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The White House or the Court House in August?: The Shrinking Loser

“But when my son was about 3, I realized his fictive worlds were vivid enough to continue without me. All he need, at first, was a listener.” (John Mahler, “New York at a Crossroad,” NYT 6/20/21) REUTERS/Gaelen Morse

Pre-millennialists generally avoid specifying a date for the return of Jesus. They do so because they have learned from experience. Every date they pick has come and gone without anything happening. Eventually the message sinks in: to avoid being laughed at do not identify the date.

By contrast, Pillow Head goes where pre-millennialists fear to tread. He named if not an exact date then an exact month when his Lord and Savior, the Chosen One, Blessed Be his Name would triumphantly return to power in a blaze of glory. The month is August 2021 and he still champions that date.

I confess I want to people to be believe Pillow Head’s prophecies. I want Trumpicans to be counting the days until the moment occurs. I want them to be glued to the screen of their choice waiting for Tucker or Sean to announce that the moment of moments has arrived. The Satanic pedophile forces of evil have been vanquished. The senile stealer of the election has been booted from the White House. Once again the forces of right and light have prevailed. I want this modern version of the Great Disappointment to be played out for all the real world to see as the alternate reality crashes and burns. There should be a betting line on when the day will be. Trumpicans should be interviewed on what they will do to celebrate it. The days are drawing down, let the countdown continue.

Where do things stand now?


According to the Gospel of Pillow Head, Arizona was the start point for the return to power. It would show the massive defeat of Biden that was reversed through fraud due to aliens from Italy, China, or Mars. Those UFOs are not here by chance!

From there the Cyber Ninjas would march through Georgia as the second coming of Sherman. They would find the 11,780 votes and then some. Michigan would be next. Devotees made pilgrimages to Arizona so they could replicate the Way of the Vote back home. Everything looked good for a successful reversal of the Electoral College vote of January 6 on paper. Even if they did not herald an immediate return to power, they would provide an unbeatable election cry for 2024 to right the wrong of the stolen election in 2020.

So far things are not working out as expected.

A Reagan-appointed judge in Georgia nixed the effort there. It is over in Georgia.

A Republican controlled State Senate Oversight Committee squashed the effort in Michigan. They did so in terms so insulting to the “Stop the Steal” movement you would have thought they were Democrats. There is “no evidence of widespread or systematic fraud.” “The Committee strongly recommends citizens use a critical eye and ear toward those who have pushed demonstrably false theories for their own personal gain.”

The outcry against them has been minimal. In nearby Ohio, the Loser President railed against the Michigan Republican leaders demanding his followers call them to change their ruling or be voted out of office. Do you think they are concerned? It is highly unlikely that they will be primaried or censured. The lack of outrage signals a dissipation of the Stop the Steal movement and the weakening of the power of the Loser ex-President. He can huff and puff and threaten to blow them all down but he cannot do it. It is over in Michigan.

Even worse, the Republican Senators admitted that since there had been no fraud in Michigan, there was no need for new laws to prevent it. In other words, the voter suppression laws have nothing to do with preventing fraud. Their purpose is to ensure that a repeat Biden victory does not occur in 2024. Perhaps one of the reasons Trumpicans can accept that the Loser ex-President will not be returned to power now is because of all the actions taken to legally prevent the Democratic candidate winning in 2024.

If you think the actions of the Cyber Ninjas have been ridiculed so far, wait until they disclose their findings. Wait until they produce the evidence that will convince the Supreme Court to cancel the January 6, 2021 vote and install the true winner as President effective immediately. If you think Séance Sydney was good for a few laughs in communicating with the dead, the Cyber Ninja evidence will be the death knoll for the Stop the Steal movement. There is no August return to the White House and no replacement date in sight until 2024.

If Florida or Texas need disaster recovery relief in the fall which President do you think they will contact? If there is a bipartisan infrastructure bill how can you maintain the lie when you just entered into an agreement with the illegitimate President? Even elected Trumpicans in Congress know it is time to move on….with some exceptions of course.


Predicting the future is easy. What else can you predict? The past? So here are my predictions.

1. The Durham report, the hope of Hannity for days, weeks, months, even years, will prove to be a Nothingburger.

2. The Horowitz report will prove there was spying at the highest levels against political opponents just as Foxhub said but it was by Trump and not Obama. This investigation does not get the airtime on Foxhub the original Horowitz report did. It will be a little like the movie Z as the truth is unraveled only this time the military is on the side of democracy.

3. The House Select Committee to investigate the January 6 will document the assistance by some Republicans, the instigation by the President, and the presidential unawareness of the difference between a TV show where the violence is fake news and the assault on America where it was real. It will even force Kevin McCarthy to tell the truth.

4. The COVID investigation will show the ineptness and incompetence of the immature child President lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans. If the Senate had done its job and removed him from office and made Mike Pence president those Americans would be alive today.

5. More and more insiders will expose the horrendous truth and callous evil of the Trump Presidency. The face-saving efforts of Bill Barred-for-Life is one example. The pathetic joyride in the hospital parking lot by the COVID President is another. Even more amazing, there actually were people in the White House who thought the infection of the immature child would cause him to grow up and take the disease seriously. It boggles the mind that anyone could think such nonsense. Getting COVID did not change the need of the biggest weeny in America from a fake display of his manliness. He will always be Macho Macho Boy pretending to be more; nothing can change that.

6. At some point, the Loser will realize even in his deranged alternate reality, that even though the election was stolen – he will believe that to his dying day – he will not be returned to the White House by his Supreme Court. What will he decide to do then? We probably have to wait for the results of the 2022 elections to find out. This mid-term election may be an anomaly in that instead of simple being a referendum about the current President, it will be one about the former President who wants to be the next President. That is good news for the Democrats.

7. The criminal and civil cases in Georgia, Washington, and New York will only become worse for him. He may even have to cut down as his golf which would be cruel and unusual punishment in his case even without being convicted.

One final prediction does not augur well for the Loser. His former Vice President Brownnose is no profile in courage. But he is the proverbial canary in the coal mine. When he took pride in his actions on January 6 in fulfilling his constitutional duties to certify the election of Joe Biden against the demand not to, he dared to put his loyalty to the Constitution over his obligations to the President of the United States. “If we lose faith in the Constitution, we won’t just lose elections — we’ll lose our country,” Pence said in a speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Exactly right. But there are other ambitious would-be candidates for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, too. They can sense weakness. They can smell the blood in the water. They can see the rivals around them. The king will be dead and I want to be the new one. Republicans do not need Trump to campaign against the Woke. The more they realize that they are stronger without him then without him, the more likely the Howard Baker moment will be the Brutus moment of shoving the Loser aside.