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The Three Party House: Are We Europe?

Should the Republican Party split into MAGAs and Real Republicans? (CNN)

Decades ago, President Lyndon Baines Johnson famously declared there goes the South following the passage of the Civil Rights and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. He correctly anticipated that Confederates would abandon the Democratic Party. That process began in the 1968 presidential elections with the 46 electoral votes in five states won by George Wallace. Those votes were not enough to swing the election. However his 13.5% of the vote totaling nearly 10 million votes were more than enough to cover the roughly 500,000 and .7% vote spread between Nixon and Humphrey.

A process had begun whereby Confederates would become an increasing significant bloc within the former party of Lincoln. As we see in the gerrymandering, the voter suppression, the removal of elected state legislators, and the seizure of powers from Democratic governors and cities, the Confederates are still fighting the last civil war. Trump did not cause this development to occur but he has excellently exploited to his own advantage.

Johnson did not anticipate what would happen once the Confederates became Republicans. Just because there was no room for Confederates in the Democratic Party did not automatically mean they would be welcomed in the party of Lincoln. After all, that party included people like Nelson Rockefeller then and had a lock on elected officials in New England. It took time but people died, people switched parties, and people lost. The MAGA Party is a pale shadow of what the Republican Party once had been in the northeast.

The Tea Party added a new wrinkle to the political demographics. The call for states’ rights echoed the Confederate mantra of the last civil war being about that issue and not slavery. Years ago, even before I started writing blogs, I expected the saying of “a house divided cannot stand” to apply to the Republican Party. I anticipated that in the 2012 presidential election, the Republican Party would split into its constituent elements.

In the House, that would mean Democrats held a plurality but not a majority. The Republicans would be second and the Freedom Party third. The passage of any legislation would require the cooperation of two of the three parties, most likely the Democrats and the Republicans. I did not anticipate that the Tea Party renamed the Freedom Caucus and now MAGAs would take over the Republican Party instead.

We now stand on the brink of the triumph of the Freedom Caucus in the House. One of its members may be elected Speaker of the House by the time you read this blog [in Round Two]. The situation is a fluid one. One thing we do know is that Real Republicans have no backbone. The same people who did not stand up to Donald Trump will not stand up to Jim Jordan, the leading Congressional insurrectionist who has yet to testify and be indicted. None of the 20 who opposed him in Round One did so because of his refusal to accept the results of the 2020 presidential election save perhaps one who drew a line in the sand and said the buck stops here.


Regardless of the results in Round Two or whether an interim speaker for 30 days is agreed to with bipartisan support, the Republicans will still be in the majority if the House. There are some key voting markers in the next few weeks which will show whether or not Real Republicans have the intestinal fortitude to put their vote where their mouth is and vote with the Democrats. These votes are:

Aid to Israel
Aid to Ukraine

In addition such issues as impeaching the President, Hunter Biden, and the supposed stolen election may affect the behavior of the House. In each instance there will be an opportunity to learn if the takeover of the Republican Party in the House by MAGA is complete or not. The actual vote by the Republicans will be more important than any protestations about never supporting the Freedom Caucus and its agenda for America.

Will the Real Republicans work with Democrats to provide national leadership or will they succumb to the brow-beating by the MAGAs to become one of them? Look what happened to Nancy Mace compared to Liz Cheney. Cassidy Hutchinson is out. Mitt Romney is retired. The stable of Real Republicans out of power continues to grow. We will know in less than 45 days about the House.

The signs of division already are playing out at the state level. It’s fairly easy to tell in any statewide election or even Congressional election, which candidate is MAGA and which is Real Republican. In many states the political infrastructure has been taken over by MAGAs making more difficult for Real Republicans to run at the federal, state, or Congressional level. If the recent experience of the Senate is any guide, Real Republicans may choose to retire. Such actions will only create more opportunities for MAGAs to take control.


Lately, there has been a lot of discussion about a third party candidate for the office of President in 2024. Polls have been taken on the impact on the national level of Robert Kennedy, Jr. Both parties have expressed concern over which party will lose the most from his candidacy.

