Teaching the Ancient Near East

Date: November 3, 2007 - November 4, 2007

Location: Semitic Museum, Harvard University
Contact Hours: 10
Cost: $150 (includes one lunch)
Cutoff Date: October 26, 2007
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Spend two days at the Semitic Museum learning about ancient Mesopotamia and its impact on its neighbors. See the exhibits, handle the pottery, hear from the experts, and learn about how the Mesopotamians saw themselves. Handouts and activities for use in the classroom included.

Saturday, November 3: 9:00-5:30

9:00 Welcome and Program Introduction – Peter Feinman (IHARE), Dena Davis (SM)
9:30 Mesopotamia: An Introduction – Peter Feinman
11:00 Mesopotamian Texts: Seeing Isn’t Always Believing – Peter Machinist (Harvard)
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Mesopotamia Exhibit
2:00 Assyrian Imperialism: Impact on the Vassals, A Case Study – Adam Aja (Harvard)
3:00 Houses of Ancient Israel: Domestic, Royal, Divine Exhibit
4:00 Learning about Lifestyles of the Ancients through Archaeology – Adam Aja
4:45 Mesopotamian Time – Peter Feinman

Sunday, November 4: 9:00 -12:30

9:00 Mothers, Sons, Daughters and Brides: Building up and Breaking down the House of the Father in Ancient Israel – Christine Thomas (Harvard)
10:00 Mesopotamian Primary Source Documents – Peter Feinman
11:00 Pottery Workshop (hands-on) – Kimberley Connors-Hughes (Archaeology Education Outreach)
12:00 Wrap Up

For further information contact IHARE at 914-939-9071 or email us at: contact@ihare.org