderoga
9:00 “Winning the War, Losing the Peace: The Strategic Consequences of
the French and Indian War for Britain and its American Colonies” Ray Raymond
10:00 “Fort Ticonderoga in the French and Indian War,” Fort Ticonderoga curator
11:00 “Naval Campaigns of the French and Indian War at Lake George and Lake Champlain” Russ Bellico, author of Chronicles of Lake Champlain: Journeys in War and Peace
12:00 lunch
1:00 Tour of the Fort and the grounds
4:00 Museum workshop
Primary Source Documents
Pre- and Post-Visit Curriculum Programs
6:00 Dinner
7:00 “Battle of Valcour Island,” James Nelson, author of Benedict Arnold’s Navy

8/6 Wednesday: Fort Ticonderoga and Crown Point
9:00 19th Century Tourism: Guided Tour
10:0 Women’s History of Fort Ticonderoga
11:00 Fascine Building
12:00 Camp Cooking
1:00 Lunch at Mount Defiance overlooking the Region
2:00 Story-teller, Rick Salazar
3:00 Crown Point State Historic Site
6:00 Dinner Lake Champlain Carillon Cruise

8/7 Thursday: Fort William Henry
9:00 Fort William Henry and the French and Indian War: David Starbuck
10:00 Fort William Henry in Literature: Daniel Donahue, curator
11:00 Fort William Henry Exhibits: self-guided tour
12:00 Lake George lunch cruise
2:00 Fort William Henry Tour
3:00 Fort William Henry Curriculum Material
3:30 Teaching the French and Indian War Workshop
6:00 Dinner
7:00 Fort William Henry Public Lecture
9:00 Fireworks

8/8 Friday: Fort William Henry
9:00 “The History and Underwater Archaeology of Lake George’s Sunken Fleet of 1758” Joseph W. Zarzynski, Bateaux Below, Inc, RPA
10:00 “Colonial Wars Walking Tour of Lake George,” Joseph Zarzynsky

Lodging has been arranged at the Super8’s in Fort Ticonderoga and Glens Falls

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