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Nazi Germany Was a Marxist Third-World Banana Republic … and So Are We

Who Can He Trust Now?

Please answer the following questions.

1. The documents at the home of the rightful President were
__ planted by the FBI which should be defunded
__ declassified and of no value
__ legitimately there since the election was stolen and he is the rightful President
__ all of the above

2. The United States under the illegitimate Joe Biden presidency is
__ Nazi
__ Marxist
__ third world banana republic
__ all of the above

3. The people on January 6 were
__ Antifa
__ BLM
__ FBI plants
__ tourists
__ patriots engaged in legitimate political discourse

If you are having problems answering some of these questions, imagine the challenge to the people of the future. There will be graduate seminar papers, dissertations, journal articles, and books written about the thinking of the people who defended their Lord and Savior, the Chosen One, Blessed Be his Name (the only time he did not plead the 5th was in answer to his name!). Think of the recent example of Trumpican thinking such as on Foxhub when the anticipated poor job numbers reflected the ineptitude of barely alive President and then the actual good numbers were released also meant we have a problem when “properly” interpreted. There is no winning an argument with them because the only acceptable argument is that no matter what, Trump is right and everyone who opposes him is not only wrong but evil.

I am writing this portion of the blog prior to the 3:00 deadline Friday for the decision on whether or not to release the warrant to the public. This is written subsequent to the target of the warrant exclaiming that of course it can be released even though he has not done so himself for five days.


This part of the blog was written on Sunday following the release of the warrant and with some time to digest the reaction. What have we learned?

1. There is always more – just when you think all the criminal actions of the Loser President have been exposed, there is more. Remember the Rudy clown show to have the courts disqualify the votes. Remember then learning about the phone call to Georgia to find the necessary votes to reverse the result (indictment expected). Remember then finding out about the insurrectionist electors. Who knew or anticipated that one? In the end, Liz Cheney detailed a seven-pronged illegal assault on democracy and the rule of law perpetrated by the President of the United States.

2. The DOJ under Merrick Garland is asleep at the wheel – How many times did talking heads bemoan the lack of the action by the DOJ under its lackluster leadership? Then you would see them piously recite that the DOJ operates in secret and we do not necessarily know what it is doing. The body language and tone signified the despair of the speakers that anything at all was being done. Then suddenly we see DOJ is a freight train hurtling towards indictments on multiple fronts including one we had never even heard about.

3. Record retention – just last Monday, just before 7:00 PM EDT, who had heard about record retention? There was some news about records flushed, shredded, burned, digested, and disposed of. But all these illegal actions for which the President and his assistants could be prosecuted occurred within the confines of the White House. Suddenly, out of nowhere, there were first 15 and then another 12 boxes of records at Mar-a-Lago including classified material that might be nuclear related.

a.There was perjury by a Trumpican election-is-stolen lawyer about when all the boxes of records had been turned over to the DOJ
b.There were extraordinarily silly explanations about how a President can declassify documents with the wave of a magic wand or just by thinking it
c.There were extraordinarily silly explanations about how a person who lacks the mental necessities to the read the Constitution yet alone a briefing report somehow needed to take these files with him when he traveled to his southern office
d.There were extraordinarily silly explanations about how documents could be declassified and reclassified as a President shuttled back and forth between his two offices
e. There was an apparently misguided perception that these documents accumulated over the entire term of the President.

On a more serious note, a gap in the record-keeping system was exposed. If I take out a book from my local library and fail to return it, the library notifies me of the past due status and asks for its return. Apparently when super-duper top-secret documents are checked out to the President who is no longer President, no alarms sounded, no whistles were blown, no sirens blared. Where were the red lights flashing that super-duper top-secret documents had not been returned and the person who had them was not entitled to them? How come in nearly 18 months, no one noticed that super-duper top-secret files were missing?

4. The Loser President thought his harebrained schemes would work – our immature child president thought he was going to continue to be able to play President for a second term. It was somewhat funny when the Secretary of State promised a smooth transition to a second Trump term. It is not so funny when the Loser did not realize until January 7 that he would have to vacate the premise on January 20.

a. Who are the people who helped him pack during that frantic period?
b. Which one is the informant who knew what was being shipped and where it was being stored?

The House Select Committee still has work to do.

5. Will Trumpicans and Republicans part ways on Documentgate? – Trumpicans are calling for defunding the FBI. Trumpicans are declaring war on the FBI which already has led to violence. Trumpicans are vowing revenge on everyone involved in this attack of the former and future President.

For the Republicans the matter is not so air-headed. There is no MAGA reason why an outgoing President should take these files whether classified or not. So far the only I reason I have heard offered is because he thought these records were his personally. There is no legal basis for such a claim but since when has he had knowledge of the law. While Trumpicans will support him no matter what, for Republicans, I suspect they will need a better explanation than they ae his records and he can do with what he wants just as he could with his DOJ, his military, his Secret Service, and his government employees. This time, that might not be enough.


After the Wisconsin Senate leader Robin Voss narrowly survived an unknown and poorly-funded Trumpican opponent who ran on a single issue, he fired the Wisconsin judge leading the stop-the-steal-decertify-the-election effort in the state. Elected Republican officials have the same opportunity now. The primary season is just about over. There is nothing the Trump base can do now except stay home and not vote for a Democrat in the general election. The elected Republican officials are free at last, free at last, free at last to denounce the Insurrectionist leader. Will any of them do so? This is their last chance until the House Select Committee releases its report shortly before the general election and possibly after DOJ has indicted Donald Trump for espionage. Will Ron DeSantis seize the moment?