Here is where our winner-take-all policy kicks in. Right now, a candidate only needs a plurality of the vote to be declared the winner and take all the electoral votes. Suppose a majority was required. Remember Georgia in 2020 at the Senate level. Suppose that policy applied at the presidential level in all 50 states. Such a policy would make it impossible for a Jill Stein or Ralph Nader or Robert Kennedy to play a spoiler role. Obviously it is too late to implement such a policy for the 2024 elections. Plus it would have to be done at the state level. Still, it shows that we are not inevitably trapped with the present system.

Unfortunately for 2024 we are. But if there are Real Republicans with spines and enough of them, they could work with Democrats so the country would not be trapped by the Confederate/Freedom Caucus agenda. I realize that is asking a lot of Real Republicans. They have always bowed down before Donald Trump. They voted on January 6 to void the election results. They declined to impeach him. They declined to support to House Select Committee. While there are some exceptions, some of them were gone after January 20, 2021. Maybe if enough of them in the new Congress live in Congressional districts Joe Biden won or intend to retire so they cannot be primaried or who are loyal to the Constitution first, they can make a difference in the House this term.

Would Jim Jordan Rather Be Institutionalized in Congress or Prison? Part II

The longest running show in the nation's capital (Amazon)

Back on June 8, 2023, I wrote a blog entitled Would Jim Jordan Rather Be Institutionalized in Congress or Prison? At that time, Kevin McCarthy was still Speaker of the House after the infamous 15 rounds of voting to get there. The imminent shut down of the federal government was still months away. There was no sign that the House frat boy would soon wreak havoc in the halls of Congress   … and then he did.


Who can forget the silly responses Jim Jordan made to the questions of how many times he called the President of the United States and what was discussed around January 6? His discombobulation was ridiculed, parodied, and played repeatedly on cable news. He came across as someone with something to hide about January 6 which, of course, he did and still does.

The blog was about Jordan’s legal problems. Or rather expected legal problems. At that point in time, he had decline to respond to a subpoena from the House Select Committee. Steve Bannon had too. In his case, the Justice Department filed suit against him for failure to comply. He was found guilty comparatively quickly. Thanks to our slow moving system of justice, he remains free pending the decision on his punishment. During that time he has continued broadcasting daily from his War Room as if nothing had happened.


In that blog last June I wrote:

For so long we have been hearing about how aggressive Jack Smith was as a prosecutor without any overt sign that anything was happening. Yes, there was witness after witness being subpoenaed and called to testify … apparently more than we knew, but no indictments seemed forthcoming. Meanwhile the presidential election cycle commenced. More and more candidates came forward. Finally even one willing to confront Trump and his criminal family by name declared his candidacy. It was as if everyone else was holding back, waiting for the dam to break, waiting for the moment when Trump became not only a loser but a federally indicted loser as well. Now we are at that moment as well. It is time for people to decide whether they wish to join Trump or does self-preservation come first. Does Jim Jordan really want to go to prison?

Obviously a lot has happened since then. There have been federal indictments in Washington and Florida plus state in Fulton County.

Still, there seems to one significant gap in the charges and evidence at least publicly revealed. That refers to the actions in the War Room. I wrote back in June:

The same [tell the truth or get thrown under the bus] applies to the other members of the inner cabal. I am referring to the people in the so-called War Room. I am referring to the members of the House of Representatives to whom Trump referred in his call to Georgia. At some point these people will realize that this witch hunt is for real. It is time to start thinking about saving their own skin.

Lately we have been hearing more and more about the financial difficulties of the co-defendants in the Georgia case. And this is even before the first trial has begun. Those expenses will only continue to mount in the weeks and months ahead before the main trial commences. But still the War Room remains untouched.

Cassidy Hutchinson has given us some insight into what occurred there. We know that Mark Meadows was a participant if only by phone. We know that Rudy Giuliani was so exuberant about what was soon to happen on January 6 that he sought to celebrate with Hutchinson in the excitement against her will. We know that the President of the United States sought to drive to the Capitol to lead his armed followers into the House chambers until prevented to do so by his Secret Service. Finally, we know that Bannon’s listeners knew that something was going to happen but not anything like what they expected so strap in. And we know that Jim Jordan knew everything as well.

So the question now becomes, what is Jack Smith waiting for? Why hasn’t he breached the War Room barricades and hauled its occupants to testify? One speculation is that he wants a clean case. Unlike the Georgia sprawl, he wants a simple straightforward case focusing mainly on one individual and his criminal actions rather that get bogged down in motions by a host of lawyers. Then once this case is underway, he can bring in the unindicted co-conspirators in their own case.

