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Lafayette Square War Hero Mocks Losers Spartacus and 300 Spartans

Loser. Sucker. What's in it for him? (The Crucifixion by Leon Bonnat)

Bonespur Boy is the greatest warrior President in American history. Who can forget his triumphalist victory at the Battle of Lafayette Square? There he stood alone amidst thousands of heavily armed terrorists, anarchists, and criminals here illegally. Despite his precarious situation he remained resolute bolstered by his faith in God and in the sanctity of his mission. At last after a long and brutal struggle, he emerged from this predicament triumphant. He then thrust his powerful arms towards the heavens brandishing an upside-down Bible, the fiercest weapon in his arsenal. Another square had been secured in the fight against demonic chaos that threatened the land.

The alpha-male-wannabee was not done. He knew there were more battles to be fought throughout America. He admonished his governors to dominate their cities, not to be weak. He warned them if that if they lacked the requisite strength to dominate, that he would unleash the fearsome forces at his disposal to do what they could not. He would prevail. Victory would be attained. The forces of evil would be defeated.

Macho Macho Boy He-Wants-to-Be-a–Macho-Man, was following up on his earlier triumphs as a warrior. Back in 2007 before 85,000 screaming professional wrestling fans, THE DONALD against all odds took down WWE’s Vince McMahon. After this battle for the ages, THE DONALD then shaved the head of his vanquished foe. So in-between grabbing women, THE DONALD demonstrated his prowess as a warrior in this battle of the “billionaire” executives.

So Many Victories, You’ll Get Tired of all the Victories (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio, File)

As we can see, our Commander in-chief brings a long history of victories to the present situation. Time and time again, Little Donnee Waney has shown the world that he has the right stuff to go into the arena and emerge triumphant. It is important to recognize that he is the greatest warrior President in American history before casting aspersion on him.

On repeated occasions, I have noted Tubby Wubby’s love for his action figures (= male dolls). He loves to show off the people who are “my generals.” Aren’t they right out of Hollywood casting. Hear them say, “Yes, sir. Mr. President.” And “Whatever you say Mr. President.” “You are the smartest person in the room, Mr. President. A Very stable genius, Mr. President.” “We would be happy to parade for you, Mr. President.” And in case anyone forgot his lines, there was Vice President “Please Choose Me in 2024” Pence to instruct them in the proper protocol for showing subservience to the immature child in the body of an adult with the emotional maturity of a three-year old.

Only last month, we had another demonstration of the warrior ethos that pervades the life-force of our President. This time instead of standing in a professional wrestling arena, he transformed the White House itself into a political professional wrestling arena. The law was no match for a man of his stature.

There he stood there proudly maskless because real men don’t wear masks. He stood before his adoring fans who also were maskless because real Americans don’t get Covid-19 and therefore can’t transmit it to weak non-Americans. He thereupon uttered words of a champion warrior destined to be remembered for all time as exemplifying the warrior spirit of America’s greatest warrior President ever:

“I’m fighting for you.”

To thunderous applause from the real Americans basking in his strength, his vigor, his prowess, he declared:

“From the moment I left my former life behind, and a good life it was, I have done nothing but fight for you.”

America’s Greatest Warrior President at the Wall of Losers and Suckers (January 21, 2017)

The true test of his courage was shown on his first full day in office as President. He traveled to the Central Intelligence Agency with no threat of rain and wind to muss his hair and expose the truth. Then he was forced to stand on hallowed ground at the Langley headquarters, in front of the wall of stars carved into marble for each of the 117 CIA agents who had died in service to the country. Nathan Hale. Good Grief! One can scarcely imagine the intestinal fortitude it required for him not to lose his cool before so many losers and suckers who couldn’t make a living in the private world. And this was on his first full day. He must have wondered how many more of these travesties would he have to experience during his four terms.

And what did he get in return? HOAXES. AND MORE HOAXES. No president in American history has endured more hoaxes than he has. No accusations against him have been valid. There is never any truth to the horrible horrible mean and nasty things people say about him. Thank God he had over $50 million in campaign donations to fend off these false charges.

After all, no one has sacrificed more than he has in becoming our President. He has lost countless billions of dollars since he rode down the escalator under his own power over four years ago. We don’t appreciate how much he has sacrificed for the good of others to save our country. He didn’t undertake this sacrifice for narcissistic reasons. He didn’t undertake this sacrifice to make money. He didn’t undertake this sacrifice for ulterior motives. No, quite the contrary. He made this sacrifice for others. He never once thought of himself. He never once placed his own need first. He never once acted for selfish reasons. Indeed we should all be grateful that his was willing to become America’s greatest President strictly out of a sense of duty. There was nothing transactional in it.

Fortunately his supporters know better than to recognize such people at Langley and military cemeteries as heroes.

White Evangelicals won’t support someone who was captured by the enemy. What a loser!

White Evangelicals won’t support someone who was tortured by the enemy. What a loser!

White Evangelicals won’t support someone who was executed by the enemy. What a loser!

White Evangelicals won’t support someone who claims he is sacrificing himself for the good of others. They are not suckers. After all, what’s in it for the sacrificial lamb?

White Evangelicals want a mean nasty bully with no conscience, no ethics, and no morality to lead them. They will remain loyal to him through thick and thin no matter how many supposedly die from the Covid-19 flu. They don’t care if he responds to the request to lay hands on him with “Can you believe that bulltrump?…Can you believe people believe that bulltrump?” After all, he is their Lord and Savior, the Chosen One, Blessed Be his name” and sometimes God works in very very very mysterious ways. He will always have their vote no matter what.