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Are You Suffering from TFS (Trump Fatigue Syndrome)? It’s a Global Epidemic

America Alone: No One Wants to Play with THE DONALD

Picture this. You are at a restaurant. You intend to have a nice meal with good company in good surroundings. Then a family sits down at the table near you. There is an 8 year old. He constantly yells and screams and carries on. He makes fun of all the waiters as they walk by – the hair, the weight, the face, the look, everything. Nonstop. The food is no good. He throws it on the floor. Then he starts running around like a bull in a china shop upsetting everything and everyone. Why oh why did you pick this night to come to this restaurant at the time this big baby was there? (See Tom Hanks versus Our Immature Child-President, August 8, 2017.)

There is nothing the parents can do. They send him to military school at age 13 in the vain hope he would grow up. That fails. They buy a place for him at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in the vain hope he would learn business and economics. That fails. They give him $413,000,000 in the vain hope that he will not become the biggest financial loser in American history. That fails. Nothing works.

In the eighth decade of life he still acts like an immature child because he still is one. Portions of his brain never developed. He genuinely cannot understand adult topics. He genuinely cannot function beyond the transactional us versus them level. He genuinely cannot understand multiple or global. (For the impact of twitter on his mental development see Omarosa and the President: A Case of Arrested Development – Suppose Life Is Not a Journey?, August 17, 2018.)

I have a deficit with my supermarket. Following the lead of the VERY STABLE GENIUS, I applied a 10% tariff to the food prices which, of course, the supermarket will pay. That extra 10% charge will remain until the supermarket increases its food purchases from me and stops victimizing me.

I also have a deficit with my gas station. Following the lead of the VERY STABLE GENUIUS, I applied a 10% tariff to the price of a gallon of gas which, of course, the gas station will pay. That extra 10% charge will remain until the gas station increases its oil purchases from me and stops victimizing me.

Come to think of it, I have deficits with the drug store, the dry cleaner, and the restaurant too. I will follow the example of the transactional confrontation of the VERY STABLE GENIUS because he went to Wharton which is a very fine business school and got great grades there which he cannot display because he does not want to brag.

True, he does has some redeeming features. He is the world’s greatest expert on environmental laws since he has completed so many environmental reports for his golf clubs. He is the world’s greatest expert on taxes because he has completed so many complicated tax reports that are so dazzling to behold that they can never see the light of day. He is the world’s greatest manager. He is the smartest person in the room as long as it is a morgue or a nursery school with no teacher. He has the world’s greatest memory unless he is asked questions by the Special Counsel or has to remember which foot he faked having bone spurs on. Only he had can solve the problems of the country and the world because he is the chosen one.

It is impossible to keep up with this whirling dervish of chaos. Remember the world’s greatest health plan he promised we would have in July? Look at what has happened since then. Buying Greenland. A hissy fit with Denmark. Missing meetings at the G7. Imaginary phone calls from China. Imaginary meetings with India and Germany. Imaginary meetings between immigrant trophy wife and Little Rocketman who is becoming bigger Rocketman. Laughed at by the world. Ignored by world when the adults want to talk. Banished to his room where he can watch Fox & Friends and be happy in his greatness.


Once upon a time this immature child playing adult had a reality TV show. It did really well and helped make him a national figure. And then people tired of it and the ratings tanked. End of show.

The G7 leaders have reached the same conclusion. They do not watch Fox. They do not attend his political professional wrestling arena shows. They do not take him seriously. They know he is an erratic, impulsive, very stupid moron incapable of telling the truth because he does not live in the real world. They know that in the international arena he functions as a Russian asset. So they try to humor the big baby as best they can, conduct adult business without him, and hold their breaths hoping that one day the United States once again will have an adult in the White House.

Ditto for the remaining Republicans in the House of Representatives who cannot bear being Trumpicans.  They also know that he is an erratic, impulsive, very stupid moron incapable of telling the truth because he does not live in the real world. They know that he is a problem causer and not a problem solver. They know that on any given day there is no telling what crisis he will cause and they will have to deal with. And they know that they cannot do anything because the deplorable base gets all its news from Fox.

As in 2018, the Republicans are abandoning the Trumpican ship. As human beings, there is a limit as to much they can take. On the Democratic side the count is of how many representatives now support impeachment. On the Republican side the count is of many representatives now say “enough is enough, I’ve had it.”

It is even conceivable that some Republican Senators will risk the wrath of Little Donnee Wanee given the political situation in their own states. If Republican Senators wish to be re-elected, they do not have the option of dismissing bad polls as Fake News.

The big issue is whether the Trumpicans themselves ever say “enough is enough, I’ve had it.” I admit that I have been wrong in the past every time I thought the moment of truth had arrived. Finally the infamous Republican base would see the ugliness of the incompetent immature child who pretended to be THE DONALD. I have been wrong every time so I hesitant to make such a claim again. (I first made this claim on August 6, 2016, with the Star Trek episode The Children Shall Lead in Empire State Presidential Elections (2016): A Day in Infamy. Three years later and it still has not happened.)

Maybe this time will be different. Maybe buying Greenland will do it. Maybe nuking hurricanes will do it. Maybe trade wars are easy so why I am hurting will do it. Maybe there is no straw that will break the camel’s back.

We are headed towards two apocalyptic showdowns. On a daily basis, Duped-by-Russia Hannity eagerly anticipates the pending indictments of the Deep State conspirators and the withdrawal from his plea agreement by Michael Flynn. You can see the anticipation with which he and guests count down the days until the September explosion when the biggest corruption case in American history is exposed.

Meanwhile on MSNBC, we are on the tip of another exposure. The tax returns that document that he is not as wealthy as he claimed he was, that he laundered money for the Russian mob, and that he consistently cheated will become public information. The loan documents may show why he is a Russian asset and lobbied for Russia to return to the G7. When the House begins impeachment hearings in the fall, even Fox will have to cover them. Everything Little Donnee Wanee tried to hide will be revealed and We the People will see why he tried so hard to hide those reports. He will no longer be an undocumented President. Time to start documenting the protocols and procedures what to do when he is no longer immune by DOJ guidelines and is subject to New York State laws.

It is becoming harder and harder to simply play at being an adult, to play at being President. Eight year olds can play games where the dividing line between real and pretend is fluid. Gotta convince people the wall is being built and I have successfully defended America from foreign invasion. Gotta convince people I am not in an abusive relationship with my North Korean lover. Gotta convince people I am not a Russian asset. Gotta convince people I am still THE DONALD.

That is what the news of Tuesday, August 27 brought. Who said August was a slow news month? I wonder what will happen today.