At some point then, Jim Jordan is going to be asked to testify to the very department he has been seeking to defund. At some point he will defy the subpoena which can lead to separate charges against him. At some point, he may testify under oath and become Roger Stone or Eric Trump. The person hell-bent on getting Hunter Biden and Joe Biden will find himself in the position of taking the 5th on everything. This will be another unprecedented act in American history – A Speaker of the House in defiance of the Department of Justice and/or admitting he has something to hide. Perhaps there will even be a vote to vacate the position of Speaker.

This scenario is dependent on his becoming Speaker in the first place. That prospect still seems unlikely given the vote totals inside the House Republicans. Whether he does or does not, there still remains the open issue of when he will be indicted as a co-conspirator in the January 6 insurrection. His inability even now to admit that Joe Biden won the election does not bode well for the future of this country.


Meanwhile, the world has not stood still while the Republican clown show continues in the House. One may anticipate that the Democratic members of the House will not choose to ratify Jordan if he is nominated. At that point, only a few Real Republicans need to show enough moxie and intestinal fortitude to give Jordan the MAGA treatment and deny him the necessary 217 votes to become Speaker.

If he does becomes Speaker, then he will be the dog who finally caught with the car. Now what? He will be the one taking leadership positions on Ukraine, Israel, and the Government shutdown. He will be the recipient of instructions on what do from the real head of the Republican Party. As the latter’s Hezbollah and Israel comments show, the immature child with the emotional maturity of a three-year old remains the same ignorant moron he has always been as he awaits his trials.

A deal between Real Republicans and Democrats over the Speaker position is becoming more and more likely especially as the clock keeps ticking on the government shutdown. The clown show is not over yet and probably won’t be until after the 2024 elections if then.

Would Jim Jordan Rather Be Institutionalized in Congress or Prison?

Dorothy, You have changed! (Greg Groesch/The Washington Times)

Play time is over. It was a lot of fun defying Congressional subpoenas, investigating the Biden criminal conspiracy, and appearing on Foxhub to spout nonsense. But now the party is over. The time of adult supervision has arrived. There really is law and people who are dedicated to enforcing it. That means the moment of truth has or will soon arrive for all the people who participated in the in the planning of the insurrection and the attempt to steal the election.

The standard Mafia rules apply. Start with the small fish and work your way up the food chain. That applies not only to the hundreds of people who physically assaulted the Capitol, but to the people who organized the event and who were responsible for Mar-a-Lagogate.


We have been distracted from what has been going on behind the scenes. The civil case in which Trump was held liable and the “small” indictment in New York City that so many people wished hadn’t gone first obscured where the action was. Even the “imminent” case in Georgia which now apparently means August still seemed like a long way off making people wonder if Trump ever would be held accountable for his actions.

For so long we have been hearing about how aggressive Jack Smith was as a prosecutor without any overt sign that anything was happening. Yes, there was witness after witness being subpoenaed and called to testify … apparently more than we knew, but no indictments seemed forthcoming. Meanwhile the presidential election cycle commenced. More and more candidates came forward. Finally even one willing to confront Trump and his criminal family by name declared his candidacy. It was as if everyone else was holding back, waiting for the dam to break, waiting for the moment when Trump became not only a loser but a federally indicted loser as well. Now we are at that moment as well. It is time for people to decide whether they wish to join Trump or does self-preservation come first. Does Jim Jordan really want to go to prison?


These past few days have witnessed a flurry of activities. Some of them are witnessed in the present of their occurrence. Some of them are events which happened in the past but are now seeing the light of day.

We know that in Georgia we should not be surprised about the number and names of the people to be indicted.

We know that Georgia judges have been informed to clear their schedules for August.

We know that the Special Counsel has communicated to Trump’s lawyers that he is the target for Mar-a-Lagogate.

We know that former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has testified before the grand jury. We don’t know how cooperative he was. Presumably he was made to realize that there already is enough evidence to convict him so his best deal is not to plead the 5th but to tell the truth. He seems to have pleaded guilty to at least some charges.

