Suppose the New York Times and Anonymous Already Plan on Going Public

Suppose the New York Times and Anonymous already plan on going public. In the past 24-hours or so, I have heard a great many people on radio and TV and I have read articles in print and on the web about Anonymous. One common comment is “Why now?” Another relates to how does this op-ed […]

The J Documentary Hypothesis

The current biblical paradigms are inadequate to reconstruct the history of early Israel and the origin of the Hebrew Bible.  In a series of recent posts, three significant developments not part of current biblical scholarship were identified related to this issue. Individually and collectively, they indicate a revision to the current paradigms is necessary. On […]

REDC’s Recreation Tourism Funding

This post is the sixth in a series on the awards granted by the Regional Economic Development Councils. The series is intended to document what actually is being done, by following the money. Empire State Development – Market New York (ESD MNY) is part of a new process applicants for state funding negotiate. ESD MNY […]

If MAGAs Had Been French We Would Have Lost the American Revolution

Arms and the nation. Arms and the successful rebellion. We are now painfully aware of the necessity of an outside arms supplier to win a war. Russia, Ukraine, Hamas, and Israel all require the support of third parties to provide the munitions required to sustain and win a military confrontation. The surprise in the group […]

American Revolution 250th: What’s Going On?

What is going on in the world of the American Revolution 250th? What follows is by no means a comprehensive report. It is a review of items that happen to cross my email by being a member of various lists. I present them in terms of scope starting at the national level NATIONAL Hi Peter, […]

Indian Mascots: Maine and the Wabanaki

On February 21st, the Atlantic Black Box (ABB) hosted an online film screening of “Fighting Indians” followed by a conversation with filmmakers Mark Cooley and Derek Ellis and Passamaquoddy language-keeper Dwayne Tomah. According to its website, a “grassroots historical recovery project that empowers communities throughout New England to research, reveal and  begin reckoning with […]

Digital Donny Rorschach Test: Prelude to Criminal Referrals

What was he thinking? What was he thinking on January 6?  What was he thinking with his latest con? The question of intent has and is an important one in the ongoing investigations of his criminal activities during the last days of his presidency. Fortunately, we now have expert testimony on the state of mind […]

Queen Elizabeth and the American Revolution 250th

Queen Elizabeth dominated the news for several days if not longer. For a brief moment, the world saw Great Britain at its best. We saw its palaces, churches, and chapels. We watched its processions. We witnessed its people stand patiently in astonishingly long lines for hours on end for their turn to glimpse and pay […]

Nazi Germany Was a Marxist Third-World Banana Republic … and So Are We

Please answer the following questions. 1. The documents at the home of the rightful President were __ planted by the FBI which should be defunded __ declassified and of no value __ legitimately there since the election was stolen and he is the rightful President __ all of the above 2. The United States under […]

Governor Hochul and the New York State History Community

The change in governors marks a change for the New York State history community as well. While the outgoing Governor was not hostile to history he was no friend to history either. Besides specific groups or events which piqued his interest or had a connection to him, he did not display much in interest in […]