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Civil War Update: The Battle of Gettysburg 2022 Elections


In the battle between Donald Trump and the Constitution, the 2022 elections may be considered the Battle of Gettysburg. The current Civil War is being fought differently than the last one. That Civil War was fought at National Park Service sites. This one is being fought through the voting at all levels and the occasional violence on January 6 and with a hammer.

It is easy at this point to be caught up in the details of individual elections and not see the forest for the leaf. The Battle of Gettysburg 2022 Elections is a critical one in the determination of who will win the overall war. This midterm election was an anomaly because, as previously stated, there were two Presidents were on the ballot. Although neither one was actually on the ballot, the vote in part was a referendum on both 45 and 46.

Under normal circumstances, one would expect 46’s party not to fare well. In the past there have been tidal wave shifts against the incumbent President. Everytime a voter saw a gas price while driving or food prices while shopping, the voter was reminded that a change was needed.

On the other hand, when an 82-year old grandfather was struck with a hammer, the voter was reminded what was disgusting and repulsive about 45 and his followers. To watch Tumpicans take joy in and make fun of the hammer attack was a bridge too far for many Americans. Are these the type of people you want in charge of the country?

Fortunately for Trumpicans, many voters still vote local, the price of gas or my party. But others worry about the threat to democracy.


The time immediately prior to the Battle of Gettysburg 2022 Elections represents the high water mark for the Trumpican forces. Just as Napoleon and Hitler were going great guns for a while, eventually they reached their limits and it was all downhill from there. Similarly, for the Confederacy, Robert E. Lee’s campaign into Pennsylvania marked his deepest penetration into the North. Once the Union prevailed at Gettysburg, it was back to the South. Similarly, Trump’s sally into Pennsylvania led to a double defeat of his two-handpicked candidates. Republicans already debate the squandered opportunity of the nomination of two Trumpicans.

Up until Election Day, it was full speed ahead for Trumpicans. Republicans were purged from the Party either through retiring or by being primaried. Occasionally, some would win, but in general all those who favored impeachment were gone. Instead, people who supported the claim that the election had been stolen were the nominees.

Laws had been passed to suppress the votes of Democrats.

Candidates had been selected to ensure the vote count be favorable in 2024.

Supreme Court cases had been filed so only gerrymandered state legislatures could decide who had won.

An army of vote suppressors had been recruited and trained.

The only thing left was the actually vote.


The same person who predicted a red wave in 2018, predicted one in 2022. He was so sure of the results, that a week after the election on November 15 he was prepared to announce his candidacy for2024. Apparently, he is becoming more and more ballistic about his not being in the White House now and more and more difficult to be handled. Perhaps old age is beginning to affect his mental necessities where he increasingly obsesses over his lost past. The White House has become his Rosebud except it never was his to own in the first place.

The Battle of Gettysburg 2022 Elections expose him as a loser. Sure he can influence who wins a Republican primary. Sure he can “endorse” who wins in a Republican district. But once a candidate has to venture out into the state electorate, the results are not as favorable.


45 the Loser has direct significance for the 2024 elections.

Previously I had suggested that DeSantis would wait until 2023, before issuing a challenge. That timetable needs to be speeded up. 45 already was fuming about DeSantis long before the 2022 Election Day. Then he decided to fire the first formal shot by giving DeSantis one of those clever junior high school nicknames. He further sought to undermine any potential presidential bid by DeSantis by threatening to smear him and his family. Now DeSantis is a big winner with a huge financial stockpile and 45 is again a loser.

The future does not bode well for 45. Two trials already are underway in New York related to the Trump organization that no one will defend because they are too busy taking the Fifth. It is only a matter of time before he is indicted for Mar-a-Lagogate and vote tampering in Georgia. The House Select Committee will issue its report further documenting 45’s effort to overthrow Constitutional rule in the United States leading to further legal complications. As people lose their fear of retribution, even more of them may be willing to come forth. In short, he has nothing good to look forward to legally in the next two years. His legal woes will be like those gas signs, a constant reminder to the voters why it is time to move on.

How many people are going to run in 2024 with a call to relitigate 2020? Just some old guy puttering around in his luxurious nursing home surrounded by his souvenirs… and he won’t even have them anymore either.

Then what happens when Russia loses in Ukraine. On Election Day, the Russians announced a major pullback. More to come. This smart savvy invasion of no cost is leading to the defeat of Russia. What are the implications of an Ukrainian victory? What are the ripple effects of a Putin defeat in Russia, in Iran, in China, in Syria, and elsewhere? What are the kudos that will be extended to the supposedly near-death Biden when it turns out Brandon prevailed over Putin?


