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Tom Hanks and Donald Trump, Round II

"It's going to be just fine." (Opinion Weekly)

Tom Hanks and Donald Trump were the subject of the blog Tom Hanks versus Our Immature Child-President (August 8, 2017). The blog compared the characteristics of the two 13-year olds in the bodies of adults, one in the REEL world and one in the REAL world. It was easy to contrast the two (one could read a book the other couldn’t). The primary basis for the difference was that the Tom Hanks adult was based on a level-headed child while the Donald Trump adult was based on an immature child as father Fred Trump well knew when at age 13, he shipped Little Donee Waney off to military school in the vain hope that he would grow up.

Without knowing it, that blog anticipated the issue we are now facing with the coronavirus. Here is what I wrote about the Tom Hanks character:

Tom Hanks’s job was to play. His job was to utilize what appeared to adults to be his child-like sensibilities to play with toys. He job was to maximize their economic value by designing toys that better appealed to actual children. The joke was that no one realized he really was a child. Still, no one ever considered putting him in charge of the manufacture of toys. No one ever considered putting him in an administrative position. He had the perfect job that matched his abilities: being a child.

As an intelligent level-headed child in the body of an adult, Tom Hanks knew the difference between work and play. He had no objections to fun and chaos but no one would ever put him in a position where he had to managed adults or function in an organized manner. He hadn’t yet reached the maturity where he could do such things. That time was still off to the future. By contrast, the ignorant immature child in the body of man now in the White House when he isn’t out playing golf, never reached that level of maturity. He is only capable of chaos. It is not a management-style choice by adult, it is the limit of his mental capabilities as an immature child.

Children are not prosecuted as adults because they lack the capacity to know right from wrong and to recognize that actions have consequences. They simply lack the mental necessities to function as adults and are not expected to (excluding the stories of the parentless children where the oldest now has to act as the parent to the younger siblings).  Children have imaginary friends. Children make up stories. Eventually they outgrow them except for those who become novelists, comic book writers, or who write screen plays in Hollywood who can tap into that childhood sensibility.

Now We the People are dealing in the real world with a President of the United States who does not have the mental necessities to function as an adult in the real world. He still lives not in an alternate reality, an adult term, but the make-believe world of childhood.

A group of children with the Sunrise Movement, a climate advocacy group, went into Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s office to sway her vote on the Green New Deal. The California Democrat fired back. (USA TODAY 2/22/19)

Take for example the incident where a group of young girls ganged up on Senator Dianne Feinstein. Regardless of the specific topic and regardless of whether you agreed with those children or not, would you consider putting them in charge in the adult world? Obviously not.

Now think of young voters in the 20s. They may live at home with a parent or parents. They may be covered by the insurance of a parent…or maybe they aren’t anymore. They may have student loans. They may not have a 9-5 job with pension and medical benefits and instead have a random schedule of “shifts” in a gig economy. Is that the traditional image of young adulthood?

Think of Friends. In the pilot, Rachel Green abandons her wedding in her wedding dress, a traditional path to adulthood for women. Instead she runs off to the city. The next day she goes looking for the “job thing.” She returns to the apartment which is a steal due to rent control and announces that she is qualified for nothing. Yet she is surprisingly happy. She displays the source of her happiness: some expensive boots she just bought on sale. Wouldn’t you be happy?

Donald Trump refusing to take $413 million from his father so he can be a self-made man (Friends Pilot)

She is asked how she paid for the boots. The answer mumbled under her breath is that her father pays for the credit card. Her friends then encourage her to cut the cord. CUT! CUT! CUT! She cuts the cards. “Welcome to the real world. It sucks.” Rachel did not have a rich daddy who could give her $413 million on her way to becoming the biggest financial loser in American history. The principle is the same. There is a transition from being the child dependent on the parent to being able to take care of oneself. That does not mean cutting all ties with parents. It refers to the American Dream of being able to make something of your life. In Friends and the Big Bang Theory, these twenty-somethings venture out into the adult world and through many trials and tribulations (so the shows can keep going year after year!) they finally reach the cusp of adulthood, married with child and maybe a house, the starting point for Father Knows Best, Leave it to Beaver, and The Dick Van Dyke Show from the old days.

By contrast, Little Donnee Waney remained trapped, through no fault of his own, as an immature child in the body of an adult who never grew up. Consider these comments.

Would an adult liar claim there are only 15 cases of coronavirus in the United States? No, because an adult would know that claim would be too easy to fact check and he would be exposed as a liar, idiot or both in a few days.