We know that Steve Bannon has been subpoenaed. In previous blogs, I have used him as an example of what does he have to gain by going down with the ship. He knows that loyalty is a one-way street with The Donald. He knows that The Donald would have no hesitation to throw him under the bus. So why give him that opportunity?

The same applies to the other members of the inner cabal. I am referring to the people in the so-called War Room. I am referring to the members of the House of Representatives to whom Trump referred in his call to Georgia. At some point these people will realize that this witch hunt is for real. It is time to start thinking about saving their own skin.


We may be witnessing the beginning of a deluge. The number of people willing to fall on their sword for Trump is probably far fewer than expected. Remember how Michael Cohen once pledged eternal loyalty and like some Secret Service agent and would take a bullet for The Donald. We are long past that point now.

It’s amazing how suddenly and abruptly the actions of the Special Consel have changed the dynamic. For so long there seemed to be as little movement as on the lines between Russia and Ukraine. Then in an instant, everything changed. By the time Roger Stone is subpoenaed, he may be begging for a deal. Everyone knows that incumbent elected officials in Washington do not want to give up their perks. How much less to they want to do so to defend the criminal actions of Donald Trump? This week, the damn has broken open. Everyone who was part of the criminal conspiracy has been put on very short notice that the time has come for them to put up or be shut up in prison.

There is always a risk in writing a blog like this because by the time it is posted and then distributed it may be obsolete. The Mar-a-Lago indictment could be any moment now be it in Florida or Washington. The witnesses for the Prosecution will be either Republicans or people who worked for him at Mar-a-Lago. The MAGAs won’t know who to attack first or even who to attack at all. The Donald, of course, will not take the stand to defend himself or any other of the people charged. He will however continue to rant and rave on social media digging himself ever deeper into a whole. The odds are Jim Jordan and the other conspirators are not going to want to jump in with them. Instead they will be more likely to help bury him. The Republican nomination for the presidency in 2024 will become a wide open contest. Everything is different now.

Jim Jordan Does Not Have the Courage of His Convictions

"I don't think about things I don't think about" Questioning Marjorie Taylor Greene under oath

Jim Jordan does not have the courage of his convictions. Nor do any of the conspirators who sought to steal the 2020 presidential election, overthrow the government, and replace the Constitution with the rule of Trump. Even now we are still learning new information about how extensive the conspiracy was in the White House, the House of Representatives, the Senate, the media, and the family of the loser President. Who knows how much more we will learn before the House Select Committee begins to tell the story in public sessions in June?


One of the iconic legacies of the American Revolution is the signing of the Declaration of Independence by John Hancock. He was the first person to sign. He did not merely sign the document, he signed in large “font” so there would be no doubt. His bold action immortalized him in American culture. “Put your John Hancock here” became a way of asking someone to sign a document the way he had when what was becoming the United States declared its independence from Great Britain. King George III had no doubt what the Americans had done.

Let us imagine for a moment that Jim Jordan or any of the conspirators had the courage of their convictions … assuming they had any convictions beyond “winning isn’t the only thing, it’s everything.” Suppose Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, or Jim Jordan was to say something like:

“The election was stolen. We have mountains of evidence to prove that the election was stolen. We have not had the opportunity to present the mountains of evidence to Congress which has been collected in Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the election was stolen.”

Then just as the Declaration itemizes 27 charges against King George III, the conspirators would produce a report that:

1. names the names of the people who voted multiple times
2. names the names of the people who voted for dead people
3. names the names of the people who voted in districts not their own
4. names the names of the people who voted who were not American citizens or eligible to vote
5. names the election workers who counted Biden votes more than once
6. names the election workers who did not count Trump voters
7. names the voting machine companies who rigged the counting process
8. names the countries of foreign entities which manipulated the vote.

Strangely enough, the conspirators have produced no such document. They have had every opportunity on their own to produce a report document. So far only Pillowhead has done so when he revealed the secret computer code that had been used. Of course, he is being sued for everything he’s got.

At this point it is safe to say that none of the conspirators will proudly state what they did in an attempt to save the country.


Instead of having the courage of their convictions, what have the conspirators done instead?

Jim Jordan – By now the videos of him responding to questions about his phone calls to the President have made him a laughingstock. On more than one occasion, he has been asked about the phone calls he made on January 6. His responses have been compiled and show him as a person with something to hide and not doing a good job doing it. It is no wonder he has the nickname Gutless Jim Jordan. When you hear the word “gutless,” think Jim Jordan.