Election Day 2022 burst the bubble of the 45 Loser. He reached the limits of power the day before the election. Even if Republicans take control of the House and Senate, they are well aware that the red wave did not materialize. They are well are of who should be held responsible –  the same person who was responsible for January 6. Republicans in the House and Senate know that if they came out of box in 2023 with guns blazing to relitigate, investigate, and impeach the past, that the American voting public has no interest in it.

Americans looking at those gas prices aren’t interested in a retribution agenda. If the only goals of the Trumpican Party are to help rich people get richer and squeeze the benefits of the little people that they are not a winning formula.

In the meantime Donald Trump will be fuming constantly on Twitter or some other social media platform. Even Foxhub is ready to move on. As of right now he may the leading candidate for the 2024 Republican Party presidential nomination. By the time the actual campaign comes around he will just be an immature child with emotional maturity of a three-year old fighting to stay out prison. It will even be safe to be a real Republican then and he may be an afterthought will no role to play.

Give credit where credit is due. He completely disrupted the American political system and put democracy at risk. Now what is at risk is his own freedom. His November 15 announcement, if it happens, is likely to be pitiable compared to the escalator ride a mere seven years ago.                   

Will California or South Carolina Secede First?

Will Donald Trump succeed where Robert E. Lee failed?

Crunch time is coming. America’s Third Civil War is fast approaching the moment of truth. After weeks, months, and years of writing about it, the battle is now taking shape to determine if America continues to exist as a single country. Lincoln’s adage that a house divided cannot stand is true but not appropriate. We are not “a” house. We were two houses when we constituted ourselves in 1787. We were two houses when we fought the Civil War/War of Northern Aggression. We were two houses when we celebrated the Sesquicentennial of that war. And we obviously are two houses now in the coronavirus pandemic.


Election Day will be our Gettysburg. The preliminary skirmishes have already started. The rhetoric anticipating the battle is being heard. Our historically ignorant President praised Robert E. Lee to an audience in Minnesota. The title of the local news article covering that story was:

Trump’s praise of Robert E. Lee gets pushback from Minnesotans proud of state’s role at Gettysburg: Minnesota soldiers played a pivotal role at Gettysburg, a major Confederate loss

Standing in the heart of a state that has gloried in its role in helping save the Union at Gettysburg, President Donald Trump extolled at length Friday the battle prowess of a seemingly odd hero — Gen. Robert E. Lee. Some Minnesota veterans and Civil War historians were surprised to hear the commander-in-chief lavish praise on a man who led the Confederacy’s fight against Americans trying to preserve the Union. “Had he won, we would be two countries,” state Sen. Jerry Newton, a veteran who served in the Vietnam War and the Middle East, said Saturday. “That’s just unconscionable for me, for him to make those statements.”

A painting at the Minnesota State Capitol depicting the First Minnesota Volunteer Regiment’s historic firefight on July 2, 1863, in the Battle of Gettysburg.

The Minnesota Republican Party and several GOP legislators and officials didn’t respond Saturday to requests for comment on the president’s remarks.

The very stable genius who speaks about Lincoln to Confederates now speaks of Lee to Unionists. But he is right to sense in his gut that we are at a Gettysburg moment.


Gettysburg marked the turning point of the Confederacy’s invasion of the North. Ultimately the United States did not become a legally divided country. The Union prevailed. The current un-Lincoln President favors the Confederacy over the Union. He has been quite open on his admiration for Confederate generals and the Confederate way of life. He practically sighs in disappointment over how close Lee came to triumphing over the Union.

This preference is not actually because he personally knows anything about the Confederacy beyond Gone with the Wind.  What appeals to him is the same thing that appeals to him with QAnon and white Protestant evangelicals: they support him. What else matters?  By contrast, the Union States tended to vote against him. The longtime faux Democrat and Clinton supporter naturally prefers the people who worship him over those who mock and investigate him.

The coronavirus provides the perfect dividing line for America. The talk about how a virus doesn’t know politics is nonsense. As we have seen, the virus has been very targeted in the people it kills. It preys on the weak. It preys on the unhealthy. It preys on people who are vulnerable. The virus imprinted itself in the American culture as a New York disease that primarily effects people Trumpicans don’t care about anyway. Even after seven months, the virus has only minimally effected Trumpicans. The biggest impact has been economic due to the lockdowns. The political impact is to make the dividing line quite clear. Corvid-19 highlights that we really are two countries masquerading as one.


For several weeks if not months, people have been gaming out various “what if” scenarios for the post-election world. By and large, the results have been terrifying. Many existing laws and rules have never been tested. We never have had a President who is a law unto himself with no ethics, no conscience, and no morals. Truly the country will be in uncharted waters after November 3.

