Would you blame a dead pet rock for mismanaging the coronavirus crisis? Of course not. The question is absurd. A dead pet rock isn’t capable of managing a crisis yet alone mismanaging one. The fault is in you for asking it to do something that is inherently impossible for it to do.

Why blame Donald Trump for his failure to manage the coronavirus crisis? He is inherently incapable of being an adult. HE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE!

Why blame Donald Trump for the additional deaths due to his failure to manage the coronavirus crisis? IT’S CHINA!

Why blame Donald Trump for the accelerated economic collapse due to his failure to manage the coronavirus? IT’S THE DEEP STATE!

There is no constructive purpose served in affixing responsibility now on the person who is even more out of his league as president than a dead pet rock would be. At least the dead pet rock would not exclaim the ignorant absurdities this President dishes out daily. It’s not fair to judge him by adult standards since he isn’t one.

There will come a time when the next administration conducts an investigation through an appropriately named commission to document all the shortcomings of THE GREATEST FAILURE IN AMERICAN HISTORY. So not only won’t he be THE BIGGEST FINANCIAL LOSER IN AMERICAN HISTORY, he will become THE WORST PRESIDENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY.

Right now the press is making a big fuss about overlooked intelligence service reports and mock simulations. On paper they both warned of a virus crisis and declared that one was now upon us. What makes you think this President has the cognitive skills to read, understand, and act upon these reports? Everything we have learned from former and sometimes current White House employees consistently states that this individual simply cannot process such reports. They would have to be dumbed down and simplified to an elementary school level so in 15-30 seconds they could be digested. In addition, every third line would have to tell him how great he is. Think of the failed effort of HHS Secretary Alex Azar even to inform the President of the seriousness of the coronavirus crisis. By background he is a successful lobbyist for the drug industry. While there are grounds for questioning his qualifications, it should be noted that he is an adult and he has some expertise with viruses precisely because he had to have some knowledge to be a successful lobbyist. Still, he could not get through to this president.

Nothing could until the stock market collapsed. At last there was something that he could understand!

Now let’s examine his thinking skills.

Mitt Romney ran the worst campaign ever.

Crooked Hillary was the worst Secretary of State ever.

Nancy Pelosi is the worst Speaker of the House ever.

NAFTA is the worst trade treaty ever.

I give myself a 10.

I am the smartest person in the room.

I was the best baseball player in New York (but couldn’t play professionally because of business).

I would have been a great soldier (except for the bonespurs that I know were on one of my feet).

Greatest first year/two years of a President ever.

Notice a pattern here? At the level of his brain functions, there are only two possibilities: the best and the worst. There is nothing else. Is this the management level thinking needed during a crisis? Is this the judgement we need in a leader?

Consider his recent exchange with NBC reporter Peter Alexander. When I first heard the question I groaned. Why oh why is this reporter giving the Narcissist in Chief another opportunity to brag about how he is a ten? And why is the network choosing to replay this scene? Doesn’t that qualify as cruel and unusual punishment? Couldn’t you spare us a rerun of this self-centered person telling America how great he is? Then I heard the answer. I was stunned. I could not understand the connection between the puff piece question and the vitriol of the answer.

Then I realized why.

There are two principles to remember when seeking to understand this person:

1 He will always be an immature child
2 He will be the seventh-grade-smart-aleck-dumb every opportunity he has even when you think he doesn’t have one.

The phrase I have used is “playtime is over.” Now he has to function in the real world.

Let’s try to determine his mental state. Imagine a room of worried, concerned, upset adults. The child in that room senses the mood. So does a dog for that matter. The cause in this case is Grandma has cancer. The child may never have heard the word cancer before and have no idea what it means. The child can say the word “cancer” but has yet to develop the mental necessities to understand what it is and why people are so upset. Similarly, that child would be incapable of understanding the medical, emotional, and psychological meaning of a pandemic.

Now it is becoming harder and harder for Little Donnee Waney to play make-believe. He is trying as best he can to ignore, bad-mouth, and trash-talk his way out of this situation but it is just not working. What we witnessed with the NBC reporter is a moment when the President of the United States cracked under pressure. The real world is getting to him. He can’t fix the stock market. He can’t make the coronavirus go away. He can’t even hold professional political wrestling rallies where he can mock, demean and insult people all he wants. Imagine how he will react if he sees a poll with Sleepy Creepy Joe Biden beating him. Imagine how he will react if he sees such a poll on Fox. Imagine how he will react if he thinks he is about to lose his presidential immunity. The Alexander exchange is just a preview. We can anticipate more and more moments where the real world overwhelms the immature child playing adult make believe.

Right now, the only check and balance on this President is Anthony Fauci.


His job is to correct the President and protect the people from the nonsense that spews forth on a daily basis. It is a wonder he has any time to do actual scientific work.

So where can We the People turn?

The Governor of New York is trying to fill the gap. The Governor of New York is trying to be what the Mayor of New York was after 9/11. But the Governor is well aware that more is needed. The governor of a state cannot be the national voice for an epidemic that is affecting every state. Who can be?

Joe Biden.

Imagine if we had a parliamentary system. Imagine if we had an opposition leader who could offer an alternative voice to the person in charge. Imagine if we had an opposition leader who could call the person in charge to task. Imagine if we had an opposition leader who could command media attention. We do not have a parliamentary system but we do have a presidential election year. We do know who the Democratic candidate is going to be.

We do not have the luxury of waiting until late January, 2021, to find out what he would do.

We do not have the luxury of waiting until the fall campaign to hear what he would do?

We do not have the luxury of waiting for the summer party platforms to read what he would do?

Fauci is not enough, we need Biden to speak out and correct the President. We need Biden to offer comfort, to show empathy, to express sympathy. And we need Joe Biden to identify the team who will lead the country out of the crisis that the current President helped create. Who will be your Vice President? Who will be your medical people? Who will be your economic people? Who will be your people who can elevate Cuomo’s message to the national level and provide America with a path forwards. What is your plan? The time has come to end the Democratic primary campaign and begin the national campaign with a full team. In this crisis we need to act as if we were a parliamentary system even though we aren’t.