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Judas and the 12 Traitors Betray America’s Lord and Savior to the Pagan Authorities

In a stunning replay of history, the Fixer betrayed the master he had obediently served for a decade. In shocking public testimony and apparently even more shocking private testimony, he gave witness to the sleaziest, slimiest, most corrupt real estate developer in the history of New York City. More to come.

This brazen display of disloyalty was followed mere days later when the gang of 12 abandoned ship. Their action forced Person #1, the smartest person in room whose father did not pay a bribe to colleges like the Hollywood elitists did for their children, to issue his first veto.



Despite what people think about the wrapping up of the Mueller investigation, it would appear as decades of bull trump will be exposed to the American public. The charity and university scams are just the beginning into investigations into practically every facet of decades of deceptions, dishonesty, cons and criminality. The old saying about not being able to tell the players without a scorecard will apply in spades here. Websites will be devoted just to tracking the status of all the investigations. Entire newscasts can be devoted solely to the breaking news of the day regarding these investigations.

Regardless of what happens with the Mueller report, I predict the action in the 2020 election year (if not sooner) will be in New York. There will be a steady drip of criminal sleaze at the city, state, and federal level about Person #1.


The Republican base could not care less about all these investigations. By now it should be clear that nothing moves the needle. No matter what Person #1 did or is accused of doing the true believers know that he is doing God’s work. As long as he is able to continue working to save America, nothing else matters. All this inside baseball nonsense about process crimes for petty regulations is irrelevant to the one and only requirement of a political leader since Pharaoh Narmer smited the enemies in 3150 BCE and became the first ruler of Egypt: to keep the people safe from foreign enemies, from outsiders, from the “other.” And who could be more foreign than the Politically Correct People (PCPs) and their minions.


Commentators often note Person #1’s claim that he could shoot Lady Liberty on Pennsylvania Avenue in broad daylight and not lose any support (well, maybe 12 traitor Senators). Apparently, he does not believe it. Why pay the hush money? Look at the trouble caused by paying it. The same with his taxes. So what if he is not as rich as he has claimed he is? So what if he has used every trick in the book and some that are not to reduce or eliminate his taxes? So what if his taxes show he has been bought and paid for by foreign agents? Who cares if his money comes from Russian oligarchs and banks on the banned list? The same applies with the Mueller report. His base will not desert him and everyone else already has. On the other hand, a good con artist knows there are limits to even what the most desperate person will accept. Perhaps Person #1 knows that if the truth is revealed, even some of his most fervent worshipers will abandon him.


Back on September 7, 2018, I wrote:

Suppose the very stable genius is wrong about the red wave. Suppose the Democrats win control of the House. Suppose the Democrats act on that basis and investigate all the items on the Republican hit list of potential problems where they are at risk. Will the President honor the election results? If a blue wave puts Democrats in charge will the President of the United States honor the results or will he demand a full investigation into the rigged results?

 Suppose the very stable genius is wrong about 2020 (assuming he is still in office and chooses to run again)? Will the President honor the election results? Will the President leave the White House voluntarily? Will he demand a full investigation into the rigged results? Will he remain in the White House until the investigation by his Attorney General (not a stupid Southerner) is compelted?

Those of you who read this blog, may I have thought I was off my rocker. I am pleased to note that five months later the Fixer, who well knows the personality of Person #1 and what he is capable of, raised the exact same concerns in his Congressional testimony. There was not the chance to resolve this issue in the 2018 elections since the Democratic tidal wave was so huge. Even for someone living in an alternate reality there are limits as to how many Congressional districts can be contested. The situation is quite different at the presidential level.

Suppose in 2020, the Democratic candidate wins by the same small margin as the 306 electoral vote landslide in 2016? How many states would need to be contested to switch the national results? At this point it is impossible to know. Indeed we may never know if the margin is comparable to the Congressional vote in 2018. An almost 9% spread is difficult to finesse to an Electoral College victory.

But consider what we know from 2016.

We know that Person #1 did not expect to win and was running to make buck.

We know that Person #1 already had his excuses for defeat prepared way ahead of the election.

We can surmise that prior to the election, he did not even know he could lose the popular vote and still win the election.

How will this play out in 2020 when he is in the White House and not an outsider?

Will there be Trumpies strategically placed in electoral districts to film illegal aliens running around the voting area to change clothes and to vote again? Or will he just claim it happened. Millions of times?

Will ICE officials and other government officials be stationed at selected voting districts to demand ID from the people attempting to vote?

Will claims of hacking and computer fraud be levied against the Democrats?

Will enough doubt be raised on the Trump Propaganda Network (TPN) to call the election rigged and illegitimate as a desperate grasp by the Deep State to remain in power?

Will Person #1 unleash his muscle in his militias, military, police, and Second Amendment people to protect him from the greatest threat to the United States ever?

How long would it take the Supreme Court to adjudicate all the legal claims filed?

If his Supreme Court betrayed him, would Person #1 honor its ruling?

Who would actually extract Person # from the White House?

Fortunately he is not a fighter, he just plays one in the professional wrestling arenas. Still if the alternative to remaining in the White House is to be indicted, who knows what Person #1 would actually do? When the moment of truth arrives, will the Lord’s Chosen to save the country unleash his minions? Will they hear the call?

There may be a preview of the 2020 crisis with his tax returns. Person #1 will not voluntarily release his tax returns. It does not matter how the Democrats submit their requisition, he will not honor it. If his court rules in his favor, then the issue ends there. If the Supreme Court also has a traitor and the ruling is against Person #1 he will not honor it.  Instead he will claim Executive Privilege and that the Court has no authority over him. What will the Supreme Court do then? Or to update Andrew Jackson: “John Roberts has made his decision; now let him enforce it.”

For that matter, the same may be said if the Supreme Court rules against Person #1 on the national emergency. We may not have to wait for the 2020 elections to learn if he is above the law. Imagine the scene if he is forcibly removed from the White House. Imagine him doing the perp walk. How long would he last at Rikers? What would happen to his hair if he is jail as long as Paul Manafort has been so far?

On the other hand, who knew that the little child who will lead us to salvation was Little Donney Waney? As he said to the Republican traitors and would-be traitors: “Beware the wrath of God!”