The one precedent is the election in 1876. At that time there were rival slates of electors just as there were from Mississippi in the 1960s at Democratic conventions. Just a little over a decade from the end of America’s Second Civil War, the country stood on the brink of beginning another one. In that situation as the clock wound down a deal was struck whereby the South would no longer be occupied territory. Violence was threatened. The newly-freed slaves were collateral damage. It was an ugly moment in American history. Neither of the two candidates then was the incumbent unlike the situation today.

So Tilden got something for stepping down. What does our incumbent want and what would he get if he steps down?

1. He wants to be president for life just like Putin and the leaders from Trumphole countries.

2. As the greatest President in American history, he wants to be President for four-terms (he probably doesn’t know that FDR didn’t actually serve for 16 years but somehow he does know that FDR was elected four times. Maybe his mother told about what life was like under Roosevelt.)

3. He never loses. He didn’t lose the popular vote in 2016, it was rigged and he is not going to lose in 2020 either unless it is rigged.

Is it just coincidence that just as the son is about to be hauled into court that the father reveals that there will be no peaceful transfer because there will be continuity? As the days dwindle to election, he can see the ghost of Christmas future more clearly in the legal problems of his son. He has nothing good to look forward to after leaving the White House so he has nothing to lose by doing everything he can to remain in it.


1. What will California do if Pennsylvania attempts to steal the election? And New York? And so on? Regardless of all the legal shenanigans detailed in Gellman article in The Atlantic, there is the one scenario he only mentioned in passing: the threat of secession. Don’t expect the states to stand by idly if one tries to pull a fast one.

2. Who will Europe support? That’s obvious. Romney already played the Belarus card. The world laughs at America and pities the country because of its simpleminded immature child president. The world favors Make America Adult Again.

3. Who will Russia support? That’s also obvious. We just saw how the pro-Union people of Minnesota reacted when Robert E. Lee was praised in their presence. How will Trumpicans react to the world supporting Biden except for Russia?

4. Who will the American military support? It knows the incumbent is a moron who never stands up to Russia. Only one person can have the nuclear codes. Who will they be given to on January 20?

5. By that point the American people will have whipped into a frenzy. If Biden wins a plurality or majority of the vote, are his supporters going to accept a Biden defeat regardless of the various legal rulings? Will Trumpicans accept the Antichrist as President and life in hell on earth as their future?

Will it be time to recognize that the United States can no longer function as a single country, that we can’t live together?

Perhaps instead of discussing what to do if there are two claimants for the presidency, we should be discussing how each person can be president in separate countries over the people who voted them. Maybe we should be discussing dividing peacefully rather trying to be unified by force? Let’s ask the American people what they think.

Covenant to Lady Liberty: An Idea and Political Identity

Moses and the Covenant (

There is more to Moses than Charlton Heston. Ignore the theology. Ignore the special effects. Ignore Cecil B. DeMille. Instead focus on the political. Focus on the fact that when Israel emerged in history it did not have a king, it did not have a temple, it did not have a capital city. It was not a nomadic people. Yet somehow people still were able to identify themselves as Israel. What the people did have that no one else had was a covenant. While not exactly a Constitution, it did serve to define the people. Whereas our defining document begins with WE THE PEOPLE, Israel’s began with “Yahweh thy God took thee out of the land of Egypt (Ex. 20:2).

Pharaoh Merneptah (1212-1202 BCE), the son and successor to Ramses II, claimed to have destroyed the seed of Israel. When the Merneptah Stele was discovered in 1896 with these words, it caused quite a stir as you might imagine.

Merneptah Stele, Cairo Museum (Wikipedia)

Merneptah used an indentifier with the word “Israel” to indicate that Israel was a not a settled people as were the people of the Canaanites cities that Egypt had ruled for centuries. But they were not nomads in the land of Canaan either. So what were they?

Archaeologists have discovered hundreds of small unwalled settlements in the land of Canaan that date to this time. They are considered to be Israelite because realistically speaking who else could they be? Merneptah knew there was a people Israel there and they knew they were not a city-based people. So how did they maintain their identity?

The answer is the covenant renewal ceremony. They were united by an idea. Israel was not a people based on geography. It was not a people based on race. It was not a people based on ethnicity. It was a people based on an idea expressed in the covenant and later physically expressed in the Ark of the Covenant. Periodically, the people met (or at least the elders did) to renew that sense of identity. At first Israel did so at Mount Ebal as instructed by Moses (Deut. 11:29, 27:4, 13) and done by Joshua (Josh, 8:30-35). Archaeologists have discovered the altar used in the ceremonies but the consequences of admitting it are too much to accept.

The Altar at Mount Ebal (Biblical Archaeology Society)

After Mount Ebal, the covenant renewal ceremony relocated to Shiloh. Shiloh also served as a place for men to bring the unmarried women in their family to find mates (Judg. 21:19-23) much like the camp meetings in the early 1800s in the United States. The ark remained at Shiloh until it was captured by the Philistines.