Kevin McCarthy – The last week or so has not been kind to the would-be Speaker of the House. He already has been ridiculed for the comparison of what he said in the House of Representatives just after the failed insurrection attempt that threatened his own life and him kissing the ring of his master in Florida days later. It has been known that he was on the phone with the President as the assault was occurring. Now we have the record of what he was saying to his fellow Republican House leaders as well. These conversations included Liz Chaney back when he was in agreement with her and wondering how to implement the 25th Amendment to remove the President from office.

Truth be told, I cannot help but wonder if The New York Times set him up for the kill. First it released the claim of what McCarthy said. Second it allowed him time to refute the accusations. Third, it released the tape exposing him as a liar. Now he has been revealed in a double dose of seditious dishonesty. The result has been the charge that he is a traitor and a liar. So when you hear him referred to as Kevin McLiar, you know exactly who is meant and why.

Marjorie Taylor Greene – No review of the Trump contortionists would be complete without reference to the Representative already renowned before being an airhead. Under oath, she claimed not to remember almost as many times as Roger Stone pleaded the Fifth. She does not even remember when her life was on the line and she was pleading not the Fifth but for help!

In response to her testimony, I could not help but think of one of the great court room exchanges in cinematic history based on real court testimony. In Inherit the Wind, Clarence Darrow is questioning three-time presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan on his expertise on the Bible. During the exchange about the lack of any priests to officiate at the marriages of the pre-Flood patriarchs (Gen. 5), Darrow exposes that Bryan does not have an answer for the questions he is posing. The following exchange ensues:

Matthew Harrison Brady (Bryan):
I do not think about things I do not think about.

Henry Drummond (Darrow):
Do you ever think about things that you do think about?

The audience laughs at the nonsense their former hero for what he has just said. I have always assumed that no one other than Bryan himself could ever say something so stupid under oath. I underestimated the airhead mind. For a member of Congress to fake having Alzheimer is something no one could have anticipated. Instead of being Marjorie Taylor Airhead, she has become Marjorie Taylor Alzheimer.

The willingness of members of the House of Representatives to twist themselves into knots on behalf of their Lord and Savior is staggering to behold. Undoubtedly there is more to come.

On The Morning Joe Show, they like to talk about how Trump is a loser. They like to talk about how he lost the presidency, the Senate, and the House, a rare trifecta of defeat in America politics. They like to talk about how the Loser especially contributed to the loss of two Republican Senate seats in Georgia thereby giving the Democrats the majority in the Senate. They also like to talk about the poll results in that state. The loser of one of those Senate races and handpicked candidate by the Loser Kingmaker for the governor’s race on the issue of the stolen election is being trounced.

What you do not hear being talked about on The Morning Joe Show is that McLiar, Gutless, and Alzheimer will be running the House of Representatives in just eight months.

Make Room at Gitmo: The Trumpicans Are Coming

The Newest Trump Resort

Trumpicans are right – there was a conspiracy to steal the 2020 Presidential election. Trumpicans are right – it is time to name names, kick ass, and lock up the people responsible for the attempt to steal the election. And finally, Trumpicans are right that the conspiracy to steal the election, override the votes of the American people, and overthrew the Constitution involves people at the highest level of American society.

There needs to be a lot of room at Gitmo to hold all the terrorists responsible for the Big Lie.


The story is a still unfolding one with new surprises constantly coming to light. And this is even before the National Archives now releases the relevant documents and people in the inner circle begin to sing.

There should be an investigation underway right now of all the alternate electors from the seven states and of Stephen Miller who publicly expressed awareness of this initiative. That investigation should quickly grow to include the people in the seven states who initiated the effort as well as Jeffrey Clark and others in the White House who masterminded it. Of course the Hitman himself was aware of it.

So in this one maneuver, there is enough to populate an entire wing at Gitmo of people who sought to overthrow the government.

