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Stefanik and Cyber Ninjas: Shrinking the Trumpican Party

Honey, I shrunk the Trumpican Party!

For many years many people have been waiting for Trumpicans to catch on that they are being scammed. Maybe this book. Maybe this comment. Maybe this action or lack of action. But somehow that moment of truth never arrives. Over 2 million people freely gave over $250 million just because they were asked to, the greatest individual con in the history of the United States.

Is there a limit? With 100% of the Trumpicans representing 70% of the Republicans believing the election was stolen and Liz Chaney about to be cleansed from power, it is hard to imagine that the end is insight for the complete and total domination of the former Republican Party by the Loser President. And then there is Elise Stefanik and the Cyper Ninjas to make one wonder if the goal of the Trumpican Party is to grow or to cleanse it.


Stefanik was elected has a Republican. Once upon a time she represented the great white female hope for the Republican Party. She was the young bright candidate who would help lead the Republican Party to the overlooked and seemingly lost segments of the voting public. She would make a difference. She would help grow the Party.

For several years, Stefanik fulfilled that vision, that hope, that promise. She was delivering on the Republican quest to win national elections. Then something happened. She became a TRINO, Trumpican in name only. Perhaps the impeachment changed her. Perhaps she saw that the Republican Party was dying and ambition kicked in. Think of how Nikki Haley vacillated between being a Republican and being a Trumpican. She ended being a flip flopper who belonged nowhere and apparently has no political future, not even on Foxhub.

Stefanik does not intend to make that mistake. She is in it for a career. However she cannot escape her Republican past. No sooner was the announcement made that she was the chosen one then the questions were raised: WHY HER? The question was asked on Foxhub. The question was asked by loyal House Trumpicans who had been passed over. The question was asked by rightwing organizations who rated voting records. Stefanik had not ranked high with these people and organizations so why was she being handed this position of power on a silver platter?

First, the only true issue in the Trumpican Party is loyalty. No matter what anyone thinks about the political position on various issues by Trumpicans, the only one that matters to the Longtime Democrat and Clinton supporter is loyalty. Stefanik demonstrated loyalty in a vigorous and energetic way to an audience of one. That was enough.

Second, in a time of identity politics, she rated higher than her male Trumpican colleagues no matter how loyal they were. It’s all about the optics.

Now pre-Trumpican conservatives know what everyone else knows. He has no values. He had no objection to becoming President as a Democrat. He just could not do it. So he is faking it as a Republican instead. The party labels are a matter of complete indifference to him as long as he is the center of attention and everyone is loyal to him.

Is the recognition of this truth that he does not care about issues going to cause pre-Trumpican conservatives to abandon him? No. Would they be upset if he did not run in 2024 and a real conservative did? No. Is that going to happen? No. They are stuck with him too even though they have seen the truth of this hollow narcissistic person.

Will the ouster of Cheney because she is not loyal to the lie encourage people to vote Trumpican? Will watching her pay the price for telling the truth cause suburban white women to flock to the Trumpican Party? Will making a spectacle of the Trumpican Party help win elections? Do Trumpicans care?


Did you hear the one about the donkey who died of hunger in the middle of two piles of hay? The donkey could not decide which one to choose and died of starvation.

What happens when there are multiple Trumpicans competing for a single job? Stefanik could play the gender and an attractive TV performer who had gone to Harvard card. Now suppose there are three loyalists competing to the Trumpican candidate for governor in New York. How do you choose when every prospective candidate is a loyalist? It is easy when the task is to cleanse the Trumpican Party of disloyal Republicans, but what do you do when everyone is loyalist? How do you play the Apprentice “You’re fired” card when you are rejecting loyal Trumpicans in New York, Virginia, Ohio, and elsewhere? The closer we get to the primaries and the elections, the more choices the Loser President will have to make about candidates. That means more people will be upset. Not necessarily upset enough to cease being a Trumpican but it will hurt when your Lord and Savior, the Chosen One, Blessed Be his Name, does not choose you. The more choices he has to make among loyalists, the more feathers he will ruffle.


Think of the people who have been or who are advancing the cause that the election was stolen and the 45th President should be returned to the White House now.

Ridiculous Ruddy, Attack Mutt – Right now he is being sued, is under investigation for criminal charges, and running out of money. He once said that when this all over, he would be the hero. That could be true if he decided to flip. I doubt he realizes that or is capable of rising to the occasion. It still seems like a long shot that he will tell the truth. Perhaps if prison is staring him in the face, but surely he will be pardoned after the 2024 elections return the 45th President to power, right?

Silly Sydney – What can you say about someone who communes with dead people and says no reasonable people would believe the bull-trump she has spouted? Tell it to a judge because she is being sued too. Will she ever decide to tell the truth or is she a permanent resident of an alternate reality like Majorie Taylor QAnon?

Pillow Head – Would you buy a used pillow from him? How about a “new” one?

Cyber Ninjas – The circus grows more and more entertaining except that it is really happening. It is possible that even viewers of Foxhub and My America Reality Network will see the joke. True the ninjas will announce massive fraud and that Biden lost Arizona bigtime. True, Trumpicans will cheer the news. But it will not make any difference. There is no removal from office scenario that will work in the real world. Also if a massive fraud was perpetrated on the voters of Arizona, then there are people who need to be held accountable. Will the ninjas name names? Will the Arizona Republicans dare to press criminal charges against the alleged stealers of the election? If not then what was this all about? If after the ninjas announce the results and the Arizona Republicans do nothing and just whimper off the stage they will look like the fools that they are? If they press charges, then they will find that they are the targets of countersuits for sums of money that will bankrupt the Party forever.

Are these the people who will help grow the Trumpican Party? Are these the people who will win back white suburban women? Is being a laughingstock a sound political strategy?

If the Squad represents the true power in the Democratic House setting then agenda, then it is the House Frat Boy, Marjorie Taylor QAnon, and Rocky Mountain Airhead who define the Trumpican Party. Are they the way to grow the Party?

Meanwhile Joe Biden will quietly go ahead doing his job. All the commotion is on the Trumpican side with the cleansing of Liz Cheney, the installation of a loyalist non-conservative Elise Stefanik, the criminal activities of the House frat boy, and the circus in Arizona. At least the suppression of Democratic votes is moving full speed ahead. Oh wait. That suppression applies to Republican Party voters too. Guess who is going to get an earful next year when loyalist Trumpicans have problems voting?