Would an adult liar claim those cases would go down to zero in a few days? No, because an adult would know that claim would be too easy to fact check and he would be exposed as a liar, idiot or both in a few days.

Would an adult liar claim that a vaccine would be ready and available shortly? No, because an adult would know that claim would be too easy to fact check and he would be exposed as a liar, idiot or both in a few days.

Would an adult liar claim that one day soon the coronavirus would disappear like a miracle? No, because an adult would know that claim would be too easy to fact check and he would be exposed as a liar, idiot or both in a few days.

These assertions are not the words of an adult liar but an immature child playing make-believe. Tallying his lies serves no constructive purpose since he frequently is too ignorant to know the truth and too busy playing make-believe.

If you are serious about wanting to understand how the mind of Little Donnee Waney works, don’t consult an adult psychiatrist, ask a child psychiatrist. They can explain how the brain develops and did not it this case.

If you are serious about wanting to understand how the mind of the seventh-grade-smart-aleck-dumb-aleck works, ask the people most familiar with them people: a seventh-grade guidance counselor or seventh-grade teacher. Or go to a high school or college reunion where there is bound to be at least person who never fully grew up.

In 1986, after the Challenger disaster, Ronald Reagan said:

We will never forget them, nor the last time we saw them this morning as they prepared for their journey and waved goodbye and slipped the surly bonds of earth to touch the face of God.

People can rise to the occasion in a crisis.  Can you imagine if the person who just delivered the worst presidential address ever even tried to say something inspiring? By contrast our immature child president is limited to


No. I don’t take responsibility at all.
I don’t know anything about it.
It’s a nasty question.

That’s the limit of leadership We the People can expect from our immature child-president whose natural venue is the professional political wrestling arena. Unfortunately We need more.

Will the Democrats Learn from the British Ambassador and Duped-by-Russia Hannity? Probably Not

How do you handle an immature child? For a parent coping with an immature and biological child, the task is a daunting one. One must be on constant alert. It is a time-consuming task. One never knows when the immature child will erupt. One never knows when the immature child will cross a line that is not supposed to be crossed. One never knows when the immature child will wreak havoc.

The challenge is even greater when that immature child is in the body of an adult. Think of a high school or college reunion. Somewhere in the crowd there will be that one person who never outgrew college, who never out grew high school, who never outgrew junior high school. He (or sometimes, she) will still act as the 7th grade smart-aleck-dumb-aleck he was back when he was 13. He may have an adult job, be a spouse and a parent, and normally behave like an adult, but there are those moments, especially when the group dynamic kicks in, when he will be the same immature child he was back when he was 13….and now there is no one to send him to the principal’s office…until he actually breaks the law.

Fred Trump knew he had a problem with Little Donnee Wanee. When the immature child was 13, the father placed him a military school in the vain hope that he would grow up. It did not work. Then he spent good money after bad in the vain attempt that the immature child would succeed as an adult businessperson. That was the equivalent of $413 million down the drain. Instead Little Donnee Wanee became the biggest financial loser in American history.

Still, give credit where credit is due. He was always able to con someone into thinking he was really an adult. He created the character of The Donald to act in political professional wrestling arenas and in phony-baloney reality shows and he convinced many people that The Donald was a real person and not just a disguise.

However, there came a time when he had to function in the real world, in the world of adults, in the world that does not watch Fox. And there he had a problem. Pretty much every with whom he had to work on an adult level quickly realized that Little Donnee Wanee was not an adult, he was an immature child.

In this regard, he was no Tom Hanks (Tom Hanks versus Our Immature Child-President). When 13-year old Tom Hanks became big, he was a level-headed kid. He could read a book. He could explain algebra to an even younger child. He could converse with adults on some topics without coming across as a simple-minded child repeating the few words he knew in an almost airhead manner.

But what was the job Tom Hanks had when he was big? His job was to play like a child which he still was and then to report his insights to adults. He was not put in charge of anything. He did not have an administrative job. He did not have an executive job. If he had been placed in such a position, the scam of adulthood would have been exposed. He would have been revealed as a child posing as an adult.

Something similar happened with the world’s worst manager. The same person who bankrupted an airline, who bankrupted a casino, who bankrupted a hotel, now became the person in the office where the buck stops. His management skills have been on display after a hurricane in Puerto Rico (is that in America?) and on the border. He is just as incapable as President as he was in business. However, in business he realized that he could make money branding himself while outsourcing all the building to others. That option does not exist for the President.  As we now commemorate the 50th anniversary of the landing on the moon, we should realize that if Little Donnee Wanee had been president then we never would have gotten there.