On the other hand, give credit where credit is due. The actual event on January 6 of invading the Capitol was a slapdash, unorganized, confusing effort. In other words, it was exactly the type of inept incompetence one would expect from the immature child President. True, we have yet to learn the details of what transpired in the Willard war room the night before. But given the small turnout and the even smaller armed turnout, what were the expectations on January 5 of what would happen? Hopefully, more information will become available and there are glimmerings that the Department of Justice is pursuing obtaining information about an “organized conspiracy” involving the former president.

In the meantime we should stand back and appreciate the thought that went into the planning for certification process on January 6.

First we learned about the six-point plan culminating with the Vice President doing the right thing to certify the Loser as the winner. Even though there was no Constitutional basis for the plan, we should appreciate the thought that went into the planning to overthrow the Constitution in a seemingly legal way.

Second we have now learned that the Vice President was supposed to have an alternate slate of electors to choose from. The conspirators must have known that the Trumpicans in Congress had insufficient votes to disqualify the real electors. They were really counting on Mike Pence to have the strength and courage to do the right thing and arrange to designate the alternate electors as the real ones…with an audience in the gallery to cheer him on.

Third we now understand the tortured and elongated mantra the Vice President pronounced before the accepting of the electors from a state as legitimate. His words signify that he was aware of the alternate elector ploy and rejected it. Even as the Hitman was outside stoking the crowd by imploring Mike Pence to have the necessary courage, Pence undermined it and sabotaged any effort to advance the alternate electors with his little recitation before each certification. If he ever decides to become a profile in courage and testify to the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help him God before the House Select Committee, he will have quite a story to tell.


Will the House Select Committee’s interim and final reports have any political effect? Legally it should spur the Attorney General to act more aggressively even before the Trumpican-rigged 2022 election. For Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, the exposure of the widespread and nearly-successful conspiracy to steal the election, override the will of the people, and overthrow the Constitution may, I say “may,” cause them not to support any of Trump’s Traitors for any elective position at any level anywhere.

However, for Trumpicans, the House Select Committee report will have no impact. It will be fake news. It will be a Deep State witch hunt. It will avoid dealing with the real effort to steal the election on November 3.

Oftentimes, non-Trumpicans speak derisively of Trumpicans as living in an alternate reality. They recite all the failed court challenges by Ridiculous Rudy, Séance Sydney, and Pillow Head AS IF SUCH LOGIC WILL BE CONVINCING TO TRUMPICANS SO AS TO CAUSE THEM TO CHANGE THEIR MINDS ABOUT THE BIG LIE! Now, who is living in an alternate reality? One would think by now these advocates would have caught on to the folly of trying to reach Trumpicans with the facts. Trumpicans know the election was stolen. They know that hundreds of thousands of votes were switched or lost. They have mountains of the evidence that the courts refused to examine. And as we heard and saw in the Arizona rally, they are ready to name the names of the election workers and lock them up.

Trumpicans have signaled Democrats their Achilles’ heel. It is up to the Democrats to listen and respond intelligently.


Trumpicans have said they understand the language of the Big Steal on November 3. Call their bluff. Create a Put Up or Shut up Stop the Steal Committee chaired by Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Matt Gaetz. Its mission should be to identify the people who should be prosecuted for stealing the election. To name names.

Who are the people who voted more than once? Name the names.

Who are the people who voted for dead people? Name the names.

Who are the illegal aliens who voted? Name the names.

Who are the people who voted in districts other than their own? Name the names.

Who are the election workers who counted Joe Biden votes more than once? Name the names.

Who are the election workers who did not count Donald Trump votes? Name the names.

Who are the people who programed the voting machines improperly? Name the names.

Everyone who thinks the election was stolen should send their evidence and names to Jordan, Greene, and Gaetz. Put up or shut up.

To all the candidates who said they would not have certified the election – send your proof to Jordan, Greene, and Gaetz. Put up or shut up.

To all the officials who said the election was stolen – send your proof to Jordan, Greene, and Gaetz. Put up or shut up.

To all the Trumpicans who know the election was stolen – send your proof to Jordan, Greene, and Gaetz. Put up or shut up.

As long as the Democrats continue to bring to a plastic spoon to gunfight, they should expect to lose. Instead create a Put Up or Shut Stop the Steal Committee to name the names of the people who should be prosecuted. It worked when the Hitman named the two people in Georgia and they sued him. It worked when Pillow Head name the voting machine companies and they sued them. It will work for Jordan, Greene, and Gaetz when they name the names as well.