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Are You Suffering from TFS (Trump Fatigue Syndrome)?

Nowhere to Run. Nowhere to Hide. Got Nowhere to Run. Got Nowhere to Hide.

Are you suffering from Trump Fatigue Syndrome (TFS)? I first asked this question back on August 28, 2019. TFS is different from Post-Trumpatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). That will happen after the election when Trumpicans have to decide whether to live in the real world or not. PTSD will be he subject of a future blog. In the meantime there is TFS.


The catalyst for this blog as an article on the CNN website about Wisconsin voters. The article does not mention TFS but it is all about Trump Fatigue Syndrome anyway.

The 79-year-old resident of nearby Grant County voted for Trump in 2016 but regrets it now, turned off by “his lies.” “It just makes you tired,” Seeley said of Trump the day after the first debate. “He’s like a kid in a candy store. If he can’t have a piece, he breaks everything in the store.”

 “Most people don’t want the ugliness of the political world to be front and center in their news every day and in their conversations and in their drive to work,” he said. “A lot of people are just fed up with the constant barrage of whatever the scandal of the day is.”

 “It makes you feel like doomsday is coming,” Murphy-Lopez said of the tenor Trump has struck in recent weeks. “And the top thing I hear from independents or people who are on the fence is they want politicians who are going to work for the people, not the party. They are tired of elected officials going after each other, they are tired of people making each other look bad.”

This people are exhausted. They are eager for the time when they can put TFS behind them. Cable talk show hosts often comment about how time is measured now in dog years. A month seems like a year, a week like a month, a day like a week. Part of the reason why nothing sticks is before it can it is on to the next scandal. You don’t have time to catch your breath. You can’t even keep up with all the issues. Now imagine how the voters feel. When will it end?


We really are getting close to the end. We are under 20 days to go!

What does TFS mean for both the election and the post-election?

Consider Election Day voting. If you are a good Trumpican you have obeyed your Lord and Savior, the Chosen One, Blessed Be his Name. You don’t wear a mask. You don’t social distance. You don’t vote early because that voting is rigged.

So now comes Election Day and it is time to vote. How eager are you to do so? You have seen all the polls showing Joe Biden with a lead of 10% or more…even on Fox with Fox polls. You don’t want to wait in line to vote. You are suffering from TFS. You don’t like the result but what can you do? Why not just stay home? Even the down-ballot Trumpican candidates will pay a price for TFS.

What does TFS mean for the army of 50,000 poll watchers? First of all, the world’s worst manager doesn’t have the mental necessities or cognitive skills to organize a national army of 50,000 people. Perhaps he has delegated the task to someone who has the ability. Perhaps it is just campaign talk designed to intimidate but without actually doing anything. And if Trumpicans are suffering from TFS, do they really want not only to vote but to hang out at foreign voting places and look mean and tough to scare people away. Remember, you will be the minority there. You will stand out like a sore thumb. You will be filmed constantly by people with cell phones. Is that how you really want to spend your day? One diagnostic will be see how big this vote-suppressor army actually is.


Immediately after the election, TFS will be at its maximum.

A 10% spread in a vote of 140 million people means a 14 million vote spread. You’re not going to make up the difference. HIS SUPREME COURT is not going to hand him the election. The maneuverings to get a state vote in the House in January instead of an Electoral College vote in December isn’t going to work.

The military is not going to rescue you.

The DOJ is not going to rescue you. Bill Barr is suffering from TFS, too. H forfeited his credibility for what? To be demeaned, disparaged, and denied a second term position because he couldn’t make up a case on Obamagate, unmasking, and the Russia hoax. After all he did practically guaranteeing that he will be censured by the new Congress because it is too late to impeach him…and this is the thanks he gets! To be treated like Jeff Sessions! Exactly how much enthusiasm will Barr bring to the post-election apocalyptic showdown? Probably none.

And even if he tried, he would have to go it alone. Who among the professionals in the DOJ is going to rally behind the effort to steal the election for the most corrupt President in American history? More likely they along with the few remaining actual republicans in the White House will be eager to come forth and tell the truth. Instead of a ferocious assault to steal the election you may witness a sigh of relief, the time of TFS is over. It’s time to get back to a normal life in the real world.


 He will never stop being the seventh-grade smart-aleck-dumb-aleck that he is because that’s how his brain is wire.

He will never stop being an alpha-male wannabe even if he did liberate Lafayette Square and survive the coronavirus.

He will never stop demeaning women as nasty cutie-pies because that’s who he is.

He will never stop making up facts and seeing conspiracies hiding under the bed because that’s who the immature child is.

He will be remembered as the $400 million boy – he received $413 million from his father and lost it; he received over $400 from  The Apprentice and lost it; he owes $421 million now and doesn’t have the money to pay it.

He is giving it all he’s got in these waning days but nothing is working. Not even the latest attempt by Putin to undermine Biden. Even Ridiculous Rudy attack mutt’s daughter has come out against her father and for Biden.

Bonespur Boy had to face his worst nightmare tonight. He wasn’t on a stage with ten candidates where he could wreak havoc. He wasn’t even on a stage with two candidates where he could ride roughshod over the proceedings. He didn’t even have the opportunity to stalk his female foe as he had in the 2016 presidential debate. Instead he was trapped, unable to leave and unable to avoid the questions. It is the same situation he will face day-after-day after January 20, 2021, when he is questioned UNDER OATH by the New York Civil Court, the New York Criminal Court, the New York Federal Court, the Washington DC Federal Court, the FBI, and various committees in the House and Senate. He had a preview of life to come when he no longer is in office.

His moment of truth is soon upon us.

It hasn’t happened yet, but my prediction is that he will continue flailing, tweeting, ranting and raving in the immediate aftermath of the election and then it will sink in that there is nobody to help him fight anymore. Everybody else had TFS and now are cured. It’s over. Finally there may be some calm as he whimpers curled up in ball alone during his last few weeks in office when everyone ignores or disobeys him while the rest of the country is ready to move on.