Sometimes the adults in the room tried to contain him as president. They would ignore his directives, remove documents from his desk, and pray that no one took him seriously. Sometimes because he is an immature child with limited attention span those efforts succeeded. Sometimes they did not.

From time to time, various reports would emerge that documented his immaturity, his ignorance, his ineptness. Books would be written about him. Anonymous articles would be published. Baby Donnee Wanee blimps would be flown.

Most recently British Ambassador Kim Darroch was exposed as having told the truth about our immature child president. He wrote the ineptitude and incompetence of the chaotic administration. The administration of Little Donnee Wanee would always be dysfunctional, unpredictable, faction-ridden, clumsy and inept.

The temper tantrums would never cease. There would always be another hissy-fit tweet. Perhaps if Britain had deployed its air forces more effectively George Washington would have been defeated and there never would have been a United States. If we had remained a British colony just a little longer until granted independence, there would have been no need for Canada to burn the White House.

The immature child responded to this exposure exactly as one would expect him to: by proving it true.  The same may be said for his reaction to the pre-publication excerpts from Paul Ryan’s new book. The same may be anticipated for every book to be written about him save for those from one of the Flying Monkeys sworn to take a bullet on behalf of the Wicked Witch of the White House.

In so doing, Little Donnee Wanee also has made it clear what ticks him off the most. When he is exposed as being an immature child trying to pass for an adult he goes ballistic. He erupts. Every time. He fixates on the charges. It consumes him. No matter where in the world he is or what he is doing, if someone challenges him on being the 5 “I” president (an inept, incompetent, immature, illegitimate, idiot), he will drop everything to unleash a hissy-fit tweet.

HELLO Democrats! Are you listening? Are you paying attention? He has broadcast what unnerves him the most. He has shown what gets under his skin. He has shown what rattles him. He hates it when people disparage and make fun of him for being an immature child trying to pass for an adult. It is his Achilles’ heel.

Meanwhile, here we are four years after he descended on the staircase and Democrats still do not have a nickname for him. How is it possible that after years of Little Donnee Wanee assigning insulting nicknames to people, the Democrats do not have a standard slew of names for Bonepsur Boy, for Swamp Builder, for the World’s Worst Manager, for America’s Biggest Financial Loser Ever, for Longtime Democrat and Clinton Supporter, for Our Immature Child President?

The Democrats need to go to the Duped-by-Russian Hannity School of Professional Political Wrestling. Put aside for the moment the individual policies he supports or actions he recommends. Focus instead on the techniques he uses to communicate those policies and actions. Recognize his skill in delivering his message. Observe his methods. Note his success. Remember, Duped-by-Russia Hannity convinced his viewers on the basis on absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Seth Rich was the murdered leaker of DNC emails in 2016. It was “the single biggest fraud, lies, perpetrated on the American people by the media and the Democrats in our history” until, of course, the Deep State conspiracy which is about to be exposed and the real colluders and obstructionists are about to reap their just punishment.


Duped-by-Russia Hannity

Duped-by-Russia Hannity employs several tried and true techniques in the delivery of his message. He is relentlessly on message. He is persistent. He is rigorously repetitive. Sometimes it is hard to tell what day, week, month, or year it is from his monologue since he persistently uses the same words and phrases. If you had a dollar for every time he referred to the “angry Democrats” on Mueller’s team you could retire. Democratic paid for Steele dossier. Unverified Steel dossier. FISA abuses. CORRUPT. CORRUPT. CORRUPT. The biggest corruption scandal in American history. And the guilty ones are panicking now because it is all about to be exposed. Wait till the Flying Monkeys in Congress get through with life-long Republican and decorated-Marine Mueller. It is the Deep State that really is on trial now.

Need-less-to-say, the Democrats have nobody comparable to Duped-by-Russia Hannity. There is no cable host who even comes close to matching him. Lawrence O’Donnell tries but he is no Duped-by-Russia Hannity. And by the time Rachel Maddow has finished one of her essays, Duped-by-Russia Hannity has unleashed a string of assaults that if you missed them then you can tune in tomorrow because he will repeat them. And why Chris Cuomo thinks he is obligated to provide equal time to people who already have a propaganda network is a mystery.

The British Ambassador has exposed the Achilles’ heel of Little Donnee Wanee.

Duped-by-Russia Hannity has developed the weapon to be deployed in such a situation.

The Democrats have been shown what the vulnerability is. The Democrats have been shown how to wield the weapon for the kill. The only question is will the Democrats ever seize the moment. I say, “no.” It will remain a party of no imagination, no metaphors, no story to tell, and no message to thrust again and again into the weak spot of its immature narcissistic foe.