Shiloh and the Capture of the Ark of the Covenant (Biblical Archaeology Society)

When David became king of all Israel, he continued this tradition of defining the people based on an idea. He brought the ark to Jerusalem, his new capital. Jerusalem, unlike with the founding of Washington, DC, had been enemy territory for centuries. Based on the archaeological record, Jerusalem had been a good vassal of Egypt during the more than three centuries of Egyptian rule in the land of Canaan.

Diplomatic Correspondence between Vassal Jerusalem and Egypt (Amarna Letters)

It is reasonable to conclude that Jerusalem like other vassal cities would have joined with Pharaoh Merneptah against the newcomer Israel. And according to the biblical account, Jerusalem organized a coalition against Israel (Josh. 10:1-5). In the biblical accounts of this time period, Jerusalem definitely is not part of Israel (Judg. 1:7-8, 21; 19:11-12).

Yet David makes the enemy city his capital. He installs the ark there (II Samuel 6). He buys land there from most likely the Jebusite king of the city and the Temple of Solomon would be built there (II Sam. 24:16-25; I Chr. 24:15-30; II Chr. 3:1). He does not massacre the Jebusite inhabitants of the city. Instead he welcomes them into his kingdom, his government, his family. Consider the words of Rahab the Canaanite, the female figure used to symbolize the Canaanite people who are now under the rule of David, King of Israel.

Joshua 2:10 For we have heard how Yahweh dried up the water of the Red Sea before you when you came out of Egypt, and what you did to the two kings of the Amorites that were beyond the Jordan, to Sihon and Og, whom you utterly destroyed.

Note that the Canaanites have heard what Yahweh has done. By contrast, the Israelites had seen what Yahweh had done.

Exodus 14:13 And Moses said to the people, “Fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of Yahwweh, which he will work for you today; for the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall never see again.

In this contrast between those who saw and those who heard, one may recognize the difference between the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution and the naturalized Americans who have no biological link to the Patriot cause. It is precisely this distinction and inclusion that Lincoln will replicate at Gettysburg (see below).

Before Lincoln did do that, four score and seven years earlier, the Founding Fathers had to first create the United States of America based on an idea. To understand what they accomplished it is necessary to put aside our racial classification system. Based on the standards of the time, they were trying to create “WE THE PEOPLE” out of a disparate amalgamation of peoples. There were English of various types, Scotch Irish, Irish Catholic, Dutch, Palatine Germans, Sephardic Jews, and French Huguenots among other peoples. There was no precedent for combining such a diversity into a non-imperial republic. Certainly no political entity was organized on such a basis in Euope. The idea of constituting themselves as a people was farfetched to say the least. They knew it was an experiment. They knew it might not work. They probably would be shocked by the idea of a pending 250th anniversary for such a political entity.

Lincoln at Gettysburg continued this definition of the political entity based on an idea. When he said “Four score and seven years ago, our fathers,” he knew that not everyone in his audience was a son or daughter of the American Revolution. But just as David included in the political kingdom of Israel people who had not been part of the people of Israel that Merneptah had claimed to have destroyed two centuries earlier, so Lincoln linked all the Americans of his present to the events 76 years earlier. If you stood for the Union now, you were one with those who had created the Union then.

This idea took a giant leap forward for humanity with Captain Kirk on the Starship Enterprise. His hero was Lincoln so I presume Lincoln was a hero to Gene Roddenberry as well. Earth like the 13 states was part of a Federation. Beings of different races were joined together in a single entity. The precise details of how the Federation of Planets operated are not the issue here. What is the issue is the concept of beings becoming one without abandoning their individuality as with the Borg or in Mainland China. In this regard, Federation with its Prime Directive and other defining principles is another step on a journey that began millennia earlier when a mixed multitude entered into a covenant. They are united not by geography, not by race, not by ethnicity, but by an idea.

It’s all one story. Moses in the wilderness with the covenant, David at Zion with the Ark of the Covenant, the Founding Fathers with the Constitution, Lincoln with the Gettysburg Address,  Kirk on the Enterprise are all part of a single story. As the Ark of the Covenant once was the physical expression of the covenant idea that defined Israel, so the Statue of Liberty is the physical expression of the idea that defines the United States. Both for the people who come here and those in Hong Kong, Russia, and elsewhere, the Statue of Liberty is the global symbol for people who want to be free. So which Charlton Heston ending will America choose? The Charlton Heston of The Ten Commandments who ends the movie with the words of the Liberty Bell to proclaim liberty throughout the land (Lev. 25:10) or the Charlton Heston of Planet of Apes overwhelmed by the sight of the Statue of Liberty buried in the sands?

Planet of the Apes (YouTube)