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Stop the Coup! Save the Country!: Divide Georgia into Two States Now!

Stop the coup: divide and conquer (

To save America, divide Georgia into two states now. Time is running out. In December, 2019, Atlantic had a cover about the looming civil war. America’s Third Civil War has been a subject of multiple blogs here along with my concerns about our celebrating the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution as a single country.

Last December, I started to do an update on the Atlantic issue now that the election had been held (America’s Third Civil War: An Update). Of course, I did not know that January 6 was about to happen. The more we learn the more we see how close the Hitman’s assault on America to steal the election and overthrow the Constitution was to succeeding.


According to the latest revelation from the soon-to-be published book by Mark Meadows, there should have been no need for January 6: the Supreme Court with “his” justices were going to make him President courtesy of the Texas lawsuit. That failure hit the Loser hard. Time was slipping away. As these pieces of the emotional state of mind of the Hitman are disclosed we get a better sense of what was occurring – now he thought the Vice President would be his Supreme Court and make him President, he had exhausted all other options. He really believed Pence had the power to make him President again. This goes to his own state of ignorance as well as the quality of his advisors in his final days as President.

People tend to take for granted that if the Hitman had been successful in his attempt to steal the election that the rest of the country simply would have accepted the results. The Hitman isn’t the only one who can rally people to the nation’s capital. People opposed to him can fill the streets there and throughout the country as well. And now they have a license to form Rittenhouse brigades.

One should not automatically assume that success is seizing the Capital equates to control of the control. To dominate America will require a lot more than it did to dominate Lafayette Square.


Now we are at the two year anniversary of the Atlantic Civil War issue. Suddenly the magazine dropped another bombshell – “Trump’s Next Coup Has Already Begun” by Barton Gellman. By the time I receive my print copy of Atlantic, the online version will be old news. What Gellman has done is to document how the failure to succeed in the 2020 presidential election is serving as unexpected preparation for the assault in 2024. Now he does not need the Supreme Court, will not have the Vice President, and will not need a mob to invade the Capital. He can steal the election legally by controlling the voting infrastructure at the state level.

Gellman has done us a service in showing that the path to power is through the states. This isn’t like Germany seizing Paris and therefore controlling the country. Trumpican governors know that they may have to use local forces to secure their states in 2024/2025 in the name of their Lord and Savior, the Chosen One, Blessed Be his Name, Say Hallelujah.

A review of the specific mechanisms whereby the coup be affected are well known. The longstanding gerrymandering is only the tip of the iceberg. The voter suppression efforts underway since the 2020 election and still being pursued also are quite familiar. We have seen brave Republicans (not Trumpicans) in Michigan and Georgia fulfill their oaths to the Constitution and to the law only to face the wrath of the Trumpicans. Some have lost their jobs. Some are being primaried. Some have just had enough.

The Trumpican seizure of the voting infrastructure reflects a comprehensive systematic nationwide effort to make it legal so Joe Biden cannot win no matter what. This effort includes:

1. Gerrymandering
2. Voter suppression
3. Rigged voter counts and certification
4. Legislative appointment of electors.

However, it also presumes that the Vice President will convene a meeting on January 6, 2025, to certify the vote even with dual slates of electors, contested votes, and all these manipulations.


In the last few days, the implementation of the plan to steal the election has become public in the actions in Georgia. The double battle between Trumpican and Republican for the nomination and the showdown between the winner of that confrontation with Stacey Abrams highlights that states are the key.

The challenge for Democrats is to devise a strategy to counter the coup plan detailed in the Gellman article. Since states are the key, the countermove is quite straightforward – create more of them in a way that undermines the Trumpican strategy.

Imagine now, if Georgia were to follow in the footsteps of West Virginia/Virginia from the second Civil War. Suppose Georgia divided into Confederate Georgia and Union Georgia for the 2024 elections – what would it mean for the Hitman’s attempt to steal the election?

Governor – Stacey Abrams would be the Union Georgia Governor and either Brian Kemp or David Purdue would be the Confederate Georgia Governor.

Senate – Confederate Georgia would have two Trumpican Senators and Union Georgia would have two Democratic Senators, Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, for a pickup of two for McConnell.

House – Confederate and Union Georgia would split the 14 Representatives 50:50 based on the close voting in the 2020 elections. The present configuration of 8 Confederates and 6 Union would shift to 7:7 for a net gain of one for Pelosi.

Electoral College – Trump would win Confederate Georgia for 9 votes versus none in 2020 and Biden would win Union Georgia for 9 notes versus 16 in 2020 for a loss of 7.

Of course the results would differ in the divided Florida, Texas, Alabama and elsewhere in the Confederacy to the advantage of the Democrats in the House, the Senate, and the Electoral College.

At the state level, Confederate Georgia would be governed by Confederates and Union Georgia would be governed by Unionists. Neither state legislature would have any say over the actions of the other one This change means that gerrymandering, voter suppression, rigged voter counts, rigged certification, legislative-appointed electors would be irrelevant and not exist. ALL THE TECHNIQUES DETAILED BY GELLMAN ON HOW TRUMPICANS WILL STEAL THE ELECTION WILL BE RENDERED MOOT IF THE STATES DIVIDE INTO THEIR CONFEDERATE AND UNION COMPONENTS.

In the battle for the elections so far the Democrats have brought a plastic knife to an AK-15 gun fight. If the Democrats wait until after the 2024 presidential election to realize there is a problem, they will have waited too long. The states beyond a shadow of a doubt are the arena where the battle for 2024 is being fought right now (just as where the abortion battle is). And the states are where the Trumpican plan to seize control of the electoral process can be thwarted. Forget about Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. for now. Think about Union Georgia, Union Florida, and Union Texas instead.  This time when the South rises again, it will be a Union one.


P.S. Don’t Mark Meadows, Jeffrey Clark, and Steve Bannon know they are going to be charged with sedition in the House report regardless of all their legal shenanigans and games?  Are they really that ignorant?