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Abortion and Gun Control: Democrats Bring a Plastic Spoon to a Gunfight and Wonder Why They Lose

How quickly Democrats forget

Democrats bring a plastic spoon to a gunfight and wonder why they lose. About a decade ago, Republicans referred to themselves as the “party of stupid.” Now we see that Democrats are equally stupid. They strongly believe in the old adage about insanity being keep doing what has failed time and time again in the past and hope for better results this time. The Democratic ineptitude has consequences. It does not bode well for the two current culture war issues now raging across the control – guns control and abortion.


After the latest assault on America’s children at school, Governor Greg Abbott had a ready-made explanation for the carnage:

I asked the sheriff and others an open-ended question and got the same answer from the sheriff as well as from the mayor of Uvalde. The question was, what is the problem here? And they were straightforward and emphatic. They said … ‘we have a problem with mental health illness in this community.’ And then they elaborated on the magnitude of the mental health challenges that they are facing in the community and the need for more mental health support in this region.

For Republicans, this explanation is an excellent way to deflect attention from guns and to place it with the mentally-ill shooter. According to this approach, since the problem is not guns, there is no need for any changes in gun-control regulations. So if Senator Murphy (CT) wants to deliver another impassioned speech on the floor of the Senate, he is free do so. What difference does it make?

Suppose Senator Murphy proposed the Gregg Abbott Mental Health Law instead. Suppose Democrats made a campaign point of using the mental-health excuses made by the Republicans over the years. Instead of proposing a gun control law, propose a mental health law. It might not accomplish everything they want but look at what it could do:

1. implement a nationwide detecting system to identify the people with mental illness as it is a problem identified by Republicans as a cause for mass murders
2. develop nationwide treatment programs so people with mental illness receive the treatment they need and do not become mass murders
3. prevent people identified as mentally ill from having access to weapons of mass destructions so they cannot murder their own family members, children, or anyone else.

The Gregg Abbott Mental Health Law will not solve all the problems, but it would make a difference. Of course, the party of stupid would rather keep banging its head against the wall and hope the wall gives way before their head does.


The exact same thinking applies with abortion. Democrats are far more content passing symbolic legislation than stopping being the party of stupid. Their ineptitude prevents them from seeing the opportunity staring them right in the face. Just as Governor Abbott has shown Democrats a way to move forward, so has Judge Alito.

How many people grow up wanting to have an abortion?

How many daughters say, “Mommy, Mommy, I can’t wait until I grow up so I can have an abortion just as you did”?

The odds are that no grows up wanting to have an abortion. Then something happens. Suddenly women decide to do something that they never expressed any desire to do. Why? The purpose of this blog is not to identify the reasons why women who did not grow wanting to have an abortion then decide they do want to. It is to call attention to the fact that there are such reasons. People probably know what they are and can list them.

Once the diagnosis is made, then steps can be taken to minimize the chances that the women will chose to have an abortion. Perhaps she would not become pregnant in the first place? Whatever the reasons, they can be diagnosed. Then remedies can be proposed. The Judge Samuel Alito Abortion Prevention Law will not eliminate all the women who want to have an abortion, but it can significantly reduce the number of women who will even consider it in the first place.

So instead of proposing a federal law that will never be passed, try proposing the Judge Samuel Alito Abortion Prevention Law.


Here is the third bill the party of stupid should propose. I suspect that everyone would agree that it is better for a child to be in a loving family then one that is not. It is better the child to be with a mother that wants the child than one who does not. It is better for a child to be with a mother who can care for the child then one who cannot. For example, reasons a pregnant woman might consider having an abortion is by anticipating not having the needed child care support, not being able to spend the needed time with child, not having access to health care the child needs. I am sure Judge Clarence Thomas does not want to punish the child for the actions of the mother.

The Judge Clarence Thomas Child Relief Law would be designed to help ensure that no child brought to term is unwanted, that no child brought to term is dropped off at the nearest fire station, that no child brought to term is prevented from having the opportunity to live the American Dream because it is unwanted. The Judge Clarence Thomas Child Relief Law would commit the country to ensure as best is possible the peace of mind for the mother knowing that the child is going to be cared for, remain in her custody, and have a chance at living a happy life.

Obviously Republicans will not support the

Gregg Abbott Mental Illness Law
Samuel Alito Abortion Prevention Law
Clarence Thomas Child Relief Law.

They will not support it because they do not give a damn about these issues no matter how many children are murdered, abandoned, or have lives of misery. The difference now is that once the laws are proposed they will have to admit it.

Obviously also the Democrats will not propose these laws. I am a nobody. My blogs do not go viral. This blog makes no difference except for the satisfaction I get from writing it. The party of stupid will never think outside the box. It will keep bringing a plastic spoon to a gunfight no matter how many children are massacred, unwanted, or aborted.