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How Many Presidents Will Attend Donald Trump’s Funeral?

United We Stand, Divided We Fall (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

John McCain’s funeral will become part of American history. Not since on the footsteps of the Capital after 9/11 has there been such a bipartisan gathering of the American political community (presidential addresses to Congress are partisan – “You lie”). If we are lucky, his funeral may become the most important event of his life and the beginning of the rebirth of America. As the ugliness of our new civil war mounts, we benefit from seeing this moment when we gathered to pay tribute to an individual who embraced and embodied the American way of life.

From the eulogies of the presidents who vanquished him in political battle, his colleagues and friends in the Senate, and his daughter Meghan, John McCain’s funeral served as a wake up call to a divided country. He challenged us to get our act together, to continue to be the great country we are, to remain the leader the world needs us to be. The funeral was not for immature children who are incapable of understanding the life John McCain led and the vision John McCain had for his beloved country. Imagine dismissing Jesus Christ as a hero because he was captured by the enemy and tortured. Such are the depths to which this country temporarily has sunk. But despite all, the great light that John McCain represented has not been extinguished and the day will come when once again it shines in the White House and we continue our journey as the last best hope of this planet.

His funeral also got me thinking about the funeral to come of our current president. What will it be like? Certainly his body will be transported from one professional wrestling arena to another across the land. His followers will assemble to chant


But what about the music? How will the people of America and the world celebrate the passing of this person? I have taken the liberty to make suggestions about the music for the funeral of Little Donny-Wanny. What are your suggestions?

You’re Terminated Daughter-Trumper

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

Dancing in the Street

Happy Days Are Here Again


P.S. The answer is none. Even if Vladimir Putin is still alive, there will be a warrant out for his arrest if he ever travels here. On the other hand, it is possible Trump’s body will lie in state in the Kremlin.


One thought on “How Many Presidents Will Attend Donald Trump’s Funeral?

  1. I can’t guess what they’ll sing at his funeral…but I think real soon, he and everyone in his administration will be chanting “Jailhouse Rock.”
    As far as what his funeral will look like, I’m not so sure. He should be buried in a place that suits his personality…like King Kong’s toilet